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Study of market potential for enterprise messaging solution


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Study of market potential for enterprise messaging solution

  2. 2. VIM ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Any accomplishment requires the effort of many people and this work is not different. I wish to express my deep sense to gratitude and profound thanks to Mr. Tarun Malaviya CEO Mithi Software Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune for giving me the opportunity to work with Mithi on this project. I would also like to thank to Mr. Ashok Malaviya (director) who guided and encouraged me during my endeavors. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my project guide Mr. Devjyot Singh (BDM) without whom this project would not have been a success. From the very beginning till the end of completion of this report he was the main source of guidance and motivation for me. He made me aware of the mailing server solutions, market trends and business practices at large. Grateful acknowledgement is made to all the staff of Mithi Software Technologies Pvt Ltd Company, Pune for supporting me in this project. I also express my deep senses of gratitude to Director of Vishwakarma Institute of Management Pune, Dr. Sharad Joshi as my project guide for allowing me to carry out this project in this prestigious institute. Mr. Bhushan .S. Badhan
  3. 3. VIM INDEX 1. Executive summary 1 2. Objective and scope of project 2 3. A) Company profile B) Partners and Key Customers 4 15 4. Literature Survey 22 5. Research methodology 28 6. Data analysis 33 7. Findings 36 8. Limitations 37 9. Recommendations 38 10. Conclusions 39 11. Bibliography 40 12. Annexure 41
  4. 4. VIM 4 Executive Summary Introduction Of Project: To carry out the survey for enterprise messaging solutions at companies based in pune with the help of study of their current set up and their future prospective. Elaborate them about the MCS-XD & it s competitive advantage like low messaging infrastructure cost, minimum disruption, minimum complexity and maximum Flexibility with minimum Disruption to the enterprise-messaging set-up. Project Title: To Study market potential in enterprise messaging solution with the help of Mithi connect Server-Xd. . Why this Company& this Project: As Company s product is in its second phase of PLC, a lot exposure to learn and work on new marketing strategies. There is large scope for direct interaction with customer, which benefits me to understand the consumer behavior & techniques for business development, which is possible for me through this project. Location: H.O: 103,Mayfair Court, Dr.Pai Marg, Baner Road, Pune-411045 Duration Of Project: 10th June To 5th August. (56days) Result (output) There is huge requirement for EMS (enterprise messaging solutions) and services because which is the most effective way of business communication in today s scenario. In competition every organization wants to reduce it s cost of services and products with maintaining quality and better performance, which is the base for development of mithi s product.
  5. 5. VIM 5 Objective and Scope of the Project Different objective behind conducting this Project: 1) Primary object a) Selecting Target Market. b) Collecting data that helps an organization to generate leads. 2) Secondary Object a) Converting leads into prospect. b) Study of market scenario for enterprise messaging solution. Target Market It s important to remember that the focus of marketing is people. If you re concentrating your efforts on your product or profit only, you ll miss the mark. The term target market is used because that market- that group of people-is the bull s eye at which you aim all your marketing efforts. The reason we re concerned with identifying a target market is because it makes strategies for designing, pricing, distributing, promoting, positioning and improving your product, service or idea easier, more effective, and more cost-effective. Lead Generation Lead generation is a key ingredient for success no matter hat business you are in. Good lead generation programs can produce huge profits; poor lead generation wastes your valuable time and money.
  6. 6. VIM 6 Many businesses invest over 90% of their marketing budget in appointment setting. Why? Because it works! There is nothing stronger, nothing more effective than a face-to- face meeting. The likelihood of closing a sale dramatically increases when you consult with a prospect face-to-face. And we make sure your sales people are meeting only with highly qualified prospects. A good appointment setting strategy will allow your sales team to spend more time in front of your potential clients, closing deals, and less time office bund dealing with administrative tasks. Scope Of Project: 1) Area of operation: Market Research 2) Area Covered: Pune and Periphery Of Pune City. 3) Sample Size: 150 SBU s. 4) Product Range: Mithi Connect Server and it s associated services.
  7. 7. VIM 7 COMPANY PROFILE COMPANY: The company has been through three different ventures over its life. It s first and very successful venture was the creation of the word processing and publishing software for Indian languages (developed jointly with CDAC). Mithi s key contribution in creating this software was to make it easy for users to work with Indian languages on their pc and creation of world-class off-the-shelf software. The product pushed up the popularity of use of Indian language on the pc many-folds. Leap has an estimated user base of over 5,00,000 users that include customers such as RBI, MTNL, IOCL, Income Tax, Ministry Of External Affairs, BOI, BOB, AllahBad Bank, PNB, Indian Railways, Govt.Of Maharashtra, GAIL, LIC,Oriental Insurance, Indian Parliament, HPCL, BPCL ,etc. It s second venture was the creation of tools to help create web based applications in local language on both the windows and Linux platform. The product named India interactive, was used in some very prestigious and award winning e-governance and not-for-profit it projects in Andhrapradesh, Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh,, Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Gujarat ,etc. .it s current venture aims to create, a low-cost software for messaging and collaboration on the Linux platform. Mithi distinguishes itself in providing messaging & collaboration solutions that can help substantially lower costs & improve productivity. Based on Linux and OSS platform, mithi connect server provides an enterprise messaging solution that's secure, easy to maintain and requires lower up-front investment in software licensing, enabling enterprises to create an efficient and low cost messaging and collaboration infrastructure to improve workplace productivity. The company was largely self-funded in the first phase of its existence from 1991-1999. In the 2nd phase (starting late 1999), the company sought VC investments to build Indian language software for web applications and low cost messaging and collaboration software. The company received funds from private investors and institutional funds such as the national venture fund for software and it industry (NFSIT), set up by IDBI and
  8. 8. VIM 8 SIDBI in association with ministry of information and communication technology (MICT), government of India, and was successful in creating world-class software (India interactive and connect server) on extremely tight budgets. Pc quest users choice award for leap* 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 & 2002 CSI Infosys award for the best shrink wrapped product Runner's-up in 1998. MIT (ministry of information technology) The best Hindi software award for the year 2000. Indo American society Dec 2000 For contribution to the spread of information technology in India. Smart computing The best Indic software by smart computing - July 2001 issue. Best it implementation Connect server and India interactive were part of ITC-echoupal's award winning it implementation project 2004 Innovation for India award India interactive part of the award winning e-governance project ap-online won by TCS
  9. 9. VIM 9 Process Flow at Mithi Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd 1.Enquiry Methods: Cold Calls Reference Direct enquiries through advertisement or web site Aim: To fix an appointment / generate enough interest to take to the next level 22.Introduction/Demonstration Methods On line demonstration Self Running demonstration Customer Visit Aim Ask for tech proposal or pilot 3.Requriment gathering What does it have? Connectivity at HO and branches Current Mailing Set up Required mailing set up Aim
  10. 10. VIM 10 To suggest an effective and relevant solution 4.Technical Proposal What is technical proposal? Made by the delivery team Summaries the understanding of the requirements Proposal a relevant solution for the existing set up Aim To get the customers approval Convince him on the capability of the product and solution team 5.Request for the pilot What should be specified in the request? Key features / solution to be demonstrated Aim Should be able to make a proper deployment
  11. 11. VIM 11 PILOTS are COST to the COMPANY 6. Pilot deployment plan Should highlight Pre-requisites for the pilot (h/w & s/w) Software solution to be installed The configuration in which it is installed The steps to be carried out for deployment The acceptance criteria Aim To ensure that the customer is aware of scope of the pilot To ensure that pilot is successful To ensure that the delivery team is aware of what to deploy and demonstrate 7.Pilot Aim To convince customer of the capability of the product and the company 8.Request for commercial Proposal 9.Commercial Proposal Proposal prepared by sales team in consultation with the delivery team
  12. 12. VIM 12 Care to be taken not to over price or under price Care to be taken to charge properly for customization Care to be taken to charge for out station deployment 10. Purchase order 11.Deployment plan Aim To that the solution is successful deployed To keep the customer informed about the progress at every stage Lead to the completion certificate 12.Delivery & Deployment Delivery done from HO Deployment done by delivery team Deployment team to follow the plan 13.Training Training conducted at by delivery team Train System admin on Troubleshooting Day to-day management Configuring mail clients Train users on using the web mail client Other application such as Calendar
  13. 13. VIM 13 14.Complitation Certificate To be signed by customer Lists all the steps mentioned by the deployment plan Responsibility of the delivery channel 15.Support Mithi customer Care Chat, email and customer visits 3level support 16.Upgrades To solve problems Delivery promised features Responsibility delivery team 17.AMC First 6 months is free Support team will inform Customer when he has to renew AMC.
  14. 14. VIM 14 Processes Identifying and/or confirming the decision-makers contact details. Introduction of your company, products / services to the decision-maker with the objection of making confirmed appointments / sales lead for your sales team. Prospects frequently ask to be sent company / product literature before they will consider setting up a meeting. If this is the case and only if they are seriously interested, we will send out the information together with a personalized mail- merged letter. This mailing will be followed up 2-3 days later with the intention of making confirmed appointments / sales leads for your sales team. Notes from the telephone calls and other market intelligence that you have asked us to collect will be sent to you at the end of each period. This will become a valuable register of prospects to which we can return with new information or proposals in order to secure a meeting. The register, which is updated daily, will become your property at the end of the campaign. Work Accomplished: Contacting Customers / Telemarketing Collecting data about their present setup I. Whether they are using any email server II. Are they facing any problem with current set up III. How many users are using email solution Product Information and suggesting solution fits Visiting their places Analysis
  15. 15. VIM 15 Benefits of deploying Mithi Connect Server High Performance, Robust and Secure platform at low cost Being based on the open source platform and Linux, naturally aggregates the qualities of these components in to the product .It has been adequately proved in large and high load installation, that Linux and open source components have been the least hacked, and have scaled up well. The licensing model of these components lends to a low cost for the solution. Open source building blocks These components are high performance, secure and scalable. Also since these components are maintained and supported by active communities, the resulting solution is supported well Pure Internet Architecture Mithi Connect Server TM is deployed on a pure Internet architecture (WAN or public), which is standard in most networks and thus forms the ready backbone of the solution. This leads to lower client licensing and also reduces the management costs associated with maintaining a separate email network infrastructure Manage your Linux server from a windows PC Mithi Connect ServerTM provides the Mithi Server ManagerTM, remote management console, which can be run off any client platform from a browser, These implies that the administrator need not be Linux expert to configure and Mithi Connect Server provides the Mithi Server manager, a remote management console, which can be run off any client platform a browser manage the email solution. This leads to reduced training and management costs brining down the TCO. Automaton features like periodic health reports, mail-delivery reports, alarms, security, framework, etc, all lead to reduced deployment and management.
  16. 16. VIM 16 Performance &Scalability Tested & certified for performance Mithi and Intel together have extensively tested the Mithi Connect ServerTM solution at the Intel Solutions center in Bangalore for scalability and performance .A scale out plan has been worked out with the Intel solutions group. Mithi Connect Server TM can go from 5-100,000 users on a single server or a multiple server environment Application Scalability Mithi Connect ServerTM provides a rich application layer with a ready email and collaboration application set Email Server, Email gateway, mithi Web Mail (multilingual web email client, Mithi Corporate Directory. Mithi Global Address Book, Mithi Personal Address Book, Web Calendar, Knowledge Management, Digital resources sharing, Online Exam) Integration Mithi Connect ServerTM provides rich interfaces to integrate with existing enterprise applications like ERP, PIS, etc. These interfaces are Web services exchanging data in XML. Extensive documentation with samples makes it very easy get started with using the web services to access the mail engine programmatically. Adaptable Mithi Connect ServerTM is designed on open standards and stores all data in well- documented RFC compliant standard formats. This provides you with vendor independence since the data formats are not proprietary. The modular architecture allows you choose different underlying components, which can be plugged in on demean.
  17. 17. VIM 17 Multilingual The Mithi Web MailTM can send and receive mail in 11 Indian languages besides English. The languages supported are Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. The data storage and transmission happens in the Unicode encoding thus making the mail format well understood by other systems. Also the web mail client can attach multilingual signatures, search through multilingual mail, etc. Flexible licensing Mithi Connect ServerTM provides the option to charge per server, per user or per module thus providing the user with the choice to pay only for what is used. The per server charge would deploy Connect Server without the application layer, in which case the users would use clients like Outlook, etc to access the server. The per-server, per user charge would cover the use of the application layer. The per-module charge gives the user the flexibility to choose only the modules that he needs.
  18. 18. VIM 18 PARTNERS AND KEY CUSTOMERS Partnerships: Mithi works closely with technology partners such as Intel and Red Hat to deliver the product on the latest high performance processors/hardware and OS. Mithi is also engaged with systems integrations and solutions providers such as HCL, PCS, CDAC CMC, etc. to deliver solutions and services to it s customers across India. Intel: Validation & Performance testing of Mithi Connect Server solution on the latest Intel platforms. Sun: Validation & testing of Mithi Connect Server solution on the latest Sun platforms. Red Hat: Mithi Connect Server is certified to be "Red Hat Ready" on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Wipro: Partners for delivering enterprise email solutions based on Mithi Connect Server HCL: Partners for delivering enterprise email solutions based on Mithi Connect Server PCS: Partners for delivering enterprise email solutions based on Mithi Connect Server CMC: Partners for delivering enterprise email solutions based on Mithi Connect Server CDAC: Partners for delivering enterprise email solutions based onMithi Connect Server;
  19. 19. VIM 19 KEY CUSTOMERS Banking and Finance Top IDRBT (RBI) (Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology) Extended MS Exchange Mithi Connect Server has been configured to enable Web mail access to users accessing their mailboxes via the Infinet and the Internet The Exchange Servers host about 80+ domains and approximately 2000+ users Mithi Web mail for the Exchange servers to provide Multilingual web access to Exchange mailboxes. Low cost extension to Exchange servers. UIIC Replaced ISP Mithi Connect Servers are setup at the HO and 24 branches in an Enterprise Setup. The total number of users configured on the entire setup is close to 6000 users. Benefits from Internet mail server + Spam and Virus Scanning +Web mail access. Automatic replication of directory, easier multi server management, with disaster recovery setup was additional gains.
  20. 20. VIM 20 BPO Top ICICI One Source Replacing sendmail servers (consolidation) Mithi Connect Servers have been deployed as Front End and Mail Servers at Bangalore and Mumbai offices in a Disaster Recovery Setup. The Mail Servers also co-exist with the existing Exchange Servers. Their in-house EIS application have been integrated with the Mail Servers for better user management. The number of users configured are approximately 3000+ Rich Mithi Web mail customized to the corporate image. Improved Manageability by using the automatic deployment, diagnostic, auto-upgrade/patch, tools via the Mithi Server Manager . Mail policies for enhanced control over groups and users. Extensions to the EIS application. Close knit support for migration and smooth transition to the system from Mithi was a plus. IT Top Datamatics Mithi Connect Server has been deployed as an Internet Mail Server. The number of users is approximately 1700 Ease of deploying, configuring and managing the Linux email system from the Mithi Server Manager (Web GUI console).
  21. 21. VIM 21 Benefits from the Mithi Web mail for browser based anytime anywhere email access. Improved Manageability by using the automatic deployment, diagnostic, auto- upgrade/patch, tools via the Mithi Server Manager . Mail policies for enhanced control over groups and users. Support for migration and smooth transition to the system from Mithi was a plus. Services Top DTDC Mithi Connect Server has been setup in extension to the existing Lotus Notes Servers. Easier Server administration using the Server Manager. Save additional licensing costs by extending the existing Notes setup. Manufacturing Top MothersonSumi InfoTech & Designs Ltd. Replace Madmen Mithi Connect Server has been deployed s a Gateway Server to fetch mails from an ISP Server for their India operations A separate Mithi Connect Server has been deployed specifically to manage their International division as an Internet Mail Server which hosts multiple domains. Benefit from a scalable solution, which can move seamlessly from being a Mail Gateway to being an Internet mail server.
  22. 22. VIM 22 Corporate Manufacturing Top Tata Projects Replaced MS Exchange Mithi Connect Server has been deployed as a Gateway to fetch mails from an ISP Server Benefits from an integrated solution offering strong email and gateway features like LDAP address book access from email client programs, anti virus scanner, anti-spam, Mithi Web mail for shared access, fine (granular) user configuration control and the Mithi Server Manager . Infrastructure Top Ramky Mithi Connect Server has been deployed as an Internet Mail Server for approximately 500 users. Mithi Mail Parking Service is also enabled for Ramky to store their mails in case of any downtimes to the Mail Server. Benefits from Benefits from an integrated solution offering reliability, dependability and Feature rich solution along with the better support. Corporate Media Top Sandhya Prakash Limited Sandhya Prakash Limited hosts its mailboxes using Mithi s Enterprise Messaging Service on Mithi s ISP Server. Mithi Connect Server has been deployed as a Gateway to fetch mails from the ISP Server. Benefits from an integrated scalable solution offering reliability, dependability and Feature rich solution along with the better support
  23. 23. VIM 23 Educational Top Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Mithi Connect Server has been deployed as an Internet Mail Server for approximately 200+ users Benefits from an Internet Mail server Govt/Public Sector Top ARDE (Armament Research and Development) Had no email solution. Mithi Connect Server has been deployed as an Intranet Mail Server for approximately 1500 users. Benefited from the web services interfaces to integrate with their PIS for directory synchronization. Also benefits from using the Mithi web mail for providing access to users on shared PCs, besides leveraging strong collaborative features like the Calendar, Address books (Mithi Personal Address Book , Mithi Global Address Book ), and corporate directory (Mithi Corporate Directory ). Connection to their DRONA server via the Mithi Web Mail was the key. Govt/R&D Labs Top CCMB (Center For Cellular and Molecular Biology) Replaced Linux based Sendmail Mithi Connect Server has been deployed as an Internet Mail Server. A separate Mithi Connect Server as a Hot standby Server to the Mail Server is also configured. Benefits from integrated mail solution inclusive of spam control, Virus Control and a Hot Standby Server. Also benefit from Low cost replacement of SendMail server, ease of
  24. 24. VIM 24 configuring and managing the Linux email system from the Mithi Server Manager (Web GUI console). National Chemicals Laboratory Replaced Existing homegrown sendmail setup Mithi Connect Server has been deployed as an Internet Mail Server LITERATURE SURVEY
  25. 25. VIM 25 Marketing Research Problem is information oriented and in contrast to management decision, problem is narrowly and precisely defined. Having considered pros and cons of marketing research process itself. This process has 7 stages, which are: Market segmentation PROBLEM DEFINITION RESEARCH DESIGN RESEARCH OBJECTIVE SOURCES DATA DATA COLLECTION DATA ANALYSIS (PRIMARY, SECONDARY AND ADVANCED) REPORT AND PRESENTATION AVOID AMIGUITY WATCH TO SYMPTOMS BE SPECIFIC BUT NOT TOO RIGID MEASURABLE SPECIFIC EXPLORATORY PRIMARY CAUSATIVE SECONDARY DESCRIPTIVE Techniques Tools
  26. 26. VIM 26 Market segmentation is the process of dividing heterogeneous market into homogenous Sub-units. Basis of market segmentation can be broadly divided into 3 major parts: a) Customer based segmentation b) Product related segmentation c) Competition related segmentation The 3-stage procedure for market segmentation adopted by marketing research experts is, 1) Survey Stage: This is divided into2 parts- i) Focus group discussions and in depth interviews with a views to get an insight into consumer motivation, attitudes and behavior ii) Developing a questionnaire which is administered to sample group of consumers 2) Analysis Stage: After collecting the data it is analyzed using factor analysis. This is used to identify factors that differentiate customer groups. Cluster analysis is used clusters customers into maximally different groups. 3) Profiling Stage: In this stage each cluster is profiled in terms of demographics, psychographics, media habits, attitudes and behavior and consumption habits. The Marketer can give each segment a name based on a dominant distinguishing characteristic. Based on the identification of the target market and values it seeks in the brand, the positioning platform and strategy can be worked out. Marketing Communications and promotions
  27. 27. VIM 27 Promotions means moving from one end to another. In marketing it means all those tools that a marketer uses to take his product from the factory to the customer and hence involves advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations publicity and merchandizing. Common understanding: For the communication to be effective, there should be a common understanding between the sender and the receiver. In other words the receiver should not just but also understand the content of the message in the way that the sender intended. What I say what you listen = What I mean what you understand The marketing communication has five major components as illustrated: 1) Identifying Target Audience 2) Demographic and psycho graphic profile 3) Media Habits 4) Level Of Awareness 5) Developing Communication Objectives Levidge and Steiner s Hierarchy of consumer response model
  28. 28. VIM 28 Awareness Liking Preference Knowledge Conviction Purchase Cognitive Level Affective Level Connative Level
  29. 29. VIM 29 THEORY ABOUT MAIL SERVER A mail sever is an application that receives email from email clients or other mail servers. It is the workhorse of the email system. A mail server usually consist of a storage area a set of user definable rules, a list of users and a series of communication modules. The storage area is where mail is ordered for local users, and where messages that are in transmit to another destination is temporarily stored. It usually takes the form of a simple database of information. The User-defined rules determine how the mail server should react when determine the destination of a specific message, or possibly react to the sender of the message. For example: specific email addresses can be barred, or certain users can be restricted to only sending messages within the company .The list of users is a database of users accounts that the mail server recognizes and will deal with the locally. The communication model is the component that actually handles the transfer of message to and from other service and email clients. Depending upon the requirement of mail service. Their may be number of different module install for use. A person sometimes called postmaster. Maintain the mail service and the list of use accounts that it supports. Moat mail services are designed to operate without any intervention during normal operation. They wait fro message to be send to them process is accordingly, or collect message from other mail servers at predetermined intervals.
  30. 30. VIM 30 How does email get from the email client to the email server, and vice versa? When sending mail, the email; client finds the mail server using the Domain Name System (DNS) and contacts it using the simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP). Once the mail server has been contacted, the message is sent and the email client then proceeds to send any further pending messages, or logs out of the mail server. To collect mail a similar procedure is followed, using the post office protocol (POP), with the email client sending an account name & password to tell the mail server who s mail to collect before collecting waiting messages, which are then collected one at a time.
  31. 31. VIM 31 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY What is difference between Research Methods and Research Methodology? There is difference between Research methods and Research Methodology. Research methods may be understood as all method/ techniques that are used for conduction of research. Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem . It may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. When we talk of research methodology we not only talk of the research methods but also consider the logic behind the methods we use in the context of our research study and explain why we are using a particular method or technique and why we are not using others so that research results are capable of being evaluated either by the researcher himself or by others. Types of Research a) Descriptive and Analytical b) Applied and Fundamental c) Quantitative and Qualitative My project is mainly concerned with descriptive type of research as well as I had taken the help of analytical methodology to go for conclusion. DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH: Descriptive Research includes survey and fact finding enquiries of different kinds .The 2major purpose of descriptive research is description of the state of affairs as it exists at present In social science and business research we quite often use the term Ex facto research for description research studies. The main characteristic of this method is that
  32. 32. VIM 32 the researcher has no control over the variables; he can only report what has happened or what is happening. Most Ex post facto research projects are used for descriptive studies in which the researcher seeks to measure the items as for Ex frequency of shopping, preference a people or similar data Ex post factostudies also variable includes attempts by researcher to discover causes even they can not control variable. The methods of research utilized in descriptive methods are survey methods of all kinds including comparative and co-relational methods. In analytical method on other hands, the researcher has to use facts or information already available, analyze these to make critical evolution of material. COLLECTION OF DATA There are several ways of collecting the appropriate data, which differ considerably in context of money costs, time and other resources at the disposal of the researcher. a) Primary data collection Primary data can be collected either through experiment or through survey. If the researcher conducts an experiment, He observes some quantities observation or the data, with the help of which he examines the truth contained in his hypothesis. it consists of the followings type- i) By observation ii) Through personal interview iii) Through Telephonic interview iv) By mailing questionnaires v) Through schedules .
  33. 33. VIM 33 We have collected the primary data through schedules Under this method enumerators are appointed and given training. They are provided with schedules containing relevant questions. These enumerators go to respondents with these schedules. Data are collected by filling up the schedules by enumerators on the basis of replies given by respondents. Much depends upon the capability of enumerators so far as this method is concerned. b) Secondary data collection Besides the data which is available internally, the researcher ma be required to collect environment-related information from the industry sources, trade associations, end-user industries, and various socio-economic studies on the demographic data conducted by private bodies or government institutions to understand the problem in depth and arrive at the relevant hypotheses. Secondary data can, therefore, be either internal or external to the organization. It is not primarily collected for the problem under consideration, but is already available for use in the research process. Secondary data may either be published data r unpublished data. Usually published data are available in: (a) Various publications of the central, state are local governments; (b) Various publications of foreign governments or of international bodies and their subsidiary organizations; (c) Technical and trade journals; (d) Books, magazines and newspapers; (e) Reports and publications of various associations connected with business and industry, banks, stock exchanges, etc.; (f) Reports prepared by research scholars, universities, economists, etc. in different fields: and
  34. 34. VIM 34 (g) Public records and statistics, historical documents, and other sources of published information. The sources of un2ublished data are many; they may be found in diaries, letters, unpublished biographies and autobiographies and also may be available with scholars and research workers, trade associations, labour bureaus and other public/private individuals and organizations. Determining Sample Design: Cluster sampling and area sampling: Cluster sampling involves grouping the population and then selecting the groups or the clusters rather than individual elements for inclusion in the sample. Suppose some departmental store wishes to sample its credit card holders. Area sampling is quite close to cluster sampling and is often talked about when the total geographical area of interest happens to be big one. We first divide the total area into a number of smaller non-overlapping areas, generally called geographical clusters then a number of these smaller areas are randomly selected and all units in these small areas are included in the sample It also makes the field interviewing more efficient since interviewer can do many interviews at each location.
  35. 35. VIM 35 Working Hypothesis Hypothesis is usually considered as the principle instrument in research. It s main function to suggest new experiments and observations. In fact many experiments are carried out with the deliberate object of testing hypothesis. In social science where direct knowledge of population parameters. The hypothesis ma not be proved absolutely but in practice it is accepted if it has withstood a critical testing, Ordinarily when one talks about hypothesis, one simply mere means assumption or some supposition to be proved or disproved. But for a researcher hypothesis is a formal question that he intends to resolve. Thus a hypothesis may be defined as, a proposition or set of proposition set forth as an explanation for the occurrence of some specified group of phenomenon either asserted merely as a provisional conjecture to guide some investigation or accepted as highly probable in the light of established facts. Quite often a research hypothesis is a predictive statement, capable of being tested by scientific methods that relate san independent variable to some dependant variable. For E.g. The automobile A is performing as well as automobile B. Thus we may conclude that a hypothesis state that we are looking for and it is proposition, which can be put to a test to determine its validity. Hypothetical Statement: The large potential market is there for messaging solution provider companies for connect servers & associated services mainly for those who based on OSS& Linux platform and supports Microsoft at Front-end.
  36. 36. VIM 36 Data Analysis A) Email Server used by respondents a) Tabulation of Information Particulars Sendmail MS Exchange Lotus Notes Mdaemon Postmaster Any Other Total No. Of Customers 43 63 24 00 13 07 150 b) Diagrammatic representation Emai Server Users 29% 41% 16% 0% 9% 5% Sendmail MS Exchange Lotus Notes Mdaemon Postmaster Any Other c) Interpretation- Out Of 150 targeted customers- 29% respondent having set up with Sendmail 41% respondent having MS Exchange 16% respondent having Lotus Notes At their Setup 9% respondent having postmaster usage 5% respondent having other servers
  37. 37. VIM 37 B) Problems and Pain Points a) Tabulation of Information Particulars Security Virus Spam No Webmail Disaster recovery Any Other Total No. Of Customers 4 50 70 10 11 5 150 b) Diagrammatic representation % Of problems and pain Points 3% 33% 47% 7% 7% 3% Security Virus Spam No Webmail Disaster recovery Any Other
  38. 38. VIM 38 c) Market Share: Market Share 32% 23%15% 30% MS Exchange Lotus Notes MCS Any Other It is seen from data Collected: 32% users use MS Exchange. 23% Use Lotus Notes. 15% use Mithi Connect Server Use of Other Servers is 30%
  39. 39. VIM 39 FINDINGS From The Questionnaire we came know followings points: Organizations having more than 100+ users goes for MS Exchange mostly. Those are having In House Internet mail Server. All major Org. are having In-house Internet mail Server and need for extend their present mail server For anti-Virus Scanners the Symantec-Norton on Windows is having the major priority. All Software service providing companies would like to know more for disaster recovery setup to secure their database. With email server set up every organization want their AMC (annual Maintenance Contract) with efficient cost. Mithi having better prospects in email systems consisting additional feature like Multilingual emailing (Indian Languages). All US based software companies are having Main Mail Server in USA, so the Company having better opportunities in services likes extension. Many Companies having DSL link for Internet while all big Org. are having Leased Line and RF link.
  40. 40. VIM 40 LIMITATIONS Every Product has Limitations it is wise to point them out instead of glossing over them the analysis and recommendations of the report are extremely crucial to the success of the Mithi Software. Earnest efforts were made to extract true and genuine information yet the findings are tied up the followings boundaries: 1. Many times I had to face the problem Biased reply of the respondent. 2. During the project the worst problem I had to face was of, Raining due to which I am not able to meet the respondent on time as per schedule. 3. Most of administrators are not ready to give data as per the response of questionnaire. 4. Respondent was busy many times and which brings limitations on collection of data. 5. The research was conducted within the specific time duration. 6. The research was conducted on small sample of respondents, which is not sufficient to predict a good result.
  41. 41. VIM 41 CONCLUSIONS Every lead oriented and success-willing organization wants to reduce their cost and wants to maximize their profit and market share. This is the product appeal for Mithi software to grow business. In pune and territory region there is large scope for development in IT, Biotech and manufacturing industry due to various supporting reasons and factors hence many new set-ups are in progress which is the main target for company. In this way we come to know how much potential is for EMS service. Beside this many small firms are also quite possessive about this expenses hence interested mainly in hosting Services and small contracts like extension of mail server and mail gateways. IT related business is not governed by brand name or loyalty so the emphasis is not only on creating the but also retaining it.
  42. 42. VIM 42 RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Open source users mainly based on Linux is the focused target customer for the Mithi. 2. Mostly keep focus on Sendmail users of email servers. 3. Company should invest money advertising through media like magazines and personal selling. 4. The sales executive should go to each outlet of their route once in a week and try to cover outlet that are in a network. 5. Company should make proper schedule or particular days for hearing the complaints of their customer. 6. To build good image corporate level seminars and function should developed by company.
  43. 43. VIM 43 BIBLIOGRAPHY Books referred: Kothari. C.R. (Former Principal) Research Methodology Methods and Techniques New Age International (P) Limited, Publishers Sangeeta Agrawal Marketing research Global Business Press Kotler Philip Marketing Management Patparganj, Delhi, Perason Education, 2005 Website referred: Search Engines:
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