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Is B2B Really Ready for Video and Social Media


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Is B2B really ready for social media? by David Murdico from Here's the YouTube version with audio from the original presentation:

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Is B2B Really Ready for Video and Social Media

  1. 1. Is B2B Really Ready for Video & SocialMedia Marketing?
  2. 2. @DavidMurdico David MurdicoExecutive Creative Director & Managing Partner Supercool Creative @DavidMurdico
  3. 3. Supercool Creative is a digital agency specializing in big ideas, social mediamarketing, interactive and online video production for startups and brands including Dickies, T-Mobile, Dish, Capcom, IBM, Pizza Hut and Atari.
  4. 4. Is B2B Ready... The short answer is “no” and the long answer is “almost.”
  5. 5. EngagementEntertaining, informative, engaging content Sharing Content that will be shared Consistency A steady stream of content
  6. 6. Businesses don’t sell to businesses.Businesses don’t socialize with businesses.
  7. 7. People sell to people.People socialize with people.
  9. 9. What’s wrong with a fact sheet? NOTHING BUT SAVE IT FOR LATER Fact sheets won’t raise awareness
  11. 11. If social media is the rocket launcher video is the rocket
  12. 12. If social media is UPS video is the package
  13. 13. FEAR
  14. 14. What are B2B professionals most afraid of?Fear of the unknownFear of the knownFear of learning something new thatmay require us to do more workFear of bombing and wasting budgetFear of being fired
  15. 15. Experiment!
  17. 17. Infographics
  18. 18. Blogs
  19. 19. Memes and Cartoons
  20. 20. Pictures
  21. 21. Video 20M ViewsMake a bad ass video like this and you’ll get lots of views
  22. 22. DELIVERY
  23. 23. It’s the content AND what you do with it
  24. 24. Identify and target your audienceCreate content they’ll like, learn from and share
  25. 25. Raise awareness and encourage sharing with employees to reach influencers and decision makers
  26. 26. Blog and publication outreach Conversation around the videoMarketing message revealed in blog posts, write-ups discussions, comments
  27. 27. VIDEO USES
  28. 28. Product Launches
  29. 29. Promos, Specials, Sales, Holidays Tell a Story
  30. 30. Interactive
  31. 31. Interviews,Video Series
  32. 32. Giveaways and Campaign Glue
  33. 33. Social and environmental responsibilityFor brands, businesses and organizations, being socially andenvironmentally responsible can be a key way of differentiating themselvesfrom their competitors. Video can bring the faces of individuals and positiveactions of these companies to the forefront and help move brands closer tonew and existing fans and customers.Video can also be used to present a call-to-action, or as a rallying cry forpublic involvement in a good cause. Launching videos where fans areencouraged to submit a response in video form allows a call-to-action to bespread even faster and with farther reach.
  34. 34. The “One Click” RuleEmbed videos close to the “call to action,”Order nowDownload nowJoin nowSubscribe nowComment nowShare now
  35. 35. CREATIVE
  36. 36. Entertainment Value vs Message
  37. 37. Smart Comedy
  38. 38. Parody / Self Promotion
  39. 39. Unexpected
  40. 40. Integrated campaigns, TV, social,Interactive, OOH, Multi-purposing
  41. 41. Viral Videos
  42. 42. Explainer Videos
  43. 43. Informative Helpful
  44. 44. Web Series “Hatefiring”
  45. 45. Everyone’s Doing ItIf all your friends jumped off a bridge?
  46. 46. Video = 70%
  47. 47. The Youth Factor Younger employees arebecoming decision makers or are being consulted by decision makersThey are becoming the newgate keepers and they love YouTube
  48. 48. Paid vs earned
  49. 49. ROI
  50. 50. ROIEstablish goals (expected return)Develop video and socialmedia strategy to reach goals determine budget Compare budget to expected return Execute strategy
  51. 51. @DavidMurdico