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Tips on ” How to Increase Fuel Efficiency of Your Motorcycle”.


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As fuel prices are raising day-by-day it has become a cause of worry to financial needs. As a biker you can contribute in saving fuel and fuel resources. Just you have to follow few rules while driving your motorcycle. Here are some tips to increase fuel efficiency of your motorcycle.

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Tips on ” How to Increase Fuel Efficiency of Your Motorcycle”.

  1. 1. WWW.SUPERIORMCSUPPLY.COM Motorcycle Part & Accessories How to Increase Fuel Efficiency of Your Motorcycle
  2. 2. Try to avoid traffic, know your route before you start for your destination.
  3. 3. Try to keep constant speed of your motorcycle on long runs.
  4. 4. To avoid air resistance keep the wind shield of your helmet closed and wear tight fitting clothes, so that air will not resist your speed.
  5. 5.   Maintenance of your motorcycle, one of the important factors to increase fuel efficiency.
  6. 6. Check tyre pressure on a regular basis. You may find it abstract but it’s a very important factor.
  7. 7. Avoid jackrabbit starts. Resist the temptation to accelerate quickly. Avoid revving the throttle while stopped, many motorcyclists enjoy it but that burns fuel for no reason.
  8. 8. If possible try to minimize the number of times that you must shift gears.
  9. 9. As maintenance is a very important factor in increasing fuel efficiency, maintain your motorcycle and use genuine and original spares and accessories. For more details contact us… WWW.SUPERIORMCSUPPLY.COM