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Ksd president-brochure

  1. 1. Supabeasty for KSD President
  2. 2. Supabeasty for KSD President 2 I was eBorn on May 18th , 2009 or Day 545 of the New World. I started out in eEstonia (my former citizen(s) started there as well) and ran for Congress, but lost by a very small margin. I was convinced to move to eCanada by a friend of mine. As soon as I arrived in eCanada, World War III had started. I fought my heart out for eCanada, but the force of PEACE GC was too much. We lost all of our regions in that. Eventually we recovered Alberta and we made Alberta our fortress province. My start in politics began when I ran for Congress in Alberta and won. I learned a lot in that first term in Congress. I ran again and won and then once again. After that I took a break from politics and began fighting more often. But I didn’t stay away for long and won my 4th Congressional election. I enjoyed that term but I wanted to start something new in eRepublik. When I learned that eNew Zealand would be introduced to the New World I got excited. I really wanted to try something new, and this was my chance. I came to eNew Zealand expecting it to be much different than eCanada. And honestly, I was disappointed. I assumed that other countries were very different, but they are not. I decided to stay anyways because it was still fun. I am currently the V-P of the Kiwi Social Democrats. supa.i.am This is thestory of me eLife, from the beginning of my journey to today. I have done a lot in my eLife and want to do more as your Party President.
  3. 3. Supabeasty for KSD President 3  Keep the party informed via mass messaging and also through the newspaper.  Get at least 6 congress members elected.  Help keep eNew Zealand free from any Political Take Overs.  Bring new people to the KSD via mass messaging and newspaper articles.  Get the KSD Council up and running at full speed.  Choose a country president that the party chooses from a poll.  Finish up the party manifesto.  Get the KSD to become a better, more serious party. My Goals This Term What I want to accomplish as the Party President of theKiwi SocialDemocrats.
  4. 4. Supabeasty for KSD President 4 Political Section 1. The KSD has a goal of at least 6 Congress members. If this goal is not met, the current KSD Party President will be held accountable. 2. The KSD supports an eNew Zealand that is free from Political Take-Overs. 3. The KSD nominee for Country President will be chosen through a poll that begins on the 28th of every month and ends on the 1st of the month. 4. Congressional candidates will be chosen on a participation basis. Candidates that participate in the party more will be sure to be able to run. 5. The KSD will work with other parties for a better eNew Zealand. We will first work for eNew Zealand and its citizens, and then for the party. Military Section 1. The KSD fully supports the eNew Zealand Military. 2. The KSD supports active neutrality for eNew Zealand. 3. The KSD will focus on properly defending eNew Zealand and then about allies. 4. The KSD supports fortifying Auckland and Otago, our resources are located there. 5. The KSD supports staying away from large alliances for now. 6. The KSD supports signing a powerful MPP with a country that is very active with battles. Economic Section 1. The KSD supports setting aside some government funds to provide export licenses to foreign nations. 2. The KSD supports a sensible tax that will bring in enough revenue for the Government, but not too hard on the citizens of eNew Zealand. 3. The KSD supports creating a hospital company that is run by the eNew Zealand government. 4. The KSD supports low weapon taxes/prices so that all of eNew Zealand can afford good weapons. 5. The KSD supports making eNew Zealand a place that is attractive for businesses, while also making sure that the government gets enough money.
  5. 5. Supabeasty for KSD President 5 Duis orci lorem, hendrerit sed, pharetra vel, tinciduntut, eros. Vestibulumut nisl ac tellus gravida dapibus.Integer pretium nibh sollicitudin magna.Integer bibendum lorem in nunc. Pellentesque idmassa a ligulafacilisis pulvinar. Proinin quam. Nunc lobortis hendrerit dolor. Sedest mauris, elementum rhoncus, pretium ac, eleifend ut, felis. Integer neque nisl, volutpat nec, aliquet vitae, pellentesque ut, nibh. Suspendisse varius, quam vitae rutrum tempus, metus eros laoreet ligula, convallispretiumjustolorem idturpis. Fusce mauris. Duis condimentum. Cras ante velit, semper non, sollicitudineu, vehiculanec, est. Donec auctor, pede ut gravida rutrum, tellus massaegestas quam, a aliquet sapien elit eu est. Donec blandit dictummi. Vestibulum tincidunt tincidunt sem. Praesent eget dui inmagna posuere pulvinar. Pellentesque vehicula. Duis urna ipsum, semper in, gravida et, eleifendac, odio. Praesent lacinia lorem. Ut fringilla, ligula sedbibendum facilisis, velit purus gravida nulla, sedvenenatis urna nibhat arcu. Nullam libero risus, scelerisque a, adipiscingvel, tempus et, dui. Fusce sapien libero, ornare vitae, fermentum et,facilisis et, libero. Donec vitae libero. Nam porta, nisl vitae suscipit ullamcorper, justoelit luctus mi, non interdumarcunisi vel libero. Donec liberonibh, dapibus et, lobortis eu, eleifendvel, mi. Etiam sollicitudin orci vitae dolor. Maecenascursus faucibus dolor. Vivamus placerat, orci at tincidunt tristique, mi maurissodalesodio, ut suscipit turpisnislinurna. Maecenas convallismaurisvel metus. Maecenas neque sapien, elementumsit amet, interdumid, aliquet quis, ante. Injustovelit, euismod quis, sodales lacinia, dapibus eu, elit. Donec viverra. Proinaliquamfelis et nulla. Aliquamlorem nisi, posuere in, pulvinar quis, viverra vitae, lorem. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Pellentesque porta augue eget ligulavenenatisconvallis. Sedmattis, quam vitae commodopellentesque, velit erat blandit ipsum, nec laoreet dolor ante idest. Duislobortis lectus eutellus. Etiam a dui. Nullaaliquam, orci inpretium commodo, nibh nisl imperdiet mi, eu vulputate lacus tortor venenatis sapien. Vivamus maurismassa, placerat id, faucibus non, iaculis at, sem. Aliquam nec mauris in orci tempus posuere. Maecenas porttitor, tortor quisnonummyrhoncus, pede odio consectetuer enim, et blandit leo augue vitae velit. Pellentesque sit amet mauris. Cras placerat. Sedidest. Nullamaliquet. Inaliquet. Donec luctus enimsedsapien. Fusce erat. Vivamus ullamcorper. Cras quis pede. Integer sedpede. Quisque turpis felis, posuere eget, accumsannec, adipiscing sed, nunc. Praesent iaculis sodales sapien. Aeneansuscipit. Duisat odio. Maecenas nunc ante, pellentesque eu, pulvinar ac, pharetra id, magna. Lorem ipsumdolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam vitae sapien. Suspendisse et nulla at quam auctor varius. Curabitur nec ligula in felis dapibus cursus. Vestibulumegestas. Maecenasleo. Donec vehicula blandit urna. Mauris auctor urna iddui. Donec imperdiet dui vel turpis. Proinlacus erat, pharetra at, hendrerit id, tincidunt id, risus. Working for eNew Zealand will be my main goal as Party President
  6. 6. Supabeasty for KSD President 6 Get at least 6 Congress member elected. If I am elected,planningforthe Congressional electionswill beginrightafterthe electionforparty presidentourover. Iwill beginmessagingeverysingle party membertoremindthemtosignup and vote on the 25th . I will be settingupaStrategicVotingUnitto ensure thatwe can get voteswhere we needthem. I expectatleasteveryKSDCouncil membertobe inthe unit. On electiondayIwill be oninthe afternoonto make sure that thingsare runningsmoothly. Ihope to getat least6 members. Keeping the party informed. I have alreadymessagedthe entire party,twice regardingjoiningthe forums. Iwill be doingthisonce againafter the party presidentialelections. Also,if I take office Iwill starta rigorousmediaschedule. Articleswill informthe currentpartymembers,and hopefullybringnew partymembersin! Get the KSD Council up and running. Rightnow,the KSD Council isdormant,whenelectedI wantto make sure that we are doingthings. Some thingsI will bringupare passingthe party manifesto, passingthe partyschedule andgettingthe congressional electionsorganized. Cras faucibustempormagna. Maecenas dapibus sodales erat. Aenean sem felis. Atleast6Congressional Medals! The currently empty council chambers Under my leadership, these chambers will be filled with council members.
  7. 7. Supabeasty for KSD President 7 Finishing up the Party Manifesto. If you viewed the page before, you saw my proposal for the party manifesto. I will put this up for a vote on both the KSD Council forum section and on the normal members section. If it is passed, then HURRAY! If not, then I will open up a thread for editing of it. Bring new people to the KSD. While also writing articles and sending messages to the party, I will be doing the same to new members. I do not want to steal members from other parties through mass messaging, therefore I will only message new citizens. Many recruitment articles will be sent out. Choosing a country president. Under my leadership choosing a country president will be a completely democratic process. Nominees will be able to post in our forums or PM me to sign up to run. A poll to choose the winner will begin on the 28th and end on the 1st. An article will announce who we support for country president. Keeping eNew Zealand free from PTO’s. While there is not as high of a risk of PTO now, we still must be cautious. In the rare chance that we are targeted again, I will comply completely with the ATO team. I will make sure the party is informed of the PTO attempt. I will work to keep eNZ free! Help the KSD become a better, more serious party. By accomplishing the above goals, and even more. The Kiwi Social Democrats will become a party that is regarded as one of the best in New Zealand. After my term is over, I hope that the party will be so much greater than now.
  8. 8. Lorem Ipsum Get Out The Vote Want to help my campaign? Please messagemeif you want tohelp. Thanks!