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Customer overview of retail outlets hpcl vs. reliance

  2. 2. 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I wish to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to Mr. V. V. Mandlekar, Regional Manager, Aurangabad Regional office and Mr. Bishal Kumar, Sales Officer, Nanded Sales Area, for giving me an opportunity to do my summer training in their esteemed organization, HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION LTD . I also thank every single individual in the team who has helped me in doing this project. This project could not have been complete without the guidance of our Director, Dr. Sharad Joshi and my project guide, Dr. V. H. Gote. Once again I express my gratitude to everybody from HPCL for their continuous support towards my research efforts and for their kind co-operation. KESHAV V. INGALE
  5. 5. 5 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This project is undertaken to study the Customer Overview of Retail Outlets of different fuel supplying companies such as HPCL, IOCL, BPCL, Reliance and IBP. I opted for this project titled Customer overview of Retail outlets Reliance vs. HPCL because of overflowing number of customers approaching Reliance s outlets and the number is still increasing. I intended to find out the factors that influence the customers choice of Retail outlets. This will help HPCL in formulating better marketing strategies and improvements. I am confident that this project will help me in opportunities in petroleum industry and future career also. I had done this project for HPCL because it is one of the NAVARATNA COMPANIES OF INDIA and is a government of India enterprise. HPCL is supposed to be one of the best fuel suppliers in India. Now a days HPCL is feeling threat of RELIANCE. This project is a market research carried out in NANDED CITY under the jurisdiction of AURANGABAD DIVISION during the period 01st JUNE 2006 To 31ST JULY 2006. This project has been carried out by conducting------ 1. Initial discussions with Dealers and staff. 2. Customer survey through --- a. Customer segmentation b. Feedback. Finally the analysis and observations revealed that customer prefers any outlet because of following factors----- 1. Quality of Fuel 2. Communication and Service 3. Ambience at outlet. So it is recommended to the company to focus on improvements in these areas.
  6. 6. 6 OBJECTIVE The idea of Market Research is that it helps business organizations to develop better marketing strategies. The project undertaken was to study customer overview of retail outlets. The objectives were -- 1) To find satisfaction level among customers. 2) To segment the customers according to- a. Vehicle type b. Occupation 3) To find brand awareness among customers. 4) To find expectations of the customers from retailers. 5) To find out the constraints for acceptance of the product
  7. 7. 7 SCOPE OF THE PROJECT This project has been carried out for Hindustan Petroleum Corporation ltd. In Nanded city which under the jurisdiction of Aurangabad region. The area of operations were the Retail outlets in and around Nanded city, which are as follows--- Company Retailer 1 HPCL A. P.Patel & co 2 IOCL Gundewar Petrol pump 3 HPCL Waglekar petrol pump, Dhanegaon 4 BPCL Bafna Motors 5 BPCL Udaygiri petrol pump, Vasangaon 6 IOCL Sai-prasad servo filling station, Dhanegaon 7 IOCL Bhavani petrol pump, vasarni 8 IOCL Ganga-Yamuna Servo care, VIP Rd. 9 Reliance Bhokar phata 10 Reliance CIDCO The sample size of 270 customers was selected for the study. The products covered for the study were Petrol and Diesel.
  8. 8. 8 COMPANY PROFILE WHO ARE WE? Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited today is the second largest integrated oil refining and marketing company in India with a turnover of Rs 646.89 billion (US$ 14,709 Millions). The Corporation has already been identified by the Government of India as a company that has the potential to become a global giant. OUR ROOTS 1974: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation comes into being after the takeover and merger of ErstWhile Esso and Lube India undertaking. 1976: Caltex oil refining India ltd. is taken over by the Government and subsequently merged with HPCL in 1978. 1979: Kosan Gas company the concessionaires of HPCL in the domestic LPG market, are taken over and merged with HPCL. HPCL thus came into being after merging four different organizations at different point of time. OUR PROFILE: HPCL, a Fortune 500 company, is the second largest integrated refining and marketing Oil Company in India. It is a mega Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) with Navratna status. HPCL accounts for 20.9 % of the market share and 10.3% of the nation s refining capacity with two coastal refineries, one at Mumbai (West Coast) having a capacity of 5.5 MMTPA and the other in Vishakapatnam (East Coast) with a capacity of 7.5 MMTPA. HPCL also holds an equity stake of 16.95% in Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Limited (MRPL), a state-of-the-art refinery at Mangalore with a
  9. 9. 9 capacity of 9 MMTPA. HPCL is well on its way towards setting up another grassroot refinery in the state of Punjab, called Guru Gobind Singh Refineries Limited. HPCL also owns and operates the country s largest Lube Refinery, producing Lube Base Oils of international standards. With a capacity of 335,000 Metric Tonnes. This refinery accounts for over 40% of the country s total Lube Base Oil production. HPCL has returned Excellent performance for twelve years in a row till 2002-03, since signing of the first MOU with the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas. HPCL won the prestigious MOU Award for the year 2002-03 for Excellent Overall Performance and for being one of the Top Ten Public Sector Enterprises who fall under the Excellent category. HPCL s performance for the year 2003-04 also qualifies for Excellent rating. The Corporation over the years has moved from strength to strength on all fronts. Our refining thruput has increased three fold between 1984/85 to 2003/04, rising from 4.47 million tonnes in 1984/85 to 13.70 million tonnes currently. The turnover expanded by around 2000% from Rs. 2687.46 crores in 1984-85 to an impressive Rs. 56,332.57 crores in 2003/ 2004. The gross profit rose from Rs. 101.76 crores in 1984/85 to Rs. 3,642.66 crores in the year 2003/ 2004. Consistent excellent performance has been made possible by highly motivated workforce of more than 10,561 employees working all over India at its various refining and marketing locations. To succeed in the competitive environment, the Corporation has taken up initiatives such as Business Process Reengineering exercise, creation of Strategic Business Units, ERP implementation, HR initiatives such as Organizational transformation, Balanced Score Card, Competency Mapping, bench marking of refineries and terminals for product specifications / safety, ISO certification of Refineries / marketing / pipeline
  10. 10. 10 operations, branding of fuels, Supply Chain Management for improving logistics, customer oriented approach, up-gradation and modernization of facilities. As part of ERP implementation a total of 261 locations have gone live as of March 05. Approximately 85% of Corporations sales by volume are being recorded in the system with close to 3300 users currently working on this system. INFRASTRUCTURE: For over a quarter century, HPCL has been partnering India s progress. Keeping pace with the Nation s energy requirements constantly fueling its growth HPCl has emerged as India s second largest oil refining and marketing company. HPCL today owns and operates two coastal refineries at Mumbai and Visakh. Add to this a joint venture refinery at Mangalore, two cross country pipeline and an extensive network of terminals, depots, bottling plants and aviation servicing facilities and you begin to appreciate the true dimensions of a gigantic organization. Retail Zonal offices 4 LPG zonal offices 4 Direct sales Regional Offices 18 Retail Regional offices 41 LPG Regional offices 26 Terminal / TOPs 36 Lube Blending plants 6 Exclusive Lube Depots (COLD/COD S) 21 Commissioning and forwarding agents 49 Pipeline capacity (MMTPA) 9.05 LPG Bottling plants 40 CNG Outlets 46 LPG import facilities 2
  11. 11. 11 LPG Bottling capacity (TMTPA) 1990 LPG TOP s 2 Activation fuel stations 10 Inland Relay Depots 79 Retail Outlets 6667 SKO / LDO Dealership 1648 Lube distributors 160 LPG Distributerships 2153 LPG Customers (Lacs) 217.1 LPG DBC Holding (Lacs) 112.8 BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Chairman & Managing Director (Mahesh B. Lal) Director-HR Director-Marketing Director-Finance Director-Refineries
  12. 12. 12 ACHIEVEMENTS AND AWARDS: Awaaz Consumer Award 2006 HPCL has been awarded the Awaaz Consumer Award 2006 in the Auto Fuel Category as the Most Preferred Auto Fuel. HPCL has been selected as India s most preferred Auto Fuel based on a national consumer preference survey, which was conducted by A C Nielsen ORG Marg on behalf of Awaaz a part of the CNBC - TV 18 Network Golden Peacock Award for Environmental Leadership and Environment Management 2006 Our Mumbai Refinery bagged the Golden Peacock Global Award for Environmental Leadership for the year 2006 in Refinery Sector while our Santacruz ASF was awarded the Golden Peacock Environment Management Award for the 2nd consecutive year for various Safety, Health and Environment Initiatives in Environment Management taken by the ASF. Reader s Digest Platinum Award to Club HP HPCL s Club HP was awarded the Reader s Digest Trusted Brands Survey 2006 Platinum Award for outstanding achievement of Achcha Lagta Hai Brand of Club HP Suraksha Puraskar to HPCL s Mumbai Refinery National Safety Council awarded NSCI Safety Award Suraksha Puraskar to Mumbai Refinery for its Outstanding Performance in Occupational Safety & Health Management Systems Greentech Gold Safety Award 2006 HPCL has won 9 Greentech Gold Safety Awards for the year 2005-06 for Outstanding Achievement in Safety, Health & Environment.
  13. 13. 13 Golden Peacock Award for CSR Awarded the prestigious Golden Peacock Award 2005 by Institute of Directors for Corporate Social Responsibility. The Award was presented by the Hon ble Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt Sheila Dixit and was received by our C&MD, Shri M B Lal Awards to Refineries: Technology o In its long list of achievements in the recent past, HPCL's Mumbai Refinery has added one more feather to its cap by winning the prestigious Golden Peacock Award 2001. The Award is in recognition of Mumbai Refinery's overall innovative approach and the specific application of this approach for developing and commercializing a globally competitive technology & installing the world's first plant for the production of Food & Petrochemical Grade Hexane using Normal Methyl Pyrrollidone (NMP) as solvent. The Award was presented at the 12th World Congress on Total Quality held at Mumbai. o HPCL Mumbai Refinery was awarded the prestigious national level Technology Award by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) for the year 2001. The Technology Award is presented by CSIR for a specific and innovative technological achievement that has a sustained and visible impact. Mumbai Refinery has won the award jointly with Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP), Dehradun in the area of Chemical Technology for developing a globally competitive technology for the production of Food and Petrochemical Grade Hexane using NMP (N - Methyl Pyrrolidone) as solvent. o In the year 2000-01 Mumbai Refinery received National Petroleum Management Program (NPMP) for successful implementation of Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  14. 14. 14 o Mumbai Refinery won the prestigious Golden Peacock Award 2002 for developing innovative technology to reduce benzene content in HAN for the production of Green MS . Safety HPCL always assigns highest priority to safety. This has also been included as performance criteria in the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Government of India for the year 2000 - 01. Some of our achievements in the past are reflected in the numerous awards received by us over the years. Mumbai Refinery bagged the following awards: o Oil Industry Safety Directorate's Award (OISD) for excellence in safety practices for 1998 - 99. o Safety Award for the year 1998 by the Council of Industrial Safety, Mumbai for the 'Longest Accident Free Period' o Award for Safety Awareness from Factory Office, Govt. of India, for 1994, 1995, 1996, among 16 industries in the Chembur area. o First prize for achieving lowest Accident Frequency Rate among Chemical and Fertilizer companies in Maharashtra, from the Council of Industries Safety in the year 1995 - 96. o Award of Honour for longest Accident Free period in 1991 - 92. o Bagged the OISD Safety Award for Best Safety Performance in 2001-02 amongst all the refineries. o Bagged Maharashtra Safety Award for longest accident free period for 2001. It is the first refinery in last 10 years to complete 11 Million Man hours of Safe operation. o National Safety Council awarded Mumbai Refinery with NSCI Safety Award- Prasansa Patra for its performance in occupational safety & Health Management System on December 27, 2003.
  15. 15. 15 Vishakha Refinery bagged the following awards: o Certificate of Commendation from Fire Protection Association, UK and earned award of Honour from the National Safety Council, USA in the year 1995 - 96. o Award from the National Safety Council (NSC), USA, for the year 1993 for the highest safety record among manufacturing plants worldwide. o Safety Awards from the British Safety Council for three consecutive years from 1990 - 92. o National Energy Conservation Award from the Ministry of Power for excellent performance in efficient utilization and conservation of energy, in 1992. o OISD Award for Best Refining Installation, for 1990 - 91. Environment HPCL has always accorded highest priority to environment protection in its operations. Some of its achievements in this area are: o On World Environment Day i.e. June 05, 2001, Visakh Refinery received an award from the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh towards proactive steps in minimizing solid waste generation. o Mumbai Refinery achieved Level 8 (out of max. 10) of International Safety Rating system (ISRS) while Visakh refinery achieved level 6 and have initiated action for achieving level 8. o Both refineries received ISO 14001 certification. WE BELIEVE: OUR MISSION: "HPCL, along with its joint ventures, will be a fully integrated company in the hydrocarbons sector of exploration and production, refining and marketing; focusing on enhancement of productivity, quality and profitability; caring for customers and employees; caring for environment protection and cultural heritage.
  16. 16. 16 It will also attain scale dimensions by diversifying into other energy related fields and by taking up transnational operations." OUR VISION 2020: To be a World Class Energy Company known for caring and delighting the customers with high quality products and innovative services across domestic and international markets with aggressive growth and delivering superior financial performance. The Company will be a model of excellence in meeting social commitment, environment, health and safety norms and in employee welfare and relations. OUR BUSINESS: 1. MARKETING: A) LPG: Since its introduction in 1955, LPG consumption has increased manifold. It has become the household fuel of choice. At last count, HPCL had nearly 22 million domestic LPG consumers. HP Gas, the HPCL brand of LPG, is bottled at 40 plants spread across the country with a total capacity of 2000 TMT Per Annum. Safety is ensured at every stage, from bottling to distribution, by subjecting all related operations to the closest scrutiny and conforming to international safety standards, making HP Gas the safe, convenient fuel our consumers have come to trust. Exiting developments have taken place in the LPG section. In its endeavour to improve the costumer satisfaction, HPCL has launched the Ji Haan , services in 2002, aimed at reinforcing a strong positive service orientation of HP Gas. . Basis research finding on customers apprehension on the weight of gas in cylinders, HP Gas has, since last year, provided weighing scales to all its delivery boys across the country, given the customer an option to weigh the cylinders at their doorsteps
  17. 17. 17 The Reticulated system or Piped LPG for domestic use is a value addition to customers, with a view to enhance safety, loyalty and uninterrupted supply of gas to households. In this direction, HPCL has successfully installed reticulated supply in Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Cochin, Delhi, Visakh, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bangalore covering more than 1600 flats. Rural India is an emerging potential market and no business venture can afford to ignore it. However, the specific barriers to the penetration of LPG in rural India are cost - both one-time and recurring non-availability of LPG owing to a poor distribution system, easy availability of alternative, cheap fuel and low level of product awareness and its benefits. HP GAS has charted out a detailed strategy to address all these barriers and entered rural markets with the launch of 5 Kg cylinders... As part of its social commitment as a responsible corporate, HPCL has introduced an innovative scheme, HP GAS Rasoi Ghar or the concept of community kitchen, for the upliftment of the poorest of the poor by providing a common cooking platform for a village, where users have to pay only on the basis of the time utilized for cooking. This eliminates both the barriers of one-time high deposit as well as the recurring cost of refills. The company is already operating nearly 1024 such Rasoi Ghars across the country, benefiting more than 15,000 families. Moreover, stalls have been set up in major rural melas such as Pushkar Mela, Sonpur Mela and the like to increase awareness of the benefits of LPG. B) INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS: At the initial stages, the International Division started out with handling import facilitation for large consumer of Fuel Oils. The divisions also engaged in direct export of lubricating oils to countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia. In order to expand its operations and tab export market, the Division has started appointing distributors for marketing to lubricating oils & specialty products.
  18. 18. 18 Presently, distributors in Nepal, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka are regularly marketing HP Products in these countries and we are actively looking at appointing distributors in Africa & Malaysia. With the rapid changes that are taking place in the Indian Petroleum scenario, the International Division is fast gaining a reputation in the markets. Apart from handling exports of surplus refinery products for HPCL, the International Division has started facilitation of Naphtha exports for the Oil & Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) and is actively seeking new opportunities. HPCL has exported bulk petroleum products such as Naphtha, Fuel Oils and Gasoline mostly to countries in Far East. C) BULK FUEL SPECIALITIES: HPCL s petroleum products cover numerous applications. From automobile, aviation marine and power plant fuels to being used in the manufacture of products such as fertilizers, carbon black, jute, insecticides, cosmetics, edible oil, fabrics compact discs and medicines. We are the second largest producers of Bitumen in India with annual sales of more than 600 Thousand Metric Tonnes (TMT). Ongoing R&D to meet the fast changing and critical needs of costumers have resulted in several product improvements like rubber & polymer modified bitumen and emulsions. For over 25 years, HPCL has been providing fuelling services at all the major Indian ports. We are the marine lube partners of Total Lubrifiants, France, manufacturing and supplying the TOTAL brand of marine lubes. HPCL is one of the largest suppliers of fuel to state owned and Independent Power Plants (IPPs).We also cater to the Industries requirement of Specialities like Hexane, Solvents, MTO etc
  19. 19. 19 D) LUBRICANTS: The HP Engine Oils product range covers over 300 brands of lubricants, greases and specialities catering to the automotive as well as industrial sector. With consumers recognizing the importance of high quality lubricants in ensuring prolonged and trouble-free operations, the demand for HP engine oils, gear oils, transmission oils, greases and other specialities have gone up appreciably over the years. Behind the success of HP Engine Oils lie years and years of research and technical expertise. They are engineered to meet the rigours of modern automobiles and the extreme service conditions of highly sophisticated industrial machines. HPCL has six lube blending plants at Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai and Silvassa. Based on extensive market research, the lubes business unit has launched several new brands, which have become highly successful in the market. A large number of new industrial grades have also been introduced to meet specific requirements of industrial consumers. HPCL has also introduced a large number of Exclusive Lube Distributors who are accessing remote corners of the Bazaar trade. To cater to small volume customers, HPCL has recently launched CFAs Our market now extends to countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.
  20. 20. 20 E) RETAIL; The retail business unit of HPCL is oriented towards delivering better and faster service to consumers. Recognizing that our consumers will be better served by offering them a wide range of non-fuel services; the corporation has sized the opportunity through some extensive market research banked initiatives. Our new retail brand, Club HP seeks to redefine the way fuel is retailed in India. Offering the promise of outstanding care for the costumer and the vehicle, Club HP will create a large base of loyal consumers who will look for the distinct red and blue logo whenever they need fuel for their vehicle. Club HP outlets offer one stop convenience so that one can do many things in same window of time - pay his bills, shop for groceries, visit the ATM, get a quick check done on their vehicle and even arrange servicing and repairs if need arises. Club HP outlets in major cities offer new generation fuels, blended with specially imported multi-functional additives. Power, our branded petrol has created a niche for itself and is already a favourite of the discerning consumers. Turbojet, the first branded diesel to be launched in country, is proving to the equally the favourite of the personal diesel vehicle owners in urban markets. The business unit has also introduced a novel pre-paid smart card called HP Smart 1 to make shopping at HPCL outlets even more convenient and fun. Employing the advanced technological innovations available today the HP Smart 1 makes cashless payment a reality. The HPCL-ICICI Bank Credit Card has already proven to be the preferred credit card among vehicle owners; with nearly 9, 25,000 cards already in the market. Our latest innovation, a Fleet Card, Drive Track has a fleet management tool has already hit the market place.
  21. 21. 21 A national wide chain of convenience stores, tie-ups with leading fast-food and refreshment companies to set up food counters, a special arrangement with Fed Ex to provide world class courier service, facilitation of vehicle insurance, international money faster counters- it is all happening at the HP retails outlets. All you need to do is just drive in! F) AVIATION: HP Aviation offers into-plane fuel service at the major airports in India. Hindustan Petroleum s Aviation Service Facilities, Intermediate Storage Installations and Laboratories handling Jet Fuel are approved and periodically audited by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India (DGCA). HP Aviations installations at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Cochin and Calicut are certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standards. 2. REFINERIES: OVERVIEW: Without refining, the rich resources of crude petroleum of nature would remain latent. Value-added products from crude petroleum like petrol, diesel, kerosene; liquefied petroleum gas, naphtha and many more products would not be available for growth and development of a nation. The two coastal refineries at Mumbai and Vishakhapatnam and one joint venture refining facility at Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Limited have been sustaining almost 20% of India s refining requirements. HPCL refineries upgrade the crude petroleum into many value-added products and over 300 grades of lubricants, specialties and greases. The Lubricating Oils Refinery set up at Mumbai is largest refinery in India. The refinery produces superior quality lube base oils. The offsite product handling facilities of refineries at Mumbai and Vishakhapatnam has been automated. Projects
  22. 22. 22 have been implemented and facilities upgraded to produce green fuels like unleaded petrol and low sulphur diesel. The refineries have been benchmarked by an international agency for various performance parameters. Numerous awards have been bestowed on both the refineries in recognition of the efforts in the field of energy conservation, environment and safety. INTRODUCTION TO HP RETAILING OVERVIEW: At HPCL retail outlets we believe in maintenance. Maintaining not just the vehicle, but a steady relationship with our consumer. And to do so, provide better and efficient services. We take care of not only your fuelling needs, but also complete vehicle care. We stock related products like tyres, batteries and accessories, so you don't have to go shop - hopping. All our other value - added services ensure that your vehicle is well looked after. And while we share your concern for your vehicle, we also value your time. So we bring you conveniences that allow you to carry out your banking activities, make important calls or send an e - mail, and even shop for essential grocery items. Complete attention for you and your vehicle at one stop. The HP retail outlet. Simply drive in, anytime, anywhere. And let us do the pampering. VISION: Through the process of ACE (Achieving Continuous Excellence) Retail SBU developed a vision that was co-created by the employees of the SBU. Based on the vision, cross functional sub-groups of Officers from marketing, finance and HR
  23. 23. 23 department closely interacted with customers in various market segments such as Highway, Rural, 2- wheeler/3-wheeler and Car segments to develop a customer centric dynamic business strategy. The SBU Vision is given hereunder: o Highest performer in sales growth over industry. o Sustained profitability through increased sales, ARB earnings, cost optimization, branded fuels and branded lubricants. o Customer delight at the point of interface. Fulfilling the stated and latent needs of the customer through innovative products and services. o Competent, committed and empowered employees. o Sense of pride and mutual trust and camaraderie. Conducting business in a fair, transparent and ethical manner. PERFORMANCE PROFILE: During the year 2003-04, several activities were initiated to realise the retail vision. The highlights of performance are: o Retail Business Unit recorded a growth of 4.5% in MS and 0.9% negative growth in HSD. o Record number of 645 new retail outlets were commissioned. o Continuous efforts of the SBU have ensured that we now have a control of 76% of our network. which is highest in the country. o A new visual identity program Project Akarshan has been rolled out. o As a part of our ongoing Focus 500 program, several retail outlets have been modernised during the year.
  24. 24. 24 RETAIL OUTLET BRANDING o HPCL has over 1250 Club HP outlets. o HPCL has also introduced at its outlets several initiatives to strengthen the brand promises. o Over 15500 dealermen were covered through various training programs focussing on current business imperatives and behavioural changes for delivering the Club HP promise. o Unique training program titled Leading with Power , At the Forefront , Positive Value Based Stress Free Supervision were conducted for dealermen, forecourt managers and dealers to drive the importance of quality, quantity, quick service, courteous behaviour and stress free management among the dealers and dealermen who interact with retail customers. o Inorder to motivate dealermen at Club HP outlets Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme has been introduced. o Several dealermen were covered on computer education through HPCL NIIT Jyoti Program. o Anumber of dealermen were recognized under the Spot & Reward Scheme. o The Scholarship Scheme for Club HP dealermen and dependent children was extended during the year to motivate the dealermen.
  25. 25. 25 o A unique Club HP Good Citizen Award was introduced during the year to recognise and reward the customers in auto/taxi segments for their outstanding service to society. o Several campaigns were conducted round the year to draw customer pull at the retail outlets and rewarded and recognised the customer for patronising our outlets as a part of brand building exercise. o For our Club HP outlets mass media campaign was effectively utilised to communicate the brand promise under the banner Club HP Achcha Lagta Hai . o Corporate level tie up has been made with Tata Motors for vehicle care centre. Tie up also has been entered into with US Pizza for pizza centres at out outlets. These tie-ups have evinced good response from the customers. FEATURES OF CLUB HP: High - quality personalized "Vehicle and Consumer Care" A part of HPCL's strategic retail marketing initiative that seeks to break out of traditional fuel retailing, our new Retail Brand "Club HP" assures high - quality personalized "Vehicle and Consumer Care" through a select set of outlets. Developed after an exhaustive research of over a year, which included collecting feedback from over 13,000 respondents in several key markets across the country, the "Club HP" concept aims to provide the assurance of Quick Fills", "Expert, Personalised Service", "Total Vehicle Management" and "Consumer Conveniences". While designing the bouquet of services for Club HP outlets, we have relied upon the feedback received directly from consumers. We realize that consumers are highly
  26. 26. 26 conscious of the fuel that goes into their vehicles - each Club HP outlet carries the assurance of HPCL s Good Fuel Promise and delivers the right quality and quantity of the products on offer. Fuel is delivered to these outlets in tank trucks fitted with tamper proof locks and a high degree of control is kept by the HPCL staff to ensure that quality standards are strictly enforced. The "Club HP" concept also recognizes the fact that the consumer today places very high importance on vehicle care and at the same time expects other value added services from a fuel retail outlet that help him take care of diverse activities under one roof and in the shortest possible time. The Club HP outlets provide a distinct set of basic and value added offerings which include "Efficient & Expert Service", "Quick Care Point", "Digital Air Towers", "Vehicle Finance and Insurance related assistance", "Bills Payment facilities", Refreshments , "HPCL - ICICI Credit Cards", "Club HP Smart 1 Cards and a host of other amenities. To deliver the many conveniences and services, we have associated with leading companies like Coca Cola India, ICICI Bank, Fed Ex, Western Union Money Transfer, Café Coffee Day, US Pizza, Skypak and many more. We are also forging service specific alliances with several automobile companies and OEMs like Tata Motors to jointly identify "Club HP" outlets, which could qualify as "Authorised Service Centers" for leading automobile brands. The roll out of "Club HP" began in a phased manner, initially targeting 85 outlets in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata. Encouraged by the initial experience, the Club HP brand has been quickly expanded to cover over 1000 outlets in all major cities and towns across India. The distinctive red and blue Club HP logo is an all too
  27. 27. 27 familiar symbol inviting motorists looking for a quick and refreshing fuelling experience. "Club HP" outlets are categorized as Standard, Mega and Max depending on the levels of services and amenities available. Each outlet will offer a bouquet of standardized services to consumers, depending upon market requirements and logistical abilities. o Vehicle Care - The Club HP outlets have been carefully selected to ensure that they can offer high quality vehicle care. Each Club HP Mega and Max outlet is equipped with a service station. In addition, the outlets will also provide vehicle consumable and accessories, all under one roof. More and more outlets will progressively upgrade to Authorised Service Stations as part of our association with various vehicle manufacturers. o Quick Care Points - Consumers are offered a free check up of vital elements such as engine oil, brake oil, battery water, coolant, fan belt, radiator hose etc. by the specially trained "Club HP" attendants. In addition, a quick inspection of the tyres is done and recommendations given in case any immediate action is required. o Digital Air Towers The performance and safety of new generation cars depend a lot on the correct air pressure maintained in the tyres. The specially designed digital air pressure equipment not only ensures accurate air pressure in the shortest time but also adds to the comfort and safety of travel. o Good Fuel Promise Towers - Consumers are offered the facility to personally conduct simple tests with the help of specially designed standard apparatus. A simple procedure booklet is also provided to help anyone check the quality and quantity of fuel. The consumers are also invited to fill in the printed certificate booklet which will be available at all "Club HP" outlets in order to record their
  28. 28. 28 assessment. This feedback is regularly screened by the HPCL team to plan remedial actions or service upgrades in accordance. o Vehicle Finance and Insurance Related Counsel - HPCL has tied up with leading vehicle insurance and finance service providers for these activities which include assistance towards issuance and renewal of policies as well as extension of loans for purchase of new or second hand vehicles. o ATMs - HPCL has taken the lead in providing ATM facilities at its outlets in association with leading banks and is targeting over 400 ATMs very soon. Select Club HP outlets have already been equipped with ATMs. o Bills Payments - HPCL has tied up with Skypak Financial Services which is providing "Drop boxes" at all "Club HP" outlets in a phased manner. Consumers can utilize these drop boxes to pay bills relating to a variety of service providers. All one has to do is drop the bill and payment instrument (Cheque / Demand Draft) for the designated service provider and Skypak will route the same to the correct destination at no extra cost. o Communication Facilities - Each Club HP outlet is equipped with a pay - phone for the convenience of consumers. In addition, select outlets will also provide high speed internet browsing and e - mail facility. o HPCL - ICICI co - branded Credit Cards and the Club HP Smart1 Cards - Customers visiting the "Club HP" outlets will be able to use the HPCL - ICICI Credit Cards to reap the higher reward points offered by this unique product. The "Club HP Smart 1", a smart card based loyalty program launched for the cash paying customers, will also be available at select Club HP outlets to reward loyal Club HP customers. o Basic Amenities - Each "Club HP" outlet will extend basic amenities such as "safe drinking water" through water purifiers, hygienic rest room facilities, food counters, basic medicines and first aid facility. HPCL has also tied up with Coca Cola India to provide beverages and bottled water as well as snacks at all "Club HP" outlets.
  29. 29. 29 CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAMS: HPCL has over 1.2 million cards under the various card based loyalty programs. Following are different cards offered by HPCL--- o Club HP smart1 card o Drive track card o HPCL credit card o HPCL debit card QUALITY ASSURANCE INITIATIVES: o HPCL Quality Assurance initiative under the banner Good Fuel Promise has been given thrust through various pioneering initiatives. HPCL has pioneered the concept of exclusive Mobile Labs. to strengthen the commitment of Good Fuel Promise at the retail outlets. 10 Mobile Labs have been commissioned during the year for conducting quality assurance checks exclusively at Club HP Outlets. o We have also finalized the International Agency M/s. Bureau Veritas for conducting Surveillance Audit of Club HP Outlets. o A special scheme was introduced to cover our Retail Outlets under ISO Accredition. 53 Retail outlets have been accredited during the year.
  30. 30. 30 o During the year 40 retail outlets in Mumbai and Vashi were covered under the Retail Automation program. The program which was pioneered as a unique initiative last year is based on the international practice of quality assurance through quantity checks. BRANDED FUEL: o During the year HPCL s Branded Fuel Power has been added to cover over 700 outlets in over 200 markets. o Turbojet is available in over 450 outlets in over 125 markets. NON-FUEL BUSINESS: HPCL has built a profitable Non-Fuel Business with wide range of facilities to the customers. The non-fuel activities at the retail outlets include ATM; take away food counter, C Store, vehicle accessories etc. This business is managed through tie-ups such as Cafe Coffee Day, Diary Den, Western Union, leading banks, US Pizza and Tata Motors. GOOD FUEL PROMISE: A quality product is one that complies with prescribed specifications and is free from any contamination or adulteration. To ensure that our consumers get contamination free products, personnel at our outlets check the products regularly.
  31. 31. 31 In addition, our sales officers carry out regular checks at all the outlets to prevent any malpractices. The kerosene supplied by HPCL under the public distribution system is doped with blue dye for on - the - spot identification. So when you get kerosene that is blue in colour you can be assured it comes from a reliable source. The blue colour also helps in detecting adulteration of any motor fuel with kerosene through visual identification. Though we make sure of the quality of a product before it is passed on to the consumer, we suggest that you carry out these simple checks when in doubt. Filter Paper Test (to check petrol) o Ask your friendly HP dealer for a filter paper. o Clean the mouth of the nozzle to remove stains. o Put a drop of petrol on the filter paper from the nozzle. o The drop of petrol should evaporate in about 2 minutes without leaving a stain on the filter paper. o If you notice a stain, then there is a possibility that the petrol is adulterated. (Sometimes the area of the filter paper where the drop of petrol was put remains pinkish; it is the colour of the petrol and should not be mistaken for a stain.) o Density Check (to check petrol and diesel) To check this, you will need a 500 ml jar, hydrometer, thermometer and ASTM (American Society for Testing of Materials) conversion charts. A hydrometer is a very simple instrument for measuring the density of any liquid. All these are available at the HP retail outlets and are made available in case you wish to check the products.
  32. 32. 32 o Fill about 3/4th of the jar with the product, through the nozzle of the dispensing unit. o Dip the thermometer and the hydrometer in the jar and record the temperature and density as indicated. o Convert the density recorded into density at 15 degree centigrade with the help of the conversion chart. This converted density is then compared with the density shown by the records maintained at the retail outlet on the basis of the density recorded on delivery challans. (Density at 15 degree centigrade is mentioned on each delivery challan issued by the supplying depot for every load sent to the retail outlets.) If the difference is more than +/ - 0.0030, it requires further testing at approved laboratory. In such case the customer should immediately get in touch with our concerned Regional Office address of which is given in this website. o Checking Lubricants Lubricants available at our retail outlets are factory sealed and packed. Even then, while buying lubricants, check the seal of the container for signs of tampering, date of manufacture and the name of the manufacturer. For the convenience of 2/3 wheeler drivers, our retail outlets usually provide 2 T dispensers and also keep tamper proof 2 T pouches. NEW INITIATIVES: MOBILE DISPENSER HPCL has pioneered the concept of Mobile Retail Outlets in the country. Mobile Retail Outlets have a dispensing unit mounted on tank truck. The tank truck goes to interior rural markets for supply of diesel to the agricultural markets almost at the customer s premises. This innovative concept has been welcomed by the rural
  33. 33. 33 customers because of the benefit of assured quality, quantity, pricing and availability of the product in the remote and interior markets. RETAIL OUTLETS IN RURAL MARKETS HPCL has embarked upon an ambitious plan to set up low cost retail outlets in rural markets. This would meet the HSD demand of small farmers by making the product available close to the consumption point and ensuring quality product at a right Price. We have already set up a few of such retail outlets under the brand Hamara Pump in interior rural markets.
  34. 34. 34 THEORETICAL BACKGROUND OF MARKETING RESEARCH MEANING OF RESEARCH: Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. One can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. In fact, research is an act of scientific investigation. The advanced learner s Dictionary of Current English lays down the meaning of research as a careful investigation or inquiry especially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. Redman and Mory define research as a systematized effort to gain new knowledge. Research is an academic activity and as such the term should be used in a technical sense. According to Clifford Woody research comprises defining and redefining problems, formulating hypothesis or suggested solution; collecting, organizing and evaluating data; making deductions and reaching conclusions; and at last carefully testing the conclusion to determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis. It is the pursuit of truth with the help of study, observation, comparison and experiment. In short, the search for knowledge through objective and systematic method finding solution to problem is research. OBJECTIVES OF RESEARCH: The purpose of research is to discover answer to questions through the application of scientific procedures. Though each research study has its own specific purpose, we may think of research objectives as falling into a number of following groups: - To gain familiarity with a phenomenon or archive new insights into it. To portray accurately the characteristics of a particular individual, situation or a group. To determine the frequency with which something occurs or with which it is associated with something else. To test a hypothesis of a casual relationship between variables.
  35. 35. 35 MEANING OF RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It may be understood as science of studying how research is done scientifically. In it we study various steps that are generally adopted by a researcher in studying his research problem along with logic behind them. It is necessary for researcher to know not only the research methods/ techniques but also the methodology. Research methodology has many dimensions and research methods do constitutes a part of the research methodology. Thus when we talk of research methodology we not only talk of research methods but also consider logic behind the methods we use in context of our research study and explain why we are using a particular method or technique and why we are not using others so that research result is capable of being evaluated either by the researcher himself or by others. RESEARCH PROCESS: Before embarking on the details of research methodology and techniques, it seems appropriate to present a brief overview of research process. Research process consists of a series of action or steps necessary to effectively carry out research and the desires sequencing of these steps. The following order concerning various steps provides a useful procedural guideline regarding the research process: Formulating the research problem. Defining Research objective. Development of working hypothesis. Preparing the research design. Determining sample size. Deliberate sampling. Simple random sampling. Systematic sampling. Stratified sampling. Quota sampling. Cluster sampling and area sampling.
  36. 36. 36 Multi stage sampling. Sequential sampling. Collecting the data. By observation. Through personal interview. Through telephone interview. By mailing of questionnaires. Execution of the project. Analysis of data. Hypothesis testing. Generalization and interpretation. Preparation of the re port or the thesis. TYPES OF RESEARCH: Descriptive research. Analytical research. Exploratory research Causal research Quantitative research. Qualitative research. The above-mentioned are the various type of research, which a researcher can apply in order to achieve one s desired objective. Therefore to achieve the objectives of this research, descriptive research type has been used. This will be based on proper Research design to meet the objectives of the project / study.
  37. 37. 37 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Methodology used for market research is presented in the following RESEARCHPLAN 1. INFORMATION REQUIRED: - The information required for the study was Approximate number of vehicles running in the city. Information of products of company Information of competitors Information of competitor policy Information of marketing trend Information of customers expectation Customer satisfaction level 2. SOURCES OF DATA: - A. SECONDARY SOURCES The main secondary data sources were data recorded with the company and with the retailers. B. PRIMARY SOURCES To fulfill the objectives of the study, primary data was collected by questionnaire and direct approach. The data was used latter for analysis. 3. RESEARCH APPROACH: - The research approach was survey. The study necessarily required the information, which was primarily in nature. It was felt that survey was best
  38. 38. 38 option. An objective involved studying the opinion of customers or new users, there needs preferences, behaviour towards HPCL. Survey method was found most adequate and useful. 4. RESEARCH INSTRUMENT: - The research instrument chosen was a structured questionnaire. Questionnaire was tested by Mr.Bishal Kumar, who is Sales Officer of HPCL and my Project Guide for this project, and necessary changes were made in questionnaire. 5. SAMPLING PLAN: - A) UNIVERSE: - The customers for the study were the vehicle owners in Nanded city who use petrol or diesel for their vehicles. B) SAMPLING SIZE: - The sample consisted of 270 customers. These customers were categorized as Two wheeler owners : 135 Three wheeler owners : 48 Four wheeler owners : 57 Heavy vehicle owners : 30 C) SAMPLING METHOD: - The sampling method employed for the study was basically stratified as random sampling. Respondents were contacted at random at different retail outlets.
  39. 39. 39 D) SAMPLE MEDIA: - The respondents in sample were contacted through personal interview with the help of questionnaire. Questions are mostly close ended. 6) LIMITATIONS: - Generally most of the customers do not have time at outlets to give feedback. Some of the customers were hesitating to give response. The customers from rural areas were unaware of the brands and also brand owners which acted as barrier in conducting thorough survey.
  40. 40. 40 DATA ANALYSIS 1. Customer segmentation according to TYPE OF VEHICLE Two wheeler Three wheeler Four wheeler Heavy vehicle Total 135 48 57 30 270 Figure No.1 Type of vehicle 50% 18% 21% 11% Two wheeler Three wheeler Four wheeler Heavy vehicle Interpretation: Out of total 270 targeted customers- 50% respondents are Two wheeler owners 18% respondents are Three wheeler owners 21% respondents are Four wheeler owners 11% respondents are Heavy vehicle owners
  41. 41. 41 2. Customer segmentation according to OCCUPATION Serviceman Businessman Farmers Students Unemployed Others Total 127 81 21 27 3 11 270 Figure No.2 OCCUPATION 47% 30% 8% 10% 1%4% Serviceman Businessman Farmers Students Unemployed Others Interpretation: Out of 270 targeted customers- 47% respondents are Servicemen. 30% respondents are Businessmen. 8% respondents are Farmers. 10% respondents are Students. 1% respondents are Unemployed. 4% respondents are Others.
  42. 42. 42 3. TYPE OF FUEL USING Petrol Diesel Total 150 120 270 Figure No.3 56% 44% Petrol Diesel Interpretation: Out of 270 targeted customers- 44% customers use Diesel as Fuel. 56% customers use Petrol as Fuel.
  43. 43. 43 4. OUTLET PREFERENCE HPCL BPCL IOCL RIL IBP TOTAL 77 53 45 92 3 270 Figure No.4 OUTLET PREFERENCE 29% 20% 17% 33% 1% HPCL BPCL IOCL RIL IBP Interpretation: Out of total targeted customers of 270- 29% respondents prefer HPCL's retail outlet. 20% respondents prefer BPCL's retail outlet. 17% respondents prefer IOCL's retail outlet. 33% respondents prefer Rilience's retail outlet. 1% respondents prefer IBP's retail outlet. This indicates that in terms of customer preference, Reliance is the market leader followed by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
  44. 44. 44 5. Factors Affecting Selection Nearest Quality & Quantity Brand & Service All Total 71 169 18 12 270 Figure No.5 FACTORS AFFECTING SELECTION 26% 63% 7% 4% Nearest Quality & Quantity Brand & Service All Interpretation: For the total targeted customers, selection decision is affected by - 26% respondents say Nearness of retail outlet. 63% respondents say Quality & Quantity of fuel at retail outlet. 7% respondents say Brand & service of retail outlet. 4% respondents all the criteria of retail outlet. It means majority of the consumers prefer Quality & appropriate Quantity of fuel over other factors.
  45. 45. 45 6. Fuel Refilling card users ICICI HP card Drive smart & drive track Petro card Other None TOTAL 25 15 25 10 195 270 Figure No.6 FUEL REFILLING CARD USERS 9% 6% 9% 4% 72% ICICI HP card Drive smart & drive track Petro card Other None Interpretation: Out of total targeted customers----- 9% respondents hold ICICI HP card 6% respondents hold drive smart & drive track card 9% respondents hold petro card 4% respondents hold other cards 72% respondents do not hold any card There is still 72% scope to increase card based loyalty of consumers.
  46. 46. 46 7. Brand Awareness Two wheelers Three wheelers Four wheelers Heavy vehicles Total Yes 50 6 22 12 90 No 85 42 35 18 180 Figure No.7 BRAND AWARENESS 50 85 6 42 22 35 12 18 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Yes No Two wheelers Three wheelers Four wheelers Heavy vehicles Interpretation: Out of total 270 targeted customers, 90(i.e. 33%) customers are aware of the brands available in the market and 180(i.e. 66%) customers are not aware of any brands. The segment-wise brand awareness amongst customers is as following--- 37% of the two wheeler owners are aware of brands. 12.5% of the three wheeler owners are aware of brands. 39% of the four wheeler owners are aware of brands. 40% of the heavy vehicle owners are aware of brands. This interpretation indicates that there is still 66% scope for the BRAND Penetration & BRAND Promotion.
  47. 47. 47 8. Service Given At Outlets Two wheelers Three wheelers Four wheelers Heavy vehicles %age Excellent 30 28 36 18 41 Good 96 20 21 12 56 Bad 9 0 0 0 3 Total 135 48 57 30 100 Figure No.8 Service given at outlets 30 28 36 18 96 20 21 129 0 0 0 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Two wheelers Three wheelers Four wheelers Heavy vehicles Excellent Good Bad %age 41% 56% 3% Excellent Good Bad Interpretation: Out of total 270 targeted customers----- 41% respondents say service given at retail outlets is excellent. 56% respondents say service given at retail outlets is good. 3% respondents say service given at retail outlets is bad.
  48. 48. 48 9. Customer Expectations Two wheeler Three wheeler Four wheeler Heavy vehicle Quality & Quantity 66 14 23 15 Quick Service 36 8 23 12 Good communication 27 20 9 3 Others 6 6 2 0 Total 135 48 57 30 Figure No.9 CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS 66 14 23 15 36 8 23 12 27 20 9 36 6 2 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Two wheeler Three wheeler Four wheeler Heavy vehicle Quality & Quantity Quick Service Good communication Others %age 44% 29% 22% 5% Quality & Quantity Quick Service Good communication Others Interpretation:
  49. 49. 49 Out of total 270 targeted customers----- 44% respondents expect good quality & appropriate quantity of fuel. 29% respondents expect quick service i.e. quick delivery of fuel at outlets. 22% respondents expect good communication by retailers. 5% respondents expect other delights at retail outlets.
  50. 50. 50 10. Awareness of value added services Two wheelers Three wheelers Four wheelers Heavy vehicles Total YES 30 6 3 6 45 NO 105 42 54 24 225 Total 135 48 57 30 270 Figure No.10 AWARENESS OF VALUE ADDED SERVICES 30 6 3 6 105 42 54 24 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Two wheelers Three wheelers Four wheelers Heavy vehicles YES NO Interpretation: Out of total 270 targeted customers----- 17% respondents are made available of value added services given by respective companies at the retail outlets. 83% respondents are not made available of value added services given by respective companies at the retail outlets.
  51. 51. 51 11. Rating HPCL BPCL IOCL RIL IBP Outstanding 68 39 55 81 0 Excellent 45 50 43 69 0 Good 55 30 25 37 0 Average 0 0 15 8 0 Bad 0 0 0 0 0 Total 168 119 138 195 0 Figure No.11 RATING 0 20 40 60 80 100 HPCL BPCL IOCL RIL IBP COMPANY NAME NO.OF RESPONDENTS Outstanding Excellent Good Average Bad Interpretation: Out of total 270 targeted customers----- In the category of Outstanding companies, Reliance leads with 33% votes, followed by HPCL with 28% votes. In the category of Excellent companies, Reliance leads with 33% votes, followed by HPCL with 21% votes. In the category of Good companies, HPCL leads with 35% votes, followed by Reliance with 24% votes.
  52. 52. 52 LIMITATIONS OF THE PROJECT No project is ideal. In reality the researcher always comes across different problems which act as limitations of the project. Likewise there were lots of limitations to this project also, such as --- I. Biased reply of respondent. II. Lack of awareness. III. Transportation problems because of rainy season. IV. Time constraint. V. Budget constraint. VI. Non availability of data.
  53. 53. 53 CONCLUSION Following conclusions can be drawn from the analysis Majority of customers are satisfied with service given at retail outlets. But when it comes to customer delight, only Reliance is up to the customer expectation The Customer segmentation shows that the majority of the customers in Nanded region are Two wheeler owners followed by Four wheeler owners. And most of them are Servicemen or Businessmen. Only 33% customers are aware of different branded fuels available in the market. In terms of Outlet preference, Reliance leads the market with 33% market share followed by HPCL with 29% market share. Quality and appropriate quantity has the first preference in the minds of customers when they go for filling up fuel. Also customers prefer the nearest retail outlet. Most of the customers in Nanded region are not aware of value added services such as fuel refilling cards and on the retailers side also there is no as such drive of making customers aware. Reliance is on the top of the customers mind with outstanding performance followed by HPCL.
  54. 54. 54 RECOMMENDATIONS To enhance the market share in Nanded Sales area, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. should undertake following steps --------- Give proper training to delivery-boy so that he can communicate with the customers in better way. Conduct awareness drives amongst customers about the different branded fuels of HPCL at retail outlets. As there is 66% scope for brand penetration, apply suitable promotion techniques to tap the market. Since there is 72% scope to increase card based loyalty of customers, promote fuel refilling by card, at the same time provide more card accessing utilities at retail outlets. Provide pleasant ambience at the retail outlets and employ well trained delivery-boys at outlets to serve customers even better so that customer get delighted. There is need for advertisements of branded fuels at local level.
  55. 55. 55 BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS: Marketing Research by Naragundkar Marketing Research by Beri Research Methodology IInd Edition by R. C. Kothari Websites:
  56. 56. 56 QUESTIONNAIRE 3600 Feedback through Customer overview Retail Outlet Name: 1) Type of vehicle? a) Two wheeler b) Three wheeler c) Four Wheeler d) Heavy vehicle 2) Type of fuel using? a) Petrol b) Diesel 3) For how long you are using fuel? a) 1 year b) 2 years c) More than 2 years 4) Which Retail outlet do you prefer? a. HPCL b. BPCL c. IOCL d. RELIANCE
  57. 57. 57 e. IBP 5) Reasons You consider while going to above outlets--- a) Nearest outlet b) Quality/Quantity of fuel c) Brand and service d) All 6) Do you hold any type of fuel refilling card? a) ICICI HP card b) Drive smart & drive track card c) Petro card d) Any other card 7) Are you aware of Branded Fuels? a) Power / Turbo Jet b) Extra mileage c) Speed d) Any other 8) How you are treated at outlets.--- a) Excellent b) Good c) Bad
  58. 58. 58 9) What are your expectations from delivery-boy and retailer? a) Quality & quantity of fuel b) Quick service c) Good communication d) Any other 10) Is dealer making you aware of value added services provided by respective companies at retail outlets ? Yes NO 11) How do you rate the companies on 0 10 scale? a. HPCL b. BPCL c. IOCL d. RELIANCE e. IBP 12)If you have any suggestions I would suggest: ___________________ ___________________ Name: Occupation: Sign.: We thank you for your valuable feedback & sincerely appreciate your honest opinion.
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