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Supernova Media presents guide to Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger is a mobile app that lets you send and receive real-time messages with individual friends as well as small groups of friends, send photos, and privately share your location.

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Facebook Messenger

  1. Supernova Media Presents: Messenger
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  4. Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger is a mobile app that lets you send andreceive real-time messages with individual friends as well assmall groups of friends, send photos, and privately share yourlocation. You can grab it today in the US and Canada for Androidon Google‟s Android Market, for Blackberry on App World and forthe iPhone on Apple‟s App Store.If your friend has the app, messages are delivered to him or hervia push notifications (you can choose to mute all conversationsor specific ones temporarily or indefinitely). If he or shedoesn‟t, they are delivered via SMS, Facebook Chat, orFacebook Messages. You can thus use it to reach all of yourfriends – whether they‟re on Facebook or in your phone contacts.All you have to do is type the person‟s name and the message.
  5. Facebook Messenger After you install it, Facebook Messenger imports all your existing Facebook inbox conversations. You can then start a conversation by adding one of more of your Facebook friends or phone numbers from your phone‟s contacts. If someone is both a Facebook friend and a contact on your phone, you can choose where to deliver the conversation‟s messages. It‟s worth noting that Messenger is a separate app from the standalone Facebook app. This is the first standalone app from the social network; previously all new features were simply added to the main Facebook app on the various mobile platforms. This could be the start of a new trend: details regarding a photo sharing app for the iPhone leaked out two months ago.
  6. Group MessagingFacebook sees Messenger as an extension of the recentlylaunched Facebook messages feature, which puts all yourconversations, including your texts, chats, emails, andmessages, into one place. Whether you access Facebookonline or on your phone, you can see the full history of allyour messages.Facebook Messenger also lets you quickly start a groupconversation and message multiple people at once. If youchoose to share your location (this information is keptprivate within a conversation, and is not published toFacebook Places), the people you‟re messaging with caneasily find each other on a map with pushpinscorresponding to their locations. There‟s even an option toget directions to your friends from Google Maps or BingMaps.
  7. Group Messaging If you try to add more people to a one-on-one conversation, the message history is cleared (a good move given Facebook‟s poor privacy history). If you add additional participants to an existing group conversation, you are warned that these new people will be able see the conversation‟s history. You can also attach photos, and your friends can see and comment on them. You can optionally add a title and a photo to a given conversation.
  8. Main FeaturesFacebook lists three main features for the app: •Reach friends right on their phones – Send a message to your friends with Messenger, it goesdirectly to their mobile phones, so you stay in touch no matter where you go. Message any ofyour Facebook friends or anyone in your mobile contacts.•Get and send messages fast – Get to your messages with one click. Mobile notifications alsohelp make sure you never miss a message, from timely questions (”Need me to pick upanything?”) to last-minute changes of plans.be in on the plan. •Make plans with groups on the go – Trying to plan anight out with friends? Instead of sending individualmessages to all the different people in your group, nowyou can add everyone to one simple conversation, soeveryone can be in on the plan.
  9. Beluga Acquisition This app is the result of Facebook‟s acquisition of Beluga just five months prior to the release of Facebook Messenger. Beluga is a group messaging service, which is available for Android and iOS. It automatically searches through your Facebook friends and adds other Beluga users. Facebook acquired the small startup because it cleverly leveraged the social network to grow its group messaging app for sending instant group messages, photos, and location information.
  10. Facebook Messenger UpdateFacebook has recently released version 1.7 of itsFacebook Messenger app for both iOS andAndroid, and while it may not add video chat, it doesinclude several features that make Messenger amore serious competitor against the likes ofBlackBerry Messenger and iMessage. Read receiptsare the most noticeable addition to version 1.7, withthe word "seen" appearing beneath a message whenits recipient has taken a look. The functionality evenworks when sending group messages, ticking off thename of each individual person thats reviewed yourgroup messages.
  11. Facebook Messenger UpdateBeyond read receipts, you‟ll now see the name oftown or city from which a message was sent in-line ifyour conversation partners have location enabled.This improves on the old colored blue arrow next togeo-tagged messages that had to be tapped toactually show location. And Facebook has replacedthe ambiguous “three dots” real-time typing indicatorby showing in-line the name of who‟s currently typinga message to you.
  12. Installing Facebook Messenger for iPhoneYou will need to follow these easy steps to download FacebookMessenger to your iPhone or iPod Touch:• Locate the App Store on your device.• Tap on the search bar (the field located at the top), and type in "Facebook Messenger.“• Click on the Facebook Messenger app.• Tap the blue "Free" button to continue.Make sure your iPhone or iPod Touch meets the followingrequirements before you begin, or you will not be able to use thisapp: •6.6 MB available space•iOS 4.0 or later•WiFi or Mobile Web Access•Facebook Account
  13. Installing Facebook Messenger for iPhone Next, click the green “Install” button to download your own copy of the Facebook Messenger app to your iPhone or iPod Touch. You might be prompted to enter your Apple account password if you have not installed an app recently. The installation process will take a few minutes depending on your Internet connection and/or speed. Once your Facebook Messenger app has been installed, you are just a tap away from enjoying the exciting world of instant messaging your social networking friends. Locate the Facebook Messenger icon & click to launch the app software.
  14. Using Facebook MessengerNext, enter your Facebook account email and passwordwith your touch screen keyboard to access FacebookMessenger.Pressing on the email and password fields will open thekeyboard, allowing you to enter the information asprescribed. Click the “Log in to Facebook” button below tosubmit your information and log in to your app.Once logged in to Facebook Messenger, a dialogue box willappear asking if you would like to be notified when youreceive a new message. Click the "Ok" button to acceptnotifications or choose "Dont Allow" to prevent receivingnotifications from this app.
  15. Using Facebook Messenger In the top left corner of the app, the gear icon allows you to control your Facebook Messenger settings on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Click the icon to sign out of Facebook Messenger, in addition to controlling a number of other settings and accessing information, including: •When to receive, stop message alerts •Location settings •Use the help menu •Read app licenses
  16. Installing Facebook Messenger for AndroidFollow these easy steps to find and open the Android Market:• Find the Android Market shopping bag icon in your apps folder.• Select the icon to open the Market on your device.• Once launched, you can browse and download apps to your phone.Once you have opened the Android Market, you will need to searchfor the Facebook Messenger mobile software for your device:• Locate the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner.• Click the icon, and type "Facebook" into the search field.• Select "Facebook Messenger" from the results menu.
  17. Installing Facebook Messenger for Android From this screen, you can download the Facebook Chat messenger compatible with your Android phone or device. To begin your download, click the blue "Download" button. From this page in the Android Market, you can also view screenshots of Facebooks Chat app, read what others thought about the program and rate Facebook Messenger from one to five stars based on your own experience.
  18. Installing Facebook Messenger for AndroidNext, a status bar will appear detailing the progress of yourFacebook Chat download to your Android phone. Wait forthe download to finish, which can take up to a few minutesdepending on your Internet speed.Once your Facebook Chat messenger download hascompleted, you are ready to launch the app. Click the gray"Open" button to launch Facebook Chat.Next you‟ll be prompted for your login information. Click the"Log In to Facebook" button to continue.
  19. Installing Facebook Messenger for BlackberryTo begin, you must have the BlackBerry App Worldapplication installed on your BlackBerry smartphone.Launch BlackBerry App World and click the magnifyingglass on the bottom navigation. Type FacebookMessenger and click search. After you find the app:• Highlight Facebook Messenger.• Press the Menu key and select View.• The application details will now be presented which contains information about the app, screenshots and from other BlackBerry smartphone users.
  20. Installing Facebook Messenger for Blackberry • After reviewing the information, click Download to install Facebook Messenger. • If you are not currently logged in to BlackBerry App World, you will be prompted to enter your BlackBerry ID account information. • Click Login. • If your device has a password enabled, enter the password at the prompt to confirm the intent to install the application. • After the download process is complete, the application installs. Be sure to follow the steps when prompted during the installation, including a reboot of the BlackBerry smartphone where required. • Now once your device restarts Facebook Messenger will be installed and you can launch it from your application centre.
  21. Facebook Messenger“More and more of us rely on our phonesto send and receive messages,” aFacebook spokesperson said in astatement. “But it isn‟t always easy toknow the best way to reach someone ontheir phone. Should you send an email ortext? Which will they check first? Did theyeven get your last message? We thinkmessaging should be easier than that.You should be able to write amessage, click „Send‟ and know that youwill reach the person right away.”
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