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Part 5 l. superior making it great


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Published in: Travel, Technology
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Part 5 l. superior making it great

  1. 1. Reduce the volume of rain enteringthe stormwater system by capturingit and releasing it more slowly
  2. 2. Allow more rain to soak into theground by increasing permeableareas
  3. 3. Lake Superior Day(3rd Sunday in July)
  4. 4. In-person meetings build relationships The internet helps (alot!)
  5. 5. Thank you Lake Superior Binational Ontario Ministry of Forum Members Natural Resources U.S. Coordinator: Lissa Ontario Ministry of Radke Environment U.S. Co-Chair: Bruce Minnesota Pollution Lindgren Control Agency Canadian Co-Chair: Wisconsin Department Glen Dale of Natural Resources Retail, commercial, Michigan Department industrial partners of Environmental Quality U.S. Environmental City of Thunder Bay Protection Agency Town of Terrace Bay Environment Canada Town of Marathon Great Lakes Minnesota Dept. Of Sustainability Fund Natural Resources
  6. 6. Jim BaileyLake Superior Binational 888-301-5253 (toll free)
  7. 7. Questions?