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Market research


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Market research

  1. 1. Market Research
  2. 2. Who Reads It? Mainly Men who have a depth music knowledge, have lots of disposable income to spend, always open to up and coming bands and groups in the new age music scene. The sociable people in the world would read Q . Very technical minded people who also like gaming, TV and Comedy and regular festival goes What's available to the audience? As well as the regular Magazine there are many off branches to the Q life such as There Glastonbury Magazines and there website, radio and TV Channel.
  3. 3. Circulation and readership? Circulation: 52,781 Launched:1986 Frequency: 12 Issues a year Price:£5.50 The Mission? ‘Q is a bastian for music of substance guiding its readers through just the good stuff in all forms of music each month via its unparalleled access and Q Review, the world’s biggest and best music guide.’
  4. 4. Who Reads It? Affluent Informed Influential Men, many of whom are entering a life stage when they are regaining their wallets, freedom and teen spirit. Likes to spend there money on high prices luxury items. What's available to the audience? Metal Hammer, Hi-Fi Choices, Guitar Techniques, Rhythm Guitarist, Total Guitar, Future Music, Computer Music..
  5. 5. Circulation and readership? Circulation: 71,242 Readership: 149,608 Launched:1998 Frequency: 13 Issues a year Price:£4.99 The Mission Of Classic Rock? To bring the reader Information on classic rock groups, news, views, features on certain Groups with exclusive interviews with the biggest names in rock, past, present And future; tour dates and News on the new groups in the rock world.
  6. 6. Who Reads It? Readers of NME have a keen music interest which they like to keep up to date and spread the word in the friendship circle. They have a keen understanding of technology and are very influential when it comes to mobile phones, they are also keen movie goes at home and to the cinema and they buy a lot of new DVD. What's available to the audience? Up to date music news and interviews, special magazines devoted to the music greats, free posters and downloads plus advertisements for the latest gadgets.
  7. 7. Circulation and readership? Circulation: 33,875 Readership: 325,000 Launched: 1952 Frequency: 52 Issues a year Price: £2.50 The Mission Of NME? To Provide up to date and new information, reviews and listings of the best new music Their slogan is "first for music news“