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Final pp t


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Final pp t

  1. 1. Financial PermissionEscalation System.1
  2. 2. Sandesh GawaiAvinash SanapBhausaheb Gadhawe2Project GuideProject MembersProf. Priyanka Chaumwal
  3. 3.  Introduction Aim Objectives Existing V/S proposed system Problem Statement Design & Implementation Details of hardware and software Major Results Future Scope Conclusion3
  4. 4. “ Financial permission escalation System” is a system whichmeans approving a budget from lower authority to higherauthority.• This system provides balancing of revenues and expenditure• It provides control and assures oversight .• The mail goal of this system is Financial Planning andFinancial-Activity control.4
  5. 5.  The Project is aimed at developing fullyautomated budget approval system. Employees submit bill to Manager. Bill passes through a workflow process. Manager and the employee –a) can view status of billb)can generate reports Financial department will analyze theproposed budget and credit it accordingly.5
  6. 6.  Automate the processes of budgetpermission. Analyze expenditure of particulardepartment or an employee. Create a convenient user interface forentering and storing detailed Information. To speed up the managerial andadministration work.6
  8. 8.  Nowadays, Employee requirementinformation manually entered into excel filesand then stored in DB. It requires lot of manpower and is timeconsuming. This results inClustered data.Poor analysis.8
  9. 9. • It provides user friendly interface.• User will login to the system and login will bebased on the role of user.• Access to the system will be based on roles.• Roles will be based on the type of departmentthe user belongs to.• Manager of the user may suggest changes tothe bill by writing directly to the employee .• Budget approved by manager will beforwarded to Finance Dept.9
  10. 10.  The Finance Department will analyze thebudget . After accepting a budget , the system willgenerate a unique purchase order( PDF doc). This will be stored in the Admin DB. Notification regarding approval process willbe sent by the system to manager and theemployee.10
  11. 11. Design:AdministratorEmployeeHe has theHighestPriority. Heissues all therights to theusers. Hemanages thesystem.They have the MediumPriority. They performtheir respective functions.He has theLowest Priority.He submits thebill torespectivemanagers.Manager11
  12. 12. 12PermissionEmployeeAdmin LoginAdminAdmin RegisterEmployee/ManagerResponseView RequestManager
  13. 13. 13LoginRequestForBudgetApprovalReviewBudgetFinalizeBudgetSendResponseEmployeeFinanceTeamManagerProcessRequestconfirmResp
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. Hardware and softwarerequirements: Hardware requirements:DescriptionPC with 2 GB hard-disk and 256 MB RAMSoftware requirements: The software specification for the system are listedbelow: LANGUAGE : JAVA. DEVELOPER : Netbeans 7.1 or higher DATABASE : SQL Server 2005/2008 OPERATING SYSTEM : Windows XP/VISTA/716
  17. 17.  This system helps to convert strategic plans intoaction. They specify the resources, revenues, andactivities required to carry out the strategic plan forthe management of budget in an organization. Provides an excellent record oforganizational activities Improves resources allocation, because allrequests are clarified and justified.17
  18. 18.  This system can be extended to client-serverapplications for Android. The front-end ofJava application can be mapped to Androidallowing better access to system for allemployees. Employee fraud tracking and prevention bysetting up a Employee Analysis System whichcan track unexpected/unexplainedtransactions by risk assessing and auditing. Provide Graphical View for Monthly andAnnual Budget.18
  19. 19.  This software provides financial control &budgetary control which can be used for anyorganization where systematic and fasterbudget management is required.19
  20. 20. 20 Principal- Prof. . Head Of Department- Prof.Uday Nayak Project Guide- Prof. Priyanka Chaumwal
  21. 21. 21