The birth-of-superconnect


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The birth-of-superconnect

  1. 1. The Birth of Superconnect
  2. 2. • SuperConnect is the newest division of Slalom, LLC, created April 2, 2012, to leverage the years of knowledge and experience gained working with enterprise clients of Slalom Consulting.• Slalom Consulting, a division of Slalom, LLC, is a national business and technology consulting firm, founded in 2001 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hartford, Los Angeles, Portland, Palo Alto, New York and San Francisco. There are now three divisions that make up Slalom, LLC: Slalom Consulting, 2Degrees and SuperConnect. Capitalizing on its local consultant model, which minimizes travel overhead for clients, Slalom has grown to more than 1,800 consultants who cover a wide range of business and technology services.
  3. 3. • In recent years, Slalom Consulting has excelled in bringing innovation to its clients with a myriad of applications and projects such as a mobile employee directory for the Slalom consultants spread out across the country to put faces with names and find internal experts, targeted 90-second games to promote learning and team collaboration, and other tools that saw enormous demand from customers. We watched and learned how these early tools succeeded and identified areas for improvement. The Slalom teams saw a need to address trending business problems that many organizations face by offering standardized products. Slalom identified key leaders in the technology and mobile spaces from within Slalom Consulting to explore the possibility of a product division, and SuperConnect was born.
  4. 4. The SuperConnect difference• SuperConnect draws on our extensive experience working with enterprises large and small to help you maximize your effectiveness, be more innovative and better support your most important assets – employees. What we continually find is that existing solutions are typically insufficient and don’t live up to the hype or the expectations of customers. So we worked to identify a better way to meet and exceed our customers’ goals, which resulted in the SuperConnect model with a “Work. Better.” vision for all of our customers.
  5. 5. How SuperConnect works• SuperConnect helps companies and users work better by harnessing the value of four major trends emerging today:• Mobility – Mobility is not just a smaller screen, it’s a new way of working. People are carrying their laptops less and connecting with their company and colleagues more through mobile devices. It’s not about the device, it’s about a paradigm shift in how information is accessed and consumed. SuperConnect leverages this new trend fully by building apps that are designed for the mobile world, not just desktop apps squeezed down to fit on a mobile device.
  6. 6. • Enterprise gamification – Recently there have been numerous new trends in workplace psychology that are changing the way we think about how to engage employees, and the SuperConnect founders have been at the forefront of many of those trends. For example, one of the most popular trends right now, enterprise gamification, is already under way at SuperConnect, where customers are using games to help employees learn new topics and seeing huge success. Despite these early successes, SuperConnect is taking nothing for granted. We are exploring everything people do on a daily basis and determining how it could be done better. Enterprise gamification, along with new trends in learning, performance and talent management, and many others are key examples of the power of the new thinking SuperConnect is bringing to the workplace.
  7. 7. • Social Media – We have all seen the power social media has in the consumer space to connect people, facilitate communication and collaboration, etc. But we have really only scratched the surface on how social media can benefit companies. SuperConnect is bringing social elements of the work world to the forefront through our apps.• Cloud Computing – Cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) have been proven to significantly reduce time to implementation, complexity and costs for organizations. SuperConnect is a leader in cloud computing, and we’re using the best of the cloud to make our solutions scalable, easy to implement, and very cost-effective.
  8. 8. • Our vision is to create a world where employees, regardless of the devices they use, have intuitive and interactive user experiences that enable job efficiency and effectiveness, wherever they may be.• It is clear to us that change is underway as to how companies and employees must work for success. Instead of trying to shore up or recreate existing software in attempts to foster employee collaboration, socialization and productivity, let SuperConnect serve up the most useful features that best fit your current work needs, while recreating work experiences for the 21st century and beyond.• There is a better way to work. SuperConnect – Work. Better.
  9. 9. • SuperConnect has expertise in social and mobile enterprise software, business software, secure mobile apps and corporate directory applications, and provides applications used for mobile enterprise, corporate education and corporate training for empowered employees.•