Why Go To A Spa?


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A quick guide to spa breaks and to Spa towns in England. We hope you like it!

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  • Why Go To A Spa?

    1. 1. Why go to a Spa?
    2. 2. Spa breaks are a great way of relaxing and forgetting aboutthe stress of work. It is vital for us to have some time off and relax - not only is it vital, but it is healthy as well. There arenumerous Spas across the country and with these grim and cold winter days, now is the time to make the most of them!
    3. 3. Different Spa TreatmentsThere’s a host of different spa treatments for youto sample, with many spa’s offering their ownbespoke treatments & products.• Aromatherapy• Bathing – Soaking in: • Hot springs • Hot tubs • Mud baths • Peat Pulp Baths • Sauna • Steam Baths• Body or Mud Wraps• Facials• Massage• Skin Exfoliation
    4. 4. Famous Spa TownsThe UK has many Spa towns, but some are morefamous than others.Bath Spa, in Somerset, is famous for its RomanBaths which were built in the valley of the riverAvon around hot springs. The city has existed for along time but became popular for its Spa in the18th Century and was expanded at that time. It hasbeen listed as a World Heritage Site since 1987. Anew spa was opened in 2007 and offers greattreatments as well as a great view of the city.Leamington Spa is one of the other famous spatowns, located in Warwickshire. The healing spawaters had been discovered by the Romans andthen again at the end of the 18th century. Thefollowing century saw Leamington Spa witness themost rapid town expansion in England. As in Bath,a new spa with offering a range of treatments hasopened and is worth a visit!
    5. 5. Make the most of a city breaksWith If you don’t want to spend the entire weekend at a Spa youcan make the most of your short breaks to visit a spa. There aremany spa towns that are worth a visit for the architecture, theshopping or even the night life.As mentioned above both Bath and Leamington are worth avisit, but there are many others such as Cheltenham, which is alsogood if you enjoy racing. Why not combine a short break aroundthe Cheltenham festival and a massage or treatment at the Spa?Royal Tunbridge Wells is also worth a visit. Located only justunder 35 miles from London, this city became a Spa town in theGeorgian Era. It’s Spa hotel is a great place to relax and enjoysome quiet time.
    6. 6. Annual Events in BathBath is home to numerous events throughout theyear, and here are some that you might want toconsider when booking your short breaks:The Independent Bath Literature Festival - MarchMid-Somerset Festival - MarchWorld Heritage Day - AprilBath Fringe Festival – May/JuneThe Jane Austen Festival - SeptemberBath Christmas Market – November/December Annual Events in Cheltenham As Bath, Cheltenham is home to numerous events throughout the year, and here are some that you might want to consider when booking time off: Cheltenham Gold Cup - March Barclays Cheltenham Jazz Festival – May Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival – June Cheltenham Cricket Festival – July/August Cheltenham Literature Festival – October
    7. 7. Have a browse on the Superbreak website to book your Spa Breaks and pick up some top tips and inspiration for your city breaks.