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Ch. 4 shuntavis dixson


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Ch. 4 shuntavis dixson

  1. 1. ShuntavisDixson Chapter 4 Critical, Creative, and Practical Thinking 1. Why is it important to ask and answer question? - One way is that it helps you focus on your thinking. When you answer questions it changes information into useful material that can help you achieve goals. 2. What are the different ways to question effectively? - Know why you question. (Define your purpose) - Want to question. (Being motivated in seeking new information.) - Question in different ways. 3. What are the three different types of thinking? - Creative, Critical and Practical Thinking. - With Creative Thinking, you challenge assumptions, allow mistakes and also take risks with what you are doing. With Practical thinking you use questions to boost your ability to take action. Sometimes you use questions from prior learning to help you. And lastly, with critical thinking, also known as analytical thinking, you enjoy examining and evaluating information.