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SUPER 99 launches its website to facilitate retail shopping in India


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We are Super 99, a leading retail shopping brand with more than 24 stores throughout India. Since 2007.

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SUPER 99 launches its website to facilitate retail shopping in India

  1. 1. Press Release SUPER 99 launches its website to facilitate retail shopping in India SUPER 99, a leading brand in retail shopping in India, has recently launched its website with the focus to add value to shoppers across the NCR region. The decision is taken to inform and enrich shoppers about the products, stores, prices and conveniences that this popular store brings. By launching the website, the company aims to bring to the shoppers all information needed to locate a store, find and browse product and get value for shopping. Further, launch the website coincides with the vision of the company to help shoppers feel, touch and enjoy shipping at SUPER99 store! The company also looks to bring the real joys of retail shopping to those comfortable with the idea of buying but not before seeing-touching-and-feeling the product. The
  2. 2. website has been launched to cater to the audience that still likes to choose online and shop offline. With the website, the company focuses on inviting customers and helping them browse through available product categories and have ease with shopping. In addition, the website has a listing of hundreds of thousands of products of everyday use so that shoppers can find the items that serve them the best. It comes with the option to locate the nearest SUPER 99 store to do the actual shopping after checking the products on the site. While launching the website, Mr. Yusuf Javed - MD of SUPER 99 – said, “We look to tap into the retail shopping market and give shopper a totally unique experience. We understand the gaps and pain points that exist between checking products on websites and actually getting the same. This website will help customers get the real look-and-feel of the product before buying them at the store near them.” The focus of the website is to help shoppers find one of stores of the company located across the Delhi-NCR region and buy things at attractive prices. The site itself lists products from categories as varied as Health & Beauty, Kitchen & Dining, Gifts
  3. 3. & Decor, Food & Beverage, Stationery, Toys & Games, Home accessories, Bathroom, and much more. More so, the website will provide information regarding pricing benefits to shoppers together with giving informing about offers and discounts and coupons for the products. Shoppers can visit the website and gain information about how the company has a well-equipped manufacturing facility and stocks only own products. Contact - Yusuf Javed Website - Address - D-169 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 1, New Delhi 110020 Phone - +91-11-4949-5656 Email - -----