<ul><li>ACTION RESEARCH PLANby Linda SupakExamining the work: GOAL:  To determine how an inclusive classroom affects and i...
Week 3 draft action research plan
Week 3 draft action research plan
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Week 3 draft action research plan


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Week 3 draft action research plan

  1. 1. <ul><li>ACTION RESEARCH PLANby Linda SupakExamining the work: GOAL: To determine how an inclusive classroom affects and impacts all students, both academically and socially.OUTCOMESACTIVITIESRESOURCES/RESEARCH TOOLS NEEDEDRESPONSIBILITY TO ADDRESS ACTIVITIESTIMELINEBENCHMARK /ASSESSMENTRevisions to SIP/PIP based on monitoring and assessmentsGather/Collect data to prepare for researchIdentify “inclusion” students in classroom(s)Review student IEP’sPlan/collaborate with special education teacherInitialize awareness to teachers of important aspects and needs of planPrevious year report cardTEA TAKS scores and disaggregated data & resultsClass Roster(s)L. SupakInclusion Teacher(s)July-August, 20102010 TAKS scores from 7th grade yearAnalyzing dataUse qualitative and quantitative data to gauge student progress and research ways to enhance/impact teaching for inclusion classroomsCollect initial surveys Interview teachers and studentsGather examples of student workCollaborate with teachers / Observe other inclusion classroomsMonitor student progress and/or weaknessesGather 1st 9-Week Assessment data and 1st report cardsTarget areas of strength/weaknessAnalyze success/weaknessper grading periodSurvey (Survey Monkey)Internet: information on achievement and social aspects of inclusion classroom Campus investigations of strategies on inclusionReview of field and observational notes Data collected from initial startL. SupakInclusion Teacher(s)Campus teachersAugust-December, 2010 Benchmark resultsReport cards (Skyward)Adjustments made as neededDeveloping deeper understandingConduct 2nd surveyReview 1st and 2nd survey results of teacher/student responses with inclusion teacher/facilitatorContinue collecting student work samples. Observation/field notes/walk-thru Teacher/student survey findingsSame as previous activities L. SupakFacilitatorInclusion TeacherJanuary, 2011 Engaging in Self-ReflectionCollect 2nd Benchmark results and compare to October resultsBenchmark resultsStudent work L. SupakMarch, 2011TAKS Benchmark Exploring Programmatic PatternsObtain TAKS results and compare to previous year scores. Survey teachers and students and compare to beginning and middle of year surveys.TEA TAKS resultsSurvey results and breakdown/ comparison of resultsFinal Report cardsL. SupakApril/May, 2011Analyze student success per classroom grades Disseminate TAKS results and compare to prior yearsurveysDetermining DirectionRecap on student performance, all studentsEvaluate strategies and techniques used/determine effectiveness/modify for most effective useStudent workSurvey results and comparison from beginning, middle, and end of year for teachers and studentsAEIS report and TAKS result comparisonL. SupakInclusion Teacher(s)May-June, 20112011 TAKS scoresFeedback from surveysTaking ActionDeveloping a plan of action for implementationCompiled dataL. SupakInclusion TeacherFacilitatorMay-June, 2011Modify and reform instructional strategies/techniquesRevisions as necessary to real dataSustaining ImprovementAnalyze collected data from TAKS Compare results to previous yearCompare AEIS reportsPreviously collected dataDisaggregated TAKS resultsL. SupakInclusion TeacherFacilitatorJune, 2011TEA TAKS Test resultsAEIS report