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Guide to Google AdWords: It all starts with a search. Google AdWords is a great way to attract more people to your website that may not have found it otherwise.
It is a service where you ‘buy’ keywords from Google and when people search for those keywords your ad or website will appear bringing traffic and business to your website. Because the service is provided by Google, their analytics will tell you exactly how much traffic you are getting and how effective it is. See our Guide to Google Analytics

You only get charged if someone clicks the link provided by AdWords so you get what you pay for.

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Guide to Google AdWords

  1. 1. Supernova Media Presents: AdWords
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  4. 4. Google AdWordsIt all starts with a search.Google AdWords is a great way to attract more people to yourwebsite that may not have found it otherwise.It is a service where you „buy‟ keywords from Google andwhen people search for those keywords your ad or websitewill appear bringing traffic and business to your website.Because the service is provided by Google, their analytics willtell you exactly how much traffic you are getting and howeffective it is. See our Guide to Google AnalyticsYou only get charged if someone clicks the link provided byAdWords so you get what you pay for.
  5. 5. Google AdWords Another great thing about AdWords is you can target your ads locally. So if you only want your ads to appear for customers in “your town” you can make that happen. AdWord‟s text advertisements are short, consisting of one headline (25 characters) and two additional text lines (35 characters). Each word and phrase choice is VERY important. You can also have image ads.
  6. 6. Google AdwordsSigning up for Adwords is simple.1. Sign in to your account here. If you already have a Google account for other Google services that same login should work.2. You will have to confirm your Country, time zone and Currency in the next step. You will not be able to change these things at a later date so make sure everything is correct.3. Click the Create your first campaign button. The campaign setup process involves a few simple steps: • Choose your budget • Create your ads • Select keywords that match your ad to potential customers • Enter your billing informationOnce you complete these steps, your account will be activated.
  7. 7. Google AdwordsFirst, you‟ll want to set goals, objectives and targets. Youcan‟t measure something you don‟t define so this isimportant. Once you do that you can start to create yourcampaign:1. Name your campaign2. Select which type of campaign you would like to run. You can choose whatever you feel suits your needs best but they recommend Search & Display Networks to reach the most customers.3. Choose your Network next. You can choose either Google Search Network, Google Display Network or both. Google Search Network is Google search and search partners while Google Display Network is Google‟s network of partner websites (not search).
  8. 8. Google Adwords 4. Next you will choose what types of devices your ad will appear on. You can choose all devices (recommended for beginners) or select specific devices. 5. Location is next. Your options here are: • All countries and territories • Canada (default option chosen by Google) • Let me choose (here you can type in a specific province, city, postal code etc…)
  9. 9. Google Adwords6. Next, up we have Budget. You can manually set your CPC (cost-per-click) price here or letGoogle AdWords set your bids to help maximize clicks within your target budget. This optionallows AdWords the freedom to set the CPC for your keywords while staying within your budget inorder to get the most clicks each day.This is not something anyone elsecan really tell you what to do aseveryone‟s budget and goals aredifferent. You could get your feet wetby trying $100 per month or evenless. If your business is a little bitbigger you could try $50 per day butfeel it out, and you can change itlater if it‟s not working for you. Entera daily value in this box.
  10. 10. Google Adwords7. Finally, we have ad extensions. You can use this optional feature to include relevantbusiness information with your ads:• Location- Extend your ads with location information• Sitelinks- Extend your ads with links to sections of my site• Call- Extend your ads with a phone number• Social- Increase the social relevance of your ads by associating them with your Google+ Page 8. Then click Save and Continue.
  11. 11. Google AdwordsOnce you‟ve done this you will be brought to the next page where you can create an Ad Group,provide your descriptive titles and choose keywords.1. Name your Ad Group. An ad group contains one or more ads and a set of related keywords.2. Next you will provide:• Headline• Description line 1• Description line 2• Display URL (ie- even if they are not just going to the home page. This is what people will see at the end of the ad.)• Destination URL (this is where you put the specific URL you want to direct your customers to, ie-
  12. 12. Google Adwords 3. This is the meat and potatoes of your campaign: the keywords. These are Google‟s tips for selecting keywords: • Start with 10-20 keywords. • Be specific: avoid one-word keywords. Choose phrases that customers would use to search for your products and services. • By default, keywords are broad; matched to searches to help you capture a wider range of relevant traffic. Use match types to control this. • Learn more about choosing effective keywords. Once you have chosen your keywords you can enter them in the text box. One word per line. Once your finished, select Save and continue to billing. You can set up billing later, but your ads will not activate unless you do go through the process of setting up the billing info.
  13. 13. Google AdwordsNow, it‟s just a matter of monitoring theactivity and optimizing your ads based ontraffic and favored keywords.See our Guide to Google Analytics
  14. 14. Google AdWords Have you ever been „stalked‟ by an ad? You notice it one day, click it, and check out the page and info on the product and maybe you decide it‟s not for you, or not “right” now. A little while later (days, months) you‟re browsing the web and the same ad pops up AGAIN! You think; “Hey, I‟ve seen that before, let me check this out again”. Clearly it‟s meant for me, I‟ve come across the ad before, it‟s a product I‟m interested in so I go ahead and buy it. That‟s a conversion. A successful „conversion‟ is someone who does just that. Clicks the ad and buys the product. (or whatever you define a conversion as- ie: signing up for your newsletter, etc..) Most of the visitors do not and will not convert but that‟s just how an online business works. Most just browse, but with proper ads, keywords and promotion, hopefully you can increase that conversion rate.
  15. 15. Google AdWords Presenting your ad and sales message to people who have already seen it is called re-marketing. If you could relate in some way to the example on the previous slide, that‟s why it works. That repeated exposure will hopefully convert more prospects into customers. Re-marketing is especially good for „free-trials‟ or limited time only events that will change with time. But how do I get them to see my ads again? Google Display Network in Google AdWords that will help you with this.
  16. 16. Google Adwords The great thing about re-marketing with the Google Display network is your ad can be displayed out of context. Usually your ad will show up on pages with closely related content and keywords but once someone has already shown interest in your ad, it can be displayed without the „web surfer‟ searching related items.
  17. 17. Google AdwordsThe way to setup a re-marketing campaign is to clickon the “Shared Library” link that is in the left handnavigation under the “Campaigns” tab in AdWords.From there, click on the Audiences option, and clickview. Once you do so, you will be brought to a pagethat gives you a little info on how it works and thenyou can click „Set up remarketing‟ at the bottom.The first step is to review the privacy policy. Next,Google provides you with some code to copy to yourentire site. Once you do this proceed to the nextpage.
  18. 18. Google AdWordsDefining your lists comes next. Here is an example from Google:Imagine that you have a site with this URL could create a list called "Category Sports," and the list definition could be "URL containssports“Once you are finished, pick a name and description for the list, and set the membership duration(how long should Google recognize someone as being on this list from the time they‟ve visitedyour page). The default length is 30 days, but you can make it as short as a day, or as long as 18months.
  19. 19. Google AdWords Image ads on Google sometimes get overlooked but don‟t make that mistake with your campaign. Many users prefer image ads as it gives a new dimension in addition to normal text ads; but not only that: Supernova Tip: “a large portion of Google’s Display Network is setup to favor image ads”.
  20. 20. Google AdWordsYou can target your customers based on what actions they took came toyour site and which actions they took to help promote conversions. Hereare some examples:• If they’ve visited a specific product page, they could be researching different products in that category. Show them ads that showcase the benefits of your product versus the competing solutions that they might be evaluating.• If they’ve visited your pricing page, they could be price shoppers who need to see more cost-justification information. Show them ads that include ROI calculations, examples of benefits, and your money-back guarantee.• If they’ve visited your community page, then they‟re probably interested in user engagement, so show them testimonials from satisfied users, and statistics showing how many tweets, shares, and so forth your content is generating.
  21. 21. Google AdWords • If they’ve visited your email subscription thank you page, then you can show them targeted ads referencing the material that you‟re sending them via email, to make your messaging even more effective and pervasive. • If they’ve visited your shopping cart (but abandoned the process), then they‟re the most valuable group of people you can target, because they were within one click of becoming your customers. Showcase the benefits of becoming a customer, including social proof from existing customers.
  22. 22. Google AdwordsThese are just a few reasons why re-marketing is important for yourbusiness. Create different ad groups for each of these categoriesand gradually track your results to find out what works for you.It‟s a simple process that should take less than an hour to setup sowe say it‟s well worth your time and effort.We‟ve looked at creating campaigns and re-marketing; two veryimportant parts of Google AdWords. Once you get going you willlearn more about what works best for you and your company.Bottom line- if you‟re looking for something to boost your business-Google AdWords may just be what your looking for.
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