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Customers are on web - marketers need to be there too


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Jani Aaltonen, presentation in Caverion marketing day fall 2014. Customers are on web - marketers need to be there too. World of customers has changed - we need to change the way we are thinking.

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Customers are on web - marketers need to be there too

  1. 1. Customers are on the web - marketers need to be there too.
  2. 2. Agenda • What happens in the world of the customer • How should we plan our marketing • What to do next?
  3. 3. Buying went to web.
  4. 4. Search for information went to web.
  5. 5. 4 trends that we need to understand
  6. 6. Self-educating buyer
  7. 7. Before everybody did not have access to information. Now everybody has the access to information.
  8. 8. Salesman had the power Now customer has the power
  9. 9. Salesman had all the info Google has all the info
  10. 10. Before we purchase Now we subscribe
  11. 11. Before customer was alert Now the salesman on alert
  12. 12. If something was not happened to you it does not mean that it wont happen to you in the future.
  13. 13. What is the profile and attitude of modern sales man?
  14. 14. ABC Always be closing
  15. 15. ABH Always be helping
  16. 16. Salesman now!
  17. 17. Motivated Analytic Creative Sharp Helpfull
  18. 18. We are on a radar!
  19. 19. It’s all about the traffic and conversion