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Strategic Management Google Case


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A presentation on Google about the company's past and possible future strategies.

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Strategic Management Google Case

  1. 1. By- Hrucha, Supreet, Jayesh, Jil, Darshan STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT CASE PRESENTATION GOOGLE
  2. 2. GOOGLE Product Timeline
  3. 3. GOOGLE Market Share 67.49 10.77 10.67 8.13 Total Search Engine Market Share Google Global Yahoo Global Bing Baidu
  4. 4. GOOGLE Product Offerings
  5. 5. GOOGLE Revenue 59 4.6 3.2 5.25 Revenue in $ (billions) Google Yahoo Bing Baidu
  6. 6. GOOGLE Levels of Strategy Corporate level Business level Functional level • Stability - Stability approach to set a steady course • Growth - Sustainable growth strategy • Retrenchment – Orkut (Sept 2014) • Combination type - many times • Focus on the user • Believes in constant improvement • Speed is priority • Democratic approach is used • Hungry of betterment •Work from home •Innovation labs •Individual startups
  7. 7. GOOGLE Primary Strategy Focus on Differentiation through • Robust data centers world over • Unique page search algorithm • Continuous improvement through innovation
  8. 8. GOOGLE Secondary Strategy Focus on growth and expansion • Mergers & Acquisitions in related segments (YouTube, Android, Motorola) • Innovative products (Cloud computing, Mobile computing, Gmail, Social Media, etc) • Quick adoption of new technologies • Forming strategic alliances to avail product collaborations
  9. 9. GOOGLE Internal Environment Analysis •Competition from Facebook •Mobile Computing • Android OS • Diversification into non-Ad business models • Google Glass and Google Play • Cloud computing • Excessive reliance on secrecy • Privacy issues • Falling ad rates • Lack of compatibility with next-gen devices •Market leader in search engines •Ability to generate user traffic •Revenue from Ads and Display •Introduction of Android and mobile technologies Strengths Weaknesses ThreatsOpportunities
  10. 10. GOOGLE External Environment Analysis PESTEL Analysis POLITICAL • Globalization (opportunity) • Stable political climate in most of the major markets (opportunity) • State-sponsored online companies (threat) ECONOMICAL •Economic stability of most major markets (opportunity) •Rapid growth of developing countries (opportunity) •Growing interest in sustainable business (opportunity) SOCIAL • Increasing use of social media (threat) • Rising diversity of users (opportunity) TECHNOLOGICAL • Growing Internet access in developing countries (opportunity) • Rapid adoption of mobile devices in the global market (opportunity) LEGAL • More regulations on online privacy (opportunity) • More regulations on intellectual property rights (opportunity)
  11. 11. GOOGLE External Environment Analysis Competitive Rivalry with existing firms (Moderate) Threat of substitution (low) Bargaining power of suppliers (low) Threat of new entrants (high) Bargaining power of buyers (low)
  12. 12. GOOGLE Product Portfolio
  13. 13. GOOGLE Product Portfolio
  14. 14. GOOGLE Product Portfolio
  15. 15. GOOGLE –