Customer support using online communities


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Touching base on Social CRM for customer support, feedback and ideation via online communities.

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Customer support using online communities

  1. Customer support in the 2.0 era<br />Touching base on Social CRM for customer support, feedback and ideation via online communities<br />Aditya Rao @adityarao310<br />Director, Social business strategy @<br />
  2. WTF has social media taught us?<br />!<br />People are talking about you<br />
  3. … are you listening<br />?<br />
  4. WTF are we doing with social media?<br />!<br />Social media marketing<br />
  5. ?<br />… are you forgetting something<br />
  6. Users come online to find information and connect with peers<br />!<br />NOT for your marketing messages<br />
  7. A brief history of Business communications<br />What has been happening till now?<br />
  8. <ul><li> It’s called the snail mail for a reason
  9. One to one customer support
  10. Repetitive costs
  11. Issues with scalability
  12. Feedback from customers gets lost</li></li></ul><li><ul><li> In the 2.0 world, no one has time to even write you a mail
  13. The cooler crowd has moved onto 140 chars</li></li></ul><li><ul><li> Twitter is quick and ideal for business communications
  14. More reach and branding
  15. Personal relations with your customers</li></li></ul><li>
  16. And yet, Twitter is not the final answer<br />
  17. <ul><li>The final step, mostly is still the e-mail
  18. Repetition costs (solving same queries for multiple users)
  19. Scalability issues</li></li></ul><li>Give users what they want – connections and conversations with peers<br />!<br />Eureka<br />
  20. 850+ million answers on Yahoo! Answers and<br />?<br />Why would this even work<br />
  21. Social tools will change, but not the approach<br />
  22. Solve user queries<br />Let the user ask a query about your service<br />
  23. Remove dependencies on specific platform<br />Make use of the open web for ease of user inputs<br />
  24. Harness the crowd’s intelligence<br />Let the community reply to the query<br />
  25. Insert your company reps (sample)<br />
  26. Take feedback and innovate on ideas<br />Social interactions to push popular ideas <br />
  27. Plug the community into organisation wide operations<br />
  28. <ul><li> Cut down of support costs
  29. Quickest and most scalable form
  30. Personal relationships with customer in needs</li></ul>Hooray! This is the customer support …<br />
  31. “Often, social media implementation in the enterprise is 80% process and labor, and only 20% technology” - Jeremiah Owyang<br />!<br />It’s not over yet<br />
  32. Integrate customer community into current support channels<br />
  33. Thank you!<br /><br />Aditya Rao @adityarao310<br />Director, Social business strategy @<br />