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Supernova Media presents Google+ Guide for Business. Google's social networking service is now open for businesses. Google+ Pages help you build deeper relationships with customers by sharing your thoughts, links, photos and promotions with the right people at the right times.

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  • Great Tutorial, Nancy! You made setting up my Google+ Business page a breeze! I will continue to follow more of your posts.
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Google+ for Business

  1. 1. Supernova Media Presents: +For Business
  2. 2. Stay Informed Join our E-Club to receive our monthly newsletter, with practical tips to increase brand awareness and strategies for more engaging relationships with your clients. Visit and Like our Facebook page Go ahead - post your Social Media & WordPress questions and get answers in real time.
  3. 3. It Starts With Passion There‟s no shortage of creative thinkers out there. What‟s a little harder to find are creative thinkers who understand business. That‟s where Supernova Media Shines. We are a full service web company. We provide our customers with a uniform custom branded web presence. At Supernova Media we specialize in the speedy setup of WordPress websites & blogs. All our websites are mobile friendly, have onsite search engine optimization and social media integration.
  4. 4. Google+ Facts• Google+ is a social network powered by the search engine giant Google• In early November, Google+ finally rolled out business pages. Now the platform not only enables companies to create pages, but also encourages businesses to grow their following.• Individuals can add a brand to a specific Google+ Circle, share a Google+ page with their network, +1 (or in other words, endorse) the updates a company publishes, leave comments, upload photos, and tag the brand in them• Video chat is definitely the element that distinguishes Google+ from other existing social network. The Hangouts feature enables companies to engage with fans, and customers through video conference calls.
  5. 5. Ticker Privacy SettingsCredit to for Graphic
  6. 6. Create a Business PageVisit to create your Google+ Business PageYou‟ll be able to select from the followingoptions:• Local Business or Place - Hotels, restaurants, places, stores, servic es ...• Product or Brand - Apparel, cars, electronics, financial services ...• Company, Institution or Organization - Companies, organizations, institutions, no n-profits ...• Arts, Entertainment or Sports - Movies, TV, music, books, sports, shows ...• Other - Use if your page doesnt fit in another category.
  7. 7. Setting Up Your Business Profile Enter your Country and phone number. If you have a Google Places account already set up (we did) Google will locate it for you. If you link your Google Places account to your Google+ Business page, by default your "tagline" (the sentence below your page name) will be your address. You will then be directed to upload a profile photo. This can be a bit frustrating as Google wants to crop your logo. If you have a wide logo (like we do) you may want to consider using an favicon or icon.
  8. 8. Setting Up Your Business ProfileGoogle will now give you the opportunity to share by telling everyone in yourcircles about your new business page. Your posts, comments and notificationswill be from this (new) page. Invest some time intooptimizing your page andsharing a few links to valuablecontent before you startpromoting it to the masses. url for ourbusiness page
  9. 9. Optimize Your Business Page Add Recommended Links - Under the „About‟ tab of your Google+ page, add links to your other social networking accounts, special offers in the right side bar. Click Edit profile, then click Recommended Links.
  10. 10. Adding the 5 Scrapbook PhotosThe five pictures that show below your profile/page name are located in an Album called"Scrapbook"Here is how to have control in each order the images show up, and a few more tips:1. Before uploading the picturesmake sure that:a) they are square (400px x400px for example)b) The name of the files includesa numeric sequence(FileName_01, Filename_02 andso on)
  11. 11. Adding the 5 Scrapbook PhotosIf you already have pictures on If you just opened your profile/pageyour "Scrapbook" 1. Go to your profile/page1. Go to Photos 2. Click on Edit Profile2. Go to "Your albums" 3. Click on "Add some photos here"3. Locate the "Scrapbook" album 4. Click on "Add photo"3. Delete all pictures 5. Upload your picture4. Upload the new pictures 6. Click on "Done Editing“ 7. Go to Photos 8. Go to "Your albums" 9. Locate the new "Scrapbook" album 10. Upload the other 4 pictures
  12. 12. Adding the 5 Scrapbook PhotosYou will have the option to share the album.Hit F5 and you will see the results*You can also go to, open thescrapbook folder, and click on the "Organize" button.From there you can dragndrop to change the order ofyour pictures. G+ will display the five firsts in the correctorder.That allows you to have several sets of tiled images andfrom time to time you just change the order inPicasaweb to change your G+ profiles look.
  13. 13. Setting Up Google+ Direct Connect Users who want to find a company‟s Google+ page can now simply add a “+” in front of the company name in search In order to enable this you need to install the Google+ Direct Connect code on your business‟ website to help verify that your Google+ page is the “official” page for your business.
  14. 14. Setting Up Google+ Direct ConnectTo do this, go to your Google+page, and click the “connect yourwebsite” link under the “GetStarted” sectionOnce you have done this, you willbe taken to a screen that givesyou options for six differentGoogle+ buttons.Once you‟ve add the code to yourwebsite, you will be eligible to beincluded in Google Direct connect.
  15. 15. Circles
  16. 16. Toggle Between Your Business Page and Profile
  17. 17. Adding the +1 Button to Your Site using Google‟s +1 button get 3.5X the Google+ visits!Improve click through rates - Adding +1 buttons to your pages is agreat way to help your content stand out in Google search. By givingyour visitors more chances to +1 your pages, your search resultcould show up more often, helping users see when your pages aremost likely to be useful.+1 buttons appear in Google‟s search results and can be embeddedon other websites as well. They are tied to a destination pageaddress, just like shares or tweets are.
  18. 18. Congrats
  19. 19. Our ServicesBeing Passionate comes easy when yougenuinely enjoy what you do. We offer anarray of services at Supernova Media buthere‟s what we do best:• Web Design & Hosting• Consulting• Branding• Virtual ToursWe know that your success is our success.Contact Us
  20. 20. About Nancy Bain Nancy is a business owner, educator, and business strategist with more than 20 years experience. When she is not advising and teaching people about social media, Nancy spends a lot of her own time using social media. Find Nancy online: Google+ : Nancy Bain Like Supernova Media on Follow Nancy on Twitter Facebook Visit her Website Find her on LinkedIn Follow her Blog And visit her YouTube Channel