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Phonegap introduction, Community Day 2011


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Keynote from my Phonegap introduction at Community Day 2011.

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Phonegap introduction, Community Day 2011

  1. 1. PhonegapAn introduction by Björn Söderqvist,
  2. 2. Short story
  3. 3. EVE Online• Merchants buy and sell• There’s not an app for that• “I need to make an app!”
  4. 4. EVE Wallet
  5. 5. Options• Native (Cocoa, Obj-C for me)• Appcelerator Titanium• Phonegap
  6. 6. Native• + Great speed• - Steep learning curve (for a web dev)
  7. 7. Titanium• + Native components• + Both Android and iPhone• - I had provisioning and SCM problems• - Home-made API• - Compiles JS, did not always work for me
  8. 8. Enter Phonegap• Write as you do for the web• HTML5+CSS3 FTW• Web standards!• Device API ahead of the browsers• iOS, Android, Symbian, WP7, Blackberry, WebOS• - Not Native
  9. 9. App or webapp?• Technically, Phonegap opens a browser• + You get extra API goodies• + You can sell it
  10. 10. Polyfilling the web• Implementing W3C’s device API• -but Phonegap has an express goal to cease to exist!
  11. 11. Test code: Color Clock • Basic code with a little CSS3 • Colors! • (under 1K!)
  12. 12. Installing Phonegap• Visit• Download latest• See Getting started guide
  13. 13. GUI frameworks• JQuery Mobile (in Alpha)• Sencha Touch• Dojo Mobile (0.2)• or roll your own!• jQuery UI is for keyboard and mouse
  14. 14. (Demo time and Q’s)