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Healthcare Staff Management Software - ANSOS One-Staff Application from McKesson


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Improve patient outcomes and manage staff expectations in real time using an innovation solution for healthcare staff management from McKesson.

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Healthcare Staff Management Software - ANSOS One-Staff Application from McKesson

  1. 1. ANSOS One-Staff Application Suite TMImprove patient outcomes and manage staff expectations — all in real time.
  2. 2. Bring Staffing Back to the BedsideProven ROI for Hundreds In a time of intense competition for access they need to quickly view,of Customers clinical talent, hospitals must manage manage and print schedules in realANSOS One-Staff has choreographed their human resources effectively to time. Staff can easily search forpatient care for the last 26 years. ensure patients receive quality care. available shifts and submit work andFor three consecutive years, users ANSOS One-Staff™, McKesson’s time off requests. Web Schedulerof ANSOS One-Staff ranked the enterprise productivity management supports complete self-scheduling,solution No. 1 in the Staff/Nurse solution, gives you the power to allowing employees to select shiftsScheduling segment, according to balance your organization’s clinical without manager intervention.KLAS1, an independent research firm. needs with the personal and Managers can time-stage open professional goals of your staff — for shifts by employee tiers, ensuring consistently excellent patient outcomes. equitable self-scheduling for allToday, it benefits more than 1,000 employees. Managers can refinefacilities by providing: Anticipate Workload Conditions schedule management as desired,– Time savings of up to 75% on ANSOS One-Staff helps you predict, using filters to help prioritize the staff management functions schedule and assign the optimal request queue.– Greater recruitment and number of qualified staff members at the right places and times along Expedite Enterprise retention through staff Redeployment empowerment the care continuum. With clinical relevancy, the ANSOS One-Staff The Enterprise Staffing Manager– Staffing cost avoidance solution allows management to feature of ANSOS-One Staff promotes of 6% to 20% via: anticipate workload conditions cost-effective staff utilization by • Increased accuracy effectively and to meet staffing providing a centralized display of in staffing to target variations in real time. immediate staffing conditions within • Greater efficiency in the cost center, cost center group, optimized staff deployment Plan Ahead with Proactive facility or enterprise. With drag- Scheduling and-drop simplicity, managers can • Improved overtime and institute all staffing changes in real agency cost control Using an innovative intelligent scheduler, ANSOS One-Staff time, from recalibrating unit coverage • Greater consistency in generates schedules automatically to swapping assignments between capacity and demand based on core coverage goals, employees and managers. Float staff determination customized scheduling rules and and agency personnel can be easily individual scheduling preferences. identified and reallocated.1 ANSOS One-StaffTM by McKesson ranked #1 By conflict-checking all requirementsin the Staff/Nurse Scheduling market segment and automatically filling holes with Manage Credentialingfor the third consecutive year. (Source: credentialed staff, ANSOS One-Staff for Magnet © KLAS Enterprises,LLC. 2008, 2007, 2006. All rights reserved.) dramatically accelerates the A centralized, integrated database of scheduling process. A powerful employee demographic information scheduling simulator projects the provides accurate, detailed data, impact of decisions on costs and promoting compliance with nurse-to- patient care for efficient utilization patient staff ratios. ANSOS One-Staff of overtime, agency and float staff. provides invaluable data validation for many reporting venues, including Empower Staff with Web Joint Commission, NDNQI and other Scheduling Access state agencies, and accommodates As a Web-based front end to ANSOS Department of Health and Human One-Staff, the Web Scheduler module Services audits. More than 60% of grants employees and managers the facilities that have achieved Nurse
  3. 3. Magnet™ status, as recognized by uses this data to calculate the “Our cost study analyzed overtimethe American Nurses Credentialing cost center’s target staffingCenter’s Magnet Recognition requirements for the upcoming usage prior to implementation andProgram®, use ANSOS One-Staff for shift. ANSOS One-Staff creates afterwards. We saw a remarkablenurse productivity and reporting. the current and short-term roster and sends a list of employees by decrease in overtime. Because weBalance Workload with Clinically skill to Assignment and WorkloadDriven Staffing Manager. Patient-to-staff ratios and can now see shifts throughout allBalancing your staff’s workload – percentage of licensed staff are our campuses at all times, we’reespecially during a nursing shortage – visible and reported upon for eachhas never been an easy feat. The unit, by shift and by day. utilizing our staff more effectively.Assignment and Workload Manager We saved $3 million in nine monthsmodule simplifies the task, using Comprehensive Analyticspatient acuity and workload data Support Real-Time Decision of using ANSOS One-Staff.”to accurately forecast staffing Makingrequirements. Nurse managers are The dynamic Web Reportingable to maintain equitable workload module provides personalized, role- Kristie Huffdistribution in real time, improving based views of current productivitypositive patient outcomes and staff Systems Director and labor cost data in a simplifiedsatisfaction levels. Through workload display. Executives have a clear, Lee Memorial Health Systemmonitoring, vacancy fulfillment, comprehensive presentation of theroster preparation and budget data staffing information presentedassessment, ANSOS One-Staff provides in ANSOS One-Staff. Graphicalfor flexible daily staff management. dashboards turn reams of data into a useful performance management “Now we’re able to tie in volumeCreate Dynamic Workload tool, providing the ability to trackAssessment and growth with productivity. critical variances and analyze keyUsing unit-defined patient indicators, such as hours (FTEs) and ANSOS One-Staff providesassessment screens, Assignment costs by summary and trend.and Workload Manager calculates justification for FTEs needed foreach unit’s comprehensive acuity Real-time status tools help managers patient care. The system isn’tlevel, average patient level and total maintain overtime, agency and laborcensus. Units can reassess acuity utilization on a shift-by-shift, unit- just looking at patient census atas often as desired, implementing by-unit basis. Managers can allocatepolicies that support their best staff in an optimal manner for their midnight — it’s taking intopractices. Managers can easily change cost center, their patients and their account our patient needsworkload and target numbers to employees — while still meetingreflect the unit’s current reality. budgeted targets. throughout the 24 hour day.”Calculate Target Staffing For More InformationRequirements Candra Szymanski, MSN, RN For more information aboutAcuity values and workload McKesson’s workforce management Chief Operating Officerinformation are collected in solutions, please call 800.442.6767,Assignment and Workload option 2 or visit our Web site, Marlborough HospitalManager and sent to ANSOS via an automatedinterface. ANSOS One-Staff
  4. 4. About McKesson CorporationMcKesson Corporation, currently ranked14th on the FORTUNE 500, is a healthcareservices and healthcare informationtechnology company dedicated tohelping its customers deliver high-qualityhealthcare by reducing costs, streamliningprocesses, and improving the qualityand safety of patient care. McKessonis the longest-operating company inhealthcare today, marking its 175thanniversary in 2008. Over the courseof its history, McKesson has grown byproviding pharmaceutical and medical-surgical supply management across thespectrum of care; healthcare informationtechnology for hospitals, physicians,homecare and payors; hospital and retailpharmacy automation; and services formanufacturers and payors designed toimprove outcomes for patients. Formore information on McKesson, McKesson Provider Technologies 5995 Windward Parkway Alpharetta, GA 30005 www.mckesson.comCopyright © 2010 McKesson Corporation and/or one of its subsidiaries. All rights reserved. ANSOS One-Staff is a trademark of McKesson Corporationand/or one of its subsidiaries. Magnet Recognition program is a registered trademark of American Nurses Credentialing Center. All other product orcompany names mentioned may be trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. RMG501-04/10