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What Did I Tell Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals @ Delhi


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Invited by the CSCMP-Delhi Round Table, shared with them my take on why ignoring truck drivers is injurious to the economy, holistically speaking. Paying attention to their welfare is the collective responsibility of motor owners, transporters, 3PLs and OEMs.

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What Did I Tell Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals @ Delhi

  1. 1. WARNING Contents of this presentation may be INJURIOUS to your self-esteem
  2. 2. Do we care? If not, we must. Ramesh Kumar @ CSCMP Delhi Round Table, TCI House, Gurgaon March 14, 2014
  3. 3. our day begins with … Morning ablutions … toileting with/without newspaper. Brushing teeth. … hot beverage to kickstart the day
  4. 4. @ breakfast table… Nice processed food-heavy breakfast plus a bowl of fresh fruits/vegetables…
  5. 5. then … off to work Tension-filled ride to workplace on roads self- or chauffeur-driven in fuel-guzzling motorised transport
  6. 6. Work in office Hooked to cyberway to ensure organisation makes money so that you & I receive our paycheck regularly
  7. 7. Work @ plant Production at plants run unhindered with timely arrival of raw materials (inbound) and timely despatch of finished product (outbound) to point of sale across the nation
  8. 8. Journey back home Work for the day completed, returning home for night rest and readying for fresh grind or nation building regimen the next day..
  9. 9. Rest & relaxation Sherbet or on the rocks to loosen up nervy work schedule, once back home, before dinner
  10. 10. Dinner Time Proper dinner with family – in the company of parents if it is a joint set up or with spouse & kids if it is a nuclear set up…
  11. 11. we accessed… Raw materials During the day, several things happened using a variety of things…
  12. 12. Who made this possible
  13. 13. the man at the wheels
  14. 14. did we think about him…
  15. 15. a big…
  16. 16. Road, dining table While YOU & I dined with mouth-watering dishes laid upon glass-topped or mahogany tables with sparkling cutleries, these hapless drivers who ensure you and I live well every day, cook and eat on the hard tarmac DAILY…
  17. 17. Wooden plank, bed No airconditioned or ceiling fanned bedroom for him. But an innovative bed on the sides of highways.
  18. 18. whom are they working for…
  19. 19. & all of us…
  20. 20. what they expect from us…
  22. 22. did you ask…
  23. 23. Truckers, The BACKBONE of India
  24. 24. what if…
  25. 25. a big ‘no’ to…. When trucks go off roads for a few days, our lives go topsy turvy. Scarcity of necessities.
  26. 26. a big ‘no’ to…. Your & mine too favourite processed items go off the menu. Vegetables? Fruits? No trucks. No fresh food.
  27. 27. simply put… Ready to go back to stone age?
  28. 28. okay…
  29. 29. New credo
  30. 30. Obsession Our dream will come crashing down if transport goes off road – affecting overall economy.
  31. 31. Hurdles, unwelcome Like it or not, transport disruption is least desired. No tranport. No raw materials @ plant. No trucks. No dispatch of finished products. Nightmare.
  32. 32. Cargo safety, Big Challenge Accidents on highways due to lack of rest room and fatigue affects your career by affecting operations at your plant.
  33. 33. Highway sign awareness Automotive Skill Development Council dipstick survey claims poor knowledge of highway signs among truck drivers
  34. 34. Highway sign awareness So… educate truck drivers on highway signages. Go to factory gates (inbound/outbound). Conduct classes for them on roadside.
  35. 35. Highway sign awareness An aware driver means safe delivery of your raw materials and finished products. All in your OWN interest…
  36. 36. Driver fatigue, Killer Lack of sleep or apnea reduces concentration and decision-making abilities. Yes, fatigue is the biggest cause for accidents on highways – challenging your delivery schedules of raw materials/finished items
  37. 37. Personal hygiene, pathetic This truck driver is carrying a bottle of water … not for drinking but …. To complete his bowel cleaning exercise behind bushes under open sky on highways. Why? No highway amenities.
  38. 38. hello…
  39. 39. Restroom @ Factory Gates Build portacabins with toilet facilities @ factory gates (inbound/outbound) and @ warehouses
  40. 40. who am i… Founder of KRK Foundation, a Registered Trust, working for truck drivers’ welfare
  41. 41. Deep Apartment, 52 Ward No. 1, Behind Punjab National Bank, Mehrauli, New Delhi 110 030/India IMPROVING Truck Drivers’ Working & Living Conditions
  42. 42. What I DO: DHABA DIALOGUE Halt @ dhabas on highways to engage them to talk about their challenges on road and at home.
  43. 43. FACTORY GATE MEET Visit factory gates for interaction with inbound/outbound truck drivers to check facilities offered to them by OEMs/3PLs
  44. 44. Family connect via Village Visits Arrange village visits for 3PLs, OEMs, Transporters for interaction with truck drivers’ families living in remote parts of India
  45. 45. ‘donate sleep’ initiative Distribute soft pillows to help drivers sleep well.
  46. 46. Am part of your ECOSYSTEM. Help me to help YOU!
  47. 47. Collaborative logistics