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Pokemon diamond and pearl walkthrough!

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hope you like my slide show this will help you on your pokemon diamond and pearl game and there is loads of information and fun stuff this will be the best slide show ever hope you like it ! THIS TOOK ME A VERY LONG TIME TO MAKE !

Pokemon diamond and pearl walkthrough!

  1. 1. P o k e m o n d i a m o n d a n d p e a r l w a l k t h r o u g h ! ! ! !
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Sinnoh region map...
  4. 4. What are Pokemon ? Pokemon are such mysterious creatures that there are still many undiscovered by humans – even pokemon trainers. Pokemon have been sought as companions and battle partners and used for good, while others will use pokemon to further their own misguided agendas, like team galactic. Pokemon are captured with an item called a poke ball , and you can carry them anywhere!!!
  5. 5. Level up! Pokemon can learn various moves to use in battle. They level up by gaining experience through repeated battling and will eventually evolve into different forms! After evolving there name changes and the appearance! Shinx Luxio Luxray
  6. 6. Rare pokemon! There are some pokemon so unique,rare, and elusive that they are known as legendary pokemon. These select few are of great interest to pokemon researchers and pokemon trainers!
  7. 7. W il d thi ng s ! Wild pokemon inhabit various locations such as grass fields,woods,mountains,seas,caves and towns. Many pokemon also live in harmony with humans.
  8. 8. Its a whole new world and this is where it begins! Twinleaf town: a little town and you wake up in your room you have a Nintendo wii,TV,bed and a pc check your pc and it will tell you some information! 149 pokemon you have to see and then you get the national pokedex so watch out there are many pokemon to discover! Twinleaf Town
  9. 9. Head downstairs... Go downstairs and your mum is waiting she says “Barry came looking for you a little while ago” so you go outside and your mum warns you not to go in the tall grass wild pokemon might attack you! Then go to Barry’s house and he will thunder outside the door and then has to go back in his house to get something so go in his house upstairs and he is on his pc! Then he sees you and races downstairs and then go downstairs and go outside and turn left and go up the path and then soon you will meet Barry!
  10. 10. Uh-oh wild pokemon When you meet Barry he want to try and find the red gyrados so you turn left and keep walking and then there is a hole in-between the trees go in the hole and your in another area! Then the pokemon professor is there and a girl called Dawn and they are talking and the they soon leave and the professor has left his briefcase behind and then Barry says oh look that old guy has left something and then you walk in the tall grass and wild starlys come attacking and you have to choose a pokemon from the briefcase there is a grass pokemon turtwig, a water pokemon piplup and a fire pokemon chimchar!
  11. 11. Your first battle! When you choose your pokemon the battle will start and its your very first battle! After the battle Dawn will come and say “you used the pokemon in the briefcase oh-no” and she will take the briefcase and leave and then you and Barry leave the area and then you will see the pokemon professor and Dawn and the professor says “these pokemon like you” and then he goes back to his lab! So after the professor goes and dawn you head on home and take a long rest! And then when you wake up and your mum gives you running shoes and a map and then you go to the professors lab in sandgem town and he will give the pokemon you have and you can name it anything you like!
  12. 12. Wow a pokedex! In addition, he gives you the incredible and exciting task of journeying through the Sinnoh region and recording all the Pokemon you encounter on your new Pokedex. After leaving the lab, Dawn will give you a tour around town. Now you're almost free to go wherever you want, except you must pay your mom a final visit before setting off on your journey. Before that, however, you should heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center and stock up on items at the Pokemon Mart. Go directly south to Route 219/Sandgem Beach to pick up an itemball containing an Antidote. After that, you should head back to Twinleaf Town. Goodbye Twinleaf Town! Back home, your mum is excited to hear that you'll be taking on the great task Professor Rowan had handed to you. She gives you a Journal used for recording your daily events. Rival's mum then comes in and asks you to give a Parcel to Rival, and tells you he's probably gone to Jubilife City. Now it's time to leave your home and begin your journey! You'll arrive on Route 202 by going north of Sandgem Town. There, Dawn will show you how to catch Pokemon and give you five PokeBalls. What's more exciting is that you'll be battling other trainers for the first time here. There is a Potion for you to pick up in the northern end of Route 202. Very soon, you'll arrive at Jubilife City.
  13. 13. Once you arrive at Jubilife City, Dawn, expectedly, will talk to you. In Platinum, the two of you will bump into a mysterious Shady man who introduces himself as the "globe-trotting elite of the International Police", aka Looker. He'll give you a Vs. Recorder, used for recording matches. Dawn tells you that Rival is at the Trainers' School. This is located right across from the Pokemon Centre There, Rival is memorizing notes from the blackboard. Give him the Parcel, which turns out to be two Town Maps. He'll you one of the maps and will head off to Oreburgh City. There are two trainers/students on the blue mat; you should battle them to gain some more experience. After defeating them, the boy will give you TM 10 - Hidden Power, the very move their Abra used on you. In Pearl, you'll just get a Potion. if you leave and try to go north, a man will approach you and ask you to find three clowns to obtain a Pokemon Watch, or Poketch. One of them is directly behind the Pokemon Centre; he'll ask you a simple question and if you answer it correctly, he'll award you with a Coupon used to obtain your Poketch. By the way, the answer to all the questions is "Yes". The first clown is to the right of the Poketch man. The other clown is located across the condos, at the entrance of the Jubilife TV Station. The final clown is a little to the west, standing outside the Poketch Company. Now that you have all three Coupons, the man who approached you earlier will give you the Poketch. You can find out detailed information about all the features of the Poketch by checking out the Poketch Guide. Go north, and you'll see the Jubilife Condominiums. Inside, a lady will give you Quick Claw.
  14. 14. Battle Barry!!! You'll battle Rival for the first time on Route 203, so be prepared. He uses a lv. 7 Starly and a lv. 9 Piplup or turtwig or chimchar. (should actually be whatever Pokemon that has a type advantage over you, but for the purposes of this walk through, assume he picked the Water-type starter). After this battle, keep on going east. On the way, you'll battle trainers, and pick up a Poke Ball and a Repel. Route 203 ends at Oreburgh Gate. At the cave's entrance, a man will give you HM 6 - Rock Smash. However, you won't be able to use it until you get your first badge. Continue through the cave, battling the two trainers, and come out the other side. You are now at Oreburgh City. Piplup turtwig chimchar Starly
  15. 15. Route 203 and orburgh city! Many trainers are in route 203 and pokemon are in the tall grass and water in the tall grass starly,shinx,bidoof,abra,kricketot and zubat are in there so watch out! Orburgh gate Geodude and psyduck are in the cave so if you want to catch one of them run or walk on the surface if you walk right a guy will give you a HM rock smash and walk right and two trainers are ready to battle so get ready
  16. 16. Orburgh city and mine!! Orburgh city has a gym but the gym leader isn’t there so head down to the orburgh mine! Quite a lot of trainers are here so heal your pokemon if there hurt and get ready for the battles of your life! The gym leader is between two rocks and will show you how rock smash works and then he returns to his gym so train and get ready because there strong! gym leader
  17. 17. The battle at the gym! The gym leader has a geodude level 8 onix level 12 and a cranidos level 15! So get ready to battle them because there tough to beat! gym leader Cranidos Geodude Onix
  18. 18. My fist gym badge! After defeating Roark, he awards you a Coal Badge. This badge allows your pokemon to use Rock Smash to smash rocks. Additionally, he gives you TM76 - Stealth Rock. Now that you've earned your first badge, first go north to Route 207. Go all the way north through the large patch of tall grass to pick up a Poke Ball Another hidden Poke Ball can be found in the empty space on the right. You won't be able to go any further, since you need a Bike to go up the slippery slope. Go all the way west towards Oreburgh Gate. Barry will stop you. He's planning to get to Eterna City through Jubilife City. If you want to do the same, you must go through Oreburgh Gate. Coal Badge Team Galactic! Go towards the north and you'll bump into Professor Rowan and Dawn. They are confronted by two Team Galactic members. You and Dawn then team up to battle the Galactic Grunts. Defeating them shouldn't be too hard at this point. After their defeat, Professor Rowan tells you that Team Galactic is trying to harness the energy released through pokemon evolution. After that, the two leave, and a staff member from Jubilife TV will give you a Fashion Case for your amazing battle. Next, you should check out Jubilife TV. On the first floor, you can battle a Reporter with a rather high level pokemon On the second floor, a man will give you a Mask of your starter Pokemon. Go into the dressing room on the left and talk to the man standing at the door to dress up one of your Pokemon. Afterwards, its picture is framed on the wall. Now, head north towards Route 204.
  19. 19. Floaroma town the beautiful smell of flowers! Floaroma Town is a beautiful little place filled with colourful flowers and a lot of items to pick up. You'll see two Team Galactic members standing between trees; we'll worry about them later. A little girl in the small house north of the Pokemon Centre will give you TM88 - Pluck. Next to that house is a flower shop. Outside, you can pick up an Oran Berry and a Cheri Berry. Inside the shop, the lady on the left will give you a Spray duck to water Berries that you grow. The lady on the right will give you a different Berry every day. The lady at the top will trade you Accessories for your Berries. Now that you've done all that there is to do at Floaroma Town, go east onto Route 205. There are two Berries for you to pluck right away: Chesto Berry and Pecha Berry. Then, you'll bump into a little girl asking you to help her father, who is held at Valley Windworks by Team Galactic. So, head east to Valley Windworks. You can pick up a Potion outside the building. After learning Surf, you can surf behind Valley Windworks to pick up TM24 - Thunderbolt. Battle the Galactic Grunt blocking the entrance to the building. Afterwards, he'll lock himself inside the building with a Works Key, and tell you that his pals in Floaroma Town have the other key. Go back into the Northwest section of town in the flower patch and go in between the trees, where the two Team Galactic members were standing before.
  20. 20. The beautiful smell of honey! You'll enter Floaroma Meadow, where you'll find two Galactic Grunts threatening a man for Honey. They then battle you one by one. The man you rescued will give you the Works Key they dropped and also Honey, which is used to attract Pokemon from a sweet-smelling tree. An example of a tree like this can be found next to the house if you go east. With your key, go back to Valley Windworks. Then you can open the door with the key and go in while your in the valley windworks there are 2 galactic grunts who you have to battle so be careful and make sure your pokemons health is full because these grunts are tough! Soon after you have defeated the 2 nd grunt there is a women with read hair and if you talk to her she is a team galactic commander and you have to battle her! She has a level 12 zubat and a level 15 purugly! Purugly is very strong so be careful and make sure your pokemon have high levels! team galactic commander little girls dad Zubat purugly
  21. 21. freedom! After the battle, Team Galactic will leave, and the little girl's father walks over to thank you. Now that you've gotten rid of Team Galactic for the moment, head west onto Route 205 and cross the bridge. As you walk north and battle trainers, you'll pick up a X Attack, a PokeBall, and two Berries. Before you get to the Berries, you can find a hidden Antidote in the centre of the tiny raised platform. After that, you'll pick up a Repel and a Super Potion. The lady inside the little red house can heal your Pokemon. Keep on going north, and you'll enter After the battle, Team Galactic will leave, and the little girl's father walks over to thank you. Now that you've gotten rid of Team Galactic for the moment, head west onto Route 205 and cross the bridge. As you walk north and battle trainers, you'll pick up a X Attack, a PokeBall, and two Berries. Before you get to the Berries, you can find a hidden Antidote in the centre of the tiny raised platform. After that, you'll pick up a Repel and a Super Potion. The lady inside the little red house can heal your Pokemon. Keep on going north, and you'll enter Eterna Forest.
  22. 22. Eterna forest map! Eterna Forest mansion Entrance
  23. 23. Old ghateau! In the middle of eterna forest is an old mansion go in there and ghosts will emerge! Catch gastly! This is the only place you can catch gastly so make the most of it! gastly pokeball mansion! Pokemon you can catch in the mansion! gastly Rotom but you need the old ghateau! old ghateau
  24. 24. Eterna city! Eterna city is a big town the pokemon gym is there and a team galactic building! When you first walk in eterna city there is a guy with a straw hat move once right and then go up and the pokemon league champion will talk to you and give you HM cut and then head down to the pokemon gym!
  25. 25. Eterna city map! Team galactic building Pokemon center Pokemon gym Route 211 Route 205 Route 206
  26. 26. Where is the bike man? If you go in the bike shop there is a little boy on a chair if you talk to him he is wondering where the bike man is! You figure out where he is! Hint: He is in one of eterna city’s building but which one? The boy gives you a hint!
  27. 27. The gym! Many trainers are hidden but you have to find the 1 st one by yourself then she/he will challenge you to a battle and when you defeat that trainer she/he will give you a clue where the 2 nd trainer is and then you try and find the 2 nd trainer and then they will battle you and they will tell you where the 3 rd trainer is ext.
  28. 28. The battle! The gym leader uses a level 19 Cherubi, a level 19 Turtwig and a level 15 roserade after the battle she will give you the forest badge! And a HM cut Cherubi Turtwig Roserade Forest badge
  29. 29. Eterna city’s grass and water pokemon! In grass! Buizel Bidoof Shellos pachirisu On water! Psyduck golduck
  30. 30. Team galactic building! To get in the team galactic building you need cut then when you have cut the trees down go in the building and team galactic members will be in there a women will challenge you then go upstairs and there are even more galactic members talk to them and some might battle you then go upstairs again and more galactic members will want to battle you then go upstairs again and the bike man is there and a team galactic commander! Talk to the bike man then talk to the galactic commander and she will want to battle you so get ready and make sure your pokemon have full health and are a high level! Team galactic commander
  31. 31. The battle to free pokemon and the bike man! The galactic commander has a level 18 zubat and a level 20 skuntank skuntank zubat
  32. 32. Bikes bikes and more bikes! After when you have defeated the team galactic commander she will leave and the bike man will thank you and go back to his shop then go to his shop and he will reward you a brand new bike! with that bike you can travel to places much faster and now you can head to route 206 !
  33. 33. Route 206 map! Wayward cave Route 207 Eterna city Wayward cave Under the bridge
  34. 34. Whats in the caves and grass again? Catch kricketot! Kricketot loves those early mornings and will only appear then! However its evolved form kricketune will be out all day so catch it if you like! Catch gible but where? In wayward cave of course but you need the HM strength! If you have the HM strength move them rocks and then you will enter wayward cave then just run on the platform and he will soon come! In grass: Stunky Geodude Pontya Bronzor Kricketune zubat Where’s wayward cave? If you look on the map wayward cave can be found under the bridge that’s where gible is go under the bridge! But you need the HM strength or flash if you don’t want to go under the bridge there is another wayward cave so you need flash for the other wayward cave! gible
  35. 35. Wayward cave map under the bridge! Entrance
  36. 36. The other wayward cave map! You need flash! entrance
  37. 37. Route 207 map!
  38. 38. Dawn! Route 207 When you take your first step in route 207 dawn will give you a present and then will leave you so you can carry on your journey! Then go to mt cornet and there is a surprise! <ul><li>In mt cornet a team galactic member will stop you and talk to you and then leave again! </li></ul>I knew I smelt trouble...
  39. 39. Route 208 map! mt.cornet pokeball Guy who gives you odd keystone berry’s Hearthome city
  40. 40. Whats the odd keystone for? <ul><li>Catch spiritomb with the odd keystone! </li></ul>OK so here is how you get spiritomb: 1.get the explorer kit in eterna city 2. talk to the black belt on route 208 3. place the odd keystone on route 209 broken stone tower 4. go underground to 32 REAL people, if you only have 1 friend talk to them then go into your base and repeat 32 times 6. go to the broken stone tower 7. tap A on your Nintendo in front of the broken stone tower 8.have lv 20-25, for spiritomb is lv 25 9. catch him with great balls,pokeball,ultra balls or any other ball! <ul>spiritomb </ul>
  41. 41. Hearthome city map!
  42. 42. New smell to a new city! Once you step into Hearthome City, a Pokemon will run towards you. It bumps into you and a girl named Keira walks over to thank you for stopping her Pokemon from running wild. She tells you to go to the Contest Hall, where she'll give you something. Go straight eastward until you see two people blocking the transit gate. Talk to the man near them to receive a Happiny Egg . Go to the Pokemon Fan Club east of the Poke Mart The Chairman will give you a Poffin Case. Now go to the building next to the Fan Club, take the elevator up, and the lady there will give you a Shell Bell, which allows the Pokemon holding it to regain HP every time it inflicts damage. There's a Poffin House to the right of the Poke Mart, where you can make Poffins from Berries. The Gym Leader of this city's Gym, Fantina, stands outside of the Contest Hall (north of the Poke Mart). Talk to her and she'll go away. Unfortunately, she didn't go back to her Gym, so you won't be able to get a badge from her for now. Now you can go into the Contest Hall. Surprisingly, your mum is in there with Keira. Keira will give you a Glitter Powder for your Fashion Case. You'll also get a Tuxedo from your mum. Talk to the man straight ahead for a Mild Poffin. After your mum leaves,
  43. 43. Barry is back! As you head south your friend Barry will challenge you to see which one is stronger He uses a lv. 19 Starly, a lv. 21 ( primplup,grotle,monfferno evolved version of the starter), a lv. 20 Ponyta, and a lv. 20 Roselia,
  44. 44. Route 209 map! Broken stone tower
  45. 45. The lost tower! <ul>HM strength! <li>In the lost tower there are loads of trainers and items keep going up stairs until your at the top and you will see two old ladies the one on the left will give you an HM strength the one on the right will give you a cleanse tag! </li></ul><ul>Pokemon In the tower you can catch: Gastly Zubat Golbat Murcrow (only in diamond) Misdreavus (only in pearl) </ul>
  46. 46. Solaceon Town map!
  47. 47. Whats a pokemon day care centre? A pokemon day care centre is where somebody takes care of your pokemon and levels them up if there weak! a pokemon day care centre is very useful because weak pokemon will become stronger!
  48. 48. Solaceon ruins map!
  49. 49. Unown! Unown: Very mysterious creatures the only move it can learn is secret power! They are letters. You can read unusual words on walls! Can you read this? Use this picture to help!
  50. 50. Route 210 map!
  51. 51. Head to route 215! When your in Solaceon town head to route 210 (look on map) there are 7 trainers in this area is you try and head to celestic town psyduck are in the way so you cant go to celestic town yet so head to route 215
  52. 52. Route 215 map!
  53. 53. Where to go? When your on route 215 go up the stairs across the bridge then downstairs then there is a trainer battle him and go right then there is a person jogging in the middle there is a pokeball then keep going right and go south and go up the stairs and left and go up again and then talk to the trainer on the cliff and he will give you an item then go across the giant bridge then go across the second bridge go downstairs and battle the trainer go south then left go upstairs and across the bridge there is a item go up and go downstairs and go left again then go north then battle the trainer go left again then go south then left then south then right then north then left again and then battle the trainers and keep going left and that’s how you go to veilstone city
  54. 54. Veilstone city map! Pokemon gym shop Galactic building Pokemon centre Route 214
  55. 55. Veilstone city! When your in veilstone city heal your pokemon because your heading to the pokemon gym when your heading to the pokemon gym dawn is there and crasher wake comes out singing a song then leaves then dawn leaves if you want go to the shop go there and buy some goods!
  56. 56. Game corner fun!! Veilstone City has a Game Corner where you can gamble and have fun. However, you'll need Coins to do so, and you'll need a Coin Case to store them. The Coin Case can be obtained from a clown in a house in the south-western part of the city. He'll spin a coin and ask you to pick which hand the coin is in; just pick the same hand over and over until you get it. In the house next to that house, the girl inside can give your Pokemon a massage. The bald man standing outside the house to the left will give you TM63 - Embargo. Now you can check out the Game Corner at the south-eastern part of the city. You can buy 50 Coins for $1,000 or 500 Coins for $10,000. Talk to the two guys near the counter for free Coins. Now you can have a bit of fun on the slot machines. If you get enough Coins, you can go next door to the Prize Exchange to get some items, such as TMs, for your Coins. Note that it is very costly to get stuff here. After you're done exploring, it's time to visit the gym. After learning Rock Climb, you can pick up a Full Incense near the Gym.
  57. 57. The gym map!
  58. 58. Big tip about the gym! This is a Fighting-type gym, as you could probably tell from all those Black belts waiting to battle you. To reach the Gym Leader, you'll have to push the wooden slides from the left or right side in order to move around. I would suggest first battling all the Black belts and heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Centre before solving this sliding puzzle. Note that once you leave the gym, the slides are reset. You want to eventually be able to slide the two slides at the very end so that they open up to the Gym Leader. In order to do that, you'll need to move the slides in each of the three columns. First take care of the left column by matching up the slides with the openings of each box. You do this by sliding the slides of both the left column and the middle column back and forth. When the left column is opened up at last, go to the end and push the slide at the very end to the right. Now do the same for the right column, go to the end, and push the slide at the very end to the left. Now all you need to do is push the slides in the middle column to the proper positions (you probably won't need to if you followed the steps here, since everything will naturally fall into place), and you'll be walking straight towards the Gym Leader!
  59. 59. The fight! The Gym Leader is Maylene and she uses some powerful Fighting Pokemon: a lv. 27 Meditite, a lv. 27 Machoke, and a lv. 30 Lucario Meditite Machoke Lucario
  60. 60. Ah victory! After defeating Maylene, you'll receive the Cobble Badge, which allows you to use Fly (though you haven't gotten this HM yet) outside of battle. Also, she'll give you TM60 - Drain Punch. Cobble Badge
  61. 61. Grrr more trouble Outside the gym, Dawn asks you to help her get her PokeDex back from Team Galactic. Go north near the entrance to the city, and you'll find two Galactic Grunts facing Dawn. Talk to her to initiate the battle. Dawn will team up with you, using her lv. 25 Clefairy. Together, the Galactic Grunts have four Pokemon and Clefairy won't do too much to help you; so, be prepared. The Galactic Grunts will return Dawn's PokeDex to her after their defeat and she'll head off to Pastoria City. Go into the Warehouse to pick up HM02 - Fly. With Fly, you can now you can move around previously visited areas of Sinnoh much more easily. Now, go south onto Route 214. Note that there is more than one way to go on from here, but I've decided to go this way since it's the most obvious one.
  62. 62. Route 214 map!
  63. 63. Ruin maniac cave <ul>The place for hippopotas … the more Unown you collect the further back the cave will stretch. Once you have collected ten different kinds, the cave reaches its halfway mark, and in honor of this occasion,the name changes to maniac tunnel. If you have collected all of the different unown, The tunnel will be completed and connect to solaceon ruins! </ul><ul>Catch hippopotas!!! this is the time to catch hippopotas, but you might have trouble finding it when the cave digging is in early stages. Once the cave starts to look like a tunnel, The odds go up,so you should capture many unown in order to up your chances of getting a hippopotas! </ul>
  64. 64. Route 214 BIG tip! This is a long, grassy route filled with trainers and items. The first items to pick up are the Berries next to the pond. After learning Surf, you can go to the other side of the pond to pick up a Rare Candy. Check out the Ruin Maniac Cave and pick up TM28 - Dig. You can choose to go the regular path through the grass or the mountainous path on the left (or you can go both ways!). If you go the mountainous path, pick up the hidden TinyMushroom in the empty spot in the tall grass where a single trainer is standing. At the end of the mountainous path, you can pick up a Max Potion in the large patch of grass. If you go the regular path, you'll be able to pick up an X Sp. Def and a Big Root. You'll find a hidden Heart Scale in the rectangular patch of grass with an empty spot on the left side. Whichever path you choose, you'll be able to reach Valor Lakefront. What’s are Rare Candy’s? If you give a pokemon a rare candy they level up once!
  65. 65. Valor lakefront uh-oh! Unfortunately, you won't be able to check out the lake for now, since two men are blocking it. Keep going south to pick up a Parlyz Heal. Inside the Seven Stars Restaurant filled with all sorts of trainers who are pretending to be eating (at least, it seems that way). Fight them for lots of experience. Afterwards, go on to Route 213.
  66. 66. Route 213 ! Go into the first house you see after going south. Inside, a clown will give you TM92 - Trick Room. After learning Rock Climb, go behind the house across from that house and climb down the rocks. Go into that house and the guy inside will give you the Coin Toss application for your b>Poketch. The trash can contains a Max Revive. If you climb south, you'll be able to pick up a Protein. Then, climb down east, and climb up twice. Pick up the hidden Rare Candy on the wall. On the west side of the first house on Route 213, you can pick up a PP Up. In the hotel, you'll be able to heal your Pokemon by talking to the lady behind the counter. On the other side, you'll find a Red Shard. Soon, you'll reach a beach where you can battle with two little kids. Head west from here. In the small house you see, Dr. Footstep's House, talk to Dr. Footstep inside to get your Pokemon's footprint checked and receive a Footprint Ribbon. Nearby, smash the rock and pick up TM40 - Aerial Ace. After learning Rock Climb, climb the tall hill on the east side (fat guy standing under it), and pick up TM05 - Roar. Continue west to leave the beach area and pick up the Berries. Finally, you'll arrive at Pastoria City.
  67. 67. The Marsh City Once in Pastoria City, talk to the girl with the umbrella for a Piplup Mask. Go south of the Pokemon Center and then east to pick up Persim Berries and Nanab Berries. In the house directly south of the Berries, you'll find the Move Tutor. He'll teach your one of your Pokemon a move it would get by leveling up to its current level if you provide him with a Heart Scale. In the house across from the Pokemon Mart, the lady inside will give you a different Berry everyday. After learning Surf, surf across the water in the south side of Marsh City to pick up Mystic Water. Now it's gym time!
  68. 68. Pastoria city map!
  69. 69. Tip in the gym! Pastoria City's gym is full of water. Like the previous gym, you have to solve a bit of a puzzle in order to reach the Gym Leader. The gym has walking platforms at three levels with the water level being controlled by three types of buttons. The orange button will lower the water completely, allowing you to access all three levels. The green button sets the water level to the middle, preventing you from accessing the lowest level. The blue button raises the water such that you'll only be able to walk on the top-most level. The water will then raise or lower the yellow connectors between platforms. First, head to the bottom-left side of the gym and step on the orange button. Go past the green button and go all the way up the stairs. Step on the green button you see. Next, go all the way left and step on the blue button. Head to the top-right side of the gym and step on the green button. Go down one level and step on the orange button at the bottom-right side. Now go to the upper-left side to the top-most level and step on the blue button. Now you'll get access to the Gym Leader.
  70. 70. The battle is on!!! Crasher Wake, the Gym Leader, uses a lv. 27 Gyarados, a lv. 27 Quagsire, and a lv. 30 Floatzel. He'll award you the Fen Badge and TM55 - Brine for defeating him.
  71. 71. Pastoria great marsh! Go to the north of Pastoria City to go to the Great Marsh. This is the Safari Zone of Sinnoh. You pay $500 for 30 Safari Balls, which you use to catch Pokemon while in the Great Marsh. You will definitely want to visit this place at least once so you can get HM05 - Defog from the lady near the entrance. More information regarding the Great Marsh will be up later.
  72. 72. BARRY! Talk to the Galactic Grunt standing outside of the Great Marsh so he can leave. Head east, and you'll find him still standing there. Talk to him again to really make him go away. Right afterwards, Rival will come over to battle you. His Pokemon are all below lv. 30, so at this point, he shouldn't be too hard to defeat. After that, you can either head west to go through Route 212 (which is pretty much optional) or go back east to continue chasing the Galactic Grunt. We'll first consider going through Route 212 from the west. Barry has a a starly level 26 a buizel level 25, a (grotle,primplup or monfferno level 28 and a ponyta level 25
  73. 73. Route 212 Route 212 is a straightforward walk westward. First pick up the Berries near the beginning. You'll find TM06 - Toxic near the marsh area past the two little trees. You can also cut those trees to go across the thin bridge. On the other side, you'll find an X Special. Keep on going west from there until you pick up the Zinc. Keep going west and you'll find some Fishermen. After learning Surf, you can surf west a little and pick up a hidden Protein on the land. To get to the item ball on the small island (which turns out to be a TM), go west a little and cross the thin bridge. If you know Surf, then you can surf across the pond to pick up TM84 - Poison Jab. To go across the other thin bridges, head north and chop the trees. Once you're on the &quot;other side&quot;, you can pick up an Antidote near the south. When you can't go west any longer, go north, and it'll stop raining. There's an Elixir partially hidden from view behind a sign. Again, if you know Surf, you can surf across the pond to pick up some Berries. Cut the tree north of the large pond to pick up TM11 - Sunny Day. Along this section, you can pick up Berries and fight two trainers. There are many police officers who will only battle you at night. Here, you'll also find the Pokemon Mansion. Pokemon Mansion For now, the two rooms on either end of the Pokemon Mansion are off limits until you obtain the National Dex. However, you still have a lot to do; namely, a lot of items to pick up. Explore every room, and you'll pick up a Great Ball, a Soothe Ball, a Burn Heal (found in a trash can), and TM87 - Swagger. The room straight down the red carpet leads you to the Trophy Garden, where you can find some Pokemon in the patch of grass. Surf across the pond next to the Pokemon Mansion (if you can) for a Rose Incense. After this, you should fly back to Pastoria City.
  74. 74. Catching the grunt! Depending on if you chose to explore Route 212 or decided to ignore that route, you need to go east from Pastoria City to chase the Galactic Grunt you scared away earlier. On the beach on Route 213, you'll find him standing next to a Fisherman, thinking out loud. Talk to him, and he'll go further east. Follow him, and you'll find him again east of the restaurant full of trainers. Talk to him, and again, he'll leave, going north a little. Now he'll battle you after you talk to him once more. After the battle, go north a little and you'll find Cynthia, who'll give you a SecretPotion to clear the group of Psyduck blocking the road on Route 210.
  75. 75. Route 210! Now, fly over to Veilstone City (or you can go north a bit more to get there) and head west from there to get to the Psyduck on Route 210. Getting past Route 215 is a simple matter of hopping over ledges. Go up to the Psyduck to use the SecretPotion you obtained and the Psyduck will disperse. Afterwards, Cynthia will come over to give you an errand. She wants you to deliver an Old Charm to her grandma in Celestic Town. Go north to continue on Route 210. First grab the Super Repel under the tree on the left side. Within this tall grass, there are three Ninja Boys who you can battle. You'll notice them by seeing abnormal lumps in the grass. At the center of this large patch of grass, you can pick up a Hyper Potion. After the tall grass, you'll find an Ultra Ball in the north-east corner of the regular grass. As you go north, you'll encounter some really thick fog. You might want to use Defog to get rid of it. Head north-west. Go up the two sets of steps. After learning Rock Climb, climb east-ward (down and then up), and battle the Dragon Tamer. Inside the house you see, an old lady can teach your Pokemon a Dragon-type move. Go west a little and down the stairs to pick up a hidden Nugget on the ground. Now go climb back to where you were originally. Go all the way west by crossing the regular bridge and thin bridge, fight the Ninja Boy, and go south to pick up TM30 - Shadowball. Go back east a little and head south now. Pick up the Smoke Ball and continue west. After battling the Veteran, head north a little to pick up a bunch of Berries. If you keep heading west, you'll reach Celestic Town.
  76. 76. Celestic town map!
  77. 77. More trouble AGAIN! Celestic Town is quite small and quite easy to navigate. Go into the Pokemon Center to obtain a Great Ball from the man inside. The Blackbelt in the house west of the Pokemon Center will give you a Poketch application called the Analog Watch, which is simply a regular, analog watch. Although there's no Pokemon Mart in this town, you can buy and sells items in the house at the north-west corner of town. Inside, the man with the sunglasses will give you BlackGlasses. Now, go to the centre of the city and talk to the Galactic Grunt blocking the cave entrance. You'll battle him and he'll leave afterwards. An old lady, who turns out to be Cynthia's grandma, will come over to talk to you. You'll give her the Old Charm and she'll thank you for it. Now, go into the cave and examine the wall paintings at the other end. The old lady will then walk over to give HM03 - Surf. Keep in mind that you won't be able to use this ability until you obtain your fifth badge from Hearthome City. Once you leave the cave, the blue-haired man you met earlier in Mt. Coronet (who's name turns out to be Cyrus) will talk to you for a while. Now, head west onto Route 211.
  78. 78. Route 211 There will be a bunch of Berries to pick up at the beginning of Route 211. Go onto the raised land and talk to the guy facing south for TM77 - Psych Up. After learning Rock Climb, you can smash the rock next to the trainer and climb up the steep rocks. On top is TM29 - Psychic. Mt. Coronet is to the west, but you won't be able to do much more than pick up an Escape Rope. If that sounds too boring for you, fly over to Hearthome City. Another option, which is completely optional, is to visit Routes 219, 220, 221 now that you can Surf. I recommend going there now to train your Pokemon. However, you won't be able to go into Pal Park as of yet (where those routes lead to). Even so, you should still go. Below is the guide for those three routes.
  79. 79. Back to hearthome city! Use fly to get to hearthome city and know if you go in the gym the elevator will be there!
  80. 80. Big tip in the gym! The only point in coming back to Hearthome City is to fight in the gym. Trainers in the Hearthome Gym uses Ghost Pokemon. Upon entering the gym, walk straight up and let the elevator take you up. This gym contains simple math questions. If you get it right, you get to go to the next level; otherwise, you fight a trainer. Press &quot;A&quot; against the sign to find out the question. If you want to answer the question correctly (you might not want to if you want to battle trainers), choose the door corresponding to the correct answer. After picking the correct door, you'll go through three more of these types of puzzles.
  81. 81. The battle! Fantina is the Gym Leader and her Pokemon are relatively powerful. She uses a lv. 32 Drifblim, a lv. 34 Gengar, and a lv. 36 Mismagius. After defeating Fantina, she'll award you with the Relic Badge, which allows your Pokemon to use Surf outside of battle. In Platinum, it only allows you to use Defog outside of battle. In addition, she'll give you TM65 - Shadow Claw. Relic badge
  82. 82. victory! When you go out of the gym, Cynthia comes to talk to you. Now that you can Surf, there are many previously inaccessible sections you've been to that you can now visit. Details can be found in earlier pages. As Cynthia suggested, you should go to Canalave City, which can be reached by going west of Jubilife City. So, fly over there and go west onto Route 218. Before you do, you might want to pick up the Memo Pad, Marking Map, and Link Searcher applications for your Poketch at the Poketch Company. Talk to the President, who stands next to the counter on the first floor.
  83. 83. This might come in handy! The first thing you might want to do on Route 218 is to surf north a little to hop onto land to pick up a Rare Candy. Surf in the south-west direction, pick up a Honey, and battle the two Fishermen. If you go west, you'll reach land and be able to battle some trainers and pick some Berries. Go into the border building, and Professor Rowan's assistant will update your PokeDex so it can distinguish between male and female Pokemon. On the other side is Canalave City.
  84. 84. Route 218 map !
  85. 85. Always ask! Know where you going? ask a question if your stuck! I don’t no where to go what should I do? Comment scroll down and type a question its not hard !
  86. 86. Canalave city! Canalave City is where you'll battle Rival and obtain your sixth badge. First, go into the first house you see, and talk to the girl near the door for TM48 - Skill Swap. The Move Deleter lives in the house across from the Pokemon Mart. He can delete moves you no longer want from your Pokemon; his service is needed to remove any unwanted HMs that you've taught your Pokemon. Before you head across the bridge to get to the west side of Canalave City, be sure to heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, for Rival awaits you on the bridge.
  87. 87. Canalave city map!
  88. 88. Battle your rival (Barry) Barry has a level 31 staravia a level 30 heracross a level 35 (monfferno,primplup or grotle) a level 32 buizel and a level 32 roselia
  89. 89. The gym The Canalave Gym supposedly specializes in Steel-type Pokemon, but also uses a lot of Rock-type Pokemon. A Fire/Fighting Pokemon will melt through this Gym without breaking a sweat. However, you might break a sweat trying to get to the gym leader, who can be reached only after getting through the elevator puzzle of this Gym (actually, this is very simple after locating which elevator to take first). Start off by taking the right-most elevator. Follow the path to go down the only available elevator, fight the trainer, and take the only available elevator up. Go across by going left and take the only available elevator. Go across north, fight the trainer, and go right all the way. Go south on the narrow aisle, and go back north. Continue to the only available elevator. Fight the trainer, and go down the only available elevator. The red-bordered elevator will take you to the Gym Leader.
  90. 90. The battle is on! Byron, the Gym Leader (also the father of Roark, gym leader of Oreburgh Gym), uses dual-type Pokemon that are half Steel and half something else. His three Pokemon are: a lv. 36 Bronzor, a lv. 36 Steelix, and a lv. 39 Bastiodon. For defeating him, Byron will award you with the Mine Badge, which allows your Pokemon to use Strength outside of battle. He'll also give you TM91 - Flash Cannon. Once you leave the gym, Rival will meet you outside and ask you to go to the Library with Mine badge
  91. 91. Three lakes! The Canalave Library is located north of the Gym. Go to the third floor, where you'll find Professor Rowan, Dawn, and Rival. The Professor will talk to the three of you about three legendary Pokemon in three of the lakes in Sinnoh. He and Dawn plan on visiting Lake Verity. He asks Rival to explore Lake Acuity and you to explore Lake Valor. As if there's an earthquake, the building shakes and you hear a loud explosion. The others will rush out the building to see what happened. Follow them outside. A Sailor comes over and notifies the four of you that the tremor was the result of an explosion at Lake Valor. Rival rushes off and so should you! Time to check out what happened at Lake Valor! Lake valor Valor Lakefront (the area around Lake Valor) is situated between Veilstone City and Pastoria City, so you can fly to either city to get to the lake. You might remember that you've actually gone past the entrance, which was previously blocked by two men. Now that these men are gone, you can explore inside. Inside, you'll find an empty lake bottom filled with splashing Magikarp and a few Galactic Grunts standing around. Fight two of them if you wish to and enter the cave at the center of the lake. Inside, Commander Saturn, a Team Galactic boss, will battle you. After the battle, Commander Saturn will retreat from Lake Valor, telling you that Commander Mars is at Lake Verity. Now, fly over to Twinleaf Town to get to the other lake.
  92. 92. Home sweet home! Lake verity and trouble! From Twinleaf Town, go north-west to get to Lake Verity. Professor Rowan will talk to you once you enter the lake, asking you to help out Dawn. You'll find her facing off with Commander Mars, She has a Golbat level 37, a bronzor level 37 and a purugly level 39
  93. 93. Mt. Cornet After defeating her, she'll give you some details on what Team Galactic did, which is that they captured the three legendary Pokemon Mesprit, Azelf, and Uxie. Now you need to visit Lake Acuity, located at the very north of Sinnoh. To get there, you'll need to go through Mt. Coronet. Fly over to Eterna City and head east to Mt. Coronet. Inside Mt. Coronet, first use Strength to push the boulder to obtain TM69 - Rock Polish. Go east, then north, and push the boulder north to get it out of your way. Smash the rocks on the left for a Rare Candy. Continue north-west and go down the entrance. Now, you'll need to use Defog to get rid of the thick fog. Smash the first rock you see for a Stardust. Surf a bit east on the water for a Light Clay on the small piece of land. Go back onto land, go down the second set of steps, and go north for a Soft Sand. Keep on going and go east, down the next set of steps. Surf east or smash the rock for a Max Elixir. Push away the first boulder you see for a Revive. Go south-east for a Full Restore. Now, go back to where you were before going down the steps, and continue north until you exit the mountain onto Route 216. Note that right before you exit, you'll see two boulders; there is a HP Up between them. Surprisingly, it's snowing on the other side of the mountain on Route 216. It's quite beautiful, but on some areas, you sink into the deep snow, making it difficult for you to walk around. Take the steps, go across the bridge, and pick up the Ice Heal on the north end. Follow the bridges all the way west for a nice detour from the deep snow you would go through otherwise. Keep going west, and you'll see a Snowbound Lounge, where you can heal your Pokemon by sleeping in the bed. Go north from there and you'll reach Route 217.
  94. 94. Route 217 The snow here gets really, really heavy. The snow at some areas will sink you up to the neck, slowly you down further. You can typically speed up if you walk for a bit and stop walking. Route 27 is quite wide, making it even more difficult to explore this route. You'll find a half-covered Iron in the centre of the road. North-west of that, you'll find a house and TM07 - Hail laying outside. Behind that house, you'll find the very important HM08 - Rock Climb. After getting that, talk to the Hiker in the house for an Icicle Plate. On the north-east side, there's a house in which the girl inside will give you a Spell Tag. Don't continue north from here. Instead, go west, and then head all the way north. Acuity Lakefront The snow has finally calmed down on Acuity Lakefront. You'll see two Galactic Grunts blocking the entrance to Lake Acuity; so, come back here later. Go to the very north to pick up an Ultra Ball. Then, head east to enter Snowpoint city!
  95. 95. The speech! scraggy! Help me! I’m stuck! I ain’t helping! cool pokemon Don’t need help so hah I’m with the cool guy and your from Pokemon black and white scraggy Dont listen to scraggy or magikarp they are wrong It doesn’t matter how cool you are if you Dont ask you cant learn something new so ask me!
  96. 96. Snowpoint city map! Snowpoint temple Pokemon gym Pokemon shop Pokemon centre
  97. 97. Snowpoint city! Snowpoint City is a small, cold, snowy city. Besides trading a Haunter for a Medicham in the house at the north-western corner of the city, the only other point of interest is the Gym, where you'll battle through a bunch of Ice-type Pokemon for your seventh badge. Here we go! The gym! The ground of this Gym is made of slippery ice with snowballs as obstacles. You'll have to slide long enough on the ice, gaining enough momentum, in order to break through the snow balls and reach the gym leader. If you don't gain enough momentum and hit a snow ball or slide onto a small patch of snow, you will stop moving. It looks like a daunting task at first, and if you try to move around, it gets increasingly frustrating. However, keep your goal in sight; that is, you want to reach the Gym Leader, who can be reached if you go straight after going down the first set of steps. There are six snowballs blocking your path. Three of them are tightly packed on the lowest level (which I shall call level 4). Two are on the second lowest level (level 3), on either side of the three snowballs. The final snowball is behind all of the, on the third lowest/second highest level (level 2) So, let's crack these snowballs one by one, starting with the single snowball on level 3 (again, that's the second lowest level).
  98. 98. Big tip in the gym (help) Once you enter the Gym, move forward on the iceless ground as far as you can, just before you touch any ice. Slide to the right, stopping at the snowball, and move up twice to the second snow patch. Slide left and you'll gain enough momentum to crush a snowball on level 3. Clearing this snowball up will give you more room to move around. Now, go onto the snow patch on level 1 by going up the bottom-left steps. You will be using the bottom-left steps every single time, so make sure you know what I'm referring to. It is also shown in the screenshot. Go up one snow patch, hit the wall on the left by taking one step, and slide up one patch. Slide right, and you'll eliminate the last row of the snowballs on level 4. Take the bottom-left steps up to level 1, go down and then right. You should be on the second patch. Slide up to get to the other end of the Gym, take a left, go down, and slide right to smash the level 3 snowball. Slide left and go up the bottom-left steps yet again. Go down one patch and slide to the third patch (one more patch to the right than previously), which is on the right side of the Gym. Slide up, left, and down to get to the patch on level 3. Slide right to smash yet another row. Do the same thing over, going up the bottom-left steps and sliding right; except this time, go another patch to the right (the second patch on the right side of the Gym). Now slide up, step left to the adjacent patch, down, and left to smash another row. Use the bottom-left steps yet again (by now, you should have noticed the pattern, although we're almost finished), but slide all the way up until you hit a snowball. Slide right to smash the final snowball on level 2. You're done! Now all you have to do is use the bottom-left steps to get back near the entrance and go straight for the Gym Leader!
  99. 99. Will it ever end ? it looks like a daunting task at first, and if you try to move around, it gets increasingly frustrating. However, keep your goal in sight; that is, you want to reach the Gym Leader, who can be reached if you go straight after going down the first set of steps. There are six snowballs blocking your path. Three of them are tightly packed on the lowest level (which I shall call level 4). Two are on the second lowest level (level 3), on either side of the three snowballs. The final snowball is behind all of the, on the third lowest/second highest level (level 2) So, let's crack these snowballs one by one, starting with the single snowball on level 3 (again, that's the second lowest level). Once you enter the Gym, move forward on the iceless ground as far as you can, just before you touch any ice. Slide to the right, stopping at the snowball, and move up twice to the second snow patch. Slide left and you'll gain enough momentum to crush a snowball on level 3. Clearing this snowball up will give you more room to move around. Now, go onto the snow patch on level 1 by going up the bottom-left steps. You will be using the bottom-left steps every single time, so make sure you know what I'm referring to. It is also shown in the screenshot. Go up one snow patch, hit the wall on the left by taking one step, and slide up one patch. Slide right, and you'll eliminate the last row of the snowballs on level 4. Take the bottom-left steps up to level 1, go down and then right. You should be on the second patch. Slide up to get to the other end of the Gym, take a left, go down, and slide right to smash the level 3 snowball. Slide left and go up the bottom-left steps yet again. Go down one patch and slide to the third patch (one more patch to the right than previously), which is on the right side of the Gym. Slide up, left, and down to get to the patch on level 3. Slide right to smash yet another row. Do the same thing over, going up the bottom-left steps and sliding right; except this time, go another patch to the right
  100. 100. Yay where there lets fight! Candice, the Gym Leader, uses a lv. 38 Snover, a lv. 38 Sneasel, a lv. 40 Medicham, and a lv. 42 Abomasnow. Defeating her earns you the Icicle Badge, which allows you to use Rock Climb outside of battle. She'll also give you TM72 - Avalanche. Now it's time to check out Lake Acuity. Sneasel snover medicham abomasnow Icicle badge
  101. 101. Lake Acuity Go back west onto Acuity Lakefront and enter into Lake Acuity. You'll find Rival and Commander Jupiter by the lake, finishing up a battle and putting each other down. Commander Jupiter leaves for Team Galactic's headquarters in Veilstone City. Rival leaves also. Surf to the north-east corner of the lake to pick up TM14 - Blizzard. Afterwards, fly over to Veilstone City.
  102. 102. The Galactic Veilstone Building (the headquarters) is a tall, black building located at the north-east section of Veilstone City. Talk to your old friend (the Galactic Grunt) outside, and he'll inadvertently leave behind a Storage Key. You can also pick up a PP Up on the left side of the building. Go into the warehouse at the north-west section of the city and unlock the door using your Storage Key. Pick up the Dusk Stone and go downstairs, which leads you to the basement of the Galactic Veilstone Building. Go straight east and you'll battle a Galactic Grunt, the first of many. Keep on going east, making sure to pick up the Zinc in the room you pass by. At the end of the hallway, go up the stairs. This will take you to a room with one Galactic Grunt who won't battle you, but will tell you about the &quot;warp panels&quot;. Continue east up the stairs. In this room, you'll battle a Galactic Grunt and notice two warp panels. Take the right warp panel to pick up TM49 - Snatch. Then go back and take the left warp panel, which will take you to a very small room with a single warp panel. Take that and go up the stairs. Battle the Grunt and take the warp panel on the left. Go downstairs, battle the Scientist, and head down the stairs. Continue west down the hall, and pick up TM36 - Sludge Bomb and the Galactic Key. This key will allow you to unlock any locked doors in the headquarters. Go back to the room where you fought the last Grunt and take the stairs up. Go west, battle the Galactic Grunt, and pick up a hidden Elixir on the machine at the corner. Follow the hallway, unlock the door at the end, and pick up TM21 - Frustration. Now, go back up into the city and enter the actual Galactic Veilstone Building at the north-east section. Once inside, unlock the door and go up the stairs. Pick up a hidden Full Heal on the machine and head east to battle the two Galactic Grunts. Go into the room and pick up a hidden Ultra Ball on the right machine. Take the bottom-right warp panel outside the room for a Max Revive. Go back into that room and take the warp panel inside. Here, you can heal your Pokemon by sleeping in the beds. Continue up the stairs and pick up another hidden Full Heal on the machine. Go to the end of the hallway and you'll see three warp panels. The middle warp panel will lead you to an Elixir and the one on the left will take you to the boss.
  103. 103. Trouble trouble trouble! Unlock the door and approach the man inside, who is Galactic Boss Cyrus. After defeating him, he'll give you a Master Ball. Cyrus will leave for Mt. Coronet and tells you to the warp panel ahead to save the Legendary Trio. So, go into the next room and take that warp panel. Go east and then enter the room. Inside are the Legendary Trio trapped inside special cages and Commander Saturn. Defeat him in a battle and you'll be able to free the Pokemon by pressing the button on the control panel. After pressing the button, the three Pokemon will float off, and so will Commander Saturn. To quickly exit the building, go back to where you battled Cyrus, and take the green warp panel out. Now you want to intercept Cyrus at Mt. Coronet; go there going east from Oreburgh City onto Route 207.
  104. 104. More trouble waiting to happen wait whats going on? Mt. Coronet Before going, make sure to stock up on lots of Ultra Balls. Also be sure to have lots of Dusk Balls, which can be found in Pastoria City's Pokemon Mart. The reason is that you'll soon be catching Dialga/Pakia. In addition, you might need (Super/Max) Repels if you don't want to encounter wild Pokemon every few steps. You'll also need a Pokemon that knows Rock Climb. Now fly over to Oreburgh City and head east, entering Mt. Coronet on Route 207. Surf across the water at the north. Go up the stairs and pick up the Protein. Climb the rocks at the very east and go up the steps. Pick up the Max Potion at the north and also the hidden Ether on the small piece of rock nearby. Go all the way south for an Escape Rope. Go north, then south again. Get outside through the exit temporarily, climb down the rocks, and pick up an Iron. Go back into the mountain and go as far north as you can. Cross the bridge and go south for TM80 - Rock Slide. Go north for a Revive. Now head east to get to the lower level and go inside the cave opening. Go up the steps and you'll be surrounded by three steps on all sides. Take the one on the right for a hidden Max Revive on the southern-most rock. Go back and go north, where you'll battle a Galactic Grunt. Go west and pick up the hidden Super Repel on the corner rock. Fight the Grunt and exit through the south.
  105. 105. Ahh galactic grunts! Climbing to the Peak Now you're outside in a snowy environment. The goal now is to climb to the top of Mt. Coronet. Go east, north, and climb the rocks. If you go east into the cave opening, you can go straight up the steps for a hidden Ultra Ball. Smash the rock at the bottom-left corner and pick up the hidden PP Up on the rock that's revealed. Go outside, head west, then south (not through the grassy area). Push the boulder out of your way and continue west. Smash the rock along the way and pick up the hidden Max Potion. Head north and go into the cave opening. Back inside, go straight and climb the rocks. Battle the Galactic Grunt, smash the rock near him, and pick up the hidden Revive. There's also a hidden Ether on a northern rock. Go east, battle the Grunt, and go south a bit to pick up a hidden Escape Rope. Head out again by going east. Go all the way north for a hidden Rare Candy on the single rock. Go south a bit and go down the steps. Check out the cave opening to battle some Galactic Grunts and pick up a few hidden items, including a Rare Candy hidden in one of the rocks in the lowest level. You won't be able to go into the cave opening blocked by the Galactic Grunt. After they leave later, however, you may go inside to pick up TM02 - Dragon Claw. After that, get out of this cave area.
  106. 106. Puff puff where where there yay From the outside, climb the rocks westward and head west. You'll find a TinyMushroom hidden on a rock and a Big Mushroom on the northern-most level. You'll soon see another cave opening, which you should enter. On the second rock, you'll find another TinyMushroom. Keep going east and head up the steps. Battle the Galactic Grunt and pick up the hidden Max Potion behind her. If you go south as far as you can, you'll be able to pick up a hidden Stardust on a rock. Fight the Grunt and head west up the steps. As you go north from here, you'll battle one last Grunt before finally reaching the peak of Mt. Coronet.
  107. 107. Spear Pillar At the top, you'll battle two Galactic Grunts before you get to the final challenge. Walking forward, you'll find Commander Cyrus, Commander Mars, and Commander Jupiter all in one spot! Commander Cyrus will summon Dialga (in Pokemon Diamond)/Palkia (in Pokemon Pearl). As the beast comes out, you'll see some impressive animation sequences. After Cyrus is done talking, walk forward and Commander Mars will challenge you to a battle. Suddenly, Rival comes over and gets into battle stance with Commander Jupiter. A challenging double battle will ensue (challenging mainly because Rival's Pokemon doesn't seem to help much). After defeating the two of them, Rival will heal your Pokemon and you'll observe Dialga/Palkia forming a galaxy as instructed by Cyrus. Luckily, the Legendary Trio will arrive to mess up his plans. Furious, Cyrus will battle you one-on-one with some pretty powerful Pokemon. After defeating him, the Team Galactic will leave, and Professor Rowan and Dawn will come. Professor Rowan tells you to help Dialga/Palkia out and the way to do that is to capture it (or defeat it)! The time has come...a.... DIALGA or PALKIA
  108. 108. Catch dialga or Palkia! Before going for Dialga/Pearl, save your game! Also, note that you should NOT use your Master Ball. This Pokemon is easier to capture than other legendaries in the game. Dialga/Palkia is at lv. 47 and it's very strong. Dialga is a Steel/Dragon-type Pokemon and Palkia is a Water/Dragon-type Pokemon. Try to get its HP as low as possible and throw Ultra Balls and Dusk Balls at it (while listening to the wonderful background music). Once you have captured it, Professor Rowan will come over to praise you on your incredible feat. Afterwards, go all the way north to pick up either the Adamant Orb (Diamond) or Lustrous Orb (Pearl), which powers up Dialga and Palkia, respectively. Now, you'll be able to catch the Legendary Trio by re-visiting the three lakes. Be sure to have plenty of Dusk Balls, since these are the best types of Balls to use on these legendaries.
  109. 109. Dialga information! Pokedex Information Species: Temporal Pokemon Height: 17' 9&quot; (5.4m) Weight: 1505.8 lbs. (683kg) Colour: White and blue Diamond Pokedex: It has the power to control time. It appears in Sinnoh-region myths as an ancient deity. Pearl Pokedex: A Pokemon spoken of in legend. It is said that time began moving when DIALGA was born. Size compared to trainer:
  110. 110. Palkia information! Pokedex Information Species: Spatial Pokemon Height: 13' 9&quot; (4.2m) Weight: 740.8 lbs. (336kg) Color: Purple Diamond Pokedex: It has the ability to distort space. It is described as a deity in Sinnoh-region mythology. Pearl Pokedex: It is said to live in a gap in the spatial dimension parallel to ours. It appears in mythology. Size compared to trainer:
  111. 111. So exited! Next gym next badge After all of that, we shall continue through the game. You only have one more Gym and the Elite 4 to take care of before the end of this wonderful game (of course, there's lots more stuff to do afterwards). Fly over to Pastoria City and go east, past the hotel. When you're on Valor Lakefront, continue east past the part that was previously blocked by a fat guy, and you'll arrive on Route 222. Route 222 There are tons of trainers to battle on Route 222, many of them optional. This is because there is a fork in the route. The northern fork has more trainers that you'll be forced to battle with, while the southern fork has optional Fishermen. Take either, or both, since both forks eventually combine. On the north side, you can get a whole bunch of Berries at the beginning. Other than battling trainers, you'll be able to pick up a Honey, a hidden Ultra Ball, and a Carbos (very east side of the northern fork after cutting a tree). Also, talk to the person facing south for TM56 - Fling. At the end of the south side, smash the rock and go onto the raised area to pick up a hidden Honey. If you surf east a little and get back on land, you can pick up a hidden Big Mushroom. The forks soon combine and you'll arrive at Sunyshore City.
  112. 112. Sunyshore city map! Pokemon gym Pokemon centre
  113. 113. Sunyshore city the smell of sea and sand! Once you get to Sunyshore City, you will be approached by a red-haired man. He turns out to be Flint, one of the Elite Four. He wants you to defeat the Gym Leader in a hot battle so it'll make him enthusiastic about battling again (he's currently too good for the few challengers he gets, and is bored of winning). To get to certain areas in this city, you'll have to use to large solar panel roads. Take the stairs up and go all the way east. Go down the stairs to pick up a Thunderstone. If you feel like exploring, get back onto the solar panel road and go north, then a bit south. Here, you'll find the Pokemon Mart and the Sunyshore Mart, where you can buy Seals for your Balls. Otherwise, go south-east into the Vista Lighthouse. Talk to the Gym Leader inside to make him go back to his Gym. Prepare for your final Gym battle and head over to the north-west section of the city to get to the Gym
  114. 114. The gym! Upon entering the Gym, you'll see the marvelous result of the Gym Leader's renovation: a gear puzzle with red, green, and blue switches. The green switch rotates a gear 90 degrees counter-clockwise, the blue switch rotates a gear 90 degrees clockwise, and the red switch rotates a gear 180 degrees clockwise. Gears that rotate will rotate any other gears attached to it, including vertical gears that harness bridges. Once you enter the Gym, step on the right green switch one time and step on the left green switch one time. Follow the path to battle the trainer and go to the next room. Remember, if you ever mess up with the sequence, you can always go to the previous room and come back for the gears to reset. Now, in the second room, step on the blue switch three times. Go up the stairs on the left side, follow the path and step on the blue switch once. Step on the green switch, go to the right side, and go up the stairs. Proceed to the third room. Step on the right red switch once, the left red switch once, and go up along the left side. Step on the green switch once twice and move over to the right side. Step on the blue switch once, go up, and then go all the way down. Step once on the first red switch you stepped on. Now go back up the right side to get to the Gym Leader.
  115. 115. The last battle at a gym! Volkner, so called the &quot;top Gym Leader in Sinnoh&quot;, uses a lv. 46 Raichu, a lv. 47 Ambipom, a lv. 47 Octillery, and a lv. 49 Luxray. After his defeat, Volkner seems very happy! He'll give you your eighth and final badge: the Beacon Badge. It allows you to use Waterfall (which you haven't gotten yet) outside of battle. He'll also give you TM57 - Charge Beam. Now it's on to the Pokemon League! octillery luxray Raichu ambipom The last and only Badge the Beacon Badge!
  116. 116. This time already! Go to the north of the city, where you'll meet Jasmine, a Gym Leader in the Johto Region. She'll give you HM07 - Waterfall. Now surf north onto Route 223. Route 223 is a sea route that will take you north towards Victory Road. If you go along the left side of the route, you should find a small opening to the left, near a Swimmer. Go inside and go north to pick up TM18 - Rain Dance. Keep surfing north and you will walk onto a shallow area. Battle the Sailor and go north a bit to pick up a Pearl. Now, go to the west side of the large rock and continue north. Use Waterfall to get up the huge waterfall you see. Go into the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon and enter Victory Road.
  117. 117. Big tip! Make sure you have strong pokemon and many potions! If your pokemon struggled at the pokemon gym train your pokemon on the water and get ready for the big giant victory road that is very hard to find your way out get ready and good look you will need it!
  118. 118. Victory road! Victory Road is a long cave containing powerful trainers, tough wild Pokemon, and interesting mazes. Almost all the Pokemon you encounter here, both wild and trained, are leveled in the high 40s. To begin, go straight north across the bridge and climb down the rocks. Battle the Psychic at the corner and go north a little bit to pick up TM41 - Torment. Go to the south-east corner to pick up a hidden Ultra Ball on the rock. Now climb back up the rocks where you came down from and go east across the bridge. Head down the steps, head north, battle the Birdkeeper, and continue north across the bridge to pick up a Full Heal. Climb back up the stairs and keep going north across the bridge. Climb down the rocks and head all the way west. Go up the steps and go north. After battling the trainer, keep going north until you hit the dead end. Pick up a hidden Max Elixir on the rock. Go back south a bit and go west up the stairs, leading you to another area. In this area, you'll be surrounded by a variety of rocks. Go west by smashing the rock and pushing the boulder. Go to the corner to pick up a hidden Full Restore on the wall. Go back near the entrance of this area and head south by smashing the rocks. Push the boulders out of your way and continue west. After battling the trainer, push the left boulder down, smash the rock on the other side, push that boulder back up again, and go east. You'll come up three boulders. Push away the top boulder, battle the Veteran, and head down the steps. Follow the bridge east and climb down the rocks. Go north, east, battle the Blackbelt, and go down the steps at the end. In this area, surf on the water and battle the Psychic on the narrow strip of land. Surf across the south-eastern body of water, pick up the hidden Pearl on the rock, and head up the stairs for a double battle. Surf all the way west, go up the steps, and pick up a Rare Candy. Go back to the two trainers you just fought and go all the way north. You'll be able to battle a trainer who's pacing back and forth. Go up the tiny waterfall and continue east. Go down the waterfall and pick up TM59 - Dragon Pulse. Go back up the waterfall and battle the Dragon Tamer on land. Go south-west and up the steps, picking up the Big Mushroom hidden on the rock across from it if you wish. In this area, first head south-west to pick up a Razor Claw. Go back to where the old man stands and go up the steps and follow the path until you reach a fat guy blocking a cave entrance. Pick up the Zinc near him. Now go back to battle to old man and go south until you hit the ledge (don't jump over). Climb the rocks on the left, go west, go up the steps, push the boulders (push the ones on the side before pushing the one in the middle), and pick up TM79 - Dark Pulse. Go back and climb the rocks on the right side to continue. Battle the Dragon Tamer and head north out Victory Road. You've finally arrived at the Pokemon League!
  119. 119. I’m here in the pokemon league Once outside of Victory Road, head north up the large waterfall, and you'll arrive at the Pokemon League. Inside the building, you'll face the Elite Four in battles to put your all the training you've done to the test. Before you approach the person blocking the doorway, heal your Pokemon and stock up on items. A PC is downstairs on the right side if you need to switch Pokemon or anything. Once you're absolutely ready, go up to the person blocking the doorway and Rival will come over to battle you. He's much stronger now than before, so be careful.
  120. 120. Barry lets battle! <ul>He has a level 48 staraptor, a level 53 (torrtera,infernape,empoleon) a level 50 heracross a level 49 rapidash, a level 49 floatzel, and a level 51 snorlax </ul>staraptor floatzel rapidash snorlax empoleon infernape torrtera
  121. 121. Need to pack up! Get loads of revives,hyper potions,antidotes and much more if your pokemon are weak level them up on the water or on victory road because when your in the doorway your not coming back out (only if your pokemon faint you have to heal your pokemon and start it again)
  122. 122. Elite four Aaron: Aaron specializes in Bug Pokemon. lv. 53 Dustox (Bug/Poison) lv. 53 Beautifly (Bug/Flying) lv. 54 Heracross (Bug/Fighting) lv. 54 Vespiquen (Bug/Flying) lv. 57 Drapion (Poison/Dark) vespiquen Dustox heracross Beautifly Drapion
  123. 123. Elite Four Bertha Bertha specializes in Ground Pokemon. lv. 55 Quagsire (Water/Ground) lv. 55 Whiscash (Water/Ground) lv. 56 Sudowoodo (Rock) lv. 56 Golem (Rock/Ground) lv. 59 Hippowdon (Ground)
  124. 124. Elite Four Flint Flint specializes in Fire Pokemon, although only two of them are Fire-type. lv. 57 Lopunny (Normal) lv. 57 Steelix (Steel/Ground) lv. 58 Drifblim (Ghost/Flying) lv. 58 Rapidash (Fire) lv. 61 Infernape (Fire/Fighting)
  125. 125. Elite Four Lucian Lucian specializes in Psychic Pokemon. lv. 59 Mr. Mime (Psychic) lv. 59 Girafarig (Normal/Psychic) lv. 60 Medicham (Fighting/Psychic) lv. 60 Alakazam (Psychic) lv. 63 Bronzong (Steel/Psychic)
  126. 126. Champion Cynthia Cynthia uses a variety of Pokemon. lv. 60 Roserade (Grass/Poison) lv. 60 Gastrodon (Water/Ground) lv. 61 Spiritomb (Ghost/Dark) lv. 63 Milotic (Water) lv. 63 Lucario (Fighting/Steel) lv. 66 Garchomp (Dragon/Ground)
  127. 127. Hall of fame! After defeating Cynthia, you'll be taken to the Hall of Fame by Cynthia and Professor Rowan. Here, you'll register yourself and your Pokemon, to be recognized as Champions and gain eternal glory. The game will save, the credits will scroll, and you'll go back to Twinleaf Town, where it all began. Although the game has officially ended, there's a lot more to do! For other things you can do, . Thanks for reading this Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl walkthrough! End!
  128. 128. Enjoyed it? Hope you liked my walkthrough it took a very long time and a lot of effort please enjoy some information on some slide shows!
  129. 129. Pokemon types! There are many pokemon types and always get different pokemon on your team with different types! And don’t get the same pokemon because thats just stupid
  130. 130. About Pokemon types All pokemon creatures and their moves are assigned certain types. Each type has several strengths and weaknesses in both attack and defense. In battle, you should use pokemon and moves that have a type advantage over your opponent; doing so will cause much more damage than normal. A single-type advantage (for instance a Water attack against a Ground-type pokemon) will net you double normal damage. The advantages also &quot;add up&quot;, so a double-type advantage (for instance a Water attack against a Ground/Rock-type pokemon) will net you quadruple damage. In both these cases you will see the message &quot;It's super effective!&quot; in-game after the attack. Conversely, a single- and double-type disadvantage will afflict half and a quarter normal damage respectively. Here you will see the message &quot;It's not very effective...&quot; in-game. Another advantage you can gain is Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB). As the name implies, this increases the power of the move if the attacking pokemon has the same type as the move used (for example a Fire-type pokemon using a Fire-type move). In this case the damage is 1.5 times normal. Again this is added to any other advantages, so a Water-type pokemon using a Water-type move against a Ground/Rock-type pokemon will bag you six times (2×2×1.5) normal damage!
  131. 131. Type list: Normal Fire Fighting Water Flying Grass Poison Electric Ground Psychic Rock Ice Bug Dragon Ghost Dark Steel
  132. 132. Pokemon eggs! Pokémon egg (Japanese: ポケモン 卵 Pokémon egg) is an object from which all Pokémon are known to hatch. An egg's shell will usually have a pattern that reflects the appearance of the Pokémon developing inside, though in the games this is not the case (likely to save space on the game media). Pokémon eggs are produced by breeding two Pokémon of a compatible egg group and opposite gender together, and will contain by default the lowest species in the evolutionary line of the mother. According to a girl in Solaceon Town, where one of many Pokémon Day Cares are located, no one has ever seen a Pokémon lay an egg, and so it is not confirmed that this is how they appear. No alternate explanation for their creation is offered, however, and most assume that the details are not gone into to keep the games appropriate for all audiences. Some Pokémon, known as baby Pokémon, are often only found by hatching them from an egg created by their evolved forms. Unlike other species which cannot breed, baby Pokémon evolve into species which can do so. A majority of legendary Pokémon cannot breed in captivity, and thus cannot produce eggs of themselves, however, a notable exception is made with Manaphy and Phione, which both produce Phione eggs if bred with Ditto. Despite not having hatched yet, eggs are kept in Poké Balls.
  133. 133. Pokemon weaknesses and resistances
  134. 134. Cheats Cheating helps you get any pokemon you want and making it to level 100 but I don’t cheat because its cheating!
  135. 135. Eevee evaluations!
  136. 136. The End Hope you enjoyed it and I hope you learned a lot look at my other slide shows such as magikarp,pokemon stuff, pokemon Teams,pokemon platinum walkthrough and soon a pokemon black and white walkthrough (pokemon platinum walkthrough will be added soon in a month or so)
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