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marketreach NAMA introductory call 2012

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The art of_the_introductory_call

  1. 1. The Art of the Introductory Call: How to Get Appointments with Top Prospects Presented to Attendees of CTW by Amanda Puppo , CEO, MarketReach Inc. All Rights Reserved November 2012MarketReach, Inc.168 Franklin Corner Rd., Bldg. 1Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
  2. 2. Who is MarketReach?• A NJ marketing company that specializes in lead generation & appointment setting.• In business 12 years… it began out of Amanda’s apartment.• Contributors to Vending Times.• Have been marketing for OCS, vending for many years, and Micro-Market Operators most recently.
  3. 3. The MarketReach Team
  4. 4. STRATEGY IN YOUR INTRO CALL- THE LISTThe OCS Operator• Has little time to cold call.• Is juggling sales, operations, customer management.• Needs to be strategic on Introductory calls.
  5. 5. YOUR PROSPECTING LISTHow to get a List• Build one in-house - Through trade shows, networking events, Manta, & other online research.• Purchase a list -Through a List Broker or MarketReach – narrow by staff size, industry and zip code.
  6. 6. STRATEGY IN YOUR INTRO CALL- THE LISTWorking a Top Prospect List• Within the larger excel prospecting list, create a “Top 50 A prospect” list. These are to be worked with the rest of the prospects but more care & money is put forth through a multi-channel marketing approach towards this “hot 50”. How?
  7. 7. STRATEGY IN YOUR INTRO CALL- THE LISTA Multi-Channel marketing approach• Research the company & decision maker.• Ask good fact-finding questions through phone calls to screeners & colleagues of the DM.• Follow through with consistent marketing techniques (phone, direct mail, tchotchkes, holiday cards, articles of interest).
  8. 8. PERSISTENCE• Law of Large numbers then you’ll find If You Make people who are at Enough the right place, Calls... right time and ready to switch! • Ratios – IT’S A NUMBERS GAME. The more dials, the greater the success.
  9. 9. INTRO CALL CONCEPTS TO STICK WITH• Gain rapport with all those you come in contact with.• Ask engaging questions to converse.• Get proficient at presenting benefit statements.• Practice acute listening skills.• Record detailed notes of your conversation.
  10. 10. ASK QUESTIONS EARLY ON Let’s turn cold calls into warm calls by asking the right questions to non-decision makers!
  11. 11. ASK QUESTIONS EARLY ONWhat questions can we ask Receptionists & Colleagues (of the Decision Maker) to be more ‘in-the-know’ once the decision maker comes to the phone?
  12. 12. ASK QUESTIONS EARLY ON• Staff Size• Decision maker names & Titles• Current OCS/ Vending situation
  13. 13. ASK QUESTIONS EARLY ONHaving trouble getting information? “Before you transfer me…”
  14. 14. ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALLSTEP #1Deliver Your OpenerIf possible, abbreviate your company name if its got coffee in the name. Screeners will be tempted to screen you out, let’s not make it easy for them!Find out the decision maker name on 1st dial so that you simply ask for the name with no other explanation! (i.e. “Jim Jones please.”)
  15. 15. ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALLSTEP #2To DM, follow your opener with…• Qualifying the Prospect as to their decision making ability. “You make decisions regarding the break room services, right?” (delete the word “handles” from your vocab!)
  16. 16. ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALLSTEP #3Ask open ended, Dialogue-ProvokingQuestions to engage the prospect. • Tell me about your Coffee set-up: – Do you have a one-cup system or pots or something else? – Is the coffee free to the employees or is it company-paid?
  17. 17. ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALL Let’s come up with some more Examples…Engaging (fact-finding) Questions…
  18. 18. ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALLENGAGING QUESTIONS; UNCOVER PAIN POINTS!•What is it that you like about your currentprovider?•In considering ways to improve your service,with regard to the service or selection oranything else on your mind, what would youlike to see done a little better?
  19. 19. ELEMENTS OF ANINTRODUCTORY CALL Let’s tackleBenefits vs. Features!
  20. 20. BENEFITS vs. FEATURES• Benefit: WII-FM (What’s In It For Me)• Feature: Characteristics of the service-- how it works
  21. 21. WHAT DO YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT? Reduced Costs Happy Employees Save Time Less Aggravation- Easy to use Peace of Mind To Be the Hero!
  22. 22. ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALLSTEP #4Make Powerful Benefit / Feature Statements…• FEATURE: “We can provide you with either a one-cup system or a coffee bar where you’d have the option among a number of leading brands including; x, y and z coffee.”• BENEFIT {IF ONE CUP}: “saves money because of no waste, no mess or cleanup, no burnt coffee, and our clients find the choices very refreshing.” 
  23. 23. ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALLSTEP #5• STRENGTHEN FEATURES/ BENEFITS IN CLOSE SET-UP: We’re so sure that you’ll love it, we’re offering not only a free trial so you can see for yourself how great it is {NO RISK}, but also there’s no monthly rental {LESS COST}, 3 boxes of free coffee {‘FREE’- MUSIC TO THE EARS} and the equipment is state of the art with an LCD screen {INNOVATIVE}.
  24. 24. ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALLSTEP #6Ask for the appointment: Present compelling benefits, and ask terrific fact-finding questions, but always be in command of your presentation, and always direct the presentation toward a close!
  25. 25. ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALLClosing Techniques• Do you have a calendar in front of you?• The Alternative Choice close• Fit the meeting around YOUR schedule! – After asking, let there be SILENCE!
  26. 26. ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALLSTEP #7• Gather information to prepare you for the in-person sales call. – What questions, if answered, will prepare you best for the in-person presentation?
  27. 27. ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALLGather information Questions mayinclude confirming: – DM name, title, email, address – Staff size, current vendor, coffee system – “can you have your last few invoices handy so we can compare apples to apples?”
  28. 28. ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALLDon’t forget to---Re-qualify the prospect’s decision-making ability!!!Who else besides yourself would make a decision on a Coffee & Vending service change?
  29. 29. ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALLSTEP #8 (last step)• RECONFIRM appointment and re-state time/date of appointment and your contact info.
  30. 30. ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALLRESTATE/ RECONFIRM…Ok, so we’re all set for <day> at <time>, my company is XYZ Services, my name is ___, and I’m going to give you my phone number in case anything comes up, ready for that? Pause… it’s 333-4444. So you got all that in your calendar? Great see you then!
  31. 31. MORE ELEMENTS OF AN INTRODUCTORY CALLBe aware of your tone & vocal variety and• Have a positive attitude and be Interesting Interested Friendly Professional!
  32. 32. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I FOLLOW-UP?• If it were you on the receiving end of the call, how would you want it to play out?• Get permission and a date for follow up! What is a good way to ask that question?
  33. 33. DEALING WITHVOICE MAIL… LIMIT IT!• Most prospects won’t call you back!• If you leave a message, be sure to include benefit statements or information you found out “along the way” to the decision-maker.
  34. 34. WRAP UP…THE FIRST COUPLE DIALS…• Collect names & titles of decisionmakers.•Try to get extensions and pre-qualification questions answered.•Do this on the FIRST call.•This will warm up your call to the DM!
  35. 35. WRAP UP•Make the necessary dials- Speak withenough people and you’ll get lots ofappointments. But develop your Top 50 totarget!•Constantly perfect your presentation byfinding new ways to ask great questions andbenefit statements!•Always be Closing!
  36. 36. Don’t leave the Prospect hanging after a great presentation! “So you’ll actually be getting more for the money with a better selection and more prompt service! So do you think this Thursday, or next Monday, would be the best time to meet with me?” The best way to end a rebuttal is with either another Probing Question or a Closing Question!
  37. 37. MarketReach Services• Appointment Setting• Trade Show/ Direct mail follow up• List Acquisition• Surveys with a Lead Gen edge to Lost/Inactive accounts• Customized Intro Call Training & Script development
  38. 38. Questions?We’re just a phone call away! 609-448-6364 or email: No Time to make cold calls yourself? Limited on staff resources? Let the professionals handle it! Sign up for a 75 hour pilot this month and receive a free list ($200 value!)