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SuperCFO Talent Management Solutions - A Niche Offering.


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SuperCFO Services takes another step forward towards its relentless pursuit of corporate leadership in financial services innovation with the proud launch of its Talent Management Solutions Division (“TMS”).

SuperCFO TMS’s CFO recruitment offering is distinctive in the sense that it offers a functional expert’s dimension to the regular process of recruitment followed by a conventional HR firm. SuperCFO TMS not a HR recruitment firm in the truest sense of the word but a specialized facilitator for the placement of CFOs and Controllers in client firms across the industry spectrum.

We are staffed by proficient financial experts who serve us as CFO partners. These CFO partners, due to their deep subject knowledge can understand the exact nature of the client’s requirement and can source the right CFO talent from the market and thus efficiently calibrate the Client/CFO requirements to the point of exactitude.

In this way, the Talent Management arm of SuperCFO is a niche business vertical catering to the full time professional requirement of CFOs, across industries.

Our Talent Management team leverages on expert functional talent at its disposal and sources excellence in the form of exclusive CFOs and Controllers for our clients based on our attributes of expertise, global reach, multiple sourcing, rich database of financial talent, a highly alert, proactive team, and continuous value addition of primary and ancillary service offerings.

The enclosed presentation gives a succinct overview of our new division and the exacting processes involved in our end to end niche solutions which successfully enable the convergence of highly tailored client requirements for a full time CFO, into a win win situation for both the stakeholders in the process, with SuperCFO TMS acting as a professional catalyst.

We value your comments and feedback. Please write to us at or

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SuperCFO Talent Management Solutions - A Niche Offering.

  2. 2. What Are The Key Elements ? What Is The Business Of SuperCFO? What is SuperCFO Talent Management All About? Who Is On Our Core Team? What Is Our Vision & Mission? What Makes Our CFO Talent Management Unique? What Gives SuperCFO Talent Management Its Edge? What Are Our Unique Offerings? What Is The End To End Process? How Does Our End To End Process Look In Detail? In Conclusion………. A Few Pointers! 2
  3. 3. What Is The Business Of SuperCFO? 3
  4. 4. What is SuperCFO Talent Management All About? 4 DDDDDDDDDDDDDD Exclusivity Dedicated Arm Of SuperCFO With Emphasis On Full Time Niche Recruitment Of CFOs And Controllers.  Rendering Of Expert Counseling And Foolproof Procedures For Sourcing And Placement Of Candidates. Professional Expertise Staffed By Professionals Across The Management & Finance Spectrum. Rendering Of Expert Advice. Our Employment Screening Facilitates Extensive Verification Of Candidates Credentials. Uniquely CompetitiveUniquely Competitive Provision Of Executive Placements Due To Strong Focus And Emphasis On Support Foundation. Competitive Pricing And Speedy Conversions.
  5. 5. Who Is On Our Core Team? 5 Bhairav Kothari - Founder & CFO Partner(CA, DBF) •Rich experience of over 14 years as finance professional & CFO of Public Companies •Experience includes public company listings (IPO), debt syndication, PE financing, M&A, Cross border accounting, implementation of cost controls •Prior experience with CBay Systems and Gruh Finance Shaival S Trivedi – COO, Talent Management Solutions Div. (MBA Intl. Business) •Over 15 years of solid cross functional experience as Independent Management Consultant, Director- Client Services and worked as a management trainee and Accounts and Administrative executive in Sunbelt Corporation headquartered in Baltimore, USA. •Substantial experience in the field of Healthcare, FMCG, Telecom, Finance and Marketing arena. •Prior experience with CBAY, Nestle S.A. in New Delhi and Vedanta Resources. Amruta Shinde – Senior Associate, Business Development( PGDBA – Marketing ) •An astute marketing professional with more than 5 years of experience in the area of marketing management. •Hands on experience in business enhancement activities, customer support activities, maintaining client relations. •Prior experience with Vatit Consultants Pvt Ltd, Avery Dennison India Pvt Ltd & Accor Services. And……….
  6. 6. Who Is On Our Core Team? 6 Dipak Ashar - CFO Partner (ACA, AICWA) •Over 30 years as finance professional & CFO of Public & Private Companies. •Experience includes Debt syndication, PE financing, M&A, Corporate Restructuring, Taxation, Implementation of cost controls, R. Sundaresan – CFO Partner (ACA, ACS) •31 years of professional experience in Business Management, Debt Restructuring, Project Finance, Audit & Secretarial Compliance, General Accounts, Taxation and MIS. •Substantial experience in the field of Supply Chain, Logistics, Steel, Banking & Insurance industries in Indi a. Praveen Agarwal – CFO Partner ( MBA Finance & MCA ) •15 years of rich & diverse experience as finance professional having worked with the Banking Industry in India. •Experience includes fund Raising, Debt Syndication, Private Equity Funding, Mergers & Acquisitions, Asset Restructuring, preparing Project Reports from Concept to Execution. Sudesh Surjan – DGM Finance ( MBA Finance ) •Over 14 years of experience as finance professional. In depth knowledge and expertise in Accounts, Project Costing, Budgeting, Business Profitability & analysis, and MIS Reporting. •Possesses global understanding in Financial & Management Accounting, Corporate laws, and Business Combinations including exposure to Indian GAAP & IFRS Standards. We keep growing…. For a complete list of our management team, please visit us on
  7. 7. What Is Our Vision & Mission? 7
  8. 8. What Makes Our CFO Talent Management Unique? 8 SuperCFO Talent Management
  9. 9. What Gives SuperCFO Talent Management Its Edge? 9 Strong Database Proactive Management Global ReachGlobal Reach As a result of our aggressive marketing on all Social Media Sites (The SuperCFO group has well over 10,000 members on LinkedIn alone), various Business forums, we have built a strong database of talent that is available at a very short notice for placement with clients. Our exceptional networking skills enable us to pick and choose highly talented, experienced and top ranked CFOs for our ever demanding clients. Our strong networks reach the far corners of the world. SuperCFO Talent Management, with its proactive offline and online marketing strategies can quickly service any client requirement and offer lucrative opportunities to CFOs and Controllers with our strong database of clients. Though we currently have physical presence only in India, that has not limited us from servicing clients across the geographical divide. This is because of our unique business model which facilitates a thriving existence of CFOs. It is a fact that an organization is only as good as its people, and that leadership plays a key role in ensuring that strategies are implemented as per the desired plan and timeline. Our people, who are the drivers of our recruitment strategy, possess qualities of determination, hard work and zeal to ensure that their company succeeds. We at SuperCFO do not rest on our laurels. We ensure that we think ahead of our clients and constantly evolve and innovate various service offerings that give us our niche positioning in the industry.
  10. 10. What Gives SuperCFO Talent Management Its Edge? 10 DDDDDDDDDDDDDD Value Addition Multiple Sourcing Techniques ExpertiseExpertise SuperCFO Talent Management, has a prolific team of functional experts who are talented in all matters of finance and accounting. They are collectively known as our CFO Partners who bring with them loads of leadership and function skills. They have the right sense of judgment in evaluating and screening candidates in order to calibrate the client requirements. In today’s cutthroat competitive market, companies do not have the skilled resources at their disposal to hire the right CFO candidate. Right from screening to short listing candidates as per the client requirement, we at SuperCFO Talent Management, source excellence for our clients and nothing less. Our team of professionals have a strenuous three round functional interviews with the shortlisted candidates after the preliminary interview and make sure that the final candidates to be sent to the client for their whetting and final selection, are according to their needs and requirements in terms of job profile, salary, depth of experience and skill sets. Apart from this we also provide compensation review services and due diligence of the final selected candidate. Apart from candidates within our large database, SuperCFO Talent Management, due to its strong networking influence across the industry spectrum, enjoys options of sourcing candidates by word of mouth within minutes, apart from our web groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  11. 11. What Are Our Unique Offerings? 11 For Corporates  End To End Solutions For Executive Deployment Of Financial Leadership.  Assisting Client HR in Niche Recruitment initiatives. Advertised Search Assistance  Miscellaneous Search Activities i.e. skill assessment, due diligence of potential candidates, calibration of client requirements with candidates professional expectations, arrangement of CFO Candidates Video Presentations. For Candidates Confidential Placement Of Candidates In Vocations Of Their Choice.  Provision Of Client Profile and Job Details In Confidence.  Advertised Search Assistance. Provision Of Niche Retainer Solutions To CFOs Globally. Drafting of Special Resume Snapshots and Detailed Resumes For Presentation To Clients. Compensation Benchmarking and Negotiations
  12. 12. What Is The End To End Process? 12 Client Discussions Executive Search Plan Calibration Of Client Expectations With candidate Proficiency Networking, Researching, Preliminary List Research Of Shortlisted Candidates Preliminary Assessment Interviews Propose Candidates For Final Interview Client Evaluation Interview Of Shortlisted Candidates By The Functional Expert Final Interview By Client Due Diligence Of Selected Candidate Followed By Offer And Acceptance
  13. 13. First preliminary interview with shortlisted CFOs to ascertain availability and interest in role Second shortlist made and candidates asked to submit five minute video to ascertain interpersonal skills Client requirements for CFO based on discussions with TM Team Telephonically done by Functional Experts at SuperCFO i.e. CFO Partners Telephonically done by TM Head and associate SuperCFO qualifies the requirement by sending questionnaire to client Third and final shortlisted candidates interviewed by MD of SuperCFO and Head TM Selected CFO candidate accepts offer and starts work after completion of notice formalities. Terms of Engagement Signed after ratification by client and SuperCFO SuperCFO conducts specialized search on its huge database and advertises on multiple job boards CFOs respond promptly to job postings and adverts Shortlisted candidates sent a snapshot of the client requirements and profile First shortlistFirst shortlist made basedmade based on broadon broad clientclient expectationsexpectations.. Client assesses interviews and selects preferred candidate. Makes offer Final list of CFOs sent to client for interview Personal Interview between Client and CFO candidates Confidentiality agreement signed with CFOs and SuperCFO TM head to accompany client in conduct of interviews on a case to case basis SuperCFO confirms preferred CFO’s availability and interest in the role. SuperCFO TM team does complete due diligence on selected CFO and hand holds him to his first day at the job. CFO resume snapshot, detailed résumé and video presentation How Does Our End To End Process Look In Detail? SCREENING IMPLEMENTATION CLOSURE * TM : Talent Management 13
  14. 14. In Conclusion………. A Few Pointers!  In Order To Facilitate A Smooth End To End Transition Of Our Niche Solutions, There Is Certain Information That Is Mandatory From Both The Concerned Stakeholders In The Process.  Effective Information Exchange Is The Key Driver That Determines The Success Of Our Talent Management Solutions.  We Ensure That A Democratic Process Of Documentation Is Observed Wherein Both The Client And The CFO Candidate Are Assured Of Information In Complete Confidence, With SuperCFO Talent Management Team Being The Effective Facilitator. 14
  15. 15. Thank You 15 Contact Us Shaival S Trivedi Email: Phone: + 022 2592 6052 Website: www. Amruta Shinde Email : Phone : +022 2592 6052 Website: Follow SuperCFO Blogs: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: