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Inflation impact


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Inflation could have a significant impact in driving down the value of money. Check out how large your retirement fund needs to be to enjoy the lifestyle you wish to have, with this simple Excel (XLS) tool that demonstrates diminishing value of currency due to Inflation

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Inflation impact

  1. 1. Inflation ImpactFind out what would it cost you to maintain your current cost of living, in future, at certain inflation ratesInsert a number representing your current age 35 yearsCurrent Monthly Outgo 50,000Annual Inflation 9.00%To see what your future outgo will be, plug in a number representing your age in future for which you want to check whatyour living exps would be :When you are 60 yearsYour Monthly Outgo would be: 431,154Interest Rate at Retirement age 6.00%Effective Retirement Fund Value required toearn monthly returns equivalent to monthlyoutgo 86,230,807 Issued in Public Interest by SuperCFO Note: The above is an illustration to demonstrate inflation impact. This does not factor any other expenses, including medical and lifestyle expenses you may not have factored in you current monthly outgo. Please consult your financial advisor before taking any decisions.