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Why and how we built teowaki


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Two developers journey into the dark side of technology.

Talk delivered for Code Collective and It @ ñ UK as part of the techcity talks initiative

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Why and how we built teowaki

  1. 1. Why and how we built two developers journey into the dark side of software techcity talks javier ramirez @supercoco9
  2. 2. Recurring Revenue: I need a product
  3. 3. the product on the side
  4. 4. Your idea is not so valuable
  5. 5. Your team is
  6. 6. broken!
  7. 7. @teowaki
  8. 8. set up in the UK is just £15* * don't need to do it until you start operating
  9. 9. External services we pay for: wordpress £0.70 AWS, google, Maxmind GeoIP < £1 ICO £3 pivotal tracker £3.75 Domain and SSL wildcard certificate £10 flexible co-working space £30 digital ocean £34 free services: trello,new relic,pingdom,rollbar, google Apps, google Analytics
  10. 10. £83 per month* * zero costs in software licenses
  11. 11. Salaries* are the largest expense * try to hire part-time at first
  12. 12. Hypermedia RESTful API (Ruby on Rails) Kind-of-responsive web application (AngularJS) Background jobs queue (Redis) Background workers (Ruby on Rails) Postgresql master/slave, for text search too Redis master/slave (with LUA scripting) Memcached
  13. 13. Devops Ansible for provisioning Monit and Munin for server health check Google Bigquery for bigdata processing S3 and Glacier for backups (every minute for postgresql, every hour for Redis and stats)
  14. 14. If you love your developers, please tell them about Cheers! techcity talks javier ramirez