Sunz2012 - OptimalBI 2011-2012 bi trends


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Presentation from Shane Gibson of OptimalBI on what the BI trends of 2011 were and a review of what will be hot in BI in NZ in 2012.

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Sunz2012 - OptimalBI 2011-2012 bi trends

  1. 1. OPTIMALBI.COMBusiness Intelligence Trends 2011 in Reviewand a look forward to 2012 Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  2. 2. and solutions. Service OverviewOptimal Business Intelligence has four core service lines that are designed to deliver value to our customers.These services are: OptimalProjects, OptimalSupport, OptimalSolutions, OptimalInnovation OPTIMALBI.COMOptimal Projects Optimal SolutionsOptimal Projects provide customers with delivery of an Optimal Solutions are packaged applications, whichoutcome, as an entire project or key set of deliverables. automate processes, reducing the total cost of ownership.Examples include Data Quality, Master Data Examples include Pre-Built business views for theManagement, Reporting Solutions, Dashboards, Oracle eBusiness Suite, MobileBI and CloudBIAnalytical Models and Performance Management. Solutions. Projects Delivery Support Framework SolutionsOptimal Support Innovation Optimal InnovationOptimal Support provides an on-demand, proactive Optimal Innovations focus is to identify and evaluatesupport service for systems or applications, with emerging trends in the areas of Business Intelligenceagreed Service Levels and based on a monthly software, delivery techniques and methodologies andsubscription fee. information deployment capabilities.Delivery Framework Our Delivery Framework ensures we maximise quality and produce consistent outcomes, reducing cost and risk for our customers. We constantly strive for an Optimal delivery & service model, improving processes, eliminating bottlenecks, roadblocks and imperfections. Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  3. 3. 2011  Trends   OPTIMALBI.COMBusiness  Intelligence  was  the  number  2  priority  for  CIO’s  in  2011   •  MobileBI   •  Big  Data   •  Cloud,  Cloud,  Cloud   •  Stack  Vendors  vs  Pure  Play   •  SocialBI       Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  4. 4. Gartner  Hype  Cycle   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  5. 5. Gartner  Hype  Cycle  2011   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  6. 6. OPTIMALBI.COMDashboards,  Dashboards,  Dashboards  all  on  a  mobile  device  MOBILEBI   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  7. 7. MobileBI     OPTIMALBI.COM•  Adop-on  of  MobileBI  in  2011  accelerated  faster  than   predicted.   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  8. 8. Gartner  Hype  Cycle  -­‐  MobileBI   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  9. 9. RoamBI  -­‐  MobileBI   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  10. 10. RoamBI  -­‐  MobileBI   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  11. 11. RoamBI  -­‐  MobileBI   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  12. 12. RoamBI  -­‐  MobileBI   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  13. 13. RoamBI  -­‐  MobileBI   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  14. 14. MobileBI     OPTIMALBI.COM•  Adop-on  of  MobileBI  in  2011  accelerated  faster  than   predicted.  •  The  next  genera-on  of  user  interface   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  15. 15. Mobile  –  The  4th  genera-on  PlaQorm   OPTIMALBI.COM 4)  Mobile  /  Apps  or  Html  5?   3)  Web  /  Browser   2)  Desktop  /  Client  Server   1)  Mainframe   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  16. 16. Mobile  –  The  4th  genera-on  PlaQorm   OPTIMALBI.COM 4)  Mobile  /  Apps  or  Html  5?   3)  Web  /  Browser   SAS  Web  Report  Studio   2)  Desktop  /  Client  Server   SAS  AF   1)  Mainframe   SAS  Mainframe   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  17. 17. MobileBI     OPTIMALBI.COM•  Adop-on  of  MobileBI  in  2011  accelerated  faster  than   predicted.  •  The  next  genera-on  of  user  interface  •  Pure  play  and  BI  vendor  offerings   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  18. 18. OPTIMALBI.COMTailored  database  storage  for  really  really  really  large  volumes  of  data  BIG  DATA   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  19. 19. Gartner  Hype  Cycle  2011   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  20. 20. OPTIMALBI.COMMaking  Informa-on  Visible  
  21. 21. Data  Stats   OPTIMALBI.COM•  Every  day,  2.5  quin-llion  bytes  of  data  are  created   and  90%  of  the  data  in  the  world  today  was  created   within  the  past  two  years   (h_p://www-­‐   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  22. 22. Lets  visualise  an  example   OPTIMALBI.COM20  EB   20  PB   20  TB   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  23. 23. Its  about   OPTIMALBI.COM C  U   TU D       N   S U RE     TR     DATA       Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  24. 24. Unstructured  Data   OPTIMALBI.COM•  Sensors  used  to  gather  climate  informa-on  •  Posts  to  social  media  sites  •  Digital  pictures  and  videos  posted  online  •  Transac-on  records  of  online  purchases  •  Cell  phone  GPS  •  Click  Streams  •  Log  files   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  25. 25. Unstructured  Data  Stats   OPTIMALBI.COM•  Five  major  traffic  milestones:   •  2012:  Internet  video  will  surpass  50  percent  of  consumer  Internet  traffic.   •  2012:  The  number  of  households  genera-ng  over  1  terabyte  per  month  of  Internet   traffic  will  reach  1  million.   •  2014:  One-­‐fiah  of  Internet  video  traffic  will  come  from  TVs,  handsets,  and  other  non-­‐PC   devices.   •  2015:  Internet  traffic  from  wireless  devices  will  surpass  the  volume  of  traffic  from  wired   devices.   •  2015:  The  annual  run  rate  of  global  IP  traffic  will  reach  the  ze_abyte  threshold  (966   exabytes).  •  Three  major  traffic  generator  milestones:   •  2011:  By  the  end  of  the  year  there  will  be  more  networked  devices  than  people  on   earth.   •  2011:  Digital  screen  surface  area  will  reach  1  square  foot  per  capita.   •  2015:  There  will  be  twice  as  many  networked  devices  as  people  on  earth.  Source  Cisco  “Entering  the  Ze_abyte  Era”   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  26. 26. Its  not  just  about  size   OPTIMALBI.COM VOLUME   Terabytes   Records   Transac-ons   Tables,  Files   3  Vs   Batch   Structured   Near  Time   Unstructured   Real  Time   Semi  Structured   Streams   All  of  the  above  VELOCITY   VARIETY   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  27. 27. OPTIMALBI.COMProviding  it  for  you,  making  it  easy  CLOUD,  CLOUD,  CLOUD   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  28. 28. Gartner  Hype  Cycle  2011   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  29. 29. Gartner  Hype  Cycle  -­‐  Cloud   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  30. 30. Its  raining  servers  (and  services)   OPTIMALBI.COM•  Cloud  compu-ng  is  when  the  servers,  soaware  and  soaware   that  you  use  are  owned,  managed  and  located  somewhere   else  •  Public  Cloud   Infrastructure    is  shared  by  everybody  •  Private  Cloud   Infrastructure  operated  solely  for  a  single  organisa-on  •  Hybrid  Cloud   A  bit  of  both   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  31. 31. Cloud  Challenges   OPTIMALBI.COM•  ???  aaS  •  Trust  •  Bandwidth   •  “Complex  applica-ons,  the  use  of  cloud  compu-ng,  and   the  growing  use  of  ‘smart’  devices  is  increasing  demand   for  bandwidth.  Data  from  a  TeleGeography  study  (2010)   shows  internet  traffic  growing  at  about  30  percent  per   annum  or  more  and  interna-onal  traffic  grew  60  percent   last  year”   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  32. 32. OPTIMALBI.COMAll  from  one,  or  lots  of  bits  STACK  VS  PURE  PLAY   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  33. 33. Vendor  Consolida-on   OPTIMALBI.COM TM1   Cartesis   First  Logic   ALG  Soaware  Business  Objects   Seibel   Hyperion   Crystal   SPSS   Cognos   Brio   Adaytum   Excelsius   ProClarity   Dataflux   Oros   Pilot  Soaware   Outlooksoa   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  34. 34. Vendor  Consolida-on   OPTIMALBI.COM Dataflux   Outlooksoa   ProClarity   Oros   Pilot  Soaware  Business  Objects   Seibel   Hyperion   SPSS   Cognos   Crystal   Brio   Adaytum   Excelsius   TM1   ALG  Soaware   Cartesis   First  Logic   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  35. 35. Stack  vs  Pure  Play   OPTIMALBI.COMStack   Pure  Play  •  Oracle   •  SAS  •  IBM   •  ClickTech   •  Yellowfin  •  SAP   •  Tableau  •  Microsoa   •  Tibco  •  SAS   •  Microstrategy   •  Targit   •  Informa-on  Builders   •  Board   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  36. 36. OPTIMALBI.COMRepor-ng  and  analysis  of  Social  Media  data  SOCIAL  BI   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  37. 37. Gartner  Hype  Cycle  2011   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  38. 38. Social  BI   OPTIMALBI.COMMaking  Informa-on  Visible  
  39. 39. Social  BI   OPTIMALBI.COM•  Its  about  measuring   •  Connec-ons   •  Conversa-ons   •  Emo-on  -­‐  Posi-ve  vs  nega-ve  •  In  Applica-on  •  Pure  Play  •  Stack  Vendors   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  40. 40. Twi_er  In  Applica-on   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  41. 41. Pure  Play  Social  BI   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  42. 42. SAS  SNA  -­‐  Fraud   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  43. 43. OPTIMALBI.COMA  bit  of  navel  gazing  2012  BI  TRENDS   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  44. 44. 2012  Predic-ons   OPTIMALBI.COMBusiness  Intelligence  Is  the  number  1  priority  for  CIO’s    •  MobileBI  –  will  start  being  adopted  widely   (but  it  wont  be  successful)  •  Move  from  ICT  ownership  to  business  ownership   (assisted  by  cloud)  •  Move  from  Data  Warehouses  to  BI  Federa-on   (but  the  technology  will  struggle)  •  Data  quality  /  data  governance  focus  emerging     (but  the  focus  will  be  on  buying  tools) Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  45. 45. OPTIMALBI.COMIts  about  making  informa-on  available  immediately  MOBILEBI   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  46. 46. MobileBI  -­‐  2012   OPTIMALBI.COM•  MobileBI  will  start  being  adopted  by  early  majority   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  47. 47. MobileBI  –  Adop-on  Curve   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  48. 48. MobileBI  -­‐  2012   OPTIMALBI.COM•  MobileBI  will  start  being  adopted  by  early  majority  •  But  it  wont  be  as  successful  as  it  could  be   •  Because  people  are  just  replica-ng  their  dashboards   •  Its  not  about  dashboards   •  Its  about  immediacy  of  informa-on  •  Pure  play  MobileBI  will  be  the  in  the  majority  •  Stack  vendors  MobileBI  will  take  over  in  2013     (because  its  will  be  seen  as  free)   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  49. 49. OPTIMALBI.COMRepor-ng  is  the  journey,  Data  Warehouse  is  the  des-na-on  DATA  WAREHOUSE  >  BI  FEDERATION   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  50. 50. BI  vs  DW   OPTIMALBI.COMBI  without  DW   DW  without  BI   •  Early  Delivery   •  Data  management   •  Devolu-on  of  solu-ons   consistency   •  Spaghep  architectures   •  Slow  to  deliver   •  Data  Chaos   •  Single  version  of  the  truth   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  51. 51. BI  Federa-on   OPTIMALBI.COM Federated  Repor-ng   Federated  Data  Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  52. 52. 2012  Predic-ons   OPTIMALBI.COMBusiness  Intelligence  Is  the  number  1  priority  for  CIO’s    •  MobileBI  –  will  start  being  adopted  widely   (but  it  wont  be  successful)  •  Move  from  ICT  ownership  to  business  ownership   (assisted  by  cloud)  •  Move  from  Data  Warehouses  to  BI  Federa-on   (but  the  technology  will  struggle)  •  Data  quality  /  data  governance  focus  emerging     (but  the  focus  will  be  on  buying  tools) Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  53. 53. OPTIMALBI.COMS-ll  in  the  hype  cycle  MAYBE  IN  2013?   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  54. 54. Gartner  Hype  Cycle   OPTIMALBI.COM Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  55. 55. S-ll  evolving   OPTIMALBI.COM•  BI  related  search  •  Content  Tagging  •  Loca-on  based  BI  (GIS)  •  Packaged  BI  Applica-ons  •  Alerts  •  Convergence  of  structured  and  unstructured  •  Metadata  Management  •  Personalisa-on,  Socialisa-on   Making  Informa-on  Visible  
  56. 56. OPTIMALBI.COM  Making  Informa-on  Visible   Making  Informa-on  Visible