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Full Circle Magazine 30


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Full Circle Magazine 30

  1. 1. full circle ISSUE #30 - October 2009 REVIEW SONY PRS-505 EBOOK READER APPLICATIONS FOR BOOKWORMS TOP FIVE WRITING TOOLS full circle magazine #30 1 contents ^
  2. 2. Program In Python - Pt4 p.07 full circle Ubuntu Women p.27 Apps For Bookworms p.10 Ubuntu Games p.30 My Story p.13 MOTU Interview p.24 The Doctor Is In; Recording Porgy & Bess; and Ubuntu Reincarnates A Pensioners Laptop Installing OOo Base p.12 Command & Conquer p.05 My Opinion p.14 Review p.21 Letters p.25 Top 5 p.34 The articles contained in this magazine are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. This means you can adapt, copy, distribute and transmit the articles but only under the following conditions: You must attribute the work to the original author in some way (at least a name, email or URL) and to this magazine by name ('full circle magazine') and the URL (but not attribute the article(s) in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work). If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you must distribute the resulting work under the same, similar or a compatible license. full circle magazine #30 2 contents ^
  3. 3. EDITORIAL This magazine was created using : Welcome to another issue of Full Circle magazine. T his month we have something of a literary theme at FCM. I recently bought the and have reviewed it in this month's issue. It's a great device and works flawlessly in Ubuntu with the ebook app . We also have an article devoted to other ebook applications and sites where you can download free ebooks. If you're the writing type, fear not, Andrew has devoted his Top5 this month to writing tools to help all you budding authors write that best-seller. The Ubuntu Women have come through with a great interview with Belinda Lopez Ubuntu is a complete operating who is the Training Project Manager at Canonical - don't miss it, it's a very system that is perfect for informative read! laptops, desktops and servers. Whether at home, school or And last, and certainly by no means least, is the release of work, Ubuntu contains all the applications you'll ever need . No doubt by the time you read this, that fuzzy little Karmic Koala will including word processor, email be spreading himself worldwide and Canonical's poor servers will be feeling the application and web browser. strain. I don't know about you, but I'll certainly be updating! Ubuntu is and always will be free of charge. You do not pay any licensing fees. You can Enjoy the issue, and keep in touch! download, use and share Ubuntu with your friends, family, school or business, for absolutely nothing. Editor, Full Circle magazine Once installed, your system is ready to use with a full set of productivity, internet, drawing and graphics applications, and games. use the new 'contents' link to jump to the contents page full circle magazine #30 from any other page! 3 contents ^
  4. 4. NEWS T he Ubuntu team is environment. UEC images, and To Get Ubuntu 9.10 Find out what's new in this pleased to announce information on running Ubuntu release with a graphical Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop 9.10 on EC2, are available at: To download Ubuntu 9.10, or overview: and Server editions, http://uec- obtain CDs, visit: Ubuntu 9.10 Server for Ubuntu ntu/releasenotes/910overview Enterprise Cloud (UEC) and 10/release ntu Amazon's EC2, and Ubuntu If you have a question, or if Netbook Remix, continuing Ubuntu 9.10 is also the Users of Ubuntu 9.04 will be you think you may have found Ubuntu's tradition of basis for new 9.10 releases of offered an automatic upgrade a bug but aren't sure, try integrating the latest and Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, to 9.10 via Update Manager. asking on the #ubuntu IRC greatest open source UbuntuStudio, and Mythbuntu: For further information about channel, on the Ubuntu Users technologies into a high- upgrading, see: mailing list, or on the Ubuntu quality, easy-to-use Linux forums: distribution. ntu/upgrading release #ubuntu on Ubuntu 9.10 will be We recommend that all supported for 18 months on users read the release notes, both desktops and servers. which document caveats and /listinfo/ubuntu-users Users requiring a longer release workarounds for known issues. support lifetime on the server They are available at: may choose to continue using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, with security ntu/releasenotes/910 : Ubuntu Weekly News support until 2013, rather than release upgrading to 9.10. Ubuntu 9.10 includes the first official release of Ubuntu se Server images for UEC and for Amazon's EC2, giving you everything you need for rapid deployment of Ubuntu Studio/9.10release_notes instances in a cloud computing full circle magazine #30 4 contents ^
  5. 5. COMMAND & CONQUER I recently got back from my (your home folder can usually and run case you find an issue that summer vacation, and, safely be at around 95%). The causes you to downgrade. after roughly 300 root partition requires some sudo aptitude autoclean However, do not do this packages were updated, I space to be left free for logs, regularly, simply because you noticed in conky that the root root folder, and so forth, and or may one day need the cached partition was getting to be will warn you when it gets package again for whatever sudo apt-get autoclean pretty full. So, I thought that it “full” (all the space is used up reason. You can clear out all might be useful to write an except for what is set aside for packages from the cache by to clear out all packages article on a few tips I have logs). This generally means issuing: from the cache that are no picked up over the years that I you can't install any more longer downloadable (read: out sudo aptitude clean use when a hard disk gets full. packages or move any files of date). Once it's completed, I around, which we don't want. If then run “df -h” again in order or Starting off, we'd most likely you find you can't free up to check to see how much need to check to see how sufficient space, you may need space was freed. If it has freed sudo apt-get clean much space is left on the disk. to re-size the partition itself in up enough space, I leave it at To do this, I use the command- order to get enough space. I that and move on. If, however, As a side note, the reason line tool “df”. This check can generally am fine with about it freed up hardly any space, why I list both aptitude and apt- also be done in gparted, but I 10GB for my root partition (my and you run Ubuntu without get commands is simply will focus on the command-line home partition is generally the backports repository, beta, because I prefer using aptitude aspect. So, down to business. 25GB or more). or lots of cutting-edge for my cleaning purposes, and I In order to see a list of all packages, you could likely get haven't used Ubuntu for a mounted filesystems and their If the root partition is the away with clearing out all while, and as such don't know usage, use the command: one getting full, your first step cached packages. I used to do if apt-get does it similarly now should be to clear out extra cached packages (aptitude, apt- this before I switched to Arch, df -h or not. since Ubuntu tests the get, and synaptic all store This will print out a list of packages thoroughly and So, after clearing out the downloaded packages in the cache so that it doesn't need to leaves the stable ones in the mounted partitions, how much packages you should now have space is used, how much is normal repositories. If, a bit of extra space. If you still re-download them if you re- free, the percent used, and the however, you use getdeb need some space, or the root install the package). Open a mount point. I think it's fine to repositories or such, I partition wasn't the one that new terminal window (leaving use a disk up until it's 90% full recommend not doing this in needed more free space, you the output of “df -h” visible), full circle magazine #30 5 contents ^
  6. 6. COMMAND & CONQUER can list your files and folders remove -- but again, it's best to need (or to backup the ones delete or uninstall, especially if by size, and manually delete check first). This is simply due you want to keep, but don't you're not sure what it is. It's large files you no longer need to the fact that you can cause use, to a different storage always better to be safe than (old .ISO files, archives, icon serious system errors by just medium). After all this, you sorry. themes, untarred archives, deleting away. Secondly, if you should have freed up a bit of etc.). I picked up this trick from want to display information in space, and can continue to I am open to requests on Linux Journal (not sure which your home partition/folder, you install packages! articles, so if you run into a issue anymore) -- it works well. can run the following command: command-line issue you think First, if you have both root and I highly recommend going others might be experiencing, home on a separate partition cd ~ through a list of installed drop me an email with the du -ck|sort -n and you want to free up space packages at some point issue, and I may write an on the root partition, do the though, and deciding if you article on it. The submitter will, This will show the size of all following: wish to get rid of some you of course, get credit, unless folders and files within your don't use. This can be done, specified.. cd / home folder, sorted from quite simply, with aptitude du -ckx|sort -n smallest to largest. Once you (since it shows an “i” if the find out which are the largest packages are installed). Run Apt-get cheat sheet: What this does is first folders, you can find out what the command: change the directory (cd) to size the folder is (in KB/MB/GB) x-debian-package- your root partition, and then by running: sudo aptitude search '~i' management-cheat-sheet.html display disk usage (“du”) with Aptitude search '~i' info: size blocks of 1kb (“-k”), and du -h ~/<foldername>/ or display a grand total (“-c”) for uestions/debian-26/aptitude- the partition (no changing to The “-h” switch stands for sudo apt-cache search '~i' how-to-get-a-list-of-all-installed- the home partition, etc.). This human-readable. Also, the tilde packages- will all be sorted from smallest (~) stands for A quick note on the apt- 458119/#post2310207 to largest (so the last file listed /home/<username>/ (saving cache command: I am not sure is the largest) due to the “sort - you some typing), and you if it actually works in the same n” command we pipe the du need to replace the way aptitude does. Also, before output to. I don't recommend “<foldername>” with the uninstalling any packages you deleting anything from the root actual name of the folder you don't recall installing, check partition without thorough want information on. Once first! It may very well be a has learned all he knows you've found out which folders from repeatedly breaking his investigation of what it is package Ubuntu requires. system, then having no other (unless it's the cache of a and files are hogging all the option but to discover how to fix program you no longer use, space, you can choose to I cannot stress enough to be it. You can email Lucas at: when it should be safe to delete the ones you no longer extremely careful in what you full circle magazine #30 6 contents ^
  7. 7. HOW-TO Program In Python - Part 4 class Dog(): FCM#27-29 - Python Parts 1-3 def __init__(self,dogname,dogcolor,dogheight,dogbuild,dogmood,dogage): #here we setup the attributes of our dog = dogname self.color = dogcolor self.height = dogheight = dogbuild self.mood = dogmood self.age = dogage self.Hungry = False self.Tired = False Dev Graphics Internet M/media System attributes of mood. On the /--Beagle class is a method we use to behavior side of things, we can Dog ---|-- Lab implement this. For example, --Shepherd/Heeler consider eating, sleeping, we have three dogs at home. A playing, and other actions. CD/DVD HDD USB Drive Laptop Wireless Beagle, a Lab and a German Each sub-class inherits all of Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix. All the attributes of the Dog class. All three are of the class three are dogs, but are all I 'Dog'. Going back to the Therefore, if we create an promised last time that we different. There are common attributes that we used to instance of Beagle, it gets all of would discuss classes. So, attributes among the three of the attributes from its parent describe each above, we have that's what we'll them, but each dog has class, Dog. things such as Dog.Name, concentrate on. What are separate attributes as well. For Dog.Height, Dog.Build (skinny, classes and what good are they? example, the Beagle is short, chubby, etc.), and Dog.Color. Beagle = Dog() chubby, brown, and grumpy. Beagle.Name = 'Archie' We also have behaviors such Beagle.Height = 'Short' A class is a way of The Lab is medium-sized, as Dog.Bark, Dog.Eat, Beagle.Build = 'Chubby' constructing objects. An object black, and very laid back. The Beagle.Color = 'Brown' Dog.Sleep, and so on. is simply a way of handling Shepherd/Heeler mix is tall, attributes and behaviors as a skinny, black, and more than a Starting to make sense? So, As I said before, each of the group. I know this sounds bit crazy. Right away, some let's create our gross Dog class dogs is a different breed. Each confusing, but I'll break it down attributes are obvious. (shown above). We'll start with breed would be a sub-class of for you. Think of it this way. An Short/medium-sized/tall are all the keyword "class" and the the class Dog. In a diagram, it object is a way to model attributes of height. Grumpy, name of our class. would look like this. something in the real world. A laid back, and crazy are all full circle magazine #30 7 contents ^
  8. 8. PROGRAM IN PYTHON - PART 4 Before we go any further in name, color, and so on. The our code, notice the function next four lines simply query def Eat(self): that we have defined here. The the Beagle object and get back if self.Hungry: print 'Yum Yum...Num Num' function __init__ (two information in return. Time for self.Hungry = False underscores + 'init' + two more code. Add the code else: underscores) is an initialization shown in the top right box into print 'Sniff Sniff...Not Hungry' function that works with any the class after the __init__ def Sleep(self): print 'ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ' class. As soon as we call our function. self.Tired = False class in code, this routine is run. In this case, we have set Now we can call it with up a number of parameters to Beagle.Eat() or Beagle.Sleep(). def Bark(self): set some basic information Let's add one more method. if self.mood == 'Grumpy': about our class: we have a We'll call it Bark. Its code is print 'GRRRRR...Woof Woof' elif self.mood == 'Laid Back': name, color, height, build, shown right. print 'Yawn...ok...Woof' mood, age, and a couple of elif self.mood == 'Crazy': variables Hungry and Tired. This one I've made more print 'Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark' We'll revisit these in a little bit. flexible. Depending on the else: print 'Woof Woof' Now let's add some more code. mood of the dog, the bark will change. Shown on the next Beagle = page is the full class code so carefully, all we have to do is Notice that I created the Dog('Archie','Brown','Short', create two more instances of far. instances of both of the dogs 'Chubby','Grumpy',12) our dog class. before I did the print print print Beagle.color So, when we run this we'll statements. That's not a print Beagle.mood Lab = get Dog('Nina','Black','Medium',' problem, since I “defined” the print Beagle.Hungry Heavy','Laid Back',7) instance before I called any of My name is Archie Heeler = the methods. Here is the full This is UNINDENTED code My color is Brown Dog('Bear','Black','Tall','Sk My mood is Grumpy output of our dog class that resides outside of our inny','Crazy',9) I am hungry = False print 'My Name is %s' % program. class, the code that uses our Sniff Sniff...Not Hungry class. The first line creates an Yum Yum...Num Num print 'My color is %s' % My name is Archie instance of our dog class called GRRRRR...Woof Woof Lab.color My color is Brown Beagle. This is called print 'My Mood is %s' % My mood is Grumpy instantiation. When we did this, Now, that takes care of the Lab.mood I am hungry = False print 'I am hungry = %s' % Sniff Sniff...Not Hungry we also passed certain grumpy old Beagle. However, I Lab.Hungry Yum Yum...Num Num information to the instance of said earlier that I have 3 dogs. Lab.Bark() GRRRRR...Woof Woof the class, such as the Beagle's Because we coded the class Heeler.Bark() My Name is Nina full circle magazine #30 8 contents ^
  9. 9. PROGRAM IN PYTHON - PART 4 My color is Black My Mood is Laid Back class Dog(): I am hungry = False def __init__(self,dogname,dogcolor,dogheight,dogbuild,dogmood,dogage): Yawn...ok...Woof #here we setup the attributes of our dog Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark = dogname Bark Bark self.color = dogcolor self.height = dogheight Now that you have the = dogbuild basics, your homework will be self.mood = dogmood self.age = dogage to expand our dog class to self.Hungry = False allow for more methods, such self.Tired = False as maybe Play or EncounterStrangeDog or def Eat(self): if self.Hungry: something like this. print 'Yum Yum...Num Num' self.Hungry = False Next time, we will start else: discussing GUI or Graphical print 'Sniff Sniff...Not Hungry' User Interface programming. def Sleep(self): We will be using print 'ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ' for this. self.Tired = False def Bark(self): if self.mood == 'Grumpy': print 'GRRRRR...Woof Woof' elif self.mood == 'Laid Back': print 'Yawn...ok...Woof' elif self.mood == 'Crazy': print 'Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark' else: print 'Woof Woof' Beagle = Dog('Archie','Brown','Short','Chubby','Grumpy',12) print 'My name is %s' % is owner of print 'My color is %s' % Beagle.color ,a print 'My mood is %s' % Beagle.mood consulting company in Aurora, print 'I am hungry = %s' % Beagle.Hungry Colorado, and has been Beagle.Eat() programming since 1972. He Beagle.Hungry = True enjoys cooking, hiking, music, Beagle.Eat() and spending time with his Beagle.Bark() family. full circle magazine #30 9 contents ^
  10. 10. HOW-TO Applications For Bookworms fact, there are myriads of according to United States law. websites with both, and a few Most e-books are in English, N/A book-reader programs within but you can also find books in the landscape of open source. I Spanish, French, German and will mention six major ones. other languages. ( Main_Page) (DRM) is a generic term that Dev Graphics Internet M/media System refers to access control Calibre is not only a book technologies that can be used reader but it also has the by hardware manufacturers, capability of displaying news publishers, copyright holders, CD/DVD HDD USB Drive Laptop Wireless feeds and converting e-book and individuals to try to impose files to several formats. It can limitations on the usage of is a full-fledged, also be downloaded from digital content and devices. F mature program that displays Synaptic. Homepage: ( ) or some people new to e-books with a variety of - Linux and open source tweaks and configurations to Although a quick Google , according to its in general, it may seem please the requirements of the search will reveal a PPA with a Latin meaning, is a 'book-voice' at first they will have to most demanding users. It can more up-to-date version. site with over two-thousand do without a lot of programs and capabilities that they can be downloaded from Synaptic audio books, also DRM free and or, if you prefer the latest is a with their copyright expired readily have with proprietary version, you can visit their Web splendid site with thousands of according to United Sates law. operating systems and page. downloadable e-books in The books are read by programs. Once you delve deep ( several formats, thus allowing volunteers, and you'll be into open source, you realize ads.php) you to read them or convert surprised by how many of that nothing could be farther Download for Ubuntu users: them with your book reader to them can read like true from the truth. For bookworms any convenient format. All professionals. Every audio book and bibliophiles, one instance is /debian.php books are DRM* free, and their has a link to the e-book from the capability of having access copyright has already expired which it was read, so you can to e-books and audio books. In full circle magazine #30 10 contents ^
  11. 11. APPLICATIONS FOR BOOKWORMS enjoy the experience of Canada and the United States, reading the book from your e- some dating from 1700 to the : When you use When you use open-source book reader and listening to it first half of the 20th century. proprietary software, you software and visit their Web simultaneously. The files are in The files are in several formats become a customer of the sites, you may notice a MP3 and Ogg Vorvis format for including the ubiquitous PDF company that is selling you its conspicuous button that says you to download. Since the format. What you actually get product. When you use open- 'Donate'. Don't shy away from audio books are split into are facsimiles in electronic source software you it. An outing for a round of separate chapters, you can format of great old editions of automatically become part of a beers with friends may cost conveniently produce your own marvelous books, some of community whether you want you more than the modest audio CDs for your enjoyment them out of print many years to or not. Allow me to boldly donation you may give. in your home audio player or in ago. suggest that you donate to the you car. Most audio books are ( open-source community. The in English, but you can also hp) amount you donate is find books in Spanish, French, irrelevant; the fact is that as German and other languages. conscientious members of this ( worldwide community we ought to encourage open- source growth. Some of the instances I have shown above are impressive examples of collaboration of open-source communities. The time, effort and know-how required for them to exist is considerable. For an ebook reader, see our is the They are outstanding review of the jewel of the Web, so to speak. is another well- achievements of their (above) on page 21 of this It is a mammoth site with worth-mentioning site for e- collaborators. Indeed, it is a issue. If you fancy yourself as a thousands of multilingual books. You can download the great privilege to have free writer, see our Top5 on page 34 books, videos, and audio files books directly from their Web access to open-source software to find the most helpful writing for you to download, all DRM page or from the FB Reader and to be able to download applications. free and without copyright. An search-and-download feature. files from those Web sites. It's important feature of the site is All books are in various formats a good practice to the thousands of books to suit your preference. acknowledge this. scanned from major libraries in ( full circle magazine #30 11 contents ^
  12. 12. HOW-TO Installing Base presentations, let your creative Now when you look at the drawing juices flow, and make Office submenu under the N/A databases. But wait, where is in the Quick Search window. Applications menu, you will see the database application? Database. In the package list window, Happy databasing! Base is not installed by select, and default in Ubuntu, but it is in click on Mark for Installation. There are many additional the repository. Here are the Click OK to accept all the packages available for steps I used to install the dependency files. in the Base repository, just type Dev Graphics Internet M/media System application on my computer: If you would like to create 'openoffice' into the Quick database reports, I suggest Search box in Synaptic and From the System menu, installing the “ start browsing. select Administration → report-builder” package. Just CD/DVD Synaptic Package Manager. repeat the step above using Extensions for OpenOffice HDD USB Drive Laptop Wireless “” are at You will be prompted for S your password to start In the main menu bar, click If you are looking o, you installed the on Apply. Synaptic Package Manager. for OpenOffice templates, try latest version of the Template Ubuntu. Great! You website at now also have the latest version of OpenOffice installed. Great! You've also read the book review of For more extras, such as in artwork, labels, additional FCM#25. Great again! So, you templates, tutorials, non- are all excited about being English language templates, productive with the latest etc., I recommend OOExtras at version of the office http://www.smalldataproblem.or productivity software suite. You Once Synaptic Package g/ooextras/. can write documents, create Manager starts, type: spreadsheets, generate full circle magazine #30 12 contents ^
  13. 13. MY STORY The Doctor Is In T he phone rang in the called Audacity. You download download, use, distribute, and the ISO image in hand as I early afternoon of a it for free.” modify. I must admit that in my nervously went through the beautiful Spring world view, the whole idea process of adding Ubuntu to Sunday in 2006. “Yeah, how much is it after sounded like a pitch from a my system. And in the end: the trial period?” telemarketer. As my quest success, sort of. My Nvidia “Doctor, I've got a job for continued, I read horror stories video driver needed tweaking you.” “There is no trial period. It's about Linux and love sonnets and I somehow messed up my open source. You download it dedicated to Linux. I figured xorg.conf. Both problems were It was my friend Rich. Rich and you own it. They have a that the truth was somewhere insurmountable in my eyes, but has a nickname for everyone, version for Windows, Mac, and in the middle. Leaping into the good folks at the Ubuntu and mine, for reasons known something called Linux, what could possibly be an forum took me by the hand only to Rich, is Doctor. whatever that is.” abyss, however, is not for the and walked me through these faint of heart. Undaunted, I and many other mistakes, He was looking for a low- Fast forward several pressed on. There was a way, it miscues, misfires, missteps, cost audio-editing program for months. It's now Fall. Rich is appeared, to try Linux without and even one miserable failure. Windows that he could use to very happy with Audacity, and losing Windows: dual booting. edit narration in some I've done some more research Some upstart called Ubuntu I have to admit that it hasn't instructional videos that he into FOSS and this Linux thing seemed to be the distro (I always been easy, but it has was doing. And because he that I encounter whenever I learned a new word!) of choice been an enriching experience believed that I had some research FOSS. There seems to for those wanting to get their that I wouldn't trade for all of arcane knowledge of Google's be a connection. I was feet wet. the operating systems in inner workings, he called on intrigued but cautious. Redmond. In the end, I can me. Microsoft's business practices I read everything I could honestly say that this is my left a bad taste in my mouth, about Linux and specifically system, and like the old song It took just a few seconds to but, like most people, I felt that Ubuntu. I studied the says, “. . .You can't take that come up with some if I owned a PC, I had no choice intricacies of dual booting, away from me.” possibilities for him, but one other than Windows. partitions, and something program in particular stood called GRUB (another new out. Not only was it low cost, it I began to understand that word!). Finally, I was ready to was free! Linux was an operating system burn the ISO image (not a new like Windows, but unlike term, but my first time working “Rich, I found something Windows, it is free to with one). All went well. I had full circle magazine #30 13 contents ^
  14. 14. MY STORY Recording Porgy & Bess F irst let me offer a received good reviews, so I in the appropriate box, fill in includes all of the preface: I'm in my mid- wanted to listen to it and the other boxes with announcements, the 60s and have had no record it as well. WRTI appropriate information, and intermission feature, etc., official computer transmits its classical stream in you will have the station in which I did not want on my training ever. I learned to four different formats; the one I Tunapie ready for playing player. operate a computer using use is the aac+ format. and/or recording. Microsoft Windows and, having I used MP3Splt (the become disenchanted with it, I use the Tunapie program, I started recording at the graphical-user program wiped it off my computer and in conjunction with its default beginning of the broadcast [MP3splt-gtk audio splitter], started using Ubuntu only last player Audacious, to record and, over three hours later, I which I strongly recommend, is year (8.04 'Hardy Heron' at the internet streams. WRTI is not stopped recording. found on and, time), never having had any included in either the using that program, I split the previous experience with Linux. ShoutCast or IceCast servers So what did I have? One file into: Any knowledge I have has Tunapie offers, but it is quite very large aac file (1) the initial broadcast come from by easy to install WRTI (or any (approximately 120 MB) announcements (about ten William von Hagen, the forums station that can play in containing the entire minutes) and Google. I have an Acer Audacious) to Tunapie. From broadcast. Now it so happens (2) Act I Extensa 5620-6419 (Intel Core the station's website, you that I use a very inexpensive (3) the first part of Act II (which 2 Duo Processor T5550 and 3 merely right click on the actual MP3 player (which has no continued from Act I with no GB RAM) with Ubuntu 9.04 link which starts the player, go internal memory; rather it break) 'Jaunty Jackalope' as my down to properties, open it, reads music from an SD card (4) the intermission feature current operating system. and copy the actual “http” site whose maximum size is limited (Act II is in four scenes. The shown (do not close the to 2.0 GB) and it can read only, “break” came between scene 2 I like to record music from Properties dialog box until you you guessed it, MP3 files. I and scene 3, thus splitting the internet streaming sites have pasted the URL into made a copy of this aac file (I (“Internet Radio”), specifically Tunapie as explained below); NEVER work with originals) I'm in my mid-60's operas. This past Saturday, our then, in Tunapie, go to its and, using Sound Converter, I and have had no local classical music station Favorites section (the upper created an MP3 file out of it. official computer (WRTI 90.1 MHz) broadcast the right) and, in the blank space, (MP3 files are larger than aac training ever. Lyric Opera of Chicago's right click and a dialog box will files; the resultant MP3 file is performance of Porgy and appear; click on Add User approximately 195 MB.) But it's Bess. This performance had Defined Station. Paste the URL still just one large file – and it full circle magazine #30 14 contents ^
  15. 15. RECORDING PORGY & BESS Act in two, rather awkwardly, I much like the feature in Interface is somewhat think) MP3Splt which allows you to intuitive.) There are absolutely (5) the second part of Act II delete a split point if you have no instructions for (6) Act III (which likewise made one in an incorrect place; I then deleted files (1), (4), using this [MP3split] continued straight on from Act you can also add split points and (7) leaving me with four program ... II with no break), and, finally anywhere you like, either by files: the first act, the first part (7) the closing announcements. clicking on the splitpoint of the second act, the second desired, or even by entering a part of the second act, and the NOTE: While using MP3Splt you timing point. (There are third act. can name the various “splits” absolutely no instructions for files (ACT_I.mp3, ACT_II.mp3, according to your desires. using this program, at least However, I wanted just one and ACT_III.mp3) onto my that I could find, so you're on file for each act, so I made a player's SD card and it works MP3Splt makes all new files your own; you'll have to new folder on my Desktop and beautifully. (As a matter of fact, without “harming” the original experiment as I did. labeled it ACT_II. Into that I'm listening to it as I'm writing with which you worked. I very Fortunately, the Graphical User folder I placed the two MP3 this.) I'm really pleased with files for Act II. These files were what I got; the sound quality, named ACT_II_Part_1 and played through a good audio ACT_II_Part_2. (All names system, is excellent. terminated in .mp3 of course.) Undoubtedly, there are I then went into the terminal other ways of accomplishing and entered: the same thing (and maybe some of them are even easier) cd Desktop/ACT_II but this worked perfectly for me and I'll be doing it again I was then in that directory; I just this same way. then entered the command: And by the way, that cat * > ACT_II.mp3 performance of Porgy and Bess is everything the critics said it Bingo. In that directory I had was! a new file (named ACT_II.mp3) which was a combination of the other two (which still remained in the directory). I was then able to place the three desired full circle magazine #30 15 contents ^
  16. 16. MY STORY Ubuntu Reincarnates Pensioners Laptop M y friend Mrs. P is 76- laptop responded more and books, etc. learn, I can already sense that years old and looks more slowly as time went by. once au-fait with Ubuntu, there back on a long She accepted this at first, but Mrs. P really enjoyed the would be no question of going career in the caring then the time came when it machine being faster, and back to Windows again!" professions and, before that, in became enough of an Ubuntu was much simpler than the Church. She discovered annoyance for her to consider she had expected. This was a Now it was my turn to be computers and the internet purchasing a new laptop. surprise to her. Ubuntu was surprised! I had been talking to some years ago, having been simpler, easier, and faster than and helping Mrs. P herself, not prompted by younger friends I suggested that we try Windows! Here was a laptop, her friend. And here was the who were finding them Ubuntu on the ailing laptop which had been destined for previously condemned laptop invaluable. before she looks into the trash bin, now flying high working well, and also purchasing a new machine. with Ubuntu! converting the most nervous of Mrs. P is non technical, but Ubuntu 8.04.2 ran on the users! is adventurous and systematic laptop, not only without What happened when her enough to have bought a problems but also at a good friend found out? Her friend Mrs. M now wants to buy her laptop from PC World some pace. The laptop's speed with and near neighbour, Mrs. M, own laptop, not just any old years ago. It gave trouble, so Ubuntu was a great surprise for sometimes used Mrs. P's laptop but an Ubuntu laptop! she negotiated replacing it with Mrs. P, who found it hard to laptop. Mrs. M, also a Passing a department store the a different model. After several believe that her laptop, pensioner and a very non- other day, Mrs. M went in and years, this laptop was replaced previously slower than a snail's technical computer user, was asked about Ubuntu laptops, by one purchased from a tea break, was now a normal much less confident about not Windows, please, but department store. Her working machine which did not anything to do with computers. Ubuntu. The assistant had computing experiences make her wait! One day, I emailed Mrs. P to heard about Ubuntu, although continued, with XP, as you ask how things were going? it sounds as if he had not used might have expected. The move to Ubuntu was The reply came not from Mrs. P it, since he was surprised that taken gently, with steps going but from her friend, Mrs. M: this elderly female customer I am regularly in touch with one by one and any questions "Mrs. M here! Actually, I really required Ubuntu because it was Mrs. P as a family friend, and answered. For example, like it - it seems much more easier to use than Windows. He over time I've been useful to Thunderbird was now used in straight-forward than Windows, should not have been her in answering computer- place of Outlook Express. Mrs. and although Mrs. P still has to surprised. Ubuntu is just fine related questions. Almost P's confidence grew as she remind me about some things, for pensioners! And everybody without being noticed, her found familiar emails, address and there is plenty more to else too! full circle magazine #30 16 contents ^
  17. 17. MY OPINION Acer Aspire One Distros I 'm not a computer guy an extra 512MB RAM for just netbook, not a tiny laptop. went to Google to see whether (programmer, IT, etc.), I'm $50 more. I decided to buy the I could find a dummie-proof just an average user who XP offer (model ZG5), remove People don't realize that a Linux distro specially designed reads a lot about it and install my own OS -- netbook is not for writing your for netbooks. It showed me the computers, and I'm also an Ubuntu. Master of Sciences thesis nor pathway. As usually happens in Ubuntu fan. I'm a wildlife for playing Open Arena. A the world of open source, I Veterinarian who knows netbook is for surfing the Web, didn't find one - I found many. nothing about technical stuff checking your mail, staying in Which one to use? My quest for but likes to read about it. This touch with friends, playing the right distro started then. makes me look smart, Frozen Bubble, and maybe This is the story. especially in front of my kids. I connecting to a video beam to was reading some good press give a lecture or show photos. Because I'm not technically about a tiny, new, pretty thing If you buy a good pair of literate, I don't care about such called Acer Aspire One (AA1), headphones it can even be an specifications as fat32, ext3, or and was interested in putting ipod replacement (lol). With swap size. I just want a distro my hand on one, because I netbooks, forget about the that works right out of the box, wanted a laptop prepackaged At my Hotel room, I removed classical computer interface is easy to use, and makes me with some Linux flavor so that I XP and -- using my other laptop and the way you use look different and cool in one of could have Ubuntu without (Acer Aspire 9300, then dual- computers. They are those conferences I have to worrying about drivers. booting Ubuntu and XP, now uncomfortable, and their attend every year. Jaunty and Seven RC) and the screens, keyboards, even The opportunity came in Hotel's WiFi -- I downloaded an touchpads are not made for a During an 8-month period, I November, 2008. I was Ubuntu 8.10 ISO image and regular OS. Netbooks need big tested attending a world conference UNetbootin. I found about icons and surfing through in Lima, Peru, when I found unetbootin on Google after screens, not menus -- in other , and good offers at the Panama discovering that my new words, a specially designed . I didn't try distros International Airport: AA1 with acquisition doesn't have an interface with a special set of without special interfaces, so an 8GB HD and 512MB RAM optical unit -- yes, I did the apps. Microsoft, OSX, and you'll not find here anything with Linpus Linux for $500, or business without asking too regular Linux distros just don't about Xfce or similar low- AA1 with 160GB HD and 1GB much. I set up a USB memory have the right answers. requirement laptop interfaces RAM with WinXP for $550 -- this and installed it OEM. Then I not designed for netbooks. I latter an extra 152GB HD and understood why they call it a Now I knew what I wanted. I didn't try Linpus Linux because full circle magazine #30 17 contents ^
  18. 18. MY OPINION - ACER ASPIRE ONE DISTROS its server never answered. I (somebody told me that the and it wasn't even designed for didn't try LiveAndroid because cursor is name@computer:~$). I have to confess that before my computer! it's still a cellphone's platform I started typing but nothing I tried this distro I was wary of and needs a lot of tweaking to happened. I tried to manually it, because its site says it was I first tried Eeebuntu NBR become a netbook interface. launch the graphical interface, made for the Asus eeepc, 1.0, but now I'm running but nothing happened. whereas I was testing it on the version 3.0 based on Jaunty. Except for Moblin, all of AA1. But, since many forums these distros are Ubuntu Then, in both cases, I went said that it works in the AA1, I There are two things I don't based, and all use Netbook back to my main computer t like about Eeebuntu NBR 3.0. Remix as the main interface. (dual-booting Ubuntu and One is its theme, which looks Windows XP) fired up my like a copy of Debian 5.0's VirtualBox and tried again, but theme. The other is the fact ( got nothing more than the little that when I consented to its blinking white line. Both distros update recommendation the ( are so poorly documented that wifi stopped working. Since I I couldn't find a solution. There don't know what I'm doing, I When I saw these two was not even a help forum. ried it. had to reinstall the distro and distros I was very glad since ignore every update. both claim to be specially That was all then for both Basically it's Ubuntu with designed for my AA1. Kuki Linux and Linux4one. NBR but “incorporating the One thing that I want to Linux4one is made in Italy, and However, I really wanted to try Array Kernel and the have is the ability to it was my first choice because I Linux4one, which claims that EeeConfigure system”. It automatically set up and run a like Italian design (it makes me its wireless works just out of integrates the eeepc-tray ACPI 3G USB modem (I have an feel like I'm driving a Ferrari), the box, so I downloaded it utility to control ACPI events Alcatel onetouch x060A). I read and the distro comes in English again four months later but got and toggle certain devices on somewhere that I have to and Italian. I supposed that, the same poor results. the Eee on/off, but since I don't install something called wvdial once installed, I could change know what that is, I don't use and download and configure the language to Spanish, as My humble suggestions for it. I have the option to usb_modeswitch and...hello one can do in Ubuntu. both distros are to join forces, configure it for my AA1, but little monkey playing drums! since both are working for the since I don't know how to do In both cases, I set up my AA1, and to make sure the so, I ignore this. My suggestion: Eeebuntu is USB memory, connected it to distros work out of the box the best one now, but it needs my AA1, turned it on, pressed before providing an ISO image. Eeebuntu NBR is fantastic! It a nicer theme. I think it needs f12 boot using USB, saw a lot runs fast out of the box, to widen its objectives because of white text and then a without configuring anything -- it's not for the Eee PC only; it's blinking white line, not a cursor ( a fully operational netbook OS full circle magazine #30 18 contents ^
  19. 19. MY OPINION - ACER ASPIRE ONE DISTROS for any netbook, since almost and it has the same bugs. I'm sure that these and apps). all netbooks use the same dependencies are artificial. hardware. Perhaps it should As you may know, AA1 has This makes me remember Jolicloud favors apps such as change its name to something two mmc/sd slots. Ubuntu NBR those apps that I don't use in Dropbox, Twitter, Gmail, like Netubuntu (Ubuntu for does not mount the cards my other partition and that I Meebo, Zoho, and Spotify -- in netbooks). immediately. You need to boot can't remove -- Internet other words, cloud computing. the OS with the card inserted Explorer, Windows Media These even have a link to for it to be mounted, but there Player, Windows Movie Maker, Jolicloud's website (which ( are some tweaks to fix this -- and Outlook Express. Eeebuntu needs invitation and look, the monkey playing! NBR 3.0, on the other hand, registration) that makes me It looks just like Eeebuntu, comes without any games and think that they will use that but it's slower and its ISO Both Eeebuntu and Ubuntu without Evolution, but with link to offer some paid cloud- image is larger. It's poorly put NBR have the same bug with Mozilla Thunderbird, which is computing service in the together, poorly documented, the mmc/sd card slots. Neither the one I use (and can be future, which is not bad, but I and just plain sloppy. I prefer one uses the wireless led, and easily removed), so Eeebuntu don't need. Eeebuntu NBR. neither mounts my 3G USB NBR continues to be my modem as a modem but as a favorite. The screenshots in the CD by default. Ubuntu NBR has website do not match the real ( an extra bug reported: if you interface; in reality, it looks like switch from the NBR interface ( Ubuntu NBR with Prism. to the regular Gnome desktop, the Gnome bars disappear or This project is in alpha 2c. I This distro is not my option, become weird. In Ubuntu NBR registered and downloaded it and my dummie suggestion is in the NBR mode, you can't to try it (I know, a dummie that, if you want Jolicloud's edit the top Gnome bar that should not try an alpha functionality, you should install you still have. version, but I wanted to taste it Prism on Eeebuntu NBR and very badly). It is said to be “an create a special entry in the I still prefer Eeebuntu, Internet operating system,” menu for those apps. With Ubuntu 9.04, a new because Ubuntu NBR comes meaning that it's designed for member of the family arrived, with Evolution and Gnome cloud computing (which I don't namely, Ubuntu NBR. It uses games, which I can't remove like since I still visit some ( the new kernel which comes because they have places where I don't have with everything to run on my dependencies with the Gnome Internet access and since I still Before saying anything else AA1, but it's not as well desktop -- if I don't want these have more-than-enough space about this distro, I want to say configured as my Eeebuntu, apps, why should I keep them? in my HD to keep my own files that I love it; currently, my AA1 full circle magazine #30 19 contents ^
  20. 20. MY OPINION - ACER ASPIRE ONE DISTROS is running both Eeebuntu NBR environment, built around the partition because Moblin And I have been unable to 3.0 and Moblin 2.0 in dual boot. X Window System. The new UI doesn't support ext4. It doesn't toggle the 3G switch on. also includes an integrated play my music/videos since it What I understand, Gecko Web browser. doesn't have the needed A couple of other things I according to what I have read, codecs installed, nor could I think it needs is a menu entry is that Moblin is a distro When you turn it on, it find them in the repositories. I such as “appearance” to developed by the Intel shows a section called “My think that the developers change the color combinations corporation and then passed to Zone,” which is a variation on forgot about VoIP as an (Moblin is blue and black, the Linux foundation. I also the desktop or home screen. It important part of “stay in which I like, but what if read that Canonical, among provides an overview of the contact with friends.” It doesn't somebody prefers green and many others, is now part of user's latest activities on the have anything related to this yellow, for example?), and to this project. system. The screen is divided (but there is a post in a forum set the background image (I into three areas: recent on how to install Skype). It couldn't find how to change it). activities (left), that is calendar needs more apps. For example, And finally, I think it needs a and to-do items; recent files I need something for picture to hide the column of and websites (center), such as presentations (such as white text lines that every pictures viewed and websites Impress), but it doesn't have Linux distro shows when visited (be careful with what OOo in the repositories. The booting. was your last activity before file explorer (I think it's opening this in public.); and Nautilus but I'm not sure) Moblin (for Mobile Linux) is a recent social network updates doesn't have the option to add Fedora-based distribution (right), currently tracking scripts. It doesn't have a way If you want to continue specially designed for Twitter and to switch screens (netbook using the AA1 as a tiny netbooks. It's “an open source screen and video beam, for notebook, in my opinion you project focused on building a Did I mention that the entire example). And I insist that it should use Eeebuntu NBR, Linux-based platform optimized OS starts in seconds? should mount and use my 3G which deserves to be an official for the next generation of USB modem right out of the part of the Ubuntu family. If mobile devices including Moblin 2.0 is in beta stage. box. There is no obvious option you understand what a Netbooks, Mobile Internet It has some things I don't like to turn off, restart, suspend, Netbook should be, you should Devices, and In-vehicle and doesn't have others that I hibernate, or change users give Moblin 2.0 a try. infotainment systems”. miss. I plugged a ntfs-formated (there is no option for other Wikipedia says that it comes USB drive and failed to mount users at all). You have to press When preparing this file to send it to with a custom-built GNOME it, which is unacceptable in the and release the on/off button the magazine I read the news of an Mobile UI based on current stage of Linux to turn off the computer right upcoming new netbook's Linux flavor - OpenedHand's Clutter, a key development. It is unable to away. It doesn't even ask for a - Ubuntu Moblin Remix -- my dreams piece of the Maemo graphical mount my Eeebuntu NBR password to open your session. come true. I love Linux! full circle magazine #30 20 contents ^
  21. 21. REVIEW Sony PRS-505 Ebook Reader height) than a DVD/video-game Below and to the left of the menus. You can enter the case (below left, the 505 on screen is a circular button Settings menu and alter the top of an Xbox 360 case) and a which also flips pages, handy view from portrait to hair's-breadth thinner. for when the device is in landscape, but it would have landscape mode. To the left of been nice to be able to do this In the box, you get the 505, this round button is a small by clicking a button while in a the snazzy brown cover (which button for zooming text, and to book rather than having to uses magnets to stay closed), a the right of the round button is come out of the book to effect USB cable (to also charge it the bookmark button. Below this change. But this is a small with) and a couple of CDs, both and to the right of the screen is niggle. I’ll probably never use geared towards Windows an up-down-left-right circle landscape mode anyway. If you I know there are plenty of users, although one CD has with a button in the center; the were reading a book on the PRS-505 reviews on the Web, some old public-domain circle is for moving up/down 505, then your first option but the vast majority don’t classics on it for you to read. menus and the button is for would be to continue whatever mention if the 505 plays well The CDs aren’t necessary selecting. This device is also you were reading last, which is with Linux. That’ll be the focus anyway. One is a cataloging used in scrolling zoomed of my review. For the record, application (I’ll come to its images. Beside this round I’m using Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty). Linux equivalent in a moment) button is the menu button. The and the device mounts as a top edge of the 505 has the USB storage device. The 505 on/off slider and two slots for has internal memory for storing the Sony/SD cards. The bottom books, but it also accepts Sony edge has the USB socket, a and SD cards. wall-socket charger (not supplied), and also a jack for The device certainly looks ear/head phones plus a volume pretty enough with its brushed control for playing MP3 files. aluminium case and matching controls. Down the right side of the screen (I’ll come to the First things first: the 505 is screen in a moment) are ten When you first turn on the tiny! It comes with a nice selection buttons (more on 505 you’ll get the main-menu leather-feeling cover. The 505 them in a second) and two screen (right). There’s really itself is a touch smaller (in buttons to flip pages with. not a lot to tinker with in the full circle magazine #30 21 contents ^
  22. 22. REVIEW: SONY PRS-505 EBOOK READER effectively a shortcut. Next, excellent (and free) you can list books by Title, which is a PDF. Author or Date. Or you can Bear in mind when you think view your collections and about getting a 505 (or any bookmarks. Buttons 7 to 0 are ebook reader) that, although for audio, pictures and settings. reading a PDF is one of its features, it is mainly geared Books by Title does just towards ePub files which are that: it lists your books by their mainly text. So, if you want to titles from A-Z. I could either view PDFs that are mainly click buttons 1 through 3 to images, you may need to OK, so we know it displays select one of the three books convert them. PDFs with text various text formats with ease, on the page, or I could use the only will usually display well. but how do we (as Linux users) up/down/select button (round The photo above shows the put books on the contraption? Linux has a wonderful, button, bottom right). PDF displayed as fit-to-screen Well, as I said, in my Ubuntu magical application known as by default. You can, of course, 9.04 the 505 mounts Calibre, which can zoom the text if you wish, but automatically as a USB storage automatically detect the 505 this can cause delays as it device, so you can drag-and- as an ebook reader, send files I chose number three, the reformats the page. Text-only drop ebooks to and from it. But to it, and do many other great files, such as ePub, have very be aware that it scans its things. short reformatting delays. internal memory and the removable storage, and then Installing Calibre is the Pressing the menu button, creates a list. So even if your (slightly) tricky part as it’s the while reading, displays the ebook is in twenty separate old 0.4 version that’s in the options in the menu shown chapters within a folder, the Ubuntu repositories. But fear above: continue reading the 505 will list those twenty files not, a kind soul has created a book, start from the beginning, among everything else. It will PPA to let us easily install 0.5: jump to the end, show any do the same with photos. So bookmarks for the current it’s best to tidy up your book, and several others, collection. But how can this be esp/+archive/ppa which I’ve not used much. done, since the Reader comes with Windows discs! Add the PPA by fabrice_sp, Bookmarking a page has a Fortunately, Linux has an follow the instructions (on the nice touch: it folds the top-right equivalent for everything! PPA page) to add the PPA key, corner of the (electronic) page. and Calibre 0.6 will show up in your package manager. full circle magazine #30 22 contents ^
  23. 23. REVIEW: SONY PRS-505 EBOOK READER The GUI for Calibre is self screen (below). It will display that feed as a forum, the solution is this: explanatory. In the settings, list of titles and (text) previews, download the Calibre binary you pick/create a folder to put which let you select the story from the Calibre site, and all your ebooks in and tell you want to read: extract the file from Calibre where your ebooks (or the download. Place the folders of ebooks) are. It will And, as in any other ebook, in the /usr/lib folder. then add them to its database you can zoom the text. The You’ll no doubt need to use the and copy them to the folder zoom function makes the 505 a command line with sudo to you specify in the settings. This good present for an older copy the file across. But it does keeps everything nice and relative who likes their news work, honest! neat. As soon as you plug in and books but finds the 505, Calibre detects it and books/newspaper print too displays it in the top bar in the But wait, it does more! small. window (beside the rather Calibre also has an extensive large heart icon). Now you can list of news feeds, which it can I got my PRS-505 for a mere right-click on a book and select grab, convert to epub, and £150, which is a bargain, and to send it to the 505’s internal send to your 505! What I’ve I’m delighted with it. It will fit in memory or removable storage, been doing is leaving my 505 the inside pocket of my jacket if any. plugged in overnight with and will, no doubt, entertain Calibre set to retrieve the news me on my journeys to and from Not only does Calibre send feeds at 6 a.m. (from various work. It can grab the day's and organise books, it converts news sources) and upload news, give me books to read, too! And this is where it won them to the 505 automatically. and even let me revisit my me over. You see, I’m an old So, when I wake up at 8 a.m., I childhood by displaying old sk00l comic fan and to read can grab my PRS-505, sit on comics! What an amazing comics on the 505 would be a the bus, and read the day's piece of electrical wizardry it is! dream come true -- and Calibre news. Very handy. makes it so! You can add CBR/CBZ files When trying to convert CBR For more ebook applications, to your library and then files to LRF, I kept getting a see our How-to on page 10 of convert them to LRF format for error. Unfortunately, this issue. If you fancy yourself viewing on the 505! OK, they’ll this file is not in the as a writer, see our Top 5 on be in black and white, but very repositories or anywhere else page 34 to find the most readable -- even when the for that matter. After getting helpful writing applications. pages are displayed as fit-to- help from the MobileRead full circle magazine #30 23 contents ^