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LinkedIn rolled out a new look and feel for its homepage recently, which definitely makes it a lot better and cleaner. With this new and simple appearance it’s starting to look a bit like Facebook’s timeline. View our LinkedIn 101 and LinkedIn 201 tutorials on how to optimized your LinkedIn profile for search.

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LinkedIn New Look

  1. 1. Supernova Media Presents: New Look
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  4. 4. LinkedIn New Look LinkedIn rolled out a new look and feel for its homepage recently, which definitely makes it a lot better and cleaner. With this new and simple appearance it‟s starting to look a bit like Facebook‟s timeline. You may also be interested in “How to Optimized your LinkedIn Profile”
  5. 5. LinkedIn New Look This is the first major redesign LinkedIn has gone through in over 5 years, which is a lot less than some of the other big social media giants, like Facebook. LinkedIn is a home for more than 160 million professional users. Techcrunch had initially revealed the news of the new look and later, LinkedIn did so on its blog. LinkedIn had confirmed that the rollout would be happening pretty soon in the coming weeks. I am sure some of you have already started seeing the new change, like I have, but if not, it‟s just a matter of time.
  6. 6. LinkedIn New LookFirst, the tool bar across the top has a new look. The categories “pop” thanks to new font andbackground colour. This makes it easier to navigate the different areas of your account.LinkedIn has also refreshed the look and feel of updates in the stream with richer visuals for easierscanning and viewing. There is also a continuous stream of updates with no need to click to “seemore”. You can click See new updates at the top of the feed for new stories that come up while yourbrowsing. Users can see what connections are talking about and can engage by liking andcommenting (sound familiar?).Now network updates and articlesare featured at the top of the feed.The focus is on trending topics, newsand professional updates based onwhat each user‟s connections arereading, sharing, and discussing.
  7. 7. LinkedIn New LookThe screenshot here gives you a quick idea of the new look of „LinkedIn Home.‟
  8. 8. LinkedIn New Look1. LinkedIn Header/Menu: The header ofLinkedIn has turned darker and floatswith you as you as you scroll through thenews feed of LinkedIn. A much-neededfeature that helps you to quickly selectthe options in the header while you arebrowsing through the updates in thenews feed. Previously one had to scrollall the way up to select options in theheader menu.2. Bigger Visuals: ‟LinkedIn Today‟ that brings you the best of the professional news dependingon your interests, gets a cleaner look. Visuals are big and the presentation of the links becomemuch more compact. The articles that are shown here are the recommended articles byLinkedIn. Again a much needed feature, I would say.
  9. 9. LinkedIn New Look3. You also see a drop option just besides thesearch box at the right of menu. This drop tells youon which section of the site you are on. However, ifyou try and change the drop down valuemanually, the cursor will take you to the search boxon its right. So if I change it to company, the systemunderstands that I am trying to search for companyand puts me inside the search box ready to acceptmy keywords and waits for me to hit Enter. It doesn‟twork as one would seem but once you understandthis, you should have no problem.
  10. 10. LinkedIn New Look 4. Updates become smarter: LinkedIn has updated its algorithm and from now on one will find all the relevant updates, trending articles according to ones interests, etc. right on the top. 5. Who‟s viewed your profile also gets a small makeover: The latest change provides a „Connect‟ button to the profiles that are not in your connection. The idea is to make the connection between profiles easier. In the same way, it has a „Message‟ button added to the profiles in your network that have visited you. You can quickly have a chat and take the discussions further with this feature. Small but a smart move! 6. „LinkedIn Today‟ gets a makeover too: It‟s a little bigger, little cleaner. You have prominent buttons for Like, Comment, Share, etc.
  11. 11. LinkedIn New LookThe professional social network plans to offermore customization and functionality for thehomepage later this year. Overall, LinkedIn‟s newhomepage is much cleaner, and, as they put intheir own words, “simpler”. Visuals have taken aprominent focus in the change and that is whathas been the trend.This update is also an important reminder thatsocial networking sites experience changefrequently, and sometimes with little warning. Besure you utilize resources, like the LinkedIn Blog,to understand new features and tools, as well asstay ahead of the curve when it comes to socialmedia.
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