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Gifts for model train enthusiasts


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Published in: Design
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Gifts for model train enthusiasts

  1. 1. Gifts for Model Train EnthusiastsGifts for Model Train Enthusiasts
  2. 2. Model train enthusiasts spend countless hours on their hobby, and if you're buying presents for men who love model trains, there are a wide variety of gifts you can buy. Maybe you're shopping for someone who is just starting out with model trains as a new hobby, and just has a simple oval of track on a table top or old sheet of plywood. Perhaps you need a gift for a guy who has been building his model railway for a few years, and has an extravagant layout with landscaping, buildings, people and vehicles. No matter how long he's been a fan of model trains, or how simple or fancy his model railway is, I'm sure you can find a gift that will make him happy.
  3. 3. Train Mug If you aren't sure what model train accessory to buy, you could choose something with a train theme, like a humorous mug. Your guy can use it to drink his morning coffee, while he starts up his model railway at the crack of dawn. For example, I saw one mug with the slogan, "He who dies with the most model trains wins."
  4. 4. Realistic Train Sounds What would be more fun than having authentic train noises in the background while he's down in the basement with his model railway? For example, you can buy a train sounds CD that features original recordings of classic steam and diesel locomotives from the 40's and 50's. Sound effects like that would provide hours of entertainment for your model railroad enthusiast.
  5. 5. Railroad Car If you know of a special railroad car that your guy has his eye on, you could buy it for him, either from an online store, like Amazon, or a local shop. Before you buy anything, make sure you know what scale his railroad is, and if he has a preferred manufacturer. You don't want to buy something that won't fit the tracks, or a duplicate of something that he already owns.
  6. 6. Model Train Diploma Does your guy have a wonderful sense of humor? If he does, a diploma from Model Trains University could be the perfect gift, personalized with your guy's name, and featuring a fancy gold seal. It would look lovely hanging on the wall, over his model railway. If you have good computer skills, and the right software, you could create your own version of a diploma, and put it in a nice frame for him. Microsoft Word has some nice page borders that would look very authentic on a homemade certificate.
  7. 7. Planning Guide Model train planning guides make excellent presents for men who love to read, and are planning to start or expand a model railway. For example, a book on model railroad scenery would keep him busy for hours, creating a realistic landscape for his railway layout. For beginners, a beginners guide would be much appreciated. If your guy is a more advanced train enthusiast, maybe he'd prefer a book of track plans, so he can revise or expand his railway.
  8. 8. Thanks for reading! You can check out my sources: Enthusiasts&id=4968628