Iannucci Supernova 2008


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Iannucci Supernova 2008

  1. 1. We’re Just G etting S tarted There is Yet Another M obile R evolution to C ome B ob Iannucci, P h.D . C hief Technology O fficer Nokia C ompany C onfidential
  2. 2. S ensors O pen the D oor C ompany C onfidential
  3. 3. M obile D evices S ense Your E nvironment Building C ontext Today… Incoming… •GPS • Near Field • C ameras C ommunication • Accelerometers • Indoor positioning • Light sensors • E nvironmental analysis • Bluetooth • M icrophones • Wi-Fi • C ell triangulation C ompany C onfidential
  4. 4. Traffic Works • 100 cars • 100 Nokia N95 G P S enabled devices • 150 UC Berkeley students • 10 miles of C alifornia freeway C ompany C onfidential
  5. 5. Traffic Works Intelligent & Integrated P arty Jen’s Birthday in 1 hour. Traffic on normal route is heavy due to incident. C onsider leaving early. Would you like alternate routes? No Thanks Okay C ompany C onfidential
  6. 6. Wild P ossibilities in a S ensor-Filled World • Tracking of influenza outbreaks through personal health monitoring in populations • R eal-time weather monitoring across 100’s of millions of users • D ata collection on a massive scale when earthquakes strike • Up to the second crowd flows in busy locations like football stadiums C ompany C onfidential
  7. 7. The C hallenges Are R eal C ompany C onfidential
  8. 8. The S cale is Unparalleled in Human History C ompany C onfidential
  9. 9. C ompany C onfidential
  10. 10. C ompany C onfidential
  11. 11. C ompany C onfidential
  12. 12. 80%Million 1.2 BCillion >1 3.3 ountries and Territories 64%Billion 220 O f theGSM snetworks worldwide daily Newin devices population has coverage Nokia world’s sold M obileemerging markets Are GS M ubscribers are added Have subscriptions C ompany C onfidential
  13. 13. Beyond Your Front D oor E merging M arkets Are Wildly D ifferent M ost people do not have plumbing M any do not have electricity, some not even nearby Literacy rates can hover between 60% and 90% E nvironmental extremes Large parts of cities (alleys, hutongs, shanties ) are unmapped C ompany C onfidential
  14. 14. The D oor is O pen for New M odels New P ayment S ystems • Trading of minutes , not cas h R epatriation of Funds • Foreign workers sending earnings to families back home C ompany C onfidential
  15. 15. The D oor is O pen for New M odels M icrofinancing • Grammen Foundation • Kiva.org E nabling New Businesses • E xample: M os oko C ompany C onfidential
  16. 16. The D oor is O pen for New M odels E ndurance Technologies • New charging technology (convenient, faster) • New ways to protect gear (dirt, water, drops ) C ompany C onfidential
  17. 17. The D oor is O pen for New M odels Loosely S tructured Navigation • Beyond the mapped world QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. • “Just in time” meetings Literacy-Neutral • M oving past language-specific UIs to more universal principles and assisting technologies C ompany C onfidential
  18. 18. C hallenges What value will emerge from multi-sensory connected devices? How do we network 100’s of millions of users? What is needed to secure this environment? What commercial ventures can be formed around these opportunities? How can we enable the next one billion to participate in the global marketplace? C ompany C onfidential
  19. 19. C ompany C onfidential