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Top 10 Power Tips for a Sucessful Investor Road Show (whether for IPO or for PE)


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SuperCFO is happy to present a lucid and easy to read guide on the basic fundamentals that one needs to bear in mind when preparing for an Investor Road Show.
This presentation is of utmost importance to wannabe entrepreneurs,, startups and any such company that is seeking expansion or growth in business through funding.
We have attempted to define the top ten areas companies often take for granted while on a Road Show. These include basic grooming skills, the right dress code, the timing of each presentation with the investors, the composition of the team to address the investors among others. It also stresses on the fact that one should research the Investor and the Analyst well before each Road Show and not leave everything to the IBanker as the company is selling a stake in itself to the Investor and not the IBanker. This presentation stresses on the importance of the fact that the CEO and CFO should be in perfect tandem otherwise there are chances of the Road Show becoming a No Show.

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Top 10 Power Tips for a Sucessful Investor Road Show (whether for IPO or for PE)

  1. 1. Things to Pack: Good wrinkle free clothes Comfortable pair of shoes Lots of Visiting Cards21
  2. 2.  It is very important for the CEO and theCFO to be present in all Road Show InvestorMeetings. Others are add-ons. Keep a snapshot of your team ready. Theinvestor is always keen to know the strengthof the delivery platform.Alpha Team32
  3. 3.  Always carry hardcopies of presentationand other material, you require. Never trust the projector or the laptop towork the way you want.Don’t Trust Technology43
  4. 4.  Schedule your meetings appropriately that allowsyou to reach on time. Basic Rule of Thumb suggests:10 mins - Meeting & Greeting20 mins - Presentation15 mins - Q&A----------------------------45 mins – TotalTiming54
  5. 5.  Research the Investor and the Analyst you plan tomeet. Also understand the Investment environmentand evaluate if there are legal/technical challengesif you to take investments from a particular investor(say by virtue of jurisdiction, structure, taxation,etc.) Always keep a quick report that shows how youare better placed than your competition.Research Well65
  6. 6.  Plan all possible scenarios (on fund raise amount &valuations) before commencing Road Show Prepare thoroughly for the Investor Meeting. Undertakemock-runs to perfect the same. Prepare well in advance answers to all possible questions.The CEO and the CFO both should speak the same language,every time.Plan, Practice and Prepare76
  7. 7.  Don’t let your IBanker run the show/process. You need to be in control of the situation. Investor is betting on you and not your IBanker. Also remember, you are giving a stake in yourcompany to the Investor and not your IBanker.Sit In The Drivers Seat87
  8. 8.  Just being smart and successful doesn’t always help. You have to be creative. Come up with interesting win-win solutions, every timeyou face a challenge (You will be surprised with the numberof challenges you will face once you begin the exercise).Be Creative98
  9. 9.  You should know your numbers and the detailingbehind it very well. Have a roadmap for achieving the numbersprojected. The investor is always curious and keento learn how you will get there, particularly if aquantum jump is being projected.Know Your Numbers WellMATH109
  10. 10. You will need to run a lot of analysis and preparereports (at quick notice) before your fundraiseAndLots more, each month, once you have raised somefunds.Have A Strong Finance Function1110
  11. 11. 12SuperCFO Services Pvt. Ltd.We would appreciate your feedback/comments.Email: info@supercfo.comWebsite: www.supercfo.comFollow Us:Thank You