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Superpass Sports


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Superpass Sports

  1. 1. Sports Management
  2. 2. Agency Superpass Sports is a full service athlete management firm responsible for the careers of professional action & motor sports athletes. In addition, we connect brands with core sports athletes through events, music, fashion and lifestyle. We understand action sports athletes are a powerful and influential voice with the fans and national brands. Superpass Sports provides the link between these athletes, mainstream brands and consumers. Our philosophy is “la famiglia” (the family) in regards to managing our athletes and partners. Superpass Sports has built a dedicated team of professionals who go beyond the general scope of athlete management. Our partners deliver comprehensive services in the following fields; marketing & PR, accounting, legal, finance, real estate and athlete training. Together, we stay one step ahead of our clients needs so they can focus on doing what they do best, winning! Founder and managing partner, John Papola, has over 25 years experience in the action sports industry beginning in the mid-1980’s as a professional motocross racer and later earning a management degree from San Diego State. Over the past decade John has had the privilege to work with multi-time champions, Doug Chandler, Broc Glover, Scott Burnworth, Darryl Atkins and Ben Carlson to name a few. Today John currently manages a roster of next generation athletes, retired iconic athletes, ESPN X Games and a number of national brands.
  3. 3. Services Athlete Management: Full service athlete & lifestyle management, commercial development, endorsements, merchandising, rights acquisition, contract negotiation, sponsorship procurement and activation. Athlete Charities: Develop opportunities such as our private label wine program to raise funds for our athlete and event charity programs. Brands: Indentify trends that ensure our brand’s image is relevant to its consumers. Provide consulting, creative development, strategic sponsorship selection and activation. PR & Marketing: PR strategies that incorporate our target market and delivers our athletes message in an authentic voice. Marketing materials, sponsorship proposals, renderings and presentations. Trainers: Certified trainers that design and build optimal training programs to improve the performance of our athletes, prevent injuries and speed recovery. Accounting: CPA professionals who provide tax strategies and analysis, preparation and submittal of tax returns, 1099 preparation and overall estate planning. Financial Planning: Advisors will achieve maximum future income growth through investment planning, securities, life & disability insurance, estate planning and investment opportunities. Legal: Attorneys who specialize in sports and entertainment law, contracts, legal analysis, incorporating, asset protection and legal representation. Real Estate: Brokers procure commercial and residential properties, land development opportunities, and property management services.
  4. 4. Contact Superpass is a sports management agency delivering comprehensive client services integrated with the hottest action & motor sports athletes, brands and events! Agent John Papola 285 Feather Hill Lane Petaluma, CA 94952 O: 310-737-8306 C: 707-338-2298 Confidential client list provided upon request