How to Do Social Media Marketing


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Social media marketing is an on-going campaign that will require commitment as there is essentially no end. As mentioned before, there are a zillion social media sites to join, learn and utilize, and new social sites are popping up every week.

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  • How to Do Social Media Marketing

    1. 1. How to Do Social Media Marketing
    2. 2. How Do You Do Social Media Marketing? I wish there was a simple answer to this, but unfortunately, there isn’t just one single go-to social media marketing formula, other than maybe “do a lot of it, and often.” But even that’s too broad as there are numerous social sites that differ from one another. From #FollowFriday to “poking someone,” each social site has its own etiquette and lingo. Twitter can be used for updating followers, while Facebook can be used for discussions with fans, as YouTube can be used to showcase products and et cetera. Make sure the people handling your social media presence and marketing, whether in-house or hired agency, understand the dynamics and options each social site provides and how to best leverage them.
    3. 3. Do It Yourself A lot of people will say that social media marketing is free and can be done in-house, which is technically true, but what it does cost is time and resources. Social media marketing is an on-going campaign that will require commitment as there is essentially no end. As mentioned before, there are a zillion social media sites to join, learn and utilize, and new social sites are popping up every week. Not to mention current social sites are constantly developing and changing, which will require your social media team to stay on top of all of them – learn what’s been added or taken away and how to best use it to benefit. What’s popular one day can easily be fading into non-existence the next (MySpace, anyone?). Do you have a small group within your brand to dedicate to a social media marketing campaign? Because a social media marketing campaign should go on as long as your brand is available.
    4. 4. With So Many Options, Where Does One Start? You can start with establishing both your short-term and long-term goals as to what you want to accomplish with a social media marketing campaign. Do you want to connect with your consumers? Do you want to reach new consumers? Do you want to develop a following?
    5. 5. When your goals are established you should be on the social sites where your target demographic is. Facebook has over 400 million users, so there’s a good chance your demographic is there. Maybe you want to reach early adapters, then Foursquare, the newest social site to gain rapid traction (much like Twitter in 2008), may be your ideal starting point. Maybe your brand is B2B, then LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, makes for a smart initiative. Perhaps you want to cast a wide net to attract an assorted audience, then an insightful, entertaining blog or video(s) may be the way to go. Of course you’re not limited to just one social site, you can become a part of them all! You just have to make sure you’re able to manage every new social site you join.
    6. 6. What Do You Mean Manage? By managing, I mean churning out content, providing updates and interacting with consumers often and regularly. Attention spans of internet users aren’t very long (hence, why the majority of YouTube videos are under five minutes) and they’re quick to forget and move on. The constant updating allows consumers to be reminded of your brand (doesn’t mean you should spam) while the interaction lets consumers know you’re a brand that cares about what consumers have to say. Social media marketing is about building relationships. That is the long-term benefit.
    7. 7. Benefits One great aspect of social media marketing is that it is very flexible, meaning you can move the direction of the campaign to integrate with your other marketing activities easily, such as broadcast commercials, print ads, billboards and online videos. One example would be to spearhead your social media marketing campaign with a highly entertaining (dare I say, viral) video. Use the video content as the basis for making a Facebook Like-page (formerly Fan-page) and/or Twitter account.
    8. 8. Examples You can establish a character or mascot from said video to serve as a representative of your brand. Imagine Kellogg’s tweeting about Frosted Flakes, and then imagine Tony the Tiger (Frosted Flakes’ animated mascot) tweeting about Frosted Flakes. Both would be talking about Frosted Flakes, but from two different angles. To add to this you can even encourage your employees to give your brand social mentions. In this sense the mascot is essentially the personification of your brand, and can be used to communicate with your consumers with a distinct voice and personality. This gives you another option to discuss your brand from a different angle.
    9. 9. Conclusion Like any marketing campaign social media marketing takes preparation, a well-executed plan, creativity and follow through. What separates social media marketing though is the consumer engagement and interaction. A well established relationship between brand and consumer increases brand loyalty which leads to increased sales. So, start interacting!
    10. 10. CONTACTS @SupercoolAgency Supercool Creative Supercool Creative is a digital creative agency specializing in online video creative, production, viral video marketing and integrated social media marketing campaigns designed to target customers, build awareness and drive interaction. 1556 N La Brea Ave Suite 100 Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323) 719-3409