Social media 101 parttwo


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Nova Scotia Web Media Consultants Supernova Studios Presents our Social Media Tutorial-Part Two. Learn how to get started with social media.

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Social media 101 parttwo

  1. 1. An Introduction to Social Media Concepts, Tools and Program BuildingSocial Media 101
  2. 2. Getting Started Your Social Media Tool Box
  3. 3. Stay Informed Join our E-Club to receive our monthly newsletter, with practical tips to increase brand awareness and strategies for more engaging relationships with your clients. Visit and Like our Facebook page Go ahead - post your Social Media & WordPress questions and get answers in real time.
  4. 4. It Starts With Passion There’s no shortage of creative thinkers out there. What’s a little harder to find are creative thinkers who understand business. That’s where Supernova Media Shines. We are a full service web company. We provide our customers with a uniform custom branded web presence. At Supernova Media we specialize in the speedy setup of WordPress websites & blogs. All our websites are mobile friendly, have onsite search engine optimization and social media integration.
  5. 5. What Tools Should I Use?There are no rules about which social media tools you shoulduse, or how many tools you should use. In fact, you can start outusing just one tool and build out slowly over time.Here are some questions to help you select the most effectivesocial media tools for your business. Where do your customers hang out online? This might take a bit of detective work. You can survey your customers or routinely ask them where they are online. Go where your customers are! Where are others in your industry? For example, if you run a local pizza place, you’d look to see where Pizza Hut or Domino’s are in social media. Are your customers already trained to look for similar products and services on specific tools? Take advantage of that!
  6. 6. What Tools Should I Use?  Do you have a lot of information to share? A blog is the best way to communicate long messages and many short messages. Blogs also help your website turn up higher in search engine results.  Does your business routinely make videos of your products and services? If you already have video, you can use YouTube to share your videos with a larger audience. You can also share videos on Facebook and your blog.  Are you primarily B2B? Are your customer’s employees on LinkedIn? If so, you might benefit from creating a company profile on LinkedIn to make it easier for people to refer you to their friends and the people they know who can purchase your products and services.
  7. 7. What Tools Should I Use? Do you already have an active blog? Twitter is a great tool for driving traffic to blog posts. Adding a Twitter share widget to your blog makes it easy for your blog visitors to share your posts with the people they know online. Do you need local customers? Twitter allows you to add people from your neighborhood to your online community, and allows you to reach out to strangers. It’s a powerful tool for local businesses (storefront and service area businesses).Connect with us on Twitter @ns360tours
  8. 8. A Company Blog A blog is a place where you post articles about topics related to your business. Many businesses include a blog area on their website. Visit our blog and also check out our ‘Blogging 101’ presentation. Your business uses a blog to share information with your customers and other blog visitors. How Blogging Works ① You write a an article (blog post) and publish it on your blog. ② People stop by your blog to read the article. Some people may subscribe to your blog and receive new articles by email, RSS feed, or on their Kindle. ③ People comment on your blog posts.
  9. 9. A Company BlogBlog Benefits Lifting The Hood A blog lets your business A blog runs on special blogging share information with your software. The most common customers. blogging programs are WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. Blog posts appear in search engine results to help Blogging software is free. potential customers find your However, your business may business. have expenses for hosting (getting your blog online), a Blog post comments give domain name (web your online community a way address), and customizing your to share feedback and make blog’s look with your logo and comments on your business. brand identity.
  10. 10. A Company BlogBlogging software lets you write and publish articles on your website without any technical knowledge.Writing a blog post is almost as easy as writing an email.While writing blog posts is relatively easy, the process of setting up and maintaining your blog does requiresome technical skills. You may need to hire help for this.Blogging ResourcesTo learn more about blogging: Supernova Media’s Blogging 101 Tutorial Read blogs in your industry to see the variety of blog styles and information. To find blogs on any subject: AllTop and Technorati. ProBlogger’s Guide To Your First Week of Blogging Books: Blogging For Dummies,WordPress All‐In‐One For Dummies
  11. 11. FacebookFacebook is a social networking site with over 650 million users and animportant tool for businesses to keep in touch with customers. Find uson Facebook and check out our page.How Facebook Works① You create a business page.② 2. People (and other businesses) like your Facebook page by clicking the Like button.③ 3. You post information on your page wall, and Facebook publishes your post in the news feed of people (and businesses) who like your page.④ 4. People comment on your post or like your post.
  12. 12. Facebook Facebook Benefits  Facebook allows you to post information, a link to your blog (or any other online information),  photographs, videos, and ask survey questions.  Facebook events allow you to invite people to events at your business and manage the guest list.  Your Facebook page is public and appears in Google search results.
  13. 13. FacebookLifting The HoodFacebook is a free service that lets your business build an onlinecommunity of Facebook users. However, Facebook protects theprivacy of its users, so it never shares the contact information for thepeople who like your business.You can customize your Facebook page with a landing page thatpromotes your specials, lets people sign up for your newsletter, andother activities.You must obey the Facebook terms of service or Facebook maysuspend your account.Facebook pages do not work exactly like Facebook (personal) profilesand have fewer features.
  14. 14. FacebookFacebook ResourcesTo learn more about Facebook pages: Supernova Studios Facebook 101 Create a personal Facebook profile and interact with other businesses. Facebook’s blog and help center Facebook blogs: All Facebook, Inside Facebook, and Mari Smith
  15. 15. Twitter Twitter is a short message communication service. Many businesses use Twitter to share information and links with their online community. Twitter is available from computers, smart phones through Twitter applications, and cell phones through text messages. Follow us on Twitter @ns360tours and check out our ‘Twitter 101’ presentation. How Twitter Works ① You send out a tweet, a message up to 140 characters long. ② Twitter publishes your tweet to everyone who follows you (subscribes to your tweets). ③ People may reply to your tweet or retweet it to their followers (republish your tweet).
  16. 16. Twitter Twitter Benefits  Your community immediately receives your messages.  You can drive traffic to any web location (blog, website page, video, photograph, etc.)  Twitter is an easy way to collect input and feedback.  People share messages they like with their online community, giving your messages greater visibility. Lifting The Hood Twitter is unlike any other communication tool. Because of this, it can take a little time to understand. You follow Twitter users when you want to see their messages. Other people follow you when they want to see your messages.
  17. 17. TwitterPeople include links in their tweets using web address (URL) shortening services to savespace. You can reach out to strangers on Twitter, and you can locate Twitter users based ontheir location (geography). There are many companies that create tools you can use withTwitter to provide specialized features.Twitter ResourcesTo learn more about Twitter: Supernova Studios Twitter 101 Twitter blog and help center Twitter tools directory: OneForty Follow us on Twitter @ns360tours
  18. 18. LinkedInLinkedIn is a resume sharing site that allows people to collect recommendations and connect withformer colleagues and classmates. Many people use LinkedIn to find a new job or to getrecommendations for qualified candidates for job openings.Connect with us on LinkedIn and check out or ’LinkedIn 101’ and’LinkedIn 201’ presentations.How LinkedIn Works① Your business creates a business profile.② Individual people create a LinkedIn profile based on their resumes.① Each time someone adds your business to their LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn connects the person’s profile with your business profile.② People can follow news about your business on LinkedIn, generally about new people you hire.
  19. 19. LinkedInLinkedIn Benefits Your business profile can help you attract well qualified candidates for jobs. The groups feature allows professionals to discusses issues and news in your industry. Your participation gives visibility to your business. You can share blog posts, Twitter messages, presentation slide decks and other materials within your community.Lifting The HoodYour company can create a business profile that automaticallycreates a list of every LinkedIn user who ever worked at yourcompany.
  20. 20. LinkedInLinkedIn provides a wide range of services that allow you to promote events, share blog posts, shareslide presentations, and post questions for people in your industry. You can answer questions to raisethe visibility of your company.LinkedIn offers free and paid membership levels.LinkedIn ResourcesTo learn more about LinkedIn: Supernova Studios LinkedIn 101 Post your resume, create your business profile, and begin using the LinkedIn features. LinkedIn blog and learning center LinkedIn blog: Linked Into Business
  21. 21. YouTube YouTube is a video sharing service. It contains videos created by individual, businesses, and from television. Your business can use YouTube to store and distribute videos about your company, products, and services. How YouTube Works ① Your business creates videos. ② You upload a video to your YouTube channel. ③ People subscribe to your channel. Or they do searches and find your videos through search results. ④ People view your videos, comment on them, and share them with their friends.
  22. 22. YouTubeYouTube Benefits YouTube is the largest video sharing service online. Posting a video on YouTube makes it readily available for a much larger audience than any other video hosting location. Video lets your business how how easy it is to use your products and services. Video lets your business show its personality more than any other type of information.Lifting The HoodYouTube provides video hosting services for free. There are some restrictions on video length and commercialuse of the site. However, your business can create a YouTube channel for your business videos within theserestrictions. Connect with Supernova Studios on YouTube
  23. 23. YouTube People do more searches on YouTube (for videos) more than they do on Bing or Yahoo (for all types of information). If YouTube was a search engine, it would be the second largest one behind Google. YouTube translates your video to a nearly universal format that allows for the widest possible viewing including Apple mobile devices (iPhone and iPad). YouTube has smart phone applications that allow anyone to play your videos on nearly any smart phone. YouTube Resources To learn more about YouTube:  Create a personal YouTube account and use the service as a video consumer.  YouTube blog and help center
  24. 24. Our ServicesBeing Passionate comes easy when yougenuinely enjoy what you do. We offer anarray of services at Supernova Media buthere’s what we do best:• Web Design & Hosting• Consulting• Branding• Virtual ToursWe know that your success is our success.Contact Us
  25. 25. About Nancy Bain Nancy is a business owner, educator, and business strategist with more than 20 years experience. When she is not advising and teaching people about social media, Nancy spends a lot of her own time using social media. Find Nancy online: Google+ : Nancy Bain Like Supernova Media on Follow Nancy on Twitter Facebook Visit her Website Find her on LinkedIn Follow her Blog And visit her YouTube Channel