Dont be a loser 2


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Dont be a loser 2

  1. 1. DON’T BE A LOSER! 2
  2. 2. At my company, Talentelle, we created two special workshops to help people catch themselves when they are thinking or acting like LOSERS.
  3. 3. People act like losers in their career or business when they keep doing the same things, even though it doesn’t work!
  4. 4. Take work, for example. Some people have been working for 10 or 20 years, yet they have no idea HOW to get out of that work!
  5. 5. They believe that you can’t avoid work, that a person has to “work for a living.”
  6. 6. That’s loser thinking.
  7. 7. Losers believe that TIME = MONEY. Winners believe that VALUE = MONEY.
  8. 8. Losers stop working after 5 PM. Winners keep thinking about how to create MORE value for their employer or client even after 5 PM and during week-ends!
  9. 9. Losers think they don’t deserve to realize their dreams. Winners pursue their dreams savagely and aggressively and don’t let anybody or anything stop them.
  10. 10. Losers love TV. Winners hate TV. TV is for the weak-minded and the untalented.
  11. 11. TV is just a baby-sitting machine designed to keep citizens right there, on the comfy sofa so they won’t cause trouble.
  12. 12. Didn’t you notice that parents often use TV or DVD movies to make kids sit quietly, staring at the tube?
  13. 13. Losers do everything prescribed by society: mass education, normal 9 to 5 job, etc.
  14. 14. Winners have a sovereign mindset. They set clear goals for themselves, and USE society to get what they want.
  15. 15. Losers are USED by society. Winners USE society to their own advantage.
  16. 16. Watch the movie The Thomas Crown Affair carefully, starring Pierce Brosnan, and you will know what I mean.
  17. 17. By the way, WHAT is society? It’s simply a set of social, economic and political rules, as well as the institutions created to enforce those rules.
  18. 18. The ultimate economic rule is this: INCOME DEPENDS ON OUTCOME.
  19. 19. That is, the more you produce, the more income you earn. Period.
  20. 20. Indeed, companies today value talent more than anything else. And talent gets paid “productivity wages” on top of “labour wages.”
  21. 21. Losers only focus on labour wages, whereas winners always think about HOW they can earn productivity wages.
  22. 22. Losers refuse to network, even though it is so easy today, with social networking sites like Linkedin.
  23. 23. Winners network like crazy, because they understand the following powerful principle: “Every cashflow starts with a conversation.”
  24. 24. Losers never change. They think they know everything, and they think they are perfect as they are. So why change? Why read a book? Why do anything new?
  25. 25. Winners embrace change. They know that you either grow or die, every minute. They learn all the time, they generate ideas all the time.
  26. 26. Winners will do anything to meet new people, and will consciously build relationships with other winners.
  27. 27. Losers don’t feel the need to network. If they can find their remote control, everything’s fine.
  28. 28. Winners win more and more, every day, every minute.
  29. 29. Losers lose more and more, and because they are usually unaware of their loser thinking, they eventually lose big (stress, bad health, not enough savings to retire on, etc..
  30. 30. Winners read biographies and self-development books. They model their lives after supreme winners like Jim Ron.
  31. 31. Losers go with fads. They read fiction, not useful books. They try to escape their daily reality.
  32. 32. Losers desperately try to pursue and capture success.
  33. 33. Winners calmly do the right things, and confidently expect success to come to them when the time is right (harvest time).
  34. 34. Losers compete alone. They don’t share information.
  35. 35. Winners use their network of contacts to compete more effectively. They generously share information and knowledge whenever they can, in whatever amounts they can.
  36. 36. Stay tuned for more. (Look for slideshows with “Don’t be a loser” on the first page)
  37. 37. Peter is CEO & co-founder of Talentelle, the company for successful women. He can be reached at [email_address]