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Introduce Yourself with a Word Cloud!


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When I speak I use this as an introduction?

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Introduce Yourself with a Word Cloud!

  1. 1. Estee LauderGoldman Sachs Accenture Chess Cornell MBA Supply Chain Intelligence Business Process Re-engineering Change Management Actionable Intelligence Taught Poetry Club Play Saxophone Play Bass Guitar Student Exchange to RussiaElectrical and Computer Systems Engineering Delivered $89 million with Intel Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Love To Shop Snowboarding Ping Pong Spanish MandarinNew York Singapore Entrepreneur Seeking Alpha Church Family Blue-sky Thinker Corporate Measurement Business Strategy Corporate Compliance 象棋 Love To Travel Love To Eat Доверяй, но проверяй Replaced Fax with eCommerce Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner Google Board Member KPMG Decide Know Act RegTech FinTech Senior Fellow Executive Education Inventor IoT Author Speaker NUS Keith B. Carter Pilot