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Ksd president

  1. 1. For Party President of the Kiwi Social Democrats
  2. 2. WHO? - - PAGE 1  I am Supabeasty, and I have been playing eRepublik for over 1 year.  I started out in eEstonia and then moved to eCanada. I was successful in eCanada but wanted something new.  I came to eNew Zealand for some change and to have some more fun (eCanada was getting a little boring).
  3. 3. WHO? - - PAGE 2  I am currently the Vice-President of the Kiwi Social Democrats.  I have displayed my loyalty to the party through hours of work to improve our party.  I am the creator of our forums and have messaged all of the party about joining the forums.  I have done so much for the party and being the party president would allow me to do much, much more.
  4. 4. WHAT? - - PAGE 1  If I am elected as Party President I will enact my party schedule for November.  Support the official candidate for Country President, Calbe.  Keep the party informed about what I am doing and what the party is doing.  Continue messaging party members to join our forums.  Finish up the party manifesto.
  5. 5. WHAT? - - PAGE 2  Get the KSD Council to work on improving the party even further.  Start creating articles with my Media Manager, Adasko. Keeping the party informed via media is one of my top goals.
  6. 6. WHY?  The main reason I want to be your president is to make the KSD the most fun, most engaging party.  While I want this to be a fun party, we will be extremely serious about politics and the safety of eNew Zealand.  I want to run to make better KSD, and a better eNew Zealand.
  7. 7. MY PARTY CABINET Party President: Supabeasty Media Manager: Adasko IRC Manager: Silent_Hero Recruitment Manager: Vice President: SWC &
  8. 8. MY STATEMT  I, if elected, will to do my best as the Party President of the Kiwi Social Democrats. I will serve the people of the party and the people of eNew Zealand. I will not put selfish goals in front of the party or eNew Zealand. Please vote for Supabeasty of November 15th, 2010. Thank you for viewing this presentation.  Contact me with any questions on the Forums or in-game.