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3D Laser scanning


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SUNVISION Technologies Pvt. Ltd provides affordable, high quality 3D Scanning Services, 3D Laser Scanning and 3D Digitizing. SUNVISION offers total solutions to the industry ranging from 2D to 3D Data Conversion,3D solid Modeling,Data Capturing using 3D White Light Scanning & 3D Inspection using Photogramtry."/>

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3D Laser scanning

  2. 2.  Lidar = Light Detection And Ranging  Laser scanning techniques give: -geometry -intensity -phase of reflected wave train -cooler 3D Laser Scanning
  3. 3. • There are two primary types of 3D Laser Scanning: time-of-flight scanners and phase-shift scanners. • Time-of-flight laser scanners emit a pulse of laser light that is reflected off the scanned object. A sensor measures the time of flight for the optical pulse to travel to and from the reflected surface. The distance the pulse traveled is then calculated using the following equation: Distance = (Speed of Light * Time of Flight)/2
  4. 4. • In phase-shift scanners, a laser beam with sinusoid ally modulated optical power is emitted and reflected off an object. The reflected light is then detected and compared with the emitted light to determine the phase shift. The time of flight can then be determined from the following equation: Time of Flight = Phase Shift / (2* Modulation Frequency). • The values calculated are then substituted in to the first equation to find the distance.
  5. 5. Very-High Speed Time-of-flight Pulsed Laser, excellent range and capable of single point surveying; Integrated High-Resolution Camera for fast scene selection and compelling auto-rectified photo overlays; Dual-Axis Level Compensator for survey-grade traversing and stakeout Advanced Timing Electronics integrated with a patented microchip laser to deliver accurate, low-noise distance measurements
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