Five Keys To Financial Freedom


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The 5 keys to financial freedom that can impact your financial future.

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Five Keys To Financial Freedom

  1. 1. 5 Keys to Financial FreedomThis is a FREE Report. You have the right to distribute it freely provided that the contents arenot altered in any way. Presented by: Richard Quek http://www.debtfreeways.comMy name is Richard Quek and I am from the sunny country of Malaysia. I am a Chartered Accountant byprofession and had been involved with Internet marketing for the past 10 years. I am an author of morethan 10 books on the subject of Internet marketing, Network marketing and Motivation.Why this particular topic is important?- it is a fact that many people are stressed up because of the lack of money- 96% of the people are kept awake at night because of financial pressure- many family problems are cause because of this issue- the world is facing the economic crisis and it will affect every one of usThe firsty key is – You need to handle frustration.In life, things do not always turn out as you expect. There are unforeseeable obstacles and challengesthat we have to go through.The best way to go about it is to treat these obstacles and challenges NOT as failures (result) BUT asoutcomes. An outcome is good if it is what we desire. On the other hand it could be what we do notdesire. In this case we need to learn from them and change.Remember that in every failure there is an equivalent seed of success.Treat these outcomes as a learning experience. Know that the Universe is teaching you something fromevery experience.Key # 2: You need to learn how to handle Rejection.The most feared word is “NO”. No can deprive many of us of our desires and dreams.Realize that it is only a word and will not kill us. In fact it will make us stronger!
  2. 2. All successful men and women had to face many rejections and failures before they finally achievesuccess.Colonel Sanders had to go through 1008 No’s before he got his first yes. However the one yes turnedKFC into a world-wide success.To overcome the fear of rejection, you can set negative goals. For example, this month I am going to seta goal to receive 50 “NO’s”. When you receive 5 no’s, you still have 45 no’s to go to. At the end of 50no’s I am sure you will have a handful of yesses.Key #3 : Learn how to handle financial pressure.This issue keeps 96% of the people awake at night.Some even go to the extent of ending their life by committing suicide.Here is my own personal story. More than 10 years ago I had more than Malaysian RM1,000,000 (aboutUS$ 320,000) outstanding debts. This is due my loss in the stock market. Initially I was not able to focuson my work because of stress and worry. I would go home during the afternoon to try to sleep but I justkept on thinking about the problem and get more worried and stressed.Then one day I thought to myself that the worst thing that can happen to me in Malaysia is to bedeclared a bankrupt. Being a bankrupt is not as bad as one imagine. You still have your loving family andcan still have the opportunity to earn the money to discharge the bankruptcy.I contacted the financial institutions that I owed money to and negotiated with them on a repaymentscheme. From that day onwards I was no longer worried.I worked hard when I found the right opportunity and I am glad to say that today I have repaid everysingle cent back to my creditors.Here is one of the stories that I wrote in one of my book:Do not worryThere was a man who was unable to sleep, because he was deep in thoughts and was worried abouttomorrow’s events. The wife sensing his worry asked him the reason why he was worried and wasunable to sleep. He said, “Tomorrow our house payment is due and we have insufficient funds in ourbank account. I am worried what the Bank Manager will do. Will he recall our loan or will he resort tolegal action? Maybe he may allow us to delay our payment?” The wife thought for a while and said,“Isn’t the Bank Manager the one staying on the opposite side of our house?” “Yes”, the husband replied.The wife took the telephone and immediately called the Bank Manager saying, “We are your bankcustomer and we have a housing loan with you. Our monthly payment is due tomorrow, but we don’thave sufficient fund to cover it. Good Night!” She put down the phone and said to the husband, “I have
  3. 3. told the bank manager that we are not able to make the house payment tomorrow. Let him do theworrying. Now you can go to sleep!”SUCCESS PRINCIPLESIn most cases we tend to major on minors. We tend to worry unnecessarily and do our own predictionsof the outcome of situations we may be facing. Remain cool and face the problems when it arise, but donot ignore it totally because it may grow and eventually catch up with you. Do not sweat the small stuff,because they are merely small stuff, which can be solved or managed.In life we need to be aggressive and NOT defensive. For example, if your income drop, most people willsell off their car and buy a smaller and cheaper car. They will probably move to a smaller house. There isnothing wrong with this but you are being defensive. We should be aggressive and look for ways to earnmore income to improve our standard of living. We should also work harder!When you are in an adverse financial situation, always ask yourself this life changing question…What isthe worst thing that can happen to you?Key # 4 : Learn how to handle complacencyThis is indeed a silent killer and many people are living their life this way. Here is another story from mybook:How to boil a bullfrog?Years ago some scientists did a simple experiment on a bullfrog. They threw a bullfrog into a containerof boiling water, and the bullfrog instantly popped out of the boiling water. Next they put the bullfroginto a container of cold water.The bullfrog liked it and stayed in the container. The scientists then turned on the heat at the bottom ofthe container. As the water got warmer, the bullfrog relaxed and took a nap. The bullfrog was socomfortable that it stayed in the container and was “cooked”.Success PrinciplesMost of us are in the “comfort zone”. We have a house to go home to, a nice bed to sleep on, food inthe fridge, a group of friends to mingle with, along with some basic necessities of life. We have workedhard to get to where we are now. So why should we change this?The truth is most of us are like the bullfrog, because we feel warm and comfortable, we refuse to getout of our comfort zone, and prefer to stay where we are. In life we are either creating or disintegrating.There is no such thing as “staying where we are”, because there is always movement. So if we are notmoving ahead in life, we must by nature, be moving in the opposite direction.There is no such thing as “it is”. We are either creating or disintegrating. If we are not moving ahead, bydefault we are moving in the other direction.
  4. 4. I do not know how well or badly you are doing financially at the moment. But one thing is for sure…Ibelieve that you can do much better. I strongly believe that things can change for the better in the next12 to 24 months.You must have a strong desire to change. You must always strive to be better for your family and thecommunity as a whole.Key #5 : Be a GiverThis one of the most profound principle of wealth and success. A giving heart shows that you have morethan enough.To be successful we must develop the Abundance mindset as opposed to the Scarcity mindset. Giving istelling the Universe that you have an Abundance mindset. A Scarcity mindset is one where we think thatthere is not enough of wealth and resources around and we have to compete for them. When you havethis mindset, you will be in a competitive plane and will be in a low state of vibration. Nothing good willcome out of this low vibration.So be a giver. Give your time, money, love, compliments and smile. When you give more will be givenunto you.In the bible, God state that give freely and test me if I will not multiply what you have brought into thestorehouse. When you give it also shows that you are grateful for what you presently have and you’llfeel good and joyful.Here is a bonus Key# 6: Have FunStress is one of the causes of most health problems like Cancer and Cardiovascular problem. When youare stressed your rate of vibration is also very low and this cause more negative situations to beattracted into your life.On the other hand, fun and joy carries very high rate of vibration.When you are feeling good your body produced hormones like the endorphins, serotonin and melatoninthat makes your body healthier.When you have fun and feel good you will attract good things and circumstances into your life.According to the Law Of Attraction, what you think about you bring about. So have fun and think aboutgood things and start attracting goof things into your life.So to summarize today’s topic here are the keys points to Financial FreedomHandle FrustrationHandle Rejection
  5. 5. Handle Financial PressureHandle ComplacencyBe A GiverHave Fun17. What Now?Fill in your details below to get the transcript of the video in PDF format.You will also be receiving a few FREE ebooks that will be useful to assist you to have a positive mindset.Make these 6 keys a part of your life and I will surely see you at the top!Thanks for listening, I wish you well and have a great day!