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  1. 1. supradip das( portfol^o ) M.Des ( Industrial design ) Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
  2. 2. “We are all ready complicated beings. EducationSo my objective is to make surroundingssimple through Industrial Design. “ M.Des [ Pursuing ] Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati CPI 9.52 ( till date ) B.E(Mechanical Engineering) Priyadarshini College of Engineering, Nagpur University 75.15%, Distinction, University Topper, Position 10th Diploma(Mechanical Engineering) West Bengal State Council of Technical Education Distinction Working Experience Graduate Engineer Trainee (1 yr) Tata Auto Comp Systems ltd., Pune Kaizen Award Winner Summer Internship May’10-June’ TYCKA Design Pvt. Ltd. Washing machine designed for Hindustan Unilever Summer Trainning May’08-June’08 ONGC India Ltd. Summer Trainning Dec’07-Jan’08 Minar Hydrosystems, MIDC Hingna Designed Hydraulic Cylinder for TISCOpersonal i Software Skills prof^le Soloworks, Pro-E, Auto CAD, Adobe illustrator, Adove photoshop, Adobe indesign Microsoft Office 2007
  3. 3. 1.0 hovercraft for rescue ( on going Master Thesis Project ) Design Brief Design Challenge Mood Board for Ideation Flood in India causes maximum number of death of people among all disaster. It has been observed that flood rescue vehicle used by Indian ARMY, Indian AIR FORCE, Indian NAVY and NDRF are not safe from crew point of view and also from victim point of view. Those vehicles The limitations of any boat are of two kinds. can not achieve target when water current Firstly, the physical limitations built into the is more then 8 knot and water is full of wave boat by the designer and by the motor and wake. Those vehicles also can not installed on the boat. overcome water hazards during flash flood Secondly, safety limitations. or similar kind of disasters. Design a vehicle which will be useful for rescue as well as transportation also. C P S Design Research IAP Air cushion M Types of flood Stages of flood Flood water behaviour Flood hazards Existing flood rescue vehicle in India Limitation of existing rescue vehicles I am taking into consideration the force, Rescue vehicles in the world pressure and moment created in spine Hi speed water vehicle type of a crew during rescue.
  4. 4. 1.1 hovercraft for rescue ( on going Master Thesis Project ) Technical Specification bordered ray fish Inspiration Sketches Hull dimension Length: 24 ft Breadth: 10 ft Height: 2.5 ft Weight: 5582 lb Wave capability: 2 ft Material: High density polyethylene Speed: 36-54 ft/s Skirt Material: Hypalon Type: Combination of coated porous bag type and enclosed bag type. Control system: Automotive steering wheel with fingertip thrust pitch buttons Marine cable operated steering rudders. Lift System- Speed of Engine: 3600 rpm Engine HP: 48 hp Number of Fan blade desired: 9 Drag System- Approximate lift to drag ratio: 1.6 Total thrust required: 3488.75 lb Total Power required: 346.84 hp No of blade: 5
  5. 5. 1.2 hovercraft for rescue ( on going Master Thesis Project ) 3D Rendering Isometric view Top view Side view Front view Software using: Solid Works DELMIA Isometric view Bottom view Isometric view Noah’s Ark Beam Sea Simulator
  6. 6. 1.3 hovercraft for rescue ( on going Master Thesis Project ) Salient FeaturesAdvanced composites with Carbon fabric componentsoffer a tensile strength many times higher than thetensile strength of aluminiumAdvanced composites have a very Closed cabin with gull-wing-doorslow coefficient of thermal conductivity.Any localised fire will not transmit Thrust system withheat to other parts of independent reversablethe structure pitch-propellers, V-rudder system for banking in turns Low-noise ducted propellersSandwich structure for light weight made from carbon fibres. No wakes, no erosive wash toLow level of life cycle costs shorelines, no exhaust in water, no propellers hurt sealife, very fuel efficient compared to displacement vessels
  7. 7. 2.0 spy plane ( Bachelor Thesis Project ) Design Brief Design Challenge Mood Board for Ideation Sometimes anti social element captures * Gliding capability the sensitive areas. In this situation our * Illusionary soldiers are helpless to fight with elements. * Unidentifiable * Untraceable Our proposed spying object will definitely * Unmanned help our soldiers in crucial situations. Our flying object will have the following Used flat aerofoil theory features - • Disc Shape, so that radar can’t detect it. frisbee • Better gliding capability. • Can take off in less space. • Can be used as spying purpose. Air flow having no viscosity has zero drag We are designed, fabricated and tested our and no lift. object theoretically as well as practically as far as possible. Vortex created Design Research Types of aircraft Aerofoil nomenclature If we suddenly turn the viscosity on, the Flight lift theory flow about our flat-plate airfoil will begin to Modren sail theory change. The viscous boundary layer will Existing spying object in India start to form on the surface. The viscous Dynamics of air vehicle air will create a vortex which will turn down Spy plane character the tailing edge and leading edge up. And a Aircraft anatomy magic lift starts.
  8. 8. 2.1 spy plane ( Bachelor Thesis Project ) Untraceable as radar 3D Rendering is unable to trace disc shape Equipped with remote sensing cameras No flap, no Above some altitude flying aileron. disc creates the illusion of Only elevator. some UAV’s or strange birds in the minds of the people. Large wing span with a disc shape can be really helpful to glide through air for Twisting twin engine helps to take off vertically a long time.
  9. 9. 2.2 spy plane ( Bachelor Thesis Project ) Technical Specification Prototype Body dimension Diameter: 1 meter Thickness: 1 inch Material: High density thermocol Engine Type: Glow plug engine Control system: Remote operated servomotor driven. Weight: 450 gm Lift System- Speed of Engine: 16000-17000 rpm Engine HP: 0.7 bhp Number of Fan blade desired: 2 Drag System- Approximate lift to drag ratio: 9.166 Total thrust required: 3.746 N
  10. 10. 3.0 sit ski for physically disabled ( lower limb ) 100° Design Brief 37° Sitting Posture Ergonomics According to easy sitting posture Many people with mobility limitations can’t Upper lumber height defined by Ohara enjoy participating in winter recreational 25th percentile and Indian Anthropomentric Data 277 activities. In order to enjoy the alpine ski slopes, wheelchair users and others who 429 120° have lower limb limitations need skiing 120° equipment that can be used in a seated position. 46° Design a sit ski which is ergonomically Buttock to popliteal length 360 comfortable and absorb shocks due to 25th percentile damping on the way of ski. Stress Displacement Simulation and Modification Displacement reduced by spring lockMaximum Stress 4.41738e+007 N/m^2 Maximum Displacement 1025.22 mm Stress reduced by shock absorber Stress Simulation Displacement Simulation Modification
  11. 11. 3.1 sit ski for physically disabled ( lower limb ) 3D Rendering Silicon cushion for comfortKevlar composite for lighter bodyGreatest range of peple can sit Lower center of balance Without pivot frame design
  12. 12. 4.0 futuristic bicycle Design Brief Sitting Posture and Handle Ergonomics ( Possible sitting postures with this bike Bicycles are generally divided into and handle grip style ) Mountain bicycle ( also called cross- country bicycle ) and Road bicycle ( also called road ster or racing bicycle ). My primary objective is to combine both the cycle features and to give aesthetic look in general. Secondary objective is to design an ergonomic handle which will give rider comfort and safety. Tour/MTB/Hybrid Comfort/Cruiser DutchStatic, dynamic and cyclic loading on a Conventional design My Innovation Technical Innovationbicycle frame to avoid torsion, bending and compression Invisible spring for shock absorb One end connected Rider weight to Frame Another end connected Bending fron to Chain breaking or Stay crashing Rider weight Pedalling torque Inside front deraillure cover coil spring to reduce Shock absorber and linkage to reduce pedalling torque and Load from road to resist shock torsion on Seat Stay and Top Tube Road reaction
  13. 13. 4.1 futuristic bicycleErgonomic handle with three different 3D Renderingpossible position Unpatented brake systemAdvanced rim cross-section Unpatented suspension system Integrated mud guard Dresses, loose clothes and children’s feet Without seat stay frame are safe from the rear wheel and chain guard
  14. 14. 5.0 failure mode effect analysis of plastic chair Analysis Brief Overview A failed plastic lawn chair was examined to determine the cause of failure. This chair failed on the premises of a restaurant In this study the subject chair is examined and compared to several exemplar purchased at the same time. The subject chair is shown in The objective of this study is to determine Figure. The rear right leg and the cause of failure. front handle of the chair has broken. There was no additional Case 2 Case 1 damage to the chair. Crack Surface Analysis of Subject Failure There are crack arrest lines perpendicular to the crack travel direction. Fracture surfaces indicate a form of low cycle fatigue. It means There are dirt line visible near the fracture is not because the fracture. It is because of of cyclic loading, it is because UV degradation. As these of static loading.To find out chairs are used in restaurents the actual reason I have gone under sunlight UV degradation through user survey. From that causes dirt line near the joint The indicated zones are the failurre prone I came to know their using style. where fillet radius are less and zones. We have to analyze the mode of Case 1 Case 2 Then I did software analysis. loads are high. failure.
  15. 15. 5.1 failure mode effect analysis of plastic chair User Analysis Softwarer Analysis of Subject Failure Under Informal Sitting Condition ( Only rear legs are fixed ) Standard Sitting Position Designer designed considering Average Indian standard sitting posture, i.e. all Human Body Weight the main body angles are 90 80 kg. FOS=1.5 degree. But in actual students Design Load=120 kg in their room at IITG use those chairs with informal postures. Maximum Stress Maximum Displcement Factor of Safety 408196864 N/m^2 1390.77 mm 1.5 All the legs are fixed Conclusion Informal Sitting Position Every individual occupies a temporary space arround him, which is called personal territory described by Sommer 1969. And designer should keep in mind this thing. Under the application of 120 kg static loading the results are above. The maximum stress developed is 408196864 N/m^2, which is much more then the yield strength of the material, but it should not be. And the result due to that is infront of us. So, this chair failure was a result of a design defect and users’ using Material= Polypropylene style problen. The design of the leg and its attachment to the seat Mass Density= 1700 kg/m^3 create a high stress situation that generated cracks between the leg Tensile Strength= 23000000 N/m^2 and the seat. So, during design a high fillet radius should be given byOnly rear legs are fixed Only front legs are fixed Yield Strength= 369000000 N/m^2 the designer.
  16. 16. 6.0 spray cleaning device ( For Hindustan Unilever Ltd. ) TURN Design Brief OVERFLOW CUM EXTERNAL RECESS FOR REMOVAL OF Dozing and Storage IN OUT In India, our laundry detergent Surf Excel is CONTAINER TOP CONTAINER Mechanism used mostly for hand washing. When SPRING LOADED NEW washing clothes by hand, it’s rinsing that SACHET OLD TOP CONTAINER often takes most time and uses most water SACHET Storage Mechanism PUSHING THE Dozing Mechanism – water that is extremely scarce, especially SACHET if you live in the dry, southern states of DISC ACTS LIKE Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. So we AN INDICATOR have to design a device that will not creat DOZZED MAIN STORAGE LIQUID lather significantly, but will clean efficiently. CONTAINER To Pump To Pump PCB Compressor Layout Wash Concept Sketches Pump 1 & 2 Board Wash Control Control Board panel Brush Container lid panel Container lid (representation only) Brush Brush Catridge Indicator Space for wire Space Container & brush for wire & brush Finger recess to Bleach flip the capDetergent storage solution Catridgeand dozing mechanism Indicator Glass container to show the water level
  17. 17. 7.0 coca cola pen stand Design Brief Design Challenge Mood Board for Ideation Design a product for children for the I’ve been struggling with since learning age group of 6 to 14 which will replicate about personas: does the right persona the persona. drive a product’s character? I think it does. In fact, I suspect that most truly addictive products were built, intentionally or not, with a particular user and buyer in mind. Design Research Now design challenge is, the product also should tell about the persona of the user. About 85 percent of our global beverage volume is delivered in primary packaging made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Design Specification plastic, aluminium, glass and steel. The User- Children age group of 6 to 14 materials are 100 percent recyclable. The (young can also use) remaining 15 percent of beverage volume Product Proximity Factor- 3 is largely delivered through highly efficient Design Ratio- Aesthetics 0.4 bulk package systems such as refillable steel tanks or concentrated bag-in-box Ergonomics 0.3 Function 0.3 containers for fountain syrup. Physiognomy- Expression- Happy Instead of recycling of material, Semantics- Character is dancing while transformation of material into other listening music product can give the era a new direction Context of Use- On the study table towards sustainability. Recyclability- Recyclable
  18. 18. 7.1 coca cola pen stand Prototype
  19. 19. 8.0 chess piece in abstract form Design Brief Actual Prototype Abstract art uses a visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. Total abstraction bears no trace of any reference to anything recognizable. But, at a level abstract art communicates. Most of the abstract artist and philosopher Queen like abstraction in product; specially Russian Artists. Knight Design a chess set for the class of artist in abstract form. Bishop Rook King Pawn
  20. 20. 9.0 sensational bath tub Design Brief Sensual Excitement Propose an inclusive design which will May be aroused by another person give sensation in a way physical May be aroused by drug experience of an environment to an elderly May be aroused by any objects look who is not decreased libido. May be by fragrance May be by vibration Research Concept Drawing Who is an elderly? Silicon made Algi Vibratory element Vibration Problems related to elderly How important sensation is in later life Sensual dysfunction Sensual response cycle Health benifits of sensational excitement Pleasure Sensual excitement
  21. 21. 9.1 sensational bath tub 3D Rendering Inspiration
  22. 22. 10.0 portable book rack Design Brief Inspiration Book vendor more often roam around the city and sells book. Sometimes the goes to office premises and institutions to promote new books and to sell also. But they always face a problem to display books. So, design a book rack which could be portable and easy to carry.Material: AISI 4340 Steel, normalized Failure Effect Mode Analysis Stress Analysis Displacement Analysis Factor of Safety 6156148.5 1.566e-003 As maximum stress Load: 200 N developed is very FOS: 10 very less than the yield Red< FOS=10 <Blue strength, so it is safe. No Red area, so whole body is safe. 2008.7 1.00e-030 Yield Strength: 710000000 N/m^2 Max Displacement 0.000854184 mm
  23. 23. 10.1 portable book rack 3D Rendering Possible to carry into a trolley bag. Total weight= 27 kg
  24. 24. thank you +91-920 7150 983all copy right © reserved by Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati