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  • Funding linked to EFTSFinancial performance important – loose our jobs
  • Top 4 Areas are over 52% of EFTS including TEC, ITO, Intl, Distance LearningTrades and Technical provision – practical learningConstruction trades includes , construction, carpentry, plumbing and gasfitting, painting and decoratingSocial Services – social work, community support, funeral services, exercise scienceTeaching and Training – Workplace training – literacy support, lean manufactoring
  • Government Grants 57% of Total Revenue – 2009SAC Funding overall just over 70% and Student Fees just under 30% for TEC funded pgm’s in 2011EFTS Caps – total TEC EFTS funding is capped in $ terms = translated to a notional EFTS basis. Have to achieve 97% to 103%.Youth Guarantee is an initiative is to improve the educational achievements of targeted 16 and 17 year olds by providing them with an opportunity to participate in a range of vocational courses free of charge. Part of a Youth Opportunities’ package to create new work, education and training opportunities for young people.Trades Academyfocus on delivering trades and technology programmes to secondary students based on partnerships between schools, tertiary institutions, Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) and employers. Students in Years 9 to 13, interested in a career in trades or technology, can combine study at a Trades Academy with studies towards their NCEA. Funded by MOE – first year 2010 100 places – achieved 75 approx.Council limited to 8 members and CEO’s no longer a Council member. 50% of Council is Minister appointed – other 50% is from the prior council. In future the 4 Minister appointments will appoint the other members. WelTec Council Chair is also chair of Whitireia Community Polytechnic, Deputy Chair also Deputy Chair Whitireia and Open Polytechnic, 2 other Council members are also members of Whitireia. Council.
  • Artena 342 tables99 F1 tablesL2 29 most important tables
  • Strong Project management and governanceMonthly meetings – two weekly at endExample for other WelTec projects
  • Initiation 2 years – started in 2008-2009, scoping late 2009I developed the BC template – had to use it myself, but also wanted a good example for other projects
  • Roll out to users Access to built reportsTraining.Development of additional reports as requiredEFTS / student related / PipelineDebt reportingFinancial Reporting2 Year Road MapAdditional data sourcesOn-going Improvements in Data Quality / StandardsConsistency, accuracy, trustworthinessPresentation of Data e.g. reports, dashboardsCapture of Leading indicators e.g. pass rates, retention rates
  • SUNZ 2011 - WelTec

    1. 1. 23 February 2011<br />Strategic Enrolment Management – SUNZ Feb 2011<br />1<br />
    2. 2. Introduction<br />Graeme Grieve<br />Wellington Institute of Technology<br />SAS Data Warehouse Implementation Project Manager<br />Manager Business and Financial Performance for 7 years<br />Financial Services / Banking Background<br />AMP, BNZ / NAB (Melbourne) / Michigan National Bank (USA)<br />I have held a suite of financial management and reporting roles both domestically and offshore specialising in the education and financial services sectors<br />
    3. 3. 3<br />
    4. 4. Agenda<br /><ul><li>WelTec Background
    5. 5. Business Need
    6. 6. The Data Warehouse
    7. 7. Next Steps</li></ul>4<br />
    8. 8. WelTec – 2009 Key Statistics<br />Total EFTS 4,465<br />Total Students 10,747<br />FTE 379.3<br />Retention 84%<br />Success 82%<br />Total Revenue $49.2 million<br />Net Surplus $3.7 million<br />ABM Result $1.1 million<br />Campuses Petone, Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch<br />Tertiary Education Commission has awarded WelTec a low risk rating for its financial performance.<br />Tribal Education Ltd reports WelTec is one of only four ITP’s surveyed who are profitable.<br />5<br />
    9. 9. WelTec – Programme Areas By EFTS<br /><ul><li>Construction Trades
    10. 10. Business Studies
    11. 11. Automotive Technology
    12. 12. Hospitality
    13. 13. Engineering
    14. 14. Addiction , Counselling and Health Studies
    15. 15. Information Technology
    16. 16. Foundation
    17. 17. Creative Technologies
    18. 18. Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy and Make-up Artistry
    19. 19. Social Services
    20. 20. Built Environment
    21. 21. Horticulture and Landscaping
    22. 22. Travel & Tourism
    23. 23. Vetinary Nursing and Animal Care
    24. 24. Teaching and Training</li></ul>6<br />
    25. 25. Environment Background<br /><ul><li>WelTec is heavily reliant upon government funding
    26. 26. directly from SAC or other grant funding
    27. 27. indirectly – ITO , student fees (e.g. student loans).
    28. 28. Impact of recent government policy changes
    29. 29. EFTS caps
    30. 30. Removal of soft funding and reduction in ACE provision
    31. 31. Youth Guarantee
    32. 32. Trades Academy
    33. 33. Council role and Council appointments
    34. 34. From 2012 some SAC funding (5% – 10%) will be dependent upon retention and success of students.
    35. 35. Student loan eligibility
    36. 36. Tertiary Education Strategy calls for better performance from the tertiary education sector as well as raising achievement for all learners and for Maori</li></ul>7<br />
    37. 37. Strategic Enrolment Management<br />HR<br />Student Management<br />Timetable System<br />General Ledger<br />Data Gaps<br />Data Gaps<br />Information Silos<br />8<br />
    38. 38. Business Reasons for a Data Warehouse<br />WelTec has established a data warehouse and information delivery framework to enable<br /><ul><li>Integration of data / removal of silos
    39. 39. Student Management System is compliance focused rather than business focused.
    40. 40. Ability to shape reports and information to influence staff behaviour for achievement of WelTec goals and objectives (scorecard)
    41. 41. Enhance the quality and availability of information about students and their demographics to better predict education outcomes
    42. 42. One version of the truth, reducing cost of gathering information and to increase the analysis of the information
    43. 43. Business performance can be assessed against historical data</li></ul>To improve education outcomes – secure funding<br />9<br />
    44. 44. Reports<br />Level 2 Data<br />Business Metadata<br />Level 1 Data<br />ARTENA<br />General Business User<br />Dashboards<br />Finance One<br />Guided Analysis<br />Power User / Analyst<br /> WelTec’s Data Warehouse<br />
    45. 45. Strategic Enrolment Management<br />Leveraging predictive insight for proactive decision making<br />11<br />
    46. 46. Why did WelTec partner with SAS<br /><ul><li>Partnership arrangement with SAS
    47. 47. SAS has a strong education focus including their academic programme and research
    48. 48. Prior successful dealings with SAS – Activity Based Management
    49. 49. Strength / support of local SAS office and SAS partners (The Knowledge Warehouse Ltd)
    50. 50. Implementation of SAS solution at other educational providers – The University of Newcastle </li></ul>12<br />
    51. 51. Project Management<br />Governance<br />Sponsor<br />Steering Committee meetings<br />Project team meetings<br />SAS project team meetings<br />Weekly Status Reporting<br />Risk Management<br />What could go wrong?<br />What could we do about it?<br />Reduce impact<br />Reduce probability<br />Prioritize<br />Review<br />
    52. 52. Project Phases<br /><ul><li>Test
    53. 53. System Test (SAS)
    54. 54. User Acceptance Testing (WelTec)
    55. 55. Implementation
    56. 56. Development of tested build -> Test & Production
    57. 57. Go Live & Handover to WelTec BAU
    58. 58. Lessons Learned</li></ul>Initiation<br />Establish business need<br />Business case development & approval<br />Scoping & Planning<br />6 week exercise to establish high level architecture <br />Agree scope, deliverables, timelines, assumptions<br />Requirements Gathering<br />Focused on reporting<br />Design<br />Transform requirements into systems design<br />Level 1, Level 2, Info Maps/Report template<br />Detailed Architecture Design<br />Build<br />Software installation & configuration<br />Level 1, Level 2, Info maps & reports<br />
    59. 59. Champions<br />
    60. 60. Data Warehouse Strategic Roadmap<br />2010 – Feb 2011<br />Mar – May 2011<br />June – Aug 2011<br />Sept – Dec 2011<br />2012<br />DWH Business Benefits (EMT)<br />DWH KPI Reporting (Balanced Scorecard)<br />Business Developer and User Groups <br />Release 0 - Post Implementation Review<br />EIS Decommissioned<br />DWH Benefits plan for 2011/12<br />Data enabled WelTec<br />DWH Planning and Budgeting Go Live<br />CRM+Pipeline Requirements<br />DWH Release 0 Close Project<br />Fees Go Live<br />DWH enables competitive advantage<br />DWH Service Desk /SLA KPIs Integration<br />PM10 Desired<br />Academic Pilots CRM and Live@Edu <br />DWH Fees Integration<br />PM10 Mandatory<br />Academic and Faculty Systems (AC)<br />Finance One Integration<br />Fees DWH Requirements<br />A++ Integration<br />DWH/HR integration<br />SAS Updates<br />Data normalisation and cleansing<br />DWH Artena Reporting (D)<br />AD Security for Warehouse data access<br />DWH Ad-hoc Reporting<br />Business Rules and Glossary in Portal & used.<br />Phase 4<br />DWH Artena Reporting (M)<br />DWH Reconciliation<br />Pilot Live@Edu Single Sign-on and AD integration<br />HR system established<br />Phase 3<br />Finance and Facilities Systems (MH)<br />DWH Artena 09 Upgrade<br />Release 2 Artena 09 + Interfaces<br />Fact Based Culture @WelTec<br />Phase 2<br />Rehearse EIS Shutdown<br />DWH Update/ETL Monitoring<br />DWH Programme Definition Doc<br />HR System Stable and PR Complete<br />Artena 07 DWH Release 0<br />Decommission EIS<br />Phase 1<br />Data Quality Standards/Gaps<br />DWH Vision and Comms<br />Production Spt & rehearse EIS Shutdown<br />Registry Systems (AT)<br />Pipeline needs defined<br />Interfaces options paper (GG)<br />Core Systems Owners Group<br />HR System moved in house <br />Environments/Virtualisation and Production Release Management<br />Release 0 to Production<br />Enrolment Pipeline and Online integration<br />Key<br />Completed<br />IT Services Support (BR)<br />Student Experience & Marketing (EMT/ITGC/TA)<br />Data Warehouse Programme (ITGC/MH)<br />Data Governance (EMT/ITGC)<br />HR Systems (EMT/MB-S)<br />In Progress<br />
    61. 61. Any Questions ?<br />