Discrimination against women


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Discrimination against women

  2. 2. INDEX1. What´s the discrimination?2. Types of discrimination3. Discrimination in Spain4. Discrimination in Africa5. Discrimination in Asia
  3. 3. 1. What´s discrimination.• It’s when the people treat a person in adifferent or inferior way. This difference can beabout the skin’scolour, race, sex, age, culture, religion orideology.
  4. 4. 2. Types of discrimination• Social• Labor• Sexual• Aesthetic• Educational• About liberty to decide
  5. 5. - social• In the society women have got the role oflooking after the family and working at home.If there’s a problem in her house the womanusually leaves her job ; but the man doesn’tleave it.
  6. 6. - labor• The work environment treats women in a inferior way . Youcan see that in two ways:• ACCESS TO WORK :• Many times when you read the newspaper you canread:”This work is only for men” but it’s a work that awoman can do.• When a boss has to choose between a man and a woman heoften chooses the man because he thinks the woman canleave.• There aren’t many women directing greats companys.• SALARY:• The women’s salary is sometimes shorter than the men’ssalary, but the work is the same.
  7. 7. - sexual• Women often represent a sexual symbol andthey support violations.
  8. 8. - Aesthetic• Women always have to be beautiful and looklike young because in the magazines andtelevision all women are pretty and thinmodels .Their bodys are fantastic.• For example: When a man is older the peoplesay: “ He’s interesting and handsome” ,Butwhen a woman is older the people say :“ She’s ugly “.
  9. 9. - Educational• A lot of times women can’t continue theireducation because it’s very expensive and in afamily with children, the parents prefer thatthe sons study.
  10. 10. - About liberty to decide• In some countries , for example the islamicscountries , men are very posesive and theydon’t let women to choose their future .Women can’t select their husband.
  11. 11. Discrimination of women in Spain
  12. 12. Discrimination in Spain• Aggressions against women have a particularincidence in the reality of Spain.• Men usually shout and hit them.• In Spain there are women´s organizations thatfight against all forms of gender violence.
  13. 13. Discrimination in Africa
  14. 14. • Once the woman marries doesn´t have anopinion to decide anything.• .If the woman commits crime the punishmentis bigger than if the man and is the samecrime..
  15. 15. • The woman does not have the same right togo to the school as man.They do not let her decide if wants to getdivorced.
  16. 16. • They cannot work outside the house sincethey have to devote take car to the children.• The woman who has positive HIV getssterilized without authorization.
  17. 17. Discrimination of women in Asia• The situation of the Asian woman is ascomplex as the economy of this countries.
  18. 18. • Sex discrimination in Asia is already reflectedin the disparity of births, since it has beenestimated that "missing" about 96 milliongirls, especially in China and India, who weredeprived of adequate medical care because oftheir sex.
  19. 19. • On the other hand the birth of a child is acause for celebration for the family. In thosesocieties are taught to children, since they aresmall, that men are intelligent and virile and inwomen is only rated the virginity and beauty
  20. 20. • Until the propaganda discriminatesagainst women. It represents theclassic woman, you have to beyoung and beautiful, it has to knowtake care of the house and knowcooking. Girls must play with dollsand help their mothers withhousehold chores. They were alsoforced to stay home to take care oftheir brothers, for example. For thatreason there is more to the college,stop look very young, and as aresult, constitute the highest rate ofilliteracy.
  21. 21. • Men control theprocreation ofchildren and exercisean extremely violentattitude before theadultery, reachingstoning adulterouswomen.