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Haven’t you heard? Facebook purchased Instagram! The important take-away here for small businesses: you need to be sharing photos!

Facebook snapped up the hugely popular app Monday (April 9, 2012), for roughly $1 billion in a combination of cash and stock. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the acquisition in a post on his Facebook Timeline.

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Instagram for Facebook

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  4. 4. What is Instagram?Many people will tell you that their first weapon ofchoice for photo-sharing on their iPhone is Instagram.No wonder why. This free app contains 15 differentdigital filters that can spice up your dreariest pictures,and you can easily share them on Twitter, Flickr,Facebook etc on the go.More on the tutorial later, first we want to share somenews about another social media giant- Facebook.Huh? I thought this was about Instagram? Keepreading!
  5. 5. Facebook & Instagram Haven‟t you heard? Facebook purchased Instagram! The important take-away here for small businesses: you need to be sharing photos! Facebook snapped up the hugely popular app Monday (April 9, 2012), for roughly $1 billion in a combination of cash and stock. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the acquisition in a post on his Facebook Timeline.
  6. 6. Facebook & InstagramA lot of people are wondering why a 15-month-oldphoto-sharing app is worth so much money.But the real value is the community Instagramcreated in such a short time. It‟s now one of thelargest social networks with more than 30 millionregistered users. More than 1 billion photos havebeen downloaded, or about 5 million per day. Theamount of engagement is impressive too: the photosgenerated more than 575 “likes” on Facebook persecond, and more than 81 comments.
  7. 7. Facebook & Instagram Here is an excerpt from Mark‟s blog post: “This is an important milestone for Facebook because it‟s the first time we‟ve ever acquired a product and company with so many users. We don‟t plan on doing many more of these, if any at all. But providing the best photo sharing experience is one reason why so many people love Facebook and we knew it would be worth bringing these two companies together”
  8. 8. Welcome So you‟ve downloaded the Instagram app for your iPhone from the app store, now what? So let‟s assume you do not have an account on Instagram and are opening it for the first time. This is what you will see:
  9. 9. Signup & LoginAs you may have noticed at thebottom of the last screenshot youhave the option to Signup or Login.When signing up you will only beasked for the basics- nice andsimple.You will also be prompted to importcontacts or find friends fromcontacts, Facebook or Twitter.Additionally Instagram will suggestpeople to follow.
  10. 10. Feed Now that you‟ve signed up and logged in, you will be brought to your „Feed‟. Your Feed is all the recent activity of those you follow. A post consists of: the person‟s photo, name, the post itself and the likes and comments it receives.
  11. 11. Popular Next to Feed on the bottom navigation is „Popular‟. As you would guess, this page is full of popular photos on Instagram right now. 25 of them to be exact. You can refresh this page by clicking the refresh button in the top right hand corner.
  12. 12. Share The big button on the bottom in the center is the Share button. This is how you go about sharing your photos with the Instagram world. You can choose to share a photo taken at that moment in time or you can choose one from your Camera-roll. The button to take a photo is pretty self-explanitory and placed right in the center at the bottom. To pick one from your photos click the bottom left button that looks like two overlapping squares. The eye icon on the bottom right brings up your filters.
  13. 13. Share The top buttons are more customizable options. Add a border around your photo. Flash on/off toggle. Flip between the two camera lenses on your iPhone. Tilt Shift- This adds blur to certain areas of your photo. The options here are linear and radial. After you take the photo you can tap or drag to define the area. Lastly- this cancel‟s your upload
  14. 14. Filters One of the great features of Instagram is the ability to use filters. Here are the filters that are available to you. Your best bet would be to check each one of these out with your own photo‟s and see how they look. Currently you can only add one filter to each photo but we found an article explaining how to add multiple filters to one photo- how cool!
  15. 15. News Once you‟ve uploaded your photo it will bring it up on your feed and the feed of those who follow you. Your feedback on the photo can be tracked through the News button on the bottom navigation along with any new followers and the time that has elapsed since the event. You can switch between your own news and the news of those you are following at the top. This page can be refreshed by hitting the refresh button on the top right.
  16. 16. ProfileThe last button on the bottom navigation is your Profile. Here you can find friends,search Instagram, view your photos, photos you‟ve liked and edit your profile.
  17. 17. Profile If you click Your Photos you will be brought to the page people see when they click your user name. It shows your profile photo, a count of all your photos uploaded, how many followers you have and how many you are following. You can click the followers and following buttons for a list of each. You can also toggle your view at the top of the screen. You can view grid style photos or larger photos that you will have to scroll through individually.
  18. 18. Edit ProfileEditing your profile is important.(You can get to this screen by clicking the gear icon atthe top right of the „Your Photos‟ page or from the Profilepage under the Account header.)You may have been prompted for this information atsignup but here is where you can edit it after the fact.The first three fields would have been mandatory atsignup- first name, last name and username. Next is yourwebsite- if applicable and your biography (max 150characters), both of which will appear on your visibleprofile.
  19. 19. Connecting Instagram & FacebookWhen you choose to share Instagram photos to Facebook, yourimages will automatically be added to an "Instagram Photos"Facebook album visible to your Facebook friends.To set this up go to Edit Sharing Settings under the profile tab.This will bring up a page with the option to link to several differentsocial media sites.
  20. 20. Connecting Instagram & FacebookClick „Facebook‟ and it will open the Facebook app on youriPhone and you will see this page:Once you click allow your all done! You can now adjust whereyou want the photo‟s to post to- Wall is default.The photos will appear full-sized in the News Feed along with thecaption that youve added to the Instagram photo, and a link tothe images public URL. This change will also display yourInstagram photos beautifully in your timeline!
  21. 21. Liking & CommentingYou can go about liking a photo in a couple ofways. The easiest is to double tap the photo (aheart will appear over the photo for a second onceyou‟ve done so) but you can also click Likeunderneath the photo & comments. Conveniently,this is where you will find the comment button.
  22. 22. Instagram Tips• Get to the top of your Feed fast- Tap the status bar at the top of your screen (where the time and battery level are displayed) to automatically scroll to the top of the feed.• Export your photos to your computer- If you havent been saving your photos to your device and now want an easy way to export your Instagram photos and save them to your computer, check out this tool-- its a simple way to export or backup your Instagram photos:• Get more followers with Hastags- Adding tags to your photos is a great way to find new followers and share your photos with more people. But hashtags can be tricky. To get the most out of them, you‟ll want to keep a few things in mind- be specific (Choosing specific tags will help you connect with other like-minded people on Instagram), be relevant (Relevant tags will help you attract new followers who will take a genuine interest in your photos), and be observant (Pay attention to the other hashtags used on photos that use the same tag as yours. You may discover a popular hashtag you hadn‟t thought of on your own. )
  23. 23. Dive into the Instagram World Now that you got the scoop on Instagram you have no excuse for not giving it a try if you haven‟t already. Now good luck and happy snappin... See you in the Instagram Feeds.
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