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Marketing Videos are the Future of Advertising


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Marketing Videos are the Future of Advertising

  1. 1. Marketing Videos are the Future ofAdvertisingTraditional advertising, such as banners and billboards, are becoming moreobsolete every day. The future of marketing does not reside with these old-fashioned advertising tactics. Marketing is headed in a more engaging andcolorful direction - a direction that involves marketing videos. With newgenerations come new marketing strategies, and these new audiences are notresponding to static promotional messages. In fact, younger audiences aremore suspicious of any advertisement that sounds remotely self-interested.This is precisely why engaging marketing videos that focus on a meaningfulmessage are delivering a higher conversion rate than these traditional forms ofadvertising.
  2. 2. Marketing Videos are the Future ofAdvertisingOne needs not look any further than the platform of YouTube to understandjust how popular videos have become. With over a billion views per day, videosare an incredibly effective platform on which to promote your products in ameaningful and informative way. Videos provide a professional touch towebsites and their services. They also can explain what a business actually doesin a fun and animated way. Many people prefer watching a video over readingan explanatory text - especially the younger generations. This isunderstandable, since younger audiences have grown up with better graphicsand more visual stimulation through video games and advanced Hollywoodfilms.
  3. 3. Marketing Videos are the Future ofAdvertisingIn general, people are visual beings. Many people learn better throughobservation, and videos give us a good starting point for understanding aconcept. If your business has a message or a concept you would like youraudience to understand, marketing videos might be a very effective method togetting that message across. Using people’s natural curiosity and need toengage, you can shape the visuals that come to your audience’s mind whenthey think of your business through these marketing videos.
  4. 4. Marketing Videos are the Future ofAdvertisingKeeping this in mind, not just any marketing video will succeed better than asales page. Marketing videos need to be properly scripted in order to conveythe right message. A poorly written script for a video will make the clip boringand will not keep the watcher’s attention for long. In fact, you might get theopposite reaction you were hoping for - your audience might get theimpression that your business does not care about details or properlyexplaining your company’s mission. This would not be a good firstimpression. Make sure your script is well-organized and touches on the majorquestions your potential customers might raise about your organization.
  5. 5. Marketing Videos are the Future ofAdvertisingAlong with a polished script, there are many other aspects to consider whenmaking marketing videos. Companies must keep their target audience in mindand speak directly to them. Production and editing is just as important as thecontent itself, as a poorly produced video can turn viewers away. It’s alsoimportant to keep in mind the value of the viewer’s time. You do not wantan overly lengthy marketing video - chances are, a long video will not bewatched in its entirety (especially if it could have been easily summarized in lesstime). Keep these important concepts in mind, and you’ll be making qualitymarketing videos in no time.