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Stinger Videos offers new model for marketing videos


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Stinger Videos offers new model for marketing videos

  1. 1. Stinger Videos offers new model for marketing videos October 5, 2011 -- Stinger Video, an innovative company specializing in marketing videos, has announced intentions to further expand awareness of its online portal for simplifying the process of generating unique videos on-the-fly for its clients, on its site The website is organized with a user friendly interface that makes it easy for users to input their own text and key phrases and sounds, after which the website script puts together "the ultimate commercial" for the client's product. Stinger says it is attempting to simplify the whole video production process with push button efficiency under its current setup.
  2. 2. Stinger Videos offers new model for marketing videos is part of the relatively new class of support sites that invite people to take in the development of the promotional marketing videos. The user fills out a form on the site that asked only for specific language or keywords, and software generates new composite video based on the inputs provided from the graphics, video or audio samples already provided. The striking video styling of the completed messages are intended to become conversation pieces and a foundation for viral expansion of its exposure once it's uploaded to video sites. The videos are also produced very affordably on this basis, cutting down the cost and development time to the maximum extent possible.
  3. 3. Stinger Videos offers new model for marketing videos Key to the popularity of marketing videos is the fact of the widespread perception that 'search engines love videos,' or otherwise rank them highly in ways that can accelerate building a website page rank and traffic. Viewers prefer to see humans speaking or performing actions, also adds to the allure of video over text advertisements. Most visitors are also known to not perceive video as advertising or spam as it would with banner ads or other forms of Web marketing. Knowing these facts, as website is itself arranged in a manner that makes the signing up for their service and the development of unique videos an easy or even fun procedure.
  4. 4. Stinger Videos offers new model for marketing videos Industry observers agree on the usefulness of the new online medium, and the advantages of marketing videos to an increasingly ad resistant public. "The web surfers respect more what you have to say if coming from one person's point of view," notes marketing writer Aron Kalkuda. "Marketing video production makes it a lot easier to reach targeted customers." Stinger has announced it expects it will be increasingly dominating this area of the market over the course of several years, as few other sites have set up such an appealing array of resources that can be pulled together to create unique and striking promotional videos.
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