Wattpad for TC season 1


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Wattpad for Toronto Chronicles Season 1

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  • It’s a creative movement where stories come to life!9 episodes shot on the world’s most advanced superphonesamsung galaxy s2It’s a film project, the first of its kind. Something like this has never been done before, and we’ll be the first ones to make a big splash.It’s all about collaboration. We are bring together the most creative storytellers with the most innovative technology.
  • The vision of this film project is to bridge the gap between art and technology. It is my mission as a filmmaker to create this movement and we'll start the revolution right from here in Toronto.
  • We don’t need another kimkardashian show or jersey shore. There is even a show about tow trucks? It really boggles my mindI have been blessed to have worked with so many great talents and I like to be wowed. It needs to be memorable…We are creating an experience. Our project will find a way to get seen by you and when it will be a great experience.
  • Distribution:We have mycitylives over 1 million video views, this is youtube for Toronto.Center for Social Innovation. This is a hub for entrepreneurs with a vast network of forward thinkers and on top of that, we have a 10,000 plus strong active members to prove it.- Samsung has one of the largest online followers in the social media realm. Their reach is not only in Canada, but throughout the world through their social media channels such as Samsung Tomorrow and Samsung World. 9 million fans on facebook- Android community is the most active user based community in the world. They are excited about advancement in technology. Xdadeveopers has 4.27 registered users.futureshorts, an international film channel run by filmmakers has a total of 76,752,937 video viewsThe key here is diverse cross platform access, cross polinization, to the 10th. We’re criss crossing our channel resources.MycitylivesyoutubeCenter for social innovation, word of mouthXda developers and tech enthusiast-legion of samsung fans called sammiesFilm fans through futureshorts: We create synergy
  • These are the core values of Toronto Chronicles. I also believe these are wattpads core values as well.Toronto Chronicle is the embodiment of what wattpad is all about with my own flavor because I’m a writer, I’m a filmmaker, and I’m an entrepreneur.It’s about innovation, by utilizing what we have and taking it to the next level!
  • - Social media is at its infant stage.When you really think about it, it’s only been about 2-3 years since all this took off. Just imagine where we would be in a year from now.- By utilizing our resources we are cross pollinizing existing channels to create a unique audience base that is engaged in what we are doing.- Our main goal is to build relationships with leading Canadian brands because at the end of the day, it's about the big picture. How we can differ ourselves from the masses.
  • Season 2 is already in the works featuring Samsung Galaxy Nexus operating on google android 4.0 the Ice Cream Sandwich. For you techi fans, this is the 3rd generation Google Phone.A theatrical release of a Toronto Chronicles eposide: The beat of something wonderful, premiering in 2012 film festival season.The future is limitless: there so many ways we can go from here. Multiple tv pilots, couple shortfilms, north by north east, vancouver film festivalIt’s very exciting for us.
  • Strategic co-operative marketing.We want to create a partnership. My success is your success. The bigger splash we make with Toronto Chronicles, more brand awareness for Wattpad.I’m not just looking for an investment.I am looking for something more, I am looking for brands who can understand ourvision, who could support us, and who also has our interests aligned.I see wattpad as that brand. Let’s work on this together.
  • Wattpad for TC season 1

    1. 1. Information Package Presented by: ekProductions Inc.
    2. 2. NFFC – National Filmmakers Foundation of CanadaA non-profit organization for filmmakers by filmmakers
    3. 3. What is Toronto Chronicles?• It’s a creative movement where stories come to life!• It’s a film project, the first of its kind• It’s all about collaboration
    4. 4. It’s a Revolution!Art Technology
    5. 5. Why Toronto Chronicles?• Saturation of reality TV shows, too much is too much• People want to be entertained, they want to be WOWed• We are creating an EXPERIENCE
    6. 6. Distribution
    7. 7. Hello Wattpad!• Stories• Community• Collaboration
    8. 8. The Audience• Tech savvy audience of the X & Y Generations• Innovative approach to create new audience• Building unique relationships with leading Canadian Brands and growing
    9. 9. Featuring wattpad• A contest, via fan vote, winning short story gets turned into a short film• A Toronto Chronicles: Wattpad episode• Paving a way for future screenplay category for writers @ wattpad
    10. 10. The Future of “Toronto Chronicles”• Season 2 featuring Galaxy Nexus• A theatrical release of a “Toronto Chronicles” episode: "The Beat of Something Wonderful" premiering in 2012 film festival season.• The future is limitless
    11. 11. Strategic Co-operative Marketing• Official Partnership: $10,000 CDN dollars• Official Sponsorship: $5,000 CDN dollars
    12. 12. Thank You Jiho Kim, Executive Director jkim@ekProductionsInc.com 416-554-2906 Rutul Sharma, Business Manager rutul@ekProductionsInc.com 416-894-4382 Joe Bartok, Accountant joe.bartok@rogers.com 647-408-5639