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Front cover analysis

  1. 1. Front Cover Analysis<br />Hobbies –<br />Knitting Magazines<br />
  2. 2. VOGUE knitting<br />Masthead<br />The masthead for this magazine is co-ordinated with the rest of the cover. The use of the pinkish red font is repeated in one of the smaller headers and, of course, her red jumper and make up. Only one font us used – it is plain and sans-serif, suggesting contemporary sophistication.<br />Graphics<br />Nothing on this magazine is very direct or invasive – all of the messages are calculated and subtle and, as such, are equally effective. The text is placed directly onto the image without any effects, apart from a single white circle used to make text more visible. This is to make you focus on the model herself and the title – the two things that VOGUE is related to.<br />Mode of Address<br />The headings on the front cover don’t directly address the reader, instead they use different taglines and imply that the designs inside are glamorous and alluring. This will appeal to more feminine readers – those who want to be seen as this by other people.<br />Cover Image<br />The model on this cover looks very polished and sophisticated – something that this magazine aims at. She seems to bring the idea of knitting into a knew, highly-regarded light. This image will appeal to readers of the original VOGUE magazine.<br />
  3. 3. Let’s Knit!<br />Masthead<br />The title of this magazine is in two different fonts – both of which are simple to read. One font is serif and one isn’t and the colours are alternated too.<br />The model’s head is in front of the “I” in knit, suggesting that readers will either know what magazine it is or can guess based on the context.<br />Graphics<br />This magazine’s graphics are very in your face and as a result the front cover looks slightly overcrowded. The two main colours are purple and green and, though this was probably intended to seem fun but neat, didn’t quite come across in such a way. The viewer is assaulted with different fonts, images, burst bubbles and other distracting things.<br />Mode of Address<br />This cover doesn’t directly address the reader either, though there are parts of it, such as the tagline, that do. “Your knitting, your style” implies that this magazine is perfect for you because it is full of the things that are perfect for you. It also implies that it is entirely your own work and is something that you can feel proud of.<br />Cover Image<br />The model on this cover looks happy to be in her knit jumper. She is young and relaxed and this magazine seems to be aimed at younger women, so making it seem fun and easy is key to gaining new readers.<br />