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Seo 101 Guide


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Nova Scotia Web Media Consultants Supernova Studios Presents SEO 101. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.

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Seo 101 Guide

  1. 1. Supernova Media Presents: 101
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  3. 3. It Starts With Passion There’s no shortage of creative thinkers out there. What’s a little harder to find are creative thinkers who understand business. That’s where Supernova Media Shines. We are a full service web company. We provide our customers with a uniform custom branded web presence. At Supernova Media we specialize in the speedy setup of WordPress websites & blogs. All our websites are mobile friendly, have onsite search engine optimization and social media integration.
  4. 4. What is Search Engine Optimization?Search Engine Optimization is the process ofoptimizing (or simply improving) your websitecontent so that it can be indexed by search enginesand found more quickly by those that are alreadylooking for your services. When your website ispoorly optimized, you are making it difficult forpotential customers and clients to find your websiteon the Internet. By optimizing your companywebsite, you greatly improve your chances of beingfound on the Internet and capturing those that aremost likely to buy your services because they arealready looking for you.
  5. 5. What is Search Engine Optimization? The process of Search Engine Optimization can seem overwhelming at first, but it is actually a very simple process. The techniques, changes, and improvements that will be discussed throughout this manual are referred to as Organic Search Engine Optimization. Organic Search Engine Optimization may sound like a highly technical word, but the simplest way to explain it is that it is a process of including content rich information on your website using key words, descriptions, and links to other websites to tell search engines what your website is about, what services you offer, and in turn allow potential clients and customers to find you more quickly on the Internet. Everything that will be discussed throughout this presentation will be broken down and simplified to make the process of Search Engine Optimization easier for you.
  6. 6. What are Robots? Referred to as many different names (including Web Crawler, Web spider, Bots, or Web robot), robots are programs and automated scripts that browse the Internet to provide up-to-date information to search engines and improve search results for end-users. When a robot visits your site, it not only compares your keywords, description, and content, but it also follows links that you include in your website. While we will get to the importance of links later, this is an important factor in your website optimization.
  7. 7. What are Robots?The robot, being an automated script, then makes a decision about the importance of your pageand relevant content. This information is then used by search engines to index your site andrank it. While all websites are indexed, it is the ranking part of the process that you should bemost concerned about. Getting indexed by a robot is simply a matter of having a website, whilebeing ranked highly is a matter of how you optimize your website and how easy it is for robots tocrawl and index your website in comparison with your competition’s websites.For the purposes of this manual, we will be concentrating onoptimizing your website for robots, Web Crawlers, Web Spidersand other programs. While these same techniques can be usedfor any type of website, the specifics of this manual will enableyou to quickly and easily optimize your website as a smallbusiness owner in your local area.
  8. 8. What are SERPs?When using a search engine, SERPs are simply the SearchEngine Results Pages. These are the pages that appearwith listings when searching for something on the Internet.When you enter the term ‘virtual tour company’ in a searchengine such as Google, several results will appear. If youwere to perform the search right now you would notice that‘Real Tour Vision’ holds the number one spot on Google as aresult of your search for ‘virtual tour company’. Whilereading this manual, keep in mind that you are not trying tocompete with national companies, but you ARE trying tocompete with your local competition. Your goal in optimizingyour website is to hold the number one spot for yourbusiness type in YOUR area.
  9. 9. What is Page Rank? There are many factors that determine the ranking of your website. Google uses page rank to display a numerical rating that is basically a measure of the importance of your website compared to other websites. While the term Page Rank is a trademark of Google, a similar process is used by all search engines in deciding which websites to display at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). The higher your page rank; the better the chances your website has in appearing first when someone is looking for your business type in your area. While improving your page rank may take some time and effort on your part, once done correctly it is a free form of advertising that works for you time and time again.
  10. 10. What are Meta Tags?Robots need more than just website content to correctlycategorize a worldwide network of websites. Meta tagshelp search engines understand the information that agiven website is presenting. We will be focusing on twospecific type of Meta tags; keywords and description.
In order to see the Meta tags of a certain webpage, allyou have to do is right-click and select ‘view source’.Here is a screenshot highlighting specific Meta tags thatwe will be discussing, categorised in the search enginesfor the words that you choose to put in your Meta data.
  11. 11. Meta Tag Keywords The keywords you choose must also appear on the Web page where you insert the key words. Over the years, robots have become much more sophisticated due, in part, to something called ‘keyword spamming’, unless there is content on the page that relates to the keywords, your keywords may be ignored. 

  12. 12. Meta Tag KeywordsFinding your KeywordsUsing an internet tool named Word Tracker; I found the following most frequently usedkeywords when searching for a virtual tour provider. They are as follows:• Real estate virtual tours • Virtual tour provider• Virtual home tours • Virtual tour service provider• Virtual tours for realtors • 360 tours• Virtual tours real estate • 360° virtual tour hotels• Virtual tours of million-dollar homes • 360 virtual home tours• Virtual 360 home tours • Virtual tour company• 360 virtual tour • Home tour 360 virtual tour providers• 360 virtual tours • 360 panorama, virtual tour
  13. 13. Meta Tag KeywordsIf you were a virtual tour provider, then all of these wouldbe extremely good keywords to have on yourwebsite, however you must keep in mind that using thesegeneric keywords would put you in direct competition withALL virtual tour companies. Remember, you are onlycompeting with companies in areas that YOU service.So, when you use keywords, be sure to use the name oftowns, cities, or counties that you service. For example, thefirst keyword you may want to use if you were in theAdelaide, SA area is ‘Adelaide real estate virtual tours.’ Ifyou were in the Melbourne area, you may want to use akeyword such as ‘Melbourne 360 tours’. 
Note: Keywordsare NEVER full sentences.
  14. 14. Meta Tag Descriptions The description of your website is Meta data that allows you, as a website owner, to provide a custom description of your website for search engines to display. This allows you to give a more meaningful description for your listing, instead of allowing search engines to create their own descriptions based on page content. Your description should be short and concise as most search engines only display one or two lines of text below the title of your website. It’s also important that you create different descriptions for each of your pages. You will want the description of your ‘about us’ webpage to be different than your ‘contact us’ page, and your ‘services’ webpage to be different from your ‘pricing’ page. This will improve the chances that your target customers and clients will find the information that they need more quickly. Once a prospective customer or client does find your website in a search engine result page, you’ll want your description to draw them to click on your link.
  15. 15. Meta Tag DescriptionsYour descriptions should accurately describe the information presented on a particular webpage. Youcan also use a description to tell potential customers and clients why they should click on your linkinstead of any other link displayed in the Search Engine Result Pages. An example of this would be toput something such as ‘10% off your first order’ or ‘multi-location packages available.’When using the description as suggested above with a coupon or multi-package offering, be sure to include information on that webpage thatdescribes the offer or the description may be ignored or disregarded. Ifthe description does not accurately describe the information that ispresented on the webpage, you will also immediately lose the interest ofthe potential client or customer when they are disappointed to find outthat the webpage contains absolutely no information about thedescription that they saw on the Search Engine Results Page.
  16. 16. The Importance of Site Content Your website content consists of everything that is displayed when someone visits your website. This includes the text that they read, the visuals that they see, and the audio that they hear. For the purposes of this manual when I refer to content I will be referring to the textual part of your website as this is what is indexed by robots. 

Quick side note: flash websites cannot be indexed by robots for the simple reason that robots cannot read flash. If you choose to have a flash website you will have to spend extra time entering HTML links and content to your website in order to get indexed and categorised correctly.
  17. 17. The Importance of Site ContentYour website content has several different purposes. While it is important that your websitecontent relate to your keywords and description, it is equally, if not more, important that thecontent entices and engages visitors so that they stay on your website. Your content should beup to date, easily readable, and exude a sense of expertise in your industry.While preparing the content of your website, create each page individually. Creating one page ata time allows you to concentrate on the information that will be presented on that page withoutoverlapping information from other pages. Start out by choosing your keywords and decidingwhat the description of that particular page will be.
  18. 18. The Importance of Site ContentOnce you’ve decided what your webpage will be about, start a rough draft andinclude as much information on that webpage as possible. Talking about theindustry, your equipment, your services, and including information on yourunique way of doing business. Speak to your visitors on a more personal levelrather than just listing ‘the facts’. This will help to keep visitors interested inyour website and get them one step closer to contacting you.Once you have your first rough draft, go back and make sure that you haveincluded your keywords throughout the text. You want to make sure that yourkeywords are in several places throughout your draft. If you have severalkeywords in the beginning, none in the middle, and then a lot at the end youwill want to try to insert sentences that include your keywords and keep yourkeyword content even throughout the page.
  19. 19. The Importance of Site Content Now that you’ve checked for keyword consistency, you’ll now have your second rough draft. Take a look at the description that you originally decided would describe your webpage. Make sure the description is included somewhere in your webpage. It should not be word for word and the description should be easily interpreted by both human and robot alike. Basically, this means that if a robot were to search your webpage it would find the content to match the description and keywords. Likewise, a human visitor would easily be able to see that the description of your site matches the information that is presented on your webpage.
  20. 20. The Importance of Site Content Once you are happy with the changes that you have made to your second rough draft, you will now have your third rough draft. Now it’s time to sit down, and read your content out loud. Anything that does not make sense will need to be changed for readability and understandability. It may even help at this point to have someone else read your content out loud to you, before finally adding the content to your site.With Organic Search Engine Optimization, content is King. Your content can mean the differencebetween being indexed and highly ranked as the number one spot for your business in your areaOR being completely disregarded by robots and never seen by potential clients and customers.
  21. 21. Avoiding The Mirror Site Dilemma If you purchased a ‘ready-made’ website, you basically have a template. This means that everything that is included with the website including a copy is essentially ‘canned’. The copy, or textual, part of your website will be the same as the copy on every other business owner’s website that purchased a template similar to yours. This presents a problem when trying to get indexed and categorized by robots. When robots see similar copy on several different websites, the websites are classified as ‘mirror sites’ or essentially the same site over and over again. The robot then makes a decision that all of these websites are the same exact website, regardless if there is different contact information on each, and this will do nothing to improve your ranking on search engines.
  22. 22. Avoiding The Mirror Site Dilemma Should you decide to purchase, or if you have purchased, a ‘ready-made’ website, the most important thing that you need to do is to customize the website to your unique business. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. You must go through each and every one of your pages and customize the copy (text) for your company
  23. 23. Linking To Other SitesYour website may contain a ‘links’ page. You’ll need to addrelevant links to this page. Some links to consider are as follows:Your local Chamber of CommerceYour local business associationNational industry associationsOther relevant websitesTry to link to pages that have a Page Rank of 5 or above.Some other links to consider are other local associations, countywebsites, township websites, and other websites that would be ofinterest to your clients and customers.
  24. 24. Reciprocal Links Reciprocal links are simply links that you receive back from other websites while displaying links to their websites on yours. You can do this by becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce and having your site listed on their website and then listing a link to their website on yours. You can do this with various businesses by becoming an affiliate, listing your website on their website and then listing their website on yours. Doing this over and over again tells search engines that your website has content relevant to your estate industry.
  25. 25. Getting Listed In DMOZ.orgOnce your website is up & running, has been customized to your liking, andhas been search engine optimized, take the time to get your site listed is the single largest open directory project for categorizing andindexing the Internet. The difference between DMOZ and all other types ofsites that categorize and index the Internet is that DMOZ is human edited byvolunteers. Many major search engines use DMOZ as a basis for theircategorizing and indexing. While not officially stated by search engines, yougenerally receive a higher ranking for your website when you are listed inDMOZ. The reasoning behind this is that the companies that own the searchengines know that if you have been listed in DMOZ, then a human hasactually verified your website, verified your description, and categorized youmanually.
  26. 26. Getting Listed In Once your website is ready, go to and find the most relevant category for your business and click on suggest URL at the top left hand corner. Be sure to follow all of the instructions carefully. Being a volunteer, human edited, open directory Project, the editors have little patience for those that refuse to follow instructions carefully. It may take you several months to actually get listed in DMOZ, but be patient, because it is worth it. Another point to consider when listing your site with DMOZ is to refrain from submitting your site more than once. It has been more than four months since you submitted your website; it’s probably safe to try to resubmit your website, because you may have done something wrong in your initial submission. However, submitting your site over and over again will simply get you banned from ever being listed in DMOZ.
  27. 27. BloggingBlogging, while relatively new on the Internet, has become an essential part ofSearch Engine Optimization. When writing blogs, be sure to include links torelevant content related to the subject matter of your blog. Also, be sure toplace a link back to your website with each and every blog submission youmake.Get in the habit of sending a short blog once a week to the blog of your choice.Choose a blog that has a relatively high ranking, is updated regularly and isfrequently indexed by Google. Doing this means that your blog will have a highchance of showing as a top 10 results in your area. Be sure to include theservice area that you service somewhere in the copy of your blog so that ifsomeone in your area is looking for your company type, Google will see thesearch terms in your blog and direct that person to you.
  28. 28. Blogging As with websites, avoid creating blog ‘mirrors’. If you submit a blog to one website, do not place the same blog in another community. Instead, use the same title as your original blog and then include the first few lines of your blog with a link back to your original blog. This will prevent search engines from seeing your blog as duplicate content and disregarding them as blog spam.
  29. 29. SummaryWhile it may take you a little time, Search Engine Optimization is an important part of marketingyour business. By optimizing your website you are improving the chances of being found bypotential clients and customers that are already looking for you on the Internet.Although, the process of Search Engine Optimization canseem a bit daunting at first, it is actually a very simpleprocess that takes a little time and effort on your part. Thetechniques, changes, and improvements that have beendiscussed throughout this manual will help you greatlyincrease your chances of capturing those clients that aremost likely to do business with you. Remember, they arealready out there looking for your services and if you are notthere to be found, you’re only helping your competition.
  30. 30. SummaryIf you have any questions about SearchEngine Optimization, please feel free tocontact me. While we welcome yourphone calls regarding SEO, sending usan email allows us to give you a muchmore detailed answer and allows you theopportunity to go back to that email atanytime in the future.
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